Can ‘The Reset’ Unify Britain… Humanity?

Posted on June 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo


We would rather be ruined than changed

We would rather die in our dread

Than climb the cross of the moment

And let our illusions die.

W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973) British-born American poet

aaa-29For men and women seriously interested in bringing about positive change in the world, “The Reset” ( originated in Britain offers some intriguing possibilities. Among the growing number of men and women who have become “truthers” over the internet, many have come to an awareness of the real challenges associated with translating good ideas to real human ways of living, and experience small to intense levels of frustration and disappointment.

A trend, among men and women “citizen journalists” and the so-called alternative news/press, has developed these days where one finds writings and articles that either replay/remind readers and viewers of facts that have long since come to their awareness or delve into the new problematic, societal fact – now that most people are aware of the world’s problems: what do we do now?

Whether communicated or left unspoken but felt, people are sensing that the page needs to get turned, and now is the time to get to real solutions. The identifying of problems’ work is essentially done, so communications over the world’s great unifying, democratic tool – the internet – needs a unifying, overarching issue to bring together the thousands, and millions, of individual and group efforts to make the world a better place for this generation and generations to come.

That unifying vision is the major goal of “The Reset” movement from Britain, and it is a fascinating vision to study and consider. As one who has a moderate awareness of alternative economic, financial, and social systems, it is gratifying to know there are people who are willing to pursue new ideas which offer genuine opportunities to change an international system that has failed to improve people’s lives in any meaningful or transformative way.


One of “The Reset” founders is Ms. Tarha Ahmed. She experienced a profound change in her worldview after observing on September 11, 2001 the BBC announce that Building 7 of the World Trade Center Complex had collapsed and fell to the ground – 23 minutes before it did. That and other subsequent revelations joined in her mind to show there was a plan to kill indigenous Muslims in the Middle East and other regions to gain control of tremendous natural resource wealth.

She saw that the over 370 taxes British people pay goes for financing war, slaughter, and genocide in foreign lands, that corruption had become an epidemic disease in the UK and other nations, and then she started thinking about ways to change society for the positive while reducing or eliminating the negative consequences of current modes of governance and financial affairs. She joined with other like-minded men and women concerned about the problems they identified and came up with the concept embodied in “The Reset.”

The concept, currently proposed in Britain but applicable to any nation, begins with the common man and woman and their ability to call for a referendum on issues the people have come to feel need changing. One of those issues, among many which may be dealt with through referendum campaigns, is the British tax system. The Reset movement is advocating for Britain’s people to join in all sizes of municipalities and regions and call for a referendum to replace the over 370 taxes with a single 1% transaction tax.

Ms. Ahmed claims that tax revenues will triple, with an additional one trillion pounds moving into British government accounts, and that from those revenues every man, woman, and child will receive a sizable dividend or basic income. Funds will become available for life-improving projects. She shares her sadness and frustration with austerity’s harmful effects including homelessness, food insecurity, rising incidents of suicide, and generally deteriorating situations for British people and those living in the many nations facing austerity measures.

It’s kind of perfect that The Reset initiative was born in Britain – the City of London being the #1 financial, tax evasion center on Earth. Whether a 1% transaction tax will solve the massive tax evasion carried on by the world’s largest transnational corporations and wealthiest families is unknown, but at first glance what this group of activists has to offer looks very promising.

The goals of the group are bringing together like-minded people, correcting misappropriation of the Earth’s abundance, changing the world’s energy paradigm from fossil fuels to newly emerging, open-source free energy technologies, creating a greater sense of community through focus on the achievable as opposed to protesting, among others.

After only an initial look at the website, it seems that The Reset is on a good path, and has honorable intentions. If one were a “betting person”, this group is going to make some very good things happen and deserves wide attention/publicity, consideration, participation, and support. Check out The Reset website and get involved if your personal vision includes for each man and woman to become the best “solutionary” they can possibly be. God knows the world is ready for some solutions.

This is a new people power, grassroots movement that has much to offer Britain and the world where, in 2014, people are more than ready for some long-anticipated good changes and good news.

For more information/further research, visit


(Thanks to The People’s Voice at YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Can ‘The Reset’ Unify Britain… Humanity?

  1. As a grassroots activist of 33+ years, I have seen dozens of proposals similar to Reset. The success of similar movements always depends on their ability to attract the 80% of the population who comprise the working class. This is essential if human society is to be truly self-governing. Otherwise what you end up with is what happened in Russia, China and Cuba – where a new intellectual elite with clever ideas simply replaced the old one.


    1. Stuart,
      After 33+ years it’s safe to say you have the patience of a saint. 🙂 Simply tripped over The Reset and haven’t done much digging into the organization, but agree with the broad vision that aims at a better world. Who can be against a better world, right? What particularly interested was the mention of indigenous values and a spiritual element, so it’s a very new effort, we’ll see where it leads and hope it hits that elusive 80%. Webster Tarpley gave an interesting talk on YouTube in the past days, a filmed repeat of his Left Forum talk on “Webster Tarpley Fan Channel” (or close to that). He sees the Syriza Party’s success in Greece and Tsipras as a very big deal. The talk is around an hour and eight minutes.


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