“Dialogue Only Way Out Of Syria’s Dark Tunnel” Says Former Foreign Minister

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...
BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 30, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In this recent BBC radio interview, former Syrian Foreign Ministry official Jihad Makdissi  speaks about what is quickly becoming more apparent to the human race: negotiations and sitting down at the table of dialogue is now the only option for the country and people of Syria.

Mr. Makdissi made the very difficult decision to resign his post in the Syrian government, and effectively makes the case that any thinking which suggests more military action will improve conditions in his war-torn country is futile. His view that there is no military solution; more war and violence will not make life any better, but make things worse for the Syrian people, reflects the wisdom that world leaders must grasp now.

His urgent message to the world:

“Dialogue is the only way out of Syria’s dark tunnel.”


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8 thoughts on ““Dialogue Only Way Out Of Syria’s Dark Tunnel” Says Former Foreign Minister

  1. He is right! Bombing Syria is not the answer. The British people saw this, but the U.S. government funds the military to the detriment of all else and it is determined to continue to find ways to engage the military. If anyone thinks that the U.S. government is upset about alleged chemical weapons attacks, think again. Just look at what we did to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the countless drone strikes all over the world in Pakistan, Yemen and the list goes on and on. If we were really concerned about ‘vulnerable’ people, we would not continue to pursue wars with people who have not harmed this country in any way. It is hypocrisy and counterproductive in trying to maintain relationships with the rest of the world when even Great Britain has backed off.


    1. Shelby,
      How are you. After reading your comment I remembered some words from one of Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations With God books. God was talking about war and he mentioned “hammers hurt”. If one can imagine someone hitting them in the head with a hammer, it is reasonable that the person getting struck would be upset. When the hammer-wielding person continues to strike the other on the head eventually there is a strong reaction, because “hammers hurt”. So instead of war, hammering people and causing strong reactions which may take a number of forms, perhaps it is better to offer a hand of friendship and helpful dialogue. I agree that humanity could stand to spend much less on weapons for killing. You may have viewed the 2005 documentary “Beyond Treason” which described the use of depleted uranium weapons that left the land of Iraq poisoned with radioactivity forever, contaminating the Iraqi people to the point where babies are being born with absolutely grotesque birth defects. Very sad.
      Thank you,


    2. Shelby,
      How are you. It is unfortunate that humanity hasn’t been able to find a way to co-exist without wars and killing. It is a handful of people on Earth that are responsible for taking actions which are harmful to others. One has to feel for the people of Iraq whose country is poisoned forever from the massive use of depleted uranium weapons. You may have viewed the 2005 documentary “Beyond Treason” which had photos of Iraqi babies with terrible birth defects because one or both of the parents breathed or somehow ingested depleted uranium. Very sad. Violence begets violence. It’s time to offer not bombs, but hands of friendship to all people. Love begets love.
      Thank you,


  2. The Syrian situation is very much like the Lebanese one – different denominations intolerant of one another – look what it did to the beautiful Paris of the east ( a place where i spent 2 years ) which was perhaps the most wonderful country to live in but was wrecked beyond belief – that Lebanon of the sixties never came back – the same forces are leashed in Syria today and the only way is for all parties to sit together – the Alawite ruling minority


  3. (continued) the Alawite ruling minority are in fact fighting for survival – if the regime is overthrown there is likely to be a pogram against the minority – so they will battle on to the last man as long as they have power no matter how many bombs are unleashed on Syria – the solution is accomodation through dialogue by all parties – but that too seems unlikely at present to find a solution – god help Syria


    1. Indrajit,
      How are you. Every man and woman on Earth must now think about the serious situation in Syria, look directly into their own eyes in the mirror, and then use their God-given creation ability to do whatever is humanly possible to bring peace to that country and the Middle East region. When members of your family are in harm’s way, you do not sit on the sidelines and watch. The people of Syria and the Middle East are members of the human family, so all people everywhere must take action to bring them peace.
      Thank you,


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