World Asks: Obama Or Putin On Syria Chemical Attacks?

English: Vladimir Putin at school age
English: Vladimir Putin at school age (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 12, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s letter in the New York Times, directed to the American people, the Obama Administration, and the world, has resulted in setting the stage for solving the largest crime of the 21st century.

Mr. Putin’s assertion that rebels fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s tragic civil war were responsible for the chemical attacks which occurred on August 21, has the entire world asking the question: who really committed this war crime?

What is both interesting and somewhat disturbing about reports on the letter is that most have focused on the “American exceptionalism” part of the letter, while either downplaying or minimizing the most relevant words of Putin: those regarding responsibility for the chemical attacks.

The world has experienced tremendous disturbance and upheaval since those attacks in Syria on August 21. Many millions of men, women and children have feared that escalating violence would lead to even more war and killing in Syria and the Middle East region. Millions have gathered for peace rallies, holding signs reading “Hands Off Syria” and “Peace In Syria” among many other slogans. The Pope has called for dialogue to resolve the tragic situation instead of military strikes. Many thousands of spiritual traditions’ adherents are calling for talks to begin as the only real solution for Syria’s years-long war and killing.

Every major, medium, and minor news organization has reported the story on the front page of their newspapers, websites, and programs, devoting a tremendous amount of time to the latest developments. Commentators, experts, professors, reporters and retired public officials of every type and level have expressed their opinions and views. The internet is awash with articles written by everyone from seasoned journalists to bloggers, whose usual writing focused on anything but matters of war and peace, the Middle East, Syria, international relations, or geopolitics.

In workplaces everywhere people are standing around the company water-cooler talking about the newest events, views, and opinions concerning what to do about Syria. People who are on the streets of cities in every country around the world – in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, at sporting events, and churches are talking to each other about the news of events in Syria.

The major concern of the world’s people is that any escalation of military violence will result in an even more dangerous situation – their worst, almost unspeakable fear being World War III.

Mr. Putin’s letter to the American people, the Obama administration, and humanity clearly states that the people responsible for the Syria chemical attacks atrocity absolutely must be found, apprehended, and punished. It is the most important part of his message.

Either the Obama administration’s view, that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the atrocities, or the view of Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, that rebel forces committed a “false flag” to bring military strikes and support from the United States military, reflects the absolute truth.

Some persons are now guilty of  these worst, most brutal war crimes.

That this heinous, barbaric crime occurred on August 21, 2013 in the country of Syria, the entire world has no doubt.

As of September 12, 2013 it is the most important unsolved crime on this Earth.


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4 thoughts on “World Asks: Obama Or Putin On Syria Chemical Attacks?

  1. Americans do think that they are ‘exceptional’ and they’re not. We’re nothing special. We are no better than people of any other country and much worse than some. We strut around like peacocks as though we are too brilliant for the rest of the world when in reality, we are shallow, arrogant and many of us are clueless and ignorant.

    To answer the question of who is ‘accurate’ with regards to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, I believe the Russian president and I believe him because if it were not for the fact that the U.S. government has told so many lies to get us embroiled in conflicts in the Middle East, we would not be seeing such an escalation of rogue rebel groups fighting with weapons obtained by those from the West tearing the hell out of the Middle East. Obama lied to our face on Tuesday night and was caught in his lies and if John Kerry was hooked up to a ‘lie detector’, it would fling itself across the room before he could even open his lying mouth.

    And yes, many of us have put other issues on hold so that we can concentrate on this crisis situation because it could ultimately impact us all.

    Thank you for posting this Jerry!


    1. Shelby,
      Can we imagine what is going through the minds of writers of novels about international intrigues, spies, etc.? John LeCarre comes to mind. These writers must be blown away. I mean, they couldn’t in their wildest imaginations have conceived of what is occurring for a storyline of a novel. It is just unbelievable.
      There have been a number of articles, which you are probably aware of, about Domenico Quirico and Pierre Piccinin, two men from Europe who claim they overheard Syrian rebel conversations about Assad NOT being behind the August 21 attacks. They heard rebels saying this while they were being held in captivity by same rebels/mercenaries. If what they are claiming is true the entire case/argument for military strikes against Syria is wrong.
      Thank you,


      1. Jerry, sometimes I just shake my head over the insanity of it all and then put pen to paper or head out the door to attend yet another protest rally or pick up the phone and give an earful to another congressional ‘representative’. Not a bit of what is going on makes a hill of beans worth of sense, no matter how you slice it.


        1. Shelby,
          It seems that a major league false flag is going to be exposed before military action takes place, for the first time in history. Such an event is world changing. What sense we can make of it is up to every person, but needless to say the ramifications are unprecedented. Another name to research is Yossef Bodansky. Evidently he was a State Department official who had positions dealing with chemical weapons. He has come out and said the Assad regime was not behind the attacks, but the rebels were behind it. It is a somewhat difficult time for everybody, perhaps we all need to remember to set aside time for meditation, to connect with the Creator.
          I believe the whole situation will become clear enough, soon enough. Keep the faith.


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