Tax Wall Street Party: New Ideas For America.

Posted on January 20, 2015

After America’s 2014 midterm elections saw the lowest voter turnout since the end of World War II, perhaps a new political party – the Tax Wall Street Party – will offer Americans a much stronger incentive for heading to the polls.

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A New Party Is Born

The two-party system has become an intolerable straitjacket on the hopes and dreams of the American people. More than ever, we need a viable alternative to a future of budget cuts, unemployment, despair and war.

Who Will Pay for the Depression? Working People or Wall Street

We have been told that our nation is approaching a “fiscal cliff” – that the profligacy of the American people is to blame for our national debt, and that we have no choice but to cut away the fabric of the New Deal. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve continues to buy Wall Street’s toxic derivatives – the cause of the 2007 financial crisis – at the rate of $85 billion a month.

This is not just hypocricy, it is the essence of fascism.

Since we are in an economic depression, the main political question is, Who Will Pay for This Depression? The Wall Street parasites demand that the cost of the depression they have created be shifted to working people. The Tax Wall Street Party demands instead that Wall Street pay the cost of the depression it has created.

The Void in Anti-Establishment Politics in America

Occupy Wall Street and the related mass strike upsurge of 2011 showed that the New Deal is still alive in the hearts of the American people. But this moment was sabotaged by so-called leaders of these movements who were unwilling to make concrete demands for economic reform.

While glimmers of hope remain within the Democratic party, the Wall Street-owned party leadership is in lockstep with the decrepit Republican party in its quest for more free trade, austerity, deregulation and war.

Independent voters can only register their distaste by choosing between utopian radicals on the left and right, neither side capable of ever appealing to the vast majority of working American families.

The Tax Wall Street Party will offer American voters what they sorely need – a concrete program of economic reform, based on the proven traditions of Lincoln’s American System, FDR’s New Deal, and JFK’s New Frontier.

Our Demands

1. Tax Wall Street

The fiscal problems of the United States are largely due to the fact that Wall Street pays no taxes. While working families pay 7% or more in sales tax for the necessities of life, Wall Street speculators pay nothing on their share of a yearly turnover of over $5 quadrillion (5,000 trillion dollars) in stocks, bonds and derivatives. A 1% tax on this turnover, equally divided between the federal and state governments, largely solves the budget deficit at all levels of government, negating the so-called fiscal cliff and allowing for the full restoration of social services, public payrolls and pensions, and other needs.

2. Nationalize the Federal Reserve

We propose to seize the functions of the Federal Reserve System and use it as a national bank to finance the long-term needs of the American people. Federal lending allows us to make massive long-term commitments – such as the $3.6 trillion we need to repair our decaying public infrastructure – at modest short-term costs. For states and businesses, the cost of capital can be radically lowered, and a competitive advantage of the United States in world markets can be secured. The overriding goal is the creation of 30+ million new jobs in production, with high capital investment, high energy intensity, high value added, and high technology.

3. Economic Protections

Economic justice can not be secured in a “free market” where Wall Street speculators are allowed to run the real economy like a casino. We need to rebuild manufacturing and family farms by restoring the basic protections of the New Deal – including a tariff (tax) on imported goods, a fair (parity) price for farms, and re-regulation of the financial sector.

4. Economic Rights

If we want the best economy in the world, we need the best-educated, healthiest, most secure workforce in the world. We will finish what FDR started by providing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, education, housing and retirement for all Americans.

Fight With Us for The Next New Deal

The great transformations in American economic and political life – typified by the reforms of Hamilton, Lincoln, FDR and JFK – happened when an upsurge in mass political action was fueled by an effective economic program. The Tax Wall Street Party offers the only program that can lift America out of depression and into a new era of peace, prosperity and development. Will you fight with us?


Dan Buhrdorf: Nebraska U.S. Senate Run Gaining Momentum.

