Nebraska’s Dan Buhrdorf For United States Senate.

Posted on May 27, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“It is demonstrable that many of the obstacles for change which have been attributed to human nature are in fact due to the inertia of institutions and to the voluntary desire of powerful classes to maintain the existing status.”

– JOHN DEWEY (1859-1952) American philosopher, educator

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiven the severe economic crisis of 2007-8 which the world still experiences today, there is no doubt that Americans, especially the men and women of Nebraska, will be very interested in Dan Buhrdorf’s run for the United States Senate. Most Americans would become supporters of Mr. Buhrdorf’s campaign – on the Tax Wall Street Party ticket – if only they learned more about him. He was born in Nebraska, in a fifth-generation American family, graduated from the University of Nebraska, and been an educator, teacher and principal outside of the United States.

For those who have never heard of either the Tax Wall Street Party or Dan Buhrdorf – for those who have waited for candidates in federal elections who are firmly determined to correct the problems caused by Wall Street criminals and thieves, war profiteers in the military-industrial-complex warned about by Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech, those who place profits above the American people – Dan Buhrdorf of Nebraska is your man.

  • 1% sales tax paid by all sellers of stocks, corporate bonds, and derivatives, with a $1,000,000 exemption effectively excluding 98-99% of Americans.
  • Reform of the Federal Reserve, converting it into a national bank, in a complete departure from its 100-year history as a private banking cartel. The reformed bank will offer 0% credit to cities, states, and regional entities for financing of infrastructure projects, schools, water/wastewater treatment plants, public safety, road maintenance, and all government spending which previously required high interest payments on loans from private Wall Street corporations.
  • Suspension of all free trade agreements, a 15% general tariff paid to the United States Treasury on any imports of foreign goods and services.
  • Protecting the United States Postal Service (USPS) by repealing the “poison pill” legislation inserted by Dennis Hastert before leaving office, which requires the USPS to pre-pay pension obligations for people who are not even born yet. Stop privatization and union-busting actions against the USPS – the world’s largest employer.
  • Establish a “Medicare for All” national health care system, ending the United States’ identity as the only industrialized nation without a national health plan.
  • The United States’ entry into the “Peace Race”, ending imperialism, redirection of military/war-related spending toward production of renewable energy, roads and bridges, educational opportunity and public schools, promotion of agriculture, public safety, and other life-affirming projects.

Dan Buhrdorf’s campaign for the United States Senate in Nebraska is a grassroots movement, without any large campaign contributions (bribes) from Wall Street fraudsters, multi-billionaire Koch brothers, or business oligarchs who evade taxes through complex accounting schemes and offshore tax havens. Ask yourself if you are able to disagree with any of Dan Buhrdorf’s ideas and if they are not good ideas for America, then ask yourself if sending Dan to the United States Senate is an eventuality which people call a “no-brainer.”

Does the package of ideas offered by Dan Buhrdorf offer more than his Goldman-Sachs front-runner Republican opponent? Most Americans – most Nebraskans – would honestly answer that important question with a clear, unambiguous, and obviously plain “YES!”

So, all Americans – especially the men and women of Nebraska – need to do everything in their power to make Dan Buhrdorf of Nebraska United States Senator Dan Buhrdorf. His ideas are better for Nebraskans and better for Americans, now get creative and help his message get out there all across America. If you’re a blogger, post articles about his campaign. If you’re a radio talkshow host or TV reporter, interview Dan Buhrdorf  as soon as possible and often. If you live in Nebraska, organize events and contact your friends and relatives.

Will Dan Buhrdorf become the next United States Senator from Nebraska? Take some time and remember that Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was seen as a decided underdog, with no chance of winning election, before he defeated incumbent Republican Rudy Boschwitz. Think deeply on the ways in which Paul Wellstone and Dan Buhrdorf share a vision for America, how they both came to the life-changing decision to enter the world of hardball politics because it was the only way to bring about real change, and how both Wellstone and Buhrdorf came face-to-face with serious and real risks with great courage and sacrifice.

Some may agree and some may not agree that, because of Paul Wellstone’s courageous stand against the very real dark forces and powerful vested interests in the United States, Wellstone’s death in a northern Minnesota plane crash was a political assassination. These same dark and powerful people are still operating in America in 2014, and these are the people and forces that Dan Buhrdorf has decided to battle.

When seen in that light, Mr. Buhrdorf’s senatorial run becomes much – much – more than just another fringe candidate tossing their hat into the political arena. When Dan Buhrdorf becomes sworn in as United States Senator from Nebraska, Americans will understand that real, irreversible, and historic change has come.


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8 thoughts on “Nebraska’s Dan Buhrdorf For United States Senate.

