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Posted on November 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

World Map1fAlphabet I you had the chance to ask those leaders who attended the G-20 meeting in Australia any questions you’d like answered, what would those questions be? Or perhaps you were given the opportunity to substitute host for Charlie Rose or one of the guys/gals on Face the Nation, Meet the Press or one of the other Sunday morning news shows? What would you ask those guests?

Perhaps one could imagine questions posed to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkl, Ban Ki-Moon, Fidel Castro, David Cameron, Evo Morales, or any of a number of world leaders if given the opportunity for a one-hour personal interview. Perhaps on the receiving end of your questions is a man or woman who is a Nobel laureate like Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire or a scientist or writer or economist who’s been the winner of a Nobel Prize. Think about questions to ask of Pope Francis or the Dalai Lama, as examples.

This is an invitation to get involved in what we have named “The Global 100-Question Project”, with the sole intent of initiating a profound worldwide discussion/debate on the greatest questions of our time here at the end of 2014. So, what we are hoping for is a strong response from as many men and women around the Earth as possible with their most profound, suggestive thoughts and questions on the major issues of consequence extant in the world today.

Imagine for a moment if every world leader who addressed the United Nations’ recent 69th Meeting of the General Assembly had received a listing of the 100 most important questions of our time (including yours) – and the focus desired by each man and woman leader to attempt to answer/address those questions – and you begin to understand the types of contributions we are in search of here.

Think it over, consider the fact that men and women from every region of the Earth could become aware of your – and possibly hundreds or thousands of equally sincere contributors – question(s) while on the internet, then become aware of the positive potential of “The Global 100-Question Project”, and propose/submit your question(s).

Imagine for a moment that a young person in India or Norway or Chile or any nation on Earth – after reading your statement/question on their computer screen – experienced such a profound reaction to what you have suggested about an important human issue/problem requiring new thinking and resolution that they became inspired to the point where they one day became a Nobel Prize winner – inspiring perhaps millions more in the process – and you have an idealized vision of “The Global 100-Question Project”.

Another aspect of “The Global 100-Question Project” in its idealized form is that it has the potential to become a truly global effort and joined by a great many people around the Earth in viral replication for the immediate solving of humanity’s most urgent and consequential problems.

These reside in any of a number of areas of human intellectual effort, research or activity such as whistleblowers, cyberspace, economics, education, elections/democracy, energy (fossil fuels/renewables), social theory, environment, food/agriculture, military-industrial-complex, health (physical and mental), finance/banking, government/politics, the media (corporate and independent), war and peace (Ukraine, ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Israel-Palestine…), spirituality/religion, science, etc.

So, how about we “get this show on the road”? The outcome of this first effort will be the subject of future posts in compiled and singular formats, and further discussions and analyses on the most pertinent and consequential submissions.

When one acknowledges that in the recent midterm election in the United States the lowest percentage of voters since the 1940’s showed up at the polls, the frustratingly persistent, problematic issues seemingly ignored (but solvable) by those who manage the world’s affairs, and the high percentage of people misinformed or uninformed about what is really occurring around the world, one realizes how much effort must occur now to greatly increase awareness through discussion and debate generated from a people-powered concept like “The Global 100-Question Project”.

By all means, consider stealing this concept and running with it if you believe there are good results when discussion and debate become generated from question-solicitation published posts like this one. If you decide to reduce the number of questions in your variation from 100 to 50 or 25 or 10, go for it. We wish you the best of luck and hope some very good results and communications come your way, adding to the solutions-based, inspirational efforts to solve difficult problems for real people living in all the world’s nations and regions.

There are no rules for submitting but only sincere thoughts and questions, so if you have any feel free to enter them in the comments below. If those big questions are not readily available now, come back with them tomorrow or the next day, next week, in December, or in 2015 – no time limits, no pressure.

How near or far this concept travels around the Earth will become clear soon enough, while the same is true with regard to the extent questions and discussion generated from those important questions eventually make any real difference in the lives of men, women, and children of this generation sharing the world. Perhaps understanding that communications over the world internet are hard or nearly impossible to measure is in some respects in this case a good thing.

Well, you see the idea. Pretty simple, hopefully intriguing enough, and straightforward. Thank you for your contribution(s). “The Global 100-Question Project” is now officially launched and moving from shore toward the Earth’s vast internet ocean. As the project has been given an adequate description, there remains only one more relevant point to stress:

Do you have any questions?


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