Syria Debate Brings Historic Awareness To Humanity.

Posted September 11, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

393-1Humanity has experienced a truly profound increase of awareness since August 20, 2013, when chemical weapons killed hundreds of people in Syria.

When we consider all the time and effort spent by men and women – even children – to learn about what was really happening, why it was happening, and everything having to do with the Syrian crisis, we realize it is unprecedented.

The reason people all over this Earth, in every country and region, have spent, and are now spending, their time and effort to know the truth, is that people everywhere have had enough of lies, manipulations and wars. There is a sense among all people that it is time for a new way of living on this Earth – that wars, violence, greed and hate are no longer acceptable.

And because of that sense people all over the world are pushing as hard as possible to change things for the better, for all people. This push is almost an unconscious action which takes place without even thinking about the real reasons for doing it. We have all heard of those who rose to the occasion when a fellow human being was in a dangerous situation.

Probably the most well-known example of this rising to the occasion is when a son or daughter becomes pinned beneath a car, and the mother of the child exhibits super-human strength to lift the vehicle to save the life of the child. Other examples abound where even complete strangers come to the aid of a fellow human being who is in need of help, where the man or woman risks their life to save the other.

Can we imagine the herculean effort, the time spent by men and women all over the world, to do something, anything, to prevent escalation of violence in the country of Syria? I mean, just ponder what has occurred all around the planet in the last three weeks, since August 20. Take a moment and try to estimate how many people have made an effort for peace. Try to imagine the faces of every man, woman and child on Earth who has made such an effort since August 21, 2013.

Millions, perhaps billions of people have joined together for one cause: peace between human beings on the planet we call Earth. And why? Because fellow human beings were in harm’s way and many millions are suffering because man has yet to learn how to turn swords into plowshares – to live as one.

When we think deeply about a human being making an effort to help his or her fellow-man in a time of risk and danger, we become overwhelmed by the whole set of issues, circumstances and situations that humanity faces together. Our emotions become pulled this way and that, in every direction, violently and quietly, sometimes to the point of exhaustion – ready to give up the fight.

Then something happens on a planetary level which gives people the strength to keep on keeping on, to resume the good fight, the fight for love, peace and brotherhood among all people everywhere, in every country. Our eyes, which have become cloudy through the shedding of tears for those innocents trapped in horrific conditions not of their making, become clear again, and see that there is no stopping now, no turning back on the path which leads to peace on Earth.

We find that we are re-energized and ready to take up the good fight, and fight it all the way to completion. For this is the wish, the will of every human being on this Earth: to live a good life free from war, greed and hatred. When we think about what is possible, during our quiet times devoted to contemplation and introspection, the reason and mind which the Creator gave us successfully identifies the thoughts, words and actions to move forward in a good way.

During those quiet times of contemplation we may have thoughts of the possibilities of humanity. We ask ourselves if it is really, truly possible for the human race to agree to end wars and killings, or is this somewhere down the road, maybe generations from now?

We wonder if it is possible that humanity will create a world where everyone realizes the oneness of all people, all life, and all things, and that to harm another is only to harm one’s self. We wonder if it could come in our lifetime, in the here and now. We can visualize such a world in our God-given minds and imaginations. We come to understand that this type of world is what everyone wants and deserves to live in; that if this generation created such a world then future generations would also have a good life.

Then we start to think of the true meaning of love… 


8 thoughts on “Syria Debate Brings Historic Awareness To Humanity.

  1. I have to give you credit Jerry. Three weeks ago I was extremely pessimistic about avoiding an escalation of the Syrian war. You thought there was hope. Now, your vision is proving to be accurate as it looks like there is better than even chance of avoiding a military strike by the U.S.


    1. William,
      You and I know that spirituality is somewhat difficult to insert in such discussions. I suppose that is because traditionally that aspect hasn’t entered the minds of those having the talks. We can hope this is changing. Because people have simply become exhausted of war they have come to fight for truth and peace. The good fight.
      Thank you and best regards,


  2. Jerry-
    This is yet another powerfully written, soul-touching and insightful article. Like all your works, it reveals a new perspective of your breathtakingly complex world-view. Having read a considerable number of your posts I gradually came to realise that your spiritual approach to exploring and resolving the ultimate world-issues is radically different from the ones I had encountered before.

    I admire the way you have combined the ideals of spirituality, humanity and selfless love for mankind with your extensive knowledge and insightful approach to the main world-issues. The way you put these seemingly abstract ideas into a meaningful and empowering action are a refreshing novel source of hope, an eye-opener, a fountain of inspiration, and in my view a unique it is a real catalyst for the essential positive changes we hope to see in our world.

    I am very much moved also by your personal kindness, selfless and heartfelt care for other individuals and peoples. You are a genuine peacemaker in every sense, and with each day I feel more deeply honoured and gratified that I have had the opportunity to meet you and to read your works.

    With much Love and Gratitude,


    1. Skywanderer,
      Perhaps you, Shelby, William, myself and many millions of men and women on Earth now are trying to discover fire for the second time. William writes extensively about Pierre Teilhard deChardin (1881-1955). Probably his most well-known quote: “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Whatever effort we make which speeds up the arrival of that “someday” is well worth taking. Not one person would disagree that actions taken with love as their basis are more positive than those based on qualities other than love. Perhaps people who write sometimes take for granted and underestimate the real power of the word. As opposed to studying the nuts and bolts, the science of writing, perhaps writers should just be themselves, be as honest as possible in the expression of thoughts and feelings. Thank you, Shelby, William and the men and women around the world who are trying to be peacemakers. Love, friendship, sisterhood and brotherhood have always been worthy qualities to strive for, now more than ever.


    1. Erik,
      Yes. The “elephant in the room”, or literally “elephant in the world”, is that either the Obama administration’s claim that Assad was behind the chemical attacks is accurate, or Putin’s claim that it was a “false flag” committed by rebels is accurate. It is interesting that the majority of reports about the speech were on “American exceptionalism” (senseless drama) and not the MOST important assertion by Putin: his claim that rebel forces, not Assad forces, were responsible for the attack. Topsy-turvy now with Pat Buchanon of all people praising the letter. Wow.


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