    1. There’s great similarity between the Tax Wall Street Party in America and Greece’s Syriza Party. The main likeness is that they both have the banking elite owners nervous. Both are advocating nationalization of central banks. Such a “coincidence” you put up a post on Sasse then Dan Buhrdorf, who blows Sasse out of the water on issues of conscience, emerges.


  1. Buhrdorf is standing on a platform virtually identical to the Green Party platform. It seems a great pity he’s not standing as a Green Party candidate, given the Greens have a stronger national organization and media presence.

    The US left seems to be really prone to sectarianism and forming splinter groups. I think this is a major factor in the marginalization of the US left.


    1. Perhaps Dan Buhrdorf, when considering which party to go with, compared “Green Party” and “Tax Wall Street Party” to “Tea Party” and saw more of a contrast between Tax Wall Street and Tea (the favorite is Wall Street backed), therefore TWS would catch on in a bigger way than if he’d chosen Green. Then, he may have observed that Green Party candidates have yet to win in America, so a new party would create a bigger vibe/buzz so to speak. Your point is well taken and, just as that saying goes, “whatever works.” His choice of TWS may draw more interest from voters in Nebraska and around the nation, so let’s hope that interest results in people studying the ideas/issues then voting Buhrdorf in. Ventura’s idea of no parties makes good sense, as voters would be forced to study the issues instead of simply voting like their parents did.


    2. The Green party lacks focus and is too wedded to Malthusianism (de-growth, de-industrialization, anti-technology, etc.)

      They do of course include many of Buhrdorf’s program points in their own program, including a Wall Street Sales Tax and Medicare for All.

      I see Buhrdorf’s program as representing 2 critical issues the Greens do not represent, and would be well advised to if they ever want to reach out to the middle class and escape the obscurity to which they and all other 3rd parties consign themselves:

      1) An exclusive and limited focus on the most pressing demands for economic reform.

      Notice that there’s no campaign finance reform, no direct democracy, no gay marriage, no marijuana, etc. Whatever you think of these issues, they are either too divisive or uninteresting to the vast majority of Americans. Gay marriage does not lower my insurance premiums. Most people have demanding jobs, are having difficulty staying out of foreclosure, and have a limited political sophistication. Therefore, we need to stick to the few clear things that benefit EVERYBODY. Suppress free trade and Wall Street speculation, promote American manufacturing and family farms, and put more money into everyones’ pockets.

      2) Federal lending

      While the Greens do advocate nationalizing the Federal Reserve (buried among a million other demands), they don’t know what to do with it. Buhrdorf’s solution is not only brilliant – it’s the system used by America’s founders. The Fed must be used as a national bank to LEND not spend new money as credit for physical production. This means $5 trillion in infrastructure upgrades, about a trillion in student loan refinancing, and trillions more at the ready to re-write mortgages and business loans.

      This is similar to the plan Tsipras is advancing in Europe, and especially to the plan advanced by Putin’s advisor Sergei Glazyev in Russia. We must greatly expand the availability of credit for wealth-producing activities (infrastructure, industry, agriculture, plus necessities like higher ed and home ownership), ease the terms and cut the interest rates down toward zero. If Wall Street banks don’t like it they can all burn in hell with their worthless derivatives!

      Long-term, interest-free federal credit will not only be a lifesaver and game-changer for the American people, it’s the ONLY way we can ever possibly pursue the Greens’ priorities like high speed rail & urban renewal – not to mention the things they (very naively) dislike, like 21st century nuclear power, ie Thorium or Fusion reactors, which will free us all from the oil, gas and coal cartels. We don’t lack ideas. We lack public financing for the projects we need to undertake.

      As someone who supports Buhrdorf’s program 100%, I would argue that the Greens need to run the reactionary environmentalists out of their party, and adopt Buhrdorf’s ideas and approach. This is New Deal America, not the Burning Man festival. The Greens need to get real if they ever want to contend for a national or even state-wide election.


      1. Hello,
        Nice to meet you. In agreement with everything you noted, especially the part about “if Wall Street banks don’t like it…” 🙂 People are ready for the changes Mr. Buhrdorf is proposing, perhaps his views are “populist” (whatever that means), but if populist=common sense proposals then by all means bring on more populism. The time for empty political rhetoric has long passed, and now the rubber must meet the road. Thanks for sharing your insightful views.


  2. Anonymous

    There have been three populist governors in the state of Nebraska. Maybe he researched the history of the populist movement in Nebraska and realized that it stood for what a lot of Nebraskans believe in.


    1. However Dan Buhrdorf came across his ideas and proposals or his political strategy, he is the senator Nebraska and America would be proud of. Your point about “what a lot of Nebraskans believe in” is a precise one, and would be seconded by most Americans now. Thanks for your comment. If you’re in Nebraska, or an American, help Mr. Buhrdorf win this election.


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