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Blake Hughes August 31, 2014, World Austerity Report

At the August 25th Nebraska Cattlemen Debate, Dan Buhrdorf, 5th generation Nebraskan seeking a US Senate seat, consistently drew a clear line between the rise and dominance of Wall Street and the weakening of our economy, budget cuts, poor healthcare, a low standard of living, and war. In the middle of an economic depression, the US establishment has put their significant weight behind more of the same: more speculation, more deregulation, more establishment hack politicians who will gladly capitulate to the needs of Wall Street speculation rather than the needs of the Nation, its citizens, its labor, and its productive capabilities.

Opening Statement

Dan Buhrdorf’s opening statement reminded the audience that the struggle of today is the same as that of our grandfathers and great grandfathers. He reminded the audience that a promise had been made. A promise that the misery suffered by Americans during the great depression would never again be revisited. That promise, Dan reminds us, has been broken:

Our grandfather’s generation was promised three times, before, during and after World War II, that there would never be the kind of economic misery again in America like we saw during the Great Depression. Fredrick Douglas said, ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.’ I’ve come here tonight to tell you the truth: you have to demand your economic rights, your birthrights won by your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. I’m even talking about your rights to access fair markets for your produce. There is an alternative to this stagnant economy; this alternative has saved the country before from foreign threats, civil war, and the Great Depression.

I have a plan that strengthens our middle class and creates a better future for our children and grandchildren. We’ll do this without increasing our national debt or increasing the burden on taxpayers. Our plan creates an economic recovery with 30 million new middle class consumers buying what you produce. Thirty million new jobs. We’ll put those Americans to work building 21st century infrastructure, 21st century power, world-class internet worthy of America, and 21st century transportation. We’ll cut energy prices in half by regulating speculation in the markets, while giving industry and agriculture 0 percent to 1 percent capital costs. We will lower health insurance costs to 100 dollars per person per month. Imagine being able to offer that to your employees. I want to talk about these issues tonight. My name is Dan Buhrdorf, and I will fight for you in Washington.

Dan’s Opening Statement

Affordable Care Act

Perhaps the simplest answer of the night came with the first question of the debate. What would the candidates change in regard to the Affordable Care Act? Dan’s answer was simple: Medicare-for-All (sometimes called Single-Payer) paid for with a Wall Street sales tax and cure diseases through a fully-funded program of biomedical research. No more subsidies for insurance companies that speculate with derivatives:

My response to Obamacare is less than one page. It says remove the age requirement for Medicare. Ask your grandmother if she likes Medicare. Give everyone the option to join Medicare for 100 dollars per person per month. We can fully fund Medicare …with a Wall Street sales tax.

Healthcare requires more than insurance. We can save money by fully funding research programs to find cures for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. How much money was spent last year on Polio compared to the 1930’s and 1940’s?

…think about zero percent or near-zero percent college loans for students, including medical students. A highly skilled, highly educated workforce is necessary to solve the medical problems and in order to engineer a recovery. We need serious investments in healthcare, not subsidies to predatory insurance companies that cover their bets on derivatives.

Dan on Health Care

Veterans Administration Cuts and Obstacles

In response to the question regarding the problems our veterans are currently facing, Dan addressed the root of the problem:

We have to live up to our commitments to veterans. They served us in the military and now we have to serve them. And this includes no cuts to veterans’ benefits, no cuts to hospitals, no cuts to healthcare. It means expanding and fully funding the VA. This can all be paid for with a 1 percent Wall Street sales tax on derivatives and other financial transactions, by clawing back the tarp bailout from too-big-to-fail banks, and by ending aggressive military actions overseas. The US is currently engaged militarily in more than 160 countries around the world. No more expensive foreign wars. You want to balance the budget? How do you think we pay for the wars? With debt. No more dead GIs and maimed GIs and no more debt to fund wars. At the same time we need to find cures and treatments… This can be done through a fully-funded program of research and treatment.

Dan on cuts to the Veterans Administration

Tax Reform

In response to Bridget Fargen’s question about tax reform, Dan reiterated that the tax burden should be shifted on speculation and away from our productive economy by taxing Wall Street 1 percent on derivatives and other forms of predatory speculation. This will provide enough revenue to support the social safety net, halt cuts to Medicare, veterans benefits, public libraries, schools, and more. This tax, coupled with harnessing the Federal Reserve to generate credit for 30 million high-paying productive jobs, would not only bring us back to near-full employment, but will create a revenue surplus. Thirty million new well-paid workers means 30 million new consumers. This means larger markets and a greater ability for the middle class to grow.

