McCarthyism 2.0 in 2017: Who Would Believe It?

By Jerry Alatalo

Much has been made of supposed US reliance on the Persian Gulf area for petroleum. But while tremendous profits are made by US-based petroleum corporations that continue to dominate the petroleum industry in this region, the United States is not in fact especially reliant on petroleum imports from the Gulf.Alphabet The entire psychological operation – including an inept attempt by the Washington Post to discredit over 200 independent news outfits, the majority whose goal is telling/publishing the truth –  is a record-sized disinformation campaign to distract Americans and people around the Earth away from extreme criminal behaviors revealed on Russian politicians and media, in particular Vladimir Putin and state-owned broadcaster group RT, have become the unfortunate targets or focus of the psychological operation.

The most damaging and severe crime(s) revealed by WikiLeaks are those of state sponsorship of terrorism, as viewed in DNC/Clinton emails dated 2014 where Saudi Arabia and Qatar are identified as financial and logistical supporters of ISIS or Daesh. The magnitude of such a scandal – with Clinton and the Obama administration aware of the covert terrorist support, essentially aiding and abetting terrorism (war crimes) through inaction and silence – is potentially multiple times larger than the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980’s in America.

The WikiLeaks published emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta has raised concerns around the planet about possible crimes involving children (pedophilia), due to highly unusual terms (pizza, hot dogs, pasta, etc.) used in emails that correspond to law enforcement recognized language or code words developed to hide acts of child sex crimes.

Seeing that corporate media has become flooded or drenched with reporting of so-called Russian hacking and media influence on the 2016 election and that there is no/zero reporting on state sponsorship of ISIS/Daesh or criminal sexual conduct with children, one can see the psychological operation has, until now, been extremely successful.


While she doesn’t reference terrorism or child sex crimes, co-host of RT’s “Watching the Hawks” Tabetha Wallace presented an honorable monologue recently in response to dubious accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election – the just described psychological operation.

For those familiar with reporter Edward R. Murrow and his battles with the infamous Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy during the “Red Scare” 1950’s in America, Ms. Wallace’s strong, accurate oratory is worthy of being seen as equally effective now (McCarthyism 2.0) as Mr. Murrow’s media talks were back then.

Among the powerful assertions she makes are that, “No one has ever told us what we can and cannot talk about on ‘Watching the Hawks’, or in any other capacity as a host or producer here at RT”, and that, “It (RT) is no different from the ‘BBC Worldwide’, ‘France 24’, ‘PressTV’, and the United States’ own ‘Voice of America’ “.

Tabetha Wallace concludes her timely and admirable monologue with words worth remembering.

“So, maybe we can turn our swords of words into plowshares for true democracy – for everyone, no matter what country they hail from. Because … it’s the American thing to do”.

(Thank you to Watching the Hawks RT at YouTube)

German MP’s Address Delivers Truth About Syria.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37Alphabet MEMBER of Parliament from the left party Die Linke in Germany, Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht, passionately criticized Western and Angela Merkel’s policies on Syria recently; this while the German leader sat only yards away. Ms. Wagenknecht’s pointed criticism included terms such as “irrational” and “morally bankrupt”.

She also spoke to the increasingly known direct participation of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in helping the terrorist organization ISIS, raising serious questions about the seeming absence of outrage internationally against those nations for clear state-sponsored terrorism, in complete contradiction to unanimously agreed-upon anti-terror resolutions at the United Nations.

In addition, Dr. Wagenknacht noted the high percentage of some 90-100 separate terrorist mercenary groups, operating in Syria for nearly five years, having become discovered to possess German-made weaponry – a state of affairs for which she used the term “an embarrassment”.

Perhaps, if enough Americans were to become aware of the truth about Syria, and if those Americans took actions which forced all presidential candidates and elected representatives to fully and truthfully respond to perceptions like those conveyed by Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht on the floor of Germany’s Parliament, the international community would join as one humanity – one human family, defeat terrorism in Syria and the entire Middle East region, and – finally – start down the ever-longed-for path to true peace on Earth.

World peace is possible.

(Thank you to Russia Insider at YouTube)