ALEPPO: Witnessing the Liberation of East Aleppo – Hanano

Pray for peace in Syria.

The Wall Will Fall

20th December 2016

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“In all ways, exposing truth is much like mass therapy, where we encourage people to step out of their fragmented perceptions of events, their colonized mental constructs and complexes, to relinquish the blinders, the ego and arrogance, so we can be enlightened together, and together, rendered wiser and stronger.

Dynamic revolutionary movements are in a continual process of evolutionary change which is to be embraced if our movements are to survive and be authentic. If we are afraid of introspection and critique, we invite our own downfall. I admire most the people and movements that not only undergo this process privately, but who share their realizations with the public. By this act, we are made richer, provided we have the wisdom to accept these collective teachings.” ~ Alexandra Valiente

img_1061Children in Hanano after the SAA liberation of all districts of East…

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2 thoughts on “ALEPPO: Witnessing the Liberation of East Aleppo – Hanano

  1. Spot on Jerry.

    I shared another of Vanessa’s related fb posts recently, with this comment:

    Is it just too radical of us and ‘unpatriotic’ to question the US/’Western’ narrative, because we want to know what is really going on in the Middle-east? The fact is, governments lie. This is still so shocking to some people they ‘must’ blame the messenger; while many simply refuse to even entertain what is, for them, an unthinkable falsehood…shouldn’t we be trying just a little harder, and start to grow up?


    1. David,
      Vanessa’s video combining photographs she took in Aleppo with music brings tears to the eyes of any man or woman with an ounce of human compassion. Her, Eva Bartlett and others deserve respect and gratitude for their efforts in reporting the truth about Syria – in reality a 6-years long continuous war crime. Thank you.


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