Fracking Debate.

Debate Anatel
Debate Anatel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 20, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The following debate gives you more information on this rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon. These types of debates need to occur in the chambers of governmental bodies from city, county, state to national in every country around the Earth.

For important information and testimonials from real people who’ve been physically harmed by hydraulic fracturing, find  “List Of The Harmed” on the internet. If you go to YouTube and type “list of the harmed” in the search box, you will find proof of the negative consequences of fracking, from those who have experienced them personally.

“List Of The Harmed” is the catalyst to spark the debate at all levels of government. Please mention “List Of The Harmed” in every discussion and writing about fracking.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Fracking Debate.

    1. David,
      The more I look into this the sadder it gets. Came across a quote from Canadian Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980): “Real news is bad news.” The real news on hydraulic fracturing is bad. On the positive side awareness is rapidly growing.
      Thank you,


  1. I just read some of the “List of the Harmed” on a Pennsylvania environmental website. It’s so sad that people are already being affected, yet fracking is still going on. Hopefully, things will change soon.


    1. Tanya,
      Every man and woman who has suffered from hydraulic fracturing are our brothers and sisters in the family of man. Do those responsible for bringing this technology into practice have any understanding of such a concept. Do they feel the pain of their brothers and sisters. This issue, like all others, has a spiritual dimension which is ignored or under-appreciated. The spiritual dimension may not be verbalized but it is present in real concern leading to action.
      Thank you,


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