Dan on Tax Reform

Nebraskan Agriculture

Farmers and the food they produce are one of the most vital components to a modern nation. A guaranteed price for their commodities through parity is a necessity not only to ensure the health of the small and medium farmer, but also to curb the market distortion via speculation in the commodity futures markets.

When you look at myself, Mr. Domina, and Mr. Sasse, you’ve got candidates of parity, charity, and austerity. The Republicans want farmers at the mercy of Wall Street. The Democrats want to bail them out with subsidies and crop insurance. I’m the only candidate who wants them to be guaranteed the fair price [parity] they’ve earned.

Dan on Agriculture


Dan’s position on immigration is a reminder that under his program of 30 million new high-wage jobs, our immigrants will be a much needed component of our blooming economy, especially in agriculture. These workers should be immediately brought up the status that the rest of Americans enjoy, so as to prevent them from being exploited and from driving wages down.

Dan on Immigration

EPA Water Regulation

Dan is against EPA overreach that ultimately restricts agricultural production. Dan also noted the overreach of the EPA into areas such as energy production. The way around such invasive and stifling regulation would be to invest in 21st century energy, infrastructure, and research into new areas of technology.

Where is our moon landing for this generation? Is it going to be fusion power? How do you afford such research? You have to harness the Federal Reserve to pay for that.

Dan on the EPA, Energy, and National Research

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Dan supports openly negotiated trade agreements, and protection of the Nebraskan beef industry via such agreements as COOL. Dan reminded the audience that trade is essential to the modern nation. One of the main facilitators of US trade and job supporters of small businesses is the Export-Import Bank. Dan’s support for this “independent, self-sustaining agency with an 80-year record of supporting US jobs by financing the export of American goods and services,” was evident.

Dan on Trade and the Export-Import Bank

Dan Pokes a Member of the Establishment

Dan effectively poked the establishment on Monday evening by pulling a red flag on Ben Sasse, a Tea Party favorite whose bio reads like a DC insider. Sasse claims to be a Nebraskan homeboy who wants to be a politician because he’s a “Dad.” However, his establishment career suggests that the position of Nebraska Senator may be just another stepping-stone on his way to the White House.

Comment left on a New York Times article outlining Sasse’s establishment pedigree.

A former employee of the elite Boston Consulting Group, Sasse advised the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Government of Iraq. His position as assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Humans Services along with his degrees from Yale, Princeton, and Harvard make him just a bit more than a father concerned for his daughter’s future. Ben Sasse is without a doubt a figure of the establishment.

After a disingenuous display of bragging about his Nebraskan donors, Dan caught Sasse off guard by noting his many Super PAC and out-of-state donors:

I’m sorry Mr. Sasse but your largest donors are the Senate Conservatives Fund and big PACs from the coasts.

Although not audible on the recording, reports are that the state fair crowd seemed to enjoy watching Sasse squirm in his seat as his donor-base was outed by a fellow 5th generation Nebraskan. Sasse’s bragging about the majority of his funding being from Nebraskan donors can be refuted by facts on the official FEC website.

Dan pulling a red flag on Sasse

Closing Statement

Despite Dan’s jab at a rather dubious, up-and-coming figure of the establishment, his closing statement was an important reminder of what, institutionally, the establishment really is:

When deciding who to vote for, remember Republicans and Democrats in reality offer the same vision for America: one where Wall Street speculators, corporate interests, and too-big-to-fail banks control the congressional agenda. During the course of this campaign I’ve listened to Nebraskans. And we need a Senator who will vote based on what’s good for America, and not what’s good for Wall Street.

