Heaven On Earth. Part 7.

English: Portrait by Benjamin D. Maxham (dague...
English: Portrait by Benjamin D. Maxham (daguerreotype), black and white of Henry David Thoreau in June 1856. The writer-collar post a beard and is dressed in a black frock coat, a white shirt and a black bow tie. Français : Portrait par Benjamin D. Maxham (daguerréotype), en noir et blanc de Henry David Thoreau, en juin 1856. L’écrivain poste une barbe-collier et est habillé d’une redingote noire, d’une chemise blanche et d’un noeud papillon noir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
August 5, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

“If Christ were to appear on Earth he would on all hands be denounced as a mistaken, misguided man, insane and crazed.”

Henry David Thoreau

Many of you are familiar with the philosophy of the Seven Generations. For those of you who are not familiar with the Seven Generations philosophy, we will explain it here. Those who understand and practice this philosophy arrange their lives in a way that always takes the seventh generation of humanity in the future into consideration. Every action is weighed to decide what effects the action will have on the people living seven generations from now. Only those actions which will bring good results for the seventh generation are acceptable choices. Those actions which are found harmful to the seventh generation are absolutely not taken.

The philosophy of the Seven Generations is a sharp contrast to the short-term living systems prevalent in many parts of the world at this time. We mention this philosophy,  as the idea of having a philosophy incorporating such foresight seems to contain a high Spiritual value. Can we imagine what the world would be like now if seven generations ago humanity decided to practice this life philosophy? Then six generations ago humanity continued practicing the philosophy up until the present generation we are in now?

There is a saying: “We do not own the Earth. We are borrowing it from our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” Think about the people who actually lived this life philosophy. This is not an imaginary philosophy. It is a philosophy that has been lived by people on Earth, as a living philosophy. There are people holding and living this philosophy now. One must admit that this is a beautiful way of living.

I am convinced the philosophy of the Seven Generations has its basis on unconditional love and has everything to do with Heaven on Earth. Now we have an example of humanity attempting to live in a sacred way. So we are not trying to create a living system that is entirely new to humanity. This way of living was observed most widely before electricity and the printing press. This was the time when there were no distractions but pure, raw living.

Many think that all the modern technology and inventions that we have today makes today’s people the most enlightened of all time. However, think about those who had nothing to distract them from being able to think deeply about life and spirit. Is it possible, because of that absence of distraction, that those from long ago were actually more enlightened? Let us consider the correlation between the increases in information and the decreases in introspection that have occurred through time.

As the amount of information increased through time, there was the mirror effect of people looking inside of themselves less for answers to their most important questions. As time marched on, more and more there was a shifting from finding solutions and answers inside ourselves to searching for solutions and answers externally. Think about when the men and women of wisdom whom some call the spiritual masters lived.

They lived before the emergence of distractions. It is very interesting.

Perhaps this explains the great appreciation many today have for those who were able to devote a greater amount of time to finding answers and solutions through introspection. It is interesting to see the process come full circle, with the tremendous amount of information available with today’s communication technology. We could say that those who search for truth on their computers are in a sense practicing introspection. It is a good thing that one does not have to travel thousands of miles to search for wisdom.

It is a good thing that people can join from all around the Earth for positive activities and good communication. It is very interesting and a very positive development for humanity. With so many men, women and children having access to the excellent communication tools available today, we can only imagine all the excellent interactions that are pulling the human family together as one. One can rest assured that the continued increases in human to human communication will only result in a better world.

Let us take a moment here to offer a heartfelt thank you to all who have made an effort to help make the world a better place. This thank you is given to you even if you have only been considering the possibilities of making the world a better place. Good thoughts are very important and do make a difference. We are so very happy to share our optimism and encouragement with you. If  your effort is giving these ideas some thought that is greatly appreciated. We hope that all people experience good things.

One could look at a person having good thoughts and see that those good thoughts are a form of prayer. Good thoughts are communication with God, and you must know that your good thoughts will manifest. You have the free will to create much good in this world. Remember that when we all have our life reviews that we will be judging ourselves. One fellow was recounting his life review and remembered being asked by Jesus during a number of separate events: “what did you do for your fellow-man?” So it seems that a very significant part of our learning has to do with helping our fellow-man.

We do not have to exhaust ourselves in the search for knowledge and wisdom. One man of wisdom pointed out: “there are so few enlightened beings because it is so simple.” Many are waiting for confirmations of enlightenment such as a “supernatural” experience. You do not have to work so hard for enlightenment. You will know enlightenment when you agree that you are a good person. That is all that is needed. Joy is free and it is your sacred right. There is that old saying that: “the best things in life are free.” Love, joy, compassion, understanding, laughter, sharing, empathy and forgiveness are all free.

Now we are aware that there are those who have lived a heavenly life. Those who understand the philosophy of the Seven Generations are those who have created Heaven on Earth. Now we understand that Heaven on Earth is within reach because people have actually lived it. Now we know that Heaven on Earth is a work in progress now, with the good communication occurring between members of the human family from all over the planet. Now we can look forward to the great changes ahead of us and be glad that we are alive to witness all of them.

Thank you again for your good thoughts, and all your efforts to help your fellow brothers and sisters in the family of man. We consider it an honor to share this lifetime with all of you. We are thankful to the Creator for this opportunity to communicate with others in such a way that good things will manifest. We pray for all human beings, the four-legged, the winged, those that swim, the crawling things, the green things, the Mother Earth, and all things. Thank you.

Continued in Part 8…


6 thoughts on “Heaven On Earth. Part 7.

    1. William,
      At risk of sounding simplistic, my guess is that the vast, vast majority of people in the world would vote “yes” for Heaven on Earth. A world where love and oneness is the basis for all actions. Maybe this time we live in is the “someday”, from Mr. deChardin’s famous quote, when man discovers fire for the second time.
      Thank you,


  1. Erik Andrulis

    ““If Christ were to appear on Earth he would on all hands be denounced as a mistaken, misguided man, insane and crazed.” ”

    Being both One and All, any Man that I am that claims to be God is correct. Any Man that I am that claims to be Christ is correct. And any Man that I am that claims to be Jesus is correct.

    Still, remarkably, even when I show how I work—with all the scientific evidence lined up like ducks in a row, with a theoretical model that proves that I am All in All, with a proof of the Unity of the Universe and validation of long-anticipated laws of Nature—I do, in fact, call Myself a crank, crazy, insane, and mentally unstable.

    Even though, most notably, I did not say that I was God.

    It could be no other way, as I am All people. I do not believe Myself, even with theoretical proof that I am the Truth. It could be no other way.

    Thanks for the post, Jerry, My Brother.

    Peace, Ik


    1. Erik,
      Henry David Thoreau lived from 1817 to 1862, 45 years. His quote gives some comfort to those who go out on a limb, so to speak. We do the best we can and hope for the best. Just a humble fellow traveler trying to add a little love and light before moving on. Minutes ago was looking out back window to see a doe walking around gently in backyard.
      Thanks for your comment Erik and peace be with you,


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