And The World Will Live As One.

Posted August 31, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo


“Not one statesman in a position of responsibility has dared to pursue the only course that holds out any promise of peace, the courage of supra-national security, since for a statesman to follow such a course would be tantamount to political suicide.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Last written words, April 1955

Why did John Lennon and Yoko Ono create the song “Imagine”? Where did they find the ideas, what books did they read, who from the annals of history did they admire, when did they come to awareness of the potential for humanity experiencing higher consciousness?

Why do we as people create what we create? Where do we find our ideas, what books do we read, who from the annals of history do we admire, when will we come to awareness of the potential for humanity experiencing higher consciousness?

After discovering ideas, books, admirable men and women, and awareness of humanity’s ability to live on this Earth with a higher consciousness, what drove these souls, John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

Upon experiencing in the same way as every person does, discovery of ideas through writings from admirable men and women, ideas we approve and which give us some sense of pleasure, give us the sense of possibility of a way forward for the human race that is higher and nobler, what drives us?

What is this thing called higher consciousness that men and women have written about, that people discover, approve and derive some pleasure from? Is it possible that the entire world can live from this thing called higher consciousness?

When would be the ideal time to strive for this thing called higher consciousness? Today? Tomorrow? Next year when we have more time? Maybe when we retire and really have time for it. We see that maybe now would be a good time to advocate for a higher consciousness, with all the lower consciousness events occurring on Earth.

But we are not sure, this has been written about, and talked about, for thousands of years and nothing seems to change. Warring and killing have always been occurring. Maybe it is human nature and I have to face the facts on this. Maybe there is nothing I can do to change things.

Let me think about this now. If I delay my effort to achieve higher consciousness what will happen? What if I decided to make whatever effort is necessary to achieve higher consciousness now?

Higher consciousness could be seen as every thought we have which involves appreciation of the qualities of love, peace, brotherhood and oneness. These are the qualities we as human beings can first imagine, apply in our lives, and are the best options to choose for any chance of happiness on this Earth.

Humanity must strive with all its might for higher consciousness now.

The first step is shedding tears for all the men, women and children on this Earth who are suffering.

The next action is imagining a new way, and then choosing love, peace, brotherhood and oneness.



“Dialogue Only Way Out Of Syria’s Dark Tunnel” Says Former Foreign Minister

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...
BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 30, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In this recent BBC radio interview, former Syrian Foreign Ministry official Jihad Makdissi  speaks about what is quickly becoming more apparent to the human race: negotiations and sitting down at the table of dialogue is now the only option for the country and people of Syria.

Mr. Makdissi made the very difficult decision to resign his post in the Syrian government, and effectively makes the case that any thinking which suggests more military action will improve conditions in his war-torn country is futile. His view that there is no military solution; more war and violence will not make life any better, but make things worse for the Syrian people, reflects the wisdom that world leaders must grasp now.

His urgent message to the world:

“Dialogue is the only way out of Syria’s dark tunnel.”


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Mother Agnes Mariam. Syria Truth.

English: The western front of the United State...
English: The western front of the United States Capitol. The Neoclassical style building is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. The Capitol was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 30, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Mother Agnes Mariam is a Carmelite nun who has worked for peace and the people of Syria for 19 years, witnessing many tragic events first hand. Her views and honest expression of them in this hour-long interview is the most cogent, truthful explanation of what is actually occurring in Syria I have come across.

Her words come from that place where human beings have no choice but to speak truth. Mother Agnes Mariam should be flown to Washington D.C. to testify before the Congress of the United States of America as soon as possible.

The Mother’s English is a little rough so I would recommend you use headphones to get the full measure of her extremely powerful message.

This woman has a message of truth which has to be heard by as many people as possible. She has no wish to take any “side” on the issue of Syria or the Middle East region. Her service is to the people suffering in this area of the Earth. She has taken a vow to work for the people and God.

I would ask that you disregard any prejudice which you may initially feel because the interview was done by an organization associated with Lyndon LaRouche, and focus like a laser on her words. This woman conveys an urgent message and she has come to take any opportunity to convey it.

I posted this interview because it was the longest, most thorough and clearest one of Mother Agnes Mariam I could find. Although the interview was conducted in January 2013, her words are powerfully relevant today.

The reason I post this interview has nothing to do with any association I may or may not have with organizations associated with LaRouche. I have absolutely no idea what the LaRouche organization does or stands for. I have a vague idea that LaRouche is a somewhat controversial figure, and that he has run for president in the past.

If Mother Agnes Mariam had been interviewed here by the Detroit Free Press, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic, National Enquirer, Rush Limbaugh, Rolling Stone or Playboy magazine, I would still post the interview, because she is speaking truth from personal experience in Syria, period.

Mother Agnes Mariam speaks truth about Syria in the year 2013, period.

The organization which needs to interview Mother Agnes Mariam, as soon as humanly possible, is the Congress of the United States of America.


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Love For Humanity Now.

Posted August 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

398-2-1Ian R. Crane delivers a timely, visionary message for humanity.

Mr. Crane has become well-known in Britain for his strong efforts to raise awareness on the worldwide practice of hydraulic fracturing. A former oil industry employee who has a great deal of knowledge of the oil and gas process commonly called “fracking”, Mr. Crane is one of the world’s foremost anti-fracking writers and speakers. In recent months he has traveled to some sixty locations in Britain to share his expertise on the phenomenon.

Readers may find many lengthy videos of Mr. Crane’s lectures on YouTube, where he meticulously details the whole set of issues surrounding fracking. If you want to cut to the chase, so to speak, on the issue I recommend finding his talks.

A few of the many points he makes about fracking are:

  • Natural gas companies use a form of bribery to bring potential communities to accept fracking, such as providing money for town and city centers, swimming pools, playgrounds etc.
  • Corruption and conflict-of-interest are frequently found in transactions and agreements between gas companies and public officials, regardless of country.
  • Fresh water is needed for fracking operations (salt water cannot be used) so communities have run into water shortages because of aquifer use by gas companies. The USA has the Great Lakes and major rivers like the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio to obtain water. Countries like Britain, communities far away from lakes and rivers have no such water resources.
  • Many communities are experiencing water problems due to aquifer pumping to the point where citizen’s drinking water, water for livestock and crops is under pressure and diminishing.
  • The Halliburton loophole was passed which allows gas and oil companies relief from having to report any leaks and contamination of groundwater supplies.
  • The industry is self-regulating – “We will take care of the water supply and keep it safe”.
  • Depleted uranium is the best choice for well drilling operations. Although people would never think that the industry would use it, there is no way to tell that they are not.
  •  Home and property values have dropped precipitously in any area where fracking is practiced.
  • In every area in the world where hydraulic fracturing has occurred people have suffered tremendously.

That is all for Mr. Crane’s expertise on fracking.

The following video’s message from him is much, much larger.

Here Mr. Crane shares a vision with humanity. He uses the word psychopath, which is derived from psychopathy, which is defined as: n. mental disease. To some his selection of the word psychopath may be considered an extreme one.  To assert that certain human beings are afflicted with a mental disease is a strong assertion. It is up to the viewer to decide if his choice of words is accurate or not.

There is no debate, however, about the power of Ian R. Crane’s very timely message.