An Interview Of Alfred Gluecksmann.

By Jerry Alatalo

r. Alfred Gluecksmann, editor at Argentum Post here on WordPress, was kindly willing to take part in a short question and answer interview after we made the request. This is the first published interview here at The Oneness of Humanity, and we wish to do many more with men and women from across the Earth. Any readers wishing to participate in an interview and sharing thoughts can simply let us know, and we’ll easily make the arrangements.

Thank you Alfred for contributing your thoughts in the following words.


Question 1.) What was your primary motivation for entering the world of blogging on the worldwide web – on the internet?

This one requires the most comprehensive reply, but I shall be as succinct as possible.​

As the son of parents who were declared stateless and who escaped the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, my German father and Austrian mother ​were forced by circumstances to separate temporarily since my mother and her parents had problems leaving Berlin in 1938 due to her mother’s illness, so she insisted my father leave immediately for Bolivia (the only country which offered refugee status to him) and so he did, with only $ 10.00 in his pocket in a non-passenger freighter he boarded in Marseilles for Callao, Peru wherefrom he would have to take a train to LaPaz, Bolivia – which is a landlocked country.

Upon arriving in the port city of Callao however​, my father was barred from disembarking to take the train to La Paz because of the undue influence of the World Zionist Organization over corrupted politicians in Lima, Peru which according to the immigration official issued the order that be returned on the same freighter to Marseilles because he was needed for the Palestine colonization project.

15 thoughts on “An Interview Of Alfred Gluecksmann.

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Lest we forget: the “other side” of wars. Instead of our addiction to violence and destruction, this is the side we should seek to know about, to understand, to “feel” so we can be empowered to give up on the violence we cling to though knowing it has never once solved any of our social problems as a civilization. We stand, once more on the brink of global war with the hawks waving the switch connected to their nuclear arsenal, an arsenal that is less and less of a deterrent and more of a double-dare you to push the button. Read this synopsis of Alfred Gluecksmann. Think about it then, as Jerry says, “Peace!”

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      1. I think we know far more than we care to admit , being content in the rich western democracies to enjoy our lives. It’s not ignorance that stops us from caring but greed and our constant endeavour to better ourselves no matter how good things already are.


        1. kersten,

          Thank you for visiting and commenting. Nailing down precise division of the populace into those ignorant and unaware and those aware yet apathetic or inactive hasn’t been accomplished to our knowledge, but one might guess the percentages are 80-90% ignorant/unaware and 10-20% aware but for whatever reasons refusing to make efforts for good change.

          One spiritual theory or assertion is that human beings choose most grievously when aware of situations and facts yet act to the contrary (living a lie(s)). Such is frustrating, but keep the faith … Thanks again kersten.

          By the way, if you or Sha’Tara would like to participate in an interview as Alfred G.’s here, simply take all the time you wish, and as many words as you wish, in response to the (4) questions, then email when satisfied for publication as a stand-alone post (like this one with Alfred) to jerryalatalo (at)



          1. In the brief interregnum when press and education had not been bought out by moneyed interests, you could say that apathy and greed (innate selfishness) were the order of the day in this (my) society, thus supporting kersten’s claim. After the massive wave of disinformation, drowning in advertising, the dummying-down process took over. Today, I’d lean to your interpretation: it’s more ignorance, or a death of spirit. People are becoming machine-like in their technological glut.
            I’m thinking about your interview idea. Haven’t done one of those in long decades! Did I miss something, or what are the four questions? Thanks.


            1. Sha’Tara,
              The four questions asked of Alfred are inside the post, in black letters while Alfred’s responses are in red. If interested, or if you know anyone who’d be interested in sharing their thoughts, take all the time you need using all the words (whether 500 or 5,000, or more?..) necessary. No rush whatsoever, just honest perceptions … Thanks.


  2. Manuel Esparza

    Cuando hablo de Fred como un activista que se opone al sionismo, muchos se extrañan que siendo él de extracción judía sea tan crítico de la política de Israel contra los palestinos. La entrevista resume quién es Fred Gluecksmann y la usaré para responder las críticas de mis conocidos amigos judíos y de otros que no lo son, pero están igual de desinformados sobre lo que sucede en el Medio Oriente.
    Manuel Esparza, México.


      1. Just open the page on the internet, use any number of translators, click on “translate page” Some even translate into your language automatically. I use IM Translator, but that’s just because I boycott Google as much as possible, using alternatives.


    1. Translation: When I talk about Fred as an activist who opposes Zionism, many are surprised that being a Jew is so critical of Israel’s policy against the Palestinians. The interview summarizes who Fred Gluecksmann is and I will use it to answer the criticisms of my well-known Jewish friends and others who are not, but they are equally uninformed about what happens in the Middle East.
      Manuel Esparza, Mexico.


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