The pervasive influence of Wall Street means Nebraskans like you don’t get the support you need for educational funding, infrastructure projects, strengthening the social safety net. We want to shift the tax burden away from hard-working taxpayers and on to Wall Street. With my plan, we can rebuild infrastructure and the economy by creating 30 million new good-paying jobs with public credit, not with debt to China. Imagine mobilizing the Federal Reserve bank to act like a national bank that creates credit like our founding fathers intended. Instead of bailing out the banks we can rebuild America and the American way of life by creating 30 million great-paying jobs. With my leadership we can build public infrastructure and get back on track. I ask for your vote and I ask for you to join us as we historically challenge Washington to move away from Wall Street interests and back toward the common interest. I’m Dan Buhrdorf and I will fight for you in Washington.

Dan’s closing statement

For the full details of Dan’s economic recovery program, visit

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Occupy Wall Street Movement: Nebraska Senate Race Is Huge.

Posted on July 10, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-32While thinking about ways to increase support for Dan Buhrdorf in his run for United States Senator from Nebraska, the television was on and tuned into C-SPAN and the Senate. Those who’ve spent time watching the Senate proceedings on C-SPAN know that there are those long breaks where Senators stand around and talk while waiting for the next item on the agenda.

So, my gaze went from the computer screen to the TV screen for a moment and there was Senator Jay Rockefeller moving across the Senate floor with his walker assisting him. Mr. Rockefeller is up in age and deals with the body’s deterioration like everyone else, a common fact of life that no men or women, even billionaires, are immune to.

At that point, thoughts turned to the dramatic scenes in movies where actors portraying a solitary man or woman character deep in thought are captured on film. Perhaps the film’s main male or female character is in a scene where they are sitting alone in their living room at midnight staring out the window at a star-filled sky while considering their life circumstances. Maybe the scene is of a man or woman who has climbed a mountain, and is sitting while thinking about the world and ideas for improving the lives of the people who live in it.

Gary Cooper was an actor who has become remembered for his ability to “speak volumes” from the movie screen without saying a word, using only his facial mannerisms to convey what was going on inside. It was that kind of contemplative moment that occurred while simultaneously thinking about a post for Dan Buhrdorf and seeing Mr. Rockefeller moving across the Senate floor.

That contemplative moment led to an increased intensity of realization that Dan Buhrdorf has ideas which would transform America into a better nation, turning the page from Wall Street/Rockefeller concentrated money power and domination to the next evolutionary chapter in America’s history. It led to wonder at how the internet isn’t full of articles about Dan and the profound potential that could become actualized if he became elected to the United States Senate.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists – and those who are in agreement on the basic concepts that led to America’s largest public demonstrations since the Vietnam War – have in Nebraska an opportunity to truly get the ball rolling. To the point, every man and woman in America who shares the general philosophy which sparked and fuelled the OWS movement should seriously consider – in Gary Cooper-like contemplative moments, perhaps – helping Dan Buhrdorf get elected in Nebraska.

Change of historic nature and proportion

OWS demonstrations – gatherings across the United States of America – were attended by men and women whose primary, experience-based concerns and intentions were all about change of a historic nature. Go to Dan Buhrdorf’s website, read his program points, then ask yourself if those points don’t add up to precisely what OWS men and women demonstration attendees want – change of a historic nature and proportion.

During my fastpitch softball playing days (baseball’s legend/home run hitter Hank Aaron played fastpitch softball before becoming a professional), every time one of our big hitters would step to the plate, he automatically heard “get the feeling!” encouragement from us in the dugout. “Get the feeling” came from the time when he was about to get his turn to hit and he told us he “had a feeling” he was going to hit a home run. Sure enough, and to the great surprise of us as his teammates, he got the “sweet spot” of his bat to intersect with the riseball thrown by the opposing team’s ace pitcher, smashed a rising line drive home run that met the left-center field light pole halfway up its length, then jogged around the bases as we stood in awe in the dugout thinking, mumbling or shouting “he got the feeling!”

This is the kind of spirit Dan Buhrdorf – who has stepped up to the plate in the political equivalent of the “big-league” – needs now from men and women in every state of America, and especially Nebraskans. Just like my old softball friend and teammate, Dan is in the batter’s box, has “the feeling,” and is waiting for encouragement from his teammates – the American people. Nebraska is huge.

The implementing of Dan’s ideas, which will come about after he receives the “dugout” support from like-minded citizens all across the United States and wins Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race,  would be a “home run” for America and the world. Nebraska is huge.

