Near Death Experience. Part 6.

A powerful light shines in the dark.
A powerful light shines in the dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Jerry Alatalo

July 15, 2013

A man describes:

“…the most profound experience of my life. In bed I had a seizure and was at risk of dying. It was the most fantastic, real event of my life. I was in a place where there was no place. I saw an envelope coalesce into an infinite ball of light that contained the universe. I could not wrap my mind around it and marveled at the ball of light, drew toward it. Then I had a life review which defined who I was, centering on areas of struggle. I began to feel on edge then, being enveloped by the non-judging, unconditional love of the light. I began to dissolve into the infinite love presence …”

“…It was a timeless feeling. The light began to fade and I did not want to leave life. My awareness came to know that the phenomenal world was a fraction of the whole, but still one. My mission is to communicate what I experienced as best I know to others. Third dimensional beliefs are inadequate to describe the light but it is infinite, the source of everything. The effects are the recognizing of the incredible matrix and the dance of life. There is no separation. I have a deep wish to help others and serve. All of us are waking up to more than we see on the planet now.”

A woman had many near death experiences and describes one where she went with a friend to the light.

“I had eye surgery when I was ten years old and was afraid I could not see. My parents went home and I was afraid when a nun walked in and told me to ‘be a good girl’. I was outside of my body, could see, and met my friend Jimmy who asked me, ‘Do you want to walk me home?’ I said yes, he took my hand and we walked toward the light. Jimmy ran to his friends and family in the light, turned around and waved goodbye to me…”

“…I was back in my hospital bed and there were two angels with me. They told me that Jimmy was hit by a car in an accident and he died in the same hospital. Jimmy found me because I knew the way ‘home’ from a previous near-death experience. I am no longer afraid after the NDE. Love is for everybody. I have work yet to do here. When the work is done I’ll walk home with Jimmy.”

It is not by coincidence that the phenomenon of the near death experience has come to the awareness of more and more people on the planet. Their increased knowledge of spiritual realms is contributing to the evolution of humanity’s collective spirit. As mentioned, the people who have had the experiences have been profoundly changed by them. They have been in direct contact with the world of the spirit; the essential aspects of the universe. This phenomenon is of major importance on the increase of spiritual knowledge and wisdom available to humanity.

Another woman had to go in to the hospital for a routine arthroscopic knee surgery. All of a sudden:

“I felt very cold. I woke up in the recovery room and overheard a commotion where the other patient in the room was. I remember thinking to myself that there was a lot going on there. The nurse spoke my name, then I realized they were talking to me! I was out of my body, looked at who I thought was my roommate, and it was me. I felt no fear but I found myself floating to the corner of the room, looking down at me. I thought to myself ‘How curious this is.’ I felt no anxiety but I became mesmerized, not overwhelmed or terrified. Then an energy pulled me out and away from the recovery room to a place of blackness. I was being pushed into the blackness. I could feel myself becoming lighter and I was looking for something to hold on to. Then I saw a glimmer of light that began to grow as I looked at it…”

“…The light was encompassing and now it was pulling me toward it as it grew in size. I became overwhelmed by light everywhere and the feelings that came to me. I was floating through the light with its brilliance while feeling immense joy and an overwhelming ecstasy. I found myself floating between two rows of hooded beings and feeling cherished, unconditional love, and like I was coming home. The feelings went to the core of my being when one of the beings said, ‘You have a child. You cannot stay.’ This was a divine experience that I’ve never had in my life, so I answered, ‘No! This is home. This is that bliss that I’ve always wanted.’ ‘You must go back. You have a child.’…”

“…I knew I had to go back and then I was instantaneously back in my body in the recovery room. I felt both changed and befuddled from the experience. There was no pain from the surgery and I healed extremely quickly; this was a gift. It took many years before I gained an understanding of the experience. My psychic abilities have increased substantially and I find it an amazing experience to help others remove blocks and connect with their hearts. There is no more judgment. Life is about joy and loving as love is the only reality, there is nothing to be afraid of on the other side or in life. Seeing through the eyes of source equals unconditional love…”

“…While having the NDE I was connected to everything. I had all the answers to everything with total clarity. Now I have a gentle awareness and understanding of the experience. We come into human form for the human qualities and challenges, we are God in human form, God experiencing God. Our ego wants us to separate from God for control and we come from our hearts/Spirits when we get rid of the ego. Maintaining our connection to source while remaining grounded is a challenge for all of us. Our spirit speaks through us with love and eliminates ego and negativity. It is important to know that we came in as creators with an agenda. Trust with a leap of faith and always let your heart rule. Trust in life…”

“…The light is so much more than the sun. The light is alive with a feeling of love and compassion. It contains a million fragments of all the souls that will be or will ever be, in a love that is so overpowering and otherworldly. When do we reach out to the light? The times when we are challenged. I met light beings that welcomed me home and I knew them as family. They went through my life review with me. You look so closely at your life from the viewpoint of everyone you interact with, as you feel their pain and joy. I learned how my actions affected others along with my future. There was no judgment when I had to relive actions that I had taken which caused me regret. The actions taken with a loving intention caused the biggest ripples, like ripples on a pond. We are to live with passion and loving intention. Consciousness lives on in pure form.”

