Sweden’s Chance For Leading A Nuclear Weapons Free World.

Swedish people old enough to remember this newspaper headline from decades ago might feel a certain level of deja vu – when faced with the choice of joining the 2017 Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

he Scandinavian nation of Sweden has a fascinating history when it comes to its population strenuously debating and then rejecting unwanted forms of weapons of mass destruction. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is urging the people of Sweden to achieve the impossible, – again – by overcoming the odds and opposition from powerful weapons manufacturer lobbies, and signing the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

Swedes went through an at-times heated national conversation, resulting in the people deciding against the production and/or stockpiling of nuclear weapons:

Sweden went through a society-wide debate and came out at the end in favor of – and joined – the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty:

Swedes debated then agreed it was the right choice, and joined the world in deciding to ban land mines globally:

Sweden’s people thought cluster bombs were a hideous weapon, and joined with the rest of the world and banned them:

Given the history of Sweden and its people with respect to their views on morally unacceptable weapons having no place whatsoever in a civilized world, it is likely only a matter of time before Sweden officially signs on to the historic effort to ban nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth – forever.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons was named recipient of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

3 thoughts on “Sweden’s Chance For Leading A Nuclear Weapons Free World.

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      We have a hunch you feel the same way, but our theory is that humanity faces an existential choice between 9/11 truth and potential civilization-destroying world war, and that it is past crunch time for serious action. I’ve suggested to a number of serious 9/11 justice warriors a raw documentary style film/video featuring minimal music at start, finish and between men and women 9/11 truth activists’ 4-5 minute urgent expressions or statements of emergency, consisting of 18-24 activists for an approximate running total of 90-120 minutes. The speediest format to produce is raw, and seeing time is of the essence and there is literally close to nothing left of the burning major war fuse, we are suggesting this proposal to you with hopes of swift action after consulting among your much larger group of contacts. Here’s a possible direct-to-the-point title: “Emergency Message to the World”, which could contain instructions for people to duplicate the effort everywhere.

      I would jump on this myself but unfortunately the back burner “things to learn and do” of videography has yet to happen, so knowing of your pioneering work on films about 9/11 and probable contacts with others having substantial video/documentary creative experience and expertise is the reason we suggest this to you.

      Thank you for the links and commenting Jimmy. Peace.


      1. We are definitely one on 911. But no movie, no book, no 3 to 5 minute youtube video (did you see this one: ) is going to change anything. People only revolt over economics. This is a historical fact. As for 911, it is polarized and nothing will change the way people think about it. I told you part of this before, I have an old fraternity brother who saw my work and said, “He has some very convincing arguments”, but did not switch his opinion. His daughter won’t ever be convinced no matter what I show her. 90% of the people make up their minds on how the talking heads look and talk – and now that they have committed to believing the lies, they will not change their minds.
        Lastly, the powers that be keep changing the subject with the next “emergency”, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russian interference and evil, climate “emergency”, Trump’s tweets, on and on. To them, 911 is ancient history.


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