The stars and the universe, the world economy, and situations of war and peace on this Earth have become aligned in 2014 in ways that show the wisdom of helping political candidates like Dan Buhrdorf become able to engage in the work of a generation – necessary historic change.

Before sharing Dan Buhrdorf’s words from his website, just a few more thoughts. As said earlier in this writing, it is puzzling that more men and women who were directly involved with America’s Occupy movement – or agree with the fundamental philosophy and principles behind its birth, high importance, and relevance – have yet to focus on Nebraska. Many people who were on the ground at Occupy gatherings look back and describe how they were profoundly moved by the sense of brother and sisterhood, and an anticipatory “feeling” of real, good change which warmed the hearts of all.

Ask yourself if living conditions for Americans will improve if Dan Buhrdorf does not become Nebraska’s Senator, if American lives would improve if Dan Buhrdorf became Nebraska’s Senator, then act as creatively as possible in accord with the answers to those questions. Do you have men and women friends who would agree with and endorse Dan Buhrdorf? Talk to them and help Dan win. Do you know men and women who have small, medium, or large contacts with the public with the capability and willingness to spread the word about Dan’s Senate race? Then, like the Nike commercials: “just do it.”

Do you know any multi-billionaires who would help Dan, who have “just a tad different” political philosophy than the Koch brothers or Wall Street super-rich political power masters?

The absolute truth inherent in that Occupy “feeling” is a great, noble, honorable, and democratically possible vision for Americans and humanity.

Nebraska is huge.


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About Dan:

Abraham Lincoln famously warned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”The once-proud Republican and Democratic parties have divided the American people against each other. The loyalty of our politicians to Wall Street, the war machine and the super-rich knows no bounds.

There is another way – I ask you to stand with me and fight for it.

My name is Dan Buhrdorf. I am a fifth-generation Nebraskan. I was born and raised in Lincoln and graduated from the University of Nebraska. After a career as a school principal overseas, I came back home to care for my parents when their health failed.I was able to provide comfort to my WWII-generation grandparents and my father during their final days. I have cared for my sick, widowed mother since.

Our older generations endured great hardship and sacrifice for American values and our economic rights. I consider it a duty and privilege to care for them, and to carry their legacy forward. I’m doing that as a candidate for US Senate.These American values have been lost.

Republicans like Eisenhower and Nixon protected Social Security, public schools, industry and family farms. Today’s Republicans have nothing to offer but savage budget cuts, free trade and empty populist rhetoric.

Democrats like FDR and JFK fought against Wall Street in defense of economic rights, and made historic commitments to infrastructure and scientific achievement. Today’s Democrats pay lip service to modest reforms while taking care not to bite the hand of Wall Street.

This is still New Deal America. Americans believe that wealth should be earned through industry, not stolen through financial speculation on Wall Street. Americans believe in a strong social safety net to protect seniors, the disabled and those who have fallen on hard times. Americans believe it’s the government’s duty to protect industry against free trade, to protect farms against Wall Street, and to advance the common economic interests of all Americans.

In this race, I don’t claim the resume with the most government and insider jobs or the most arguments before a judge. I don’t have millions in campaign contributions from Wall Street or ready access to the mainstream media. But I do have the best ideas, and I will fight for them.

I support family values. And I support the economic basis of family values. As Senator I will fight for the economic reforms for Nebraskans and all Americans to have quality housing, good and plentiful jobs, valuable education, 21st Century transportation, and the support needed to raise strong and healthy children.I believe that establishing a strong, Constitutional government to fight for our common interests is both our right and duty as Americans. Join me and fight.


Join Dan and fight. For more information on how, please visit

Nebraska’s Dan Buhrdorf For United States Senate.

Posted on May 27, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“It is demonstrable that many of the obstacles for change which have been attributed to human nature are in fact due to the inertia of institutions and to the voluntary desire of powerful classes to maintain the existing status.”

