Wilkerson On Rubio: ‘Pablum For Americans.’

by Jerry Alatalo

RockwellAlphabet In the latest edition of “The Wilkerson Report” on the Real News Network, Larry Wilkerson calls newly announced GOP presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s platitude-laced message to Americans “poppycock”. Mr. Wilkerson also uses the descriptive word “pablum”, which is defined as “worthless, empty ideas”.

It’s nearly impossible to argue with Larry Wilkerson’s position on the senator from Florida, and his statement expressing disappointment with the field of confirmed and presumed Republican party candidates, the party to which Wilkerson belongs. Given the evolution of politics in America leading to more and more citizens rejecting “poppycock”, “pablum”, platitudes and empty rhetoric from elected representatives and candidates for national office, 2016’s presidential candidates will more than ever become required to talk to Americans like normal human beings do.

Senators Rubio of Florida and Lee of Colorado have recently proposed totally abolishing capital gains taxes in America – a massive and historic change – shifting tax/revenue burdens from the rich and super-rich to those Americans who are not. Such a proposal, if enacted, would be beneficial for only the wealthiest of Americans who can afford to make money from excess money, at the expense of 99% of the people.

One of the group of announced or likely 2016 presidential candidates who passes the “talks like a normal human being” test is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He epitomizes the kind of leader more and more Americans are looking to vote into office: down-to-Earth, “pablum-free”, without pretense, and willing to withstand undue criticism for speaking to Americans with integrity. Come to think of it, either a Bernie Sanders/Larry Wilkerson or Sanders/Warren partnership for 2016 would offer American voters two time-tested, wise leaders who profoundly reject insulting the intelligence of the people.

Any 2016 presidential candidate would be wise to acknowledge that offering empty rhetoric during elections no longer works, and that voters want their leaders first and foremost genuine, honest and opposed to relying on false dramatics – “worthless, empty ideas” – to fool men and women into voting for them. That type of political nonsense is dead, extinct and – thank the Creator/God – buried.

The 2016 United States presidential campaign will be one for the ages – and truly evolutionary.  


(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)


7 thoughts on “Wilkerson On Rubio: ‘Pablum For Americans.’

  1. Jerry, do you really think 2016 elections will be evolutionary, that people will demand candidates to talk substance?

    I know there are the anti-corruption people/groups. And both Sanders and Warren have ascended in power in the Senate. But I’m not as confident as you are.

    Regarding Bernie Sanders’ possible bid for President, I fear he will ‘ascertain’ that there are not enough grassroots people to take on Big Money with him. In which case, he will not run.

    Where is your optimism coming from? Please share. I want to feel it too.


    1. JoAnn,
      How are you. Perhaps Greece/Syriza, Spain/Podemos, etc. Or, maybe I have a rose-colored glasses, Pollyanna outlook 🙂 . One just senses some big and positive change coming to the planet. Where it comes from? Perhaps hope and faith in the goodness of humanity comes closest to answering your question. Thanks for your comment, JoAnn, and keep the faith.

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  2. Now I get where you’re coming from. And it makes sense – not Pollyanna.

    Still. That’s in Europe. We are so isolated from it. I’d guess 99.9999% percent of the American pop. has never heard of Syriza or Podemos.

    I, too, believe we American people will eventually be inspired by what’s happening in Greece and Spain. Just… maybe not by Nov. 2016.

    On the other hand, anything can happen. Sanders or Warren could run. The climate crisis could force a revolution overnight.

    But there is one thing of which I am certain. The sophomoric Marco Rubio will never be President.


    1. You’ve got to admire people like Wilkerson for telling it like it is. Interesting to find he, Paul Craig Roberts, Chomsky, Zinn, Sanders along with other men and women truthtellers were/are all 70 years or older, giving credence to the term “wisdom of the elders”. Maybe there should be an age restriction when running for national office: must be 70 or older. Heard someone say that certain people only enter the presidential race to make money.

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      1. ‘Old’ people think they can say anything (or wear purple).

        Seriously, great thought – elders don’t need office to achieve success. It’s more like a crowning glory on a career of meaningful service.


        1. Yeah, purple hair! 🙂 When we look at Native Americans, the older a man or woman is the more respect and honor is bestowed upon them. As we all become aware of as the years go by, it only makes clear sense that the “silver-haired” have seen and experienced more, thus naturally attaining wisdom in the (once again, natural) life process. Sadly, due to cultural conditioning that over-emphasizes youth, that honor and respect of elders is not present to the degree it should be in societies, but there’s always reason to believe the good and right relationship to elders will return.

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