This increased spiritual knowledge and wisdom can now be utilized, and factored into the decisions human beings make both as individuals and collectively. On an individual basis the awareness of the consequences of our actions will reduce anger and its displays. When we understand that the other person will be hurt we will decrease or end anger, hurtful words, physical violence and any other action which is harmful to another.

We can only imagine what good changes with regard to large-scale, world decisions and actions will come when this spiritual knowledge is the major factor.


Near Death Experience. Part 5.

English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...
English: Artist’s conception of the spiral structure of the Milky Way with two major stellar arms and a central bar. “Using infrared images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the Milky Way’s elegant spiral structure is dominated by just two arms wrapping off the ends of a central bar of stars. Previously, our galaxy was thought to possess four major arms.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 14, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

A woman saw all-encompassing light everywhere.

“…in the presence of God. Awesome. No book, article, movie or anything can describe God’s power as it dissolves everything. The power is so immense that it is beyond power; total love and total oneness. This was a ‘rooftop experience’ which has need to be shared. There is no such thing as death. God is real.”

Another woman had a motorcycle accident which resulted in a fractured skull, numerous broken bones in her head, and a two-week coma. She suffered excruciating pain to the point where she asked God to “take me.” She lifted out of her body and all her pain was gone. She saw an ethereal body of a male angel and noticed that he shined from within. “He took my hand and I was at peace. We flew out the window over the Pacific Ocean and I saw a funnel-shaped object above me with a pinpoint of light at the far end. It was a portal to another dimension where there was no space or time. It’s hard to find words-we arrived at the other end and I saw the living presence of a being of light…”

“…The being was all-knowing, knew everything that was going to happen, all things that were or ever were going to come to be. This has to have been God, perfect in every sense. I was angry at the Vietnam War and all the suffering. The love kept coming and I was able to ask every question that I ever wanted answers for. Perfect answers and all ramifications came instantly to my head. How could I have forgotten what I knew all along? I understood everything. I was like a child being cradled as we (the Sacred being and myself) took off by the speed of thought around the universe. We went from star to star, everything was lit up in galaxies, supernovas and celestial beings. It felt like I was home. We went on a tour where I found everything inexistence was radiant and alive; everything in the universe is alive…”

“…I went through a portal into a newly formed, central star and melted into perfect oneness. It was the quintessence  (essential substance) of everything that will exist, one with God and with all things. A drop of water in Creation, I did not want to leave the indescribable ecstasy. It was a million times more intense than Earthly life; cosmic interconnectedness. Everything happens for a purpose, there is no chance to die and there is a greater, more magnificent universe. It’s more real than physical life. That was real, this is a dream.”

A woman had a tire blowout and ended up in an accident.

The next she remembered, “Is being out of my body in the emergency room. I knew everything about everyone in the emergency room. I rose to the 2nd floor and I knew everything about everyone there. I rose out of the hospital and into space and thought, ‘This is great!’ The Milky Way was a few feet in front of me and I didn’t know where I needed to go. I saw one faint star and was instantly there. I was received with welcoming by those who had passed and saw a blinding light, but I could look at it. I wondered why my life was so difficult and I was told, ‘Don’t you remember you chose this?’ Then I recalled choices I had made before birth…”

“…Now it was time for me to judge myself for actions during life. I regretted the actions I took which hurt others. Then I was given the choice to stay or leave. The doctor who worked on me said he would give up the profession if I died, so I wanted him to remain a doctor. I went back. I had amnesia for months where I couldn’t remember anything but the experience. I am dramatically changed because of this and realize that we are extensions of the Creator. I am now non-denominational, psychic, intuitive and a healer.”

After reading the descriptions given by men, women and children of their experiences we must, if nothing else, be amazed at the glorious visions they saw. The world/realm that these souls were in is what the physical realm of Earthly life is in potentiality. When the spiritual truths of unconditional love and body/spirit awareness become widely disseminated, then the people of Earth will create on this planet the type of world that mirrors the world/realm these people as souls experienced.

While working in Chicago a customer came into the business and it was obvious that he had been in a serious car accident. He was able to walk at this point but from head to toe he had been banged up. I asked him what happened and he indeed had been in a major-league accident. I asked him, without expecting him to answer yes, if he “went through the tunnel.” He replied that yes, he had a near death experience.

His description of the experience was that it was, “A hundred times better than sex.” After a few seconds he edited his reply and said, “A billion times better than sex.” True story. Believe it or not.

My only regret was not taking the opportunity to ask him more questions about his experience and getting a better idea of what he saw.