– JOHN DEWEY (1859-1952) American philosopher, educator

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiven the severe economic crisis of 2007-8 which the world still experiences today, there is no doubt that Americans, especially the men and women of Nebraska, will be very interested in Dan Buhrdorf’s run for the United States Senate. Most Americans would become supporters of Mr. Buhrdorf’s campaign – on the Tax Wall Street Party ticket – if only they learned more about him. He was born in Nebraska, in a fifth-generation American family, graduated from the University of Nebraska, and been an educator, teacher and principal outside of the United States.

For those who have never heard of either the Tax Wall Street Party or Dan Buhrdorf – for those who have waited for candidates in federal elections who are firmly determined to correct the problems caused by Wall Street criminals and thieves, war profiteers in the military-industrial-complex warned about by Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech, those who place profits above the American people – Dan Buhrdorf of Nebraska is your man.

  • 1% sales tax paid by all sellers of stocks, corporate bonds, and derivatives, with a $1,000,000 exemption effectively excluding 98-99% of Americans.
  • Reform of the Federal Reserve, converting it into a national bank, in a complete departure from its 100-year history as a private banking cartel. The reformed bank will offer 0% credit to cities, states, and regional entities for financing of infrastructure projects, schools, water/wastewater treatment plants, public safety, road maintenance, and all government spending which previously required high interest payments on loans from private Wall Street corporations.
  • Suspension of all free trade agreements, a 15% general tariff paid to the United States Treasury on any imports of foreign goods and services.
  • Protecting the United States Postal Service (USPS) by repealing the “poison pill” legislation inserted by Dennis Hastert before leaving office, which requires the USPS to pre-pay pension obligations for people who are not even born yet. Stop privatization and union-busting actions against the USPS – the world’s largest employer.
  • Establish a “Medicare for All” national health care system, ending the United States’ identity as the only industrialized nation without a national health plan.
  • The United States’ entry into the “Peace Race”, ending imperialism, redirection of military/war-related spending toward production of renewable energy, roads and bridges, educational opportunity and public schools, promotion of agriculture, public safety, and other life-affirming projects.

Dan Buhrdorf’s campaign for the United States Senate in Nebraska is a grassroots movement, without any large campaign contributions (bribes) from Wall Street fraudsters, multi-billionaire Koch brothers, or business oligarchs who evade taxes through complex accounting schemes and offshore tax havens. Ask yourself if you are able to disagree with any of Dan Buhrdorf’s ideas and if they are not good ideas for America, then ask yourself if sending Dan to the United States Senate is an eventuality which people call a “no-brainer.”

Does the package of ideas offered by Dan Buhrdorf offer more than his Goldman-Sachs front-runner Republican opponent? Most Americans – most Nebraskans – would honestly answer that important question with a clear, unambiguous, and obviously plain “YES!”

So, all Americans – especially the men and women of Nebraska – need to do everything in their power to make Dan Buhrdorf of Nebraska United States Senator Dan Buhrdorf. His ideas are better for Nebraskans and better for Americans, now get creative and help his message get out there all across America. If you’re a blogger, post articles about his campaign. If you’re a radio talkshow host or TV reporter, interview Dan Buhrdorf  as soon as possible and often. If you live in Nebraska, organize events and contact your friends and relatives.

Will Dan Buhrdorf become the next United States Senator from Nebraska? Take some time and remember that Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was seen as a decided underdog, with no chance of winning election, before he defeated incumbent Republican Rudy Boschwitz. Think deeply on the ways in which Paul Wellstone and Dan Buhrdorf share a vision for America, how they both came to the life-changing decision to enter the world of hardball politics because it was the only way to bring about real change, and how both Wellstone and Buhrdorf came face-to-face with serious and real risks with great courage and sacrifice.

Some may agree and some may not agree that, because of Paul Wellstone’s courageous stand against the very real dark forces and powerful vested interests in the United States, Wellstone’s death in a northern Minnesota plane crash was a political assassination. These same dark and powerful people are still operating in America in 2014, and these are the people and forces that Dan Buhrdorf has decided to battle.

When seen in that light, Mr. Buhrdorf’s senatorial run becomes much – much – more than just another fringe candidate tossing their hat into the political arena. When Dan Buhrdorf becomes sworn in as United States Senator from Nebraska, Americans will understand that real, irreversible, and historic change has come.


For information please visit

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