Peace Efforts For Ukraine Ongoing Worldwide.

Posted May 6, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“In time of war men, civilized in peace, turn from their higher nature to their lower nature. But triumph is not beautiful. One who thinks triumph is beautiful is one with a will to kill. The death of a multitude is cause for mourning. Conduct your triumph as a funeral.”

– LAO-TZU (c. 565 B.C) Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism

Suits 1After the tragic fire in Odessa, Ukraine on May 2 that resulted in the deaths of, according to varying reports – forty-six to more than one hundred – men and women around the world have come to the conclusion that action must be taken to speak out for peace in that country. In nations around the Earth hundreds of thousands are joining together in solidarity with all the Ukrainian people in efforts and advocating for dialogue and reason to prevent any further violence.

Many university professors have been appearing on news programs with their views on what needs to occur for a peaceful resolution of the situation, and there seems to be more intensity in their messages after what is being called the “Odessa Massacre.” And rightly so. Frankly, because men and women in both governments and media companies are well aware of what occurred in Odessa, yet fail to convey in public addresses or reporting the full story, those who either “spin” events or lie by omission have forfeited any claim of being honorable human beings.

Some may think this is an overreaction and disrespectful of politicians in high offices or well-respected journalists. Those who hold that view are welcome to their opinions. However, those politicians who do not speak the truth about what happened to, depending on what source death figures come from, between 46 to over 100 fellow human beings, have lost any honor they may have earned. Any person with access to YouTube can see what happened at that Union Labor Hall. A lawless situation which, just as the Maidan Massacre, needs a multinational law enforcement team to investigate thoroughly and professionally.

The United States has sent a law enforcement team to Nigeria in the past days to help bring home some two hundred kidnapped girls, the same applies to Ukraine in the cases of Maidan sniper mass murder along with Odessa. Reports on the Odessa tragedy have surfaced which suggest the victims were killed with chemical weapons or may have been shot before the fires were set. The failure of the new administration in Kiev to properly investigate the Maidan Massacre is one of the causes of anti-Kiev sentiments in parts of Ukraine, and turning away and ignoring this major concern – mass murderers walking the streets – absolutely must be professionally and righteously investigated.

Any person worthy of honor and respect would see that a tragedy of immense proportion has occurred – a signal that in Ukraine things have gone very, very wrong – and condemn those responsible for such truly barbaric behavior in the strongest terms humanly possible. In the most logical analysis yet of the tragic Odessa deaths, one person spoke eloquently and asked what the reactions of United States/Western politicians – namely the Obama Administration – or American/Western news commentators would have been if the victims and murderers were turned around.

What would the response be from western news companies, and politicians from the Ukraine, European Union, the United States, if so-called Eastern Ukraine “terrorists” were to have chased hundreds of Ukraine-unity men and women into the same hall, blocked any escape routes, either killed them with chemical weapons or gunfire, then burn the building – killing 46-100 in the process?

What would be the response?

Professors are wise. It is time to listen to them. Alexander Buzgalin suggests that leaders – diplomats and presidents – from Russia, Ukraine, European Union, and United States need to sit down in a room and come up with an exact plan that they can then announce to their respective citizens. He suggests the plan takes into consideration all the pertinent, important factors which concern all the people of Ukraine including a proper investigation of both the Maidan and Odessa Massacres, disarming the lawless group responsible for violence, a new constitution, a federalized political system that decentralizes power throughout the nation, and other major citizen concerns identified through a nationwide dialogue.

And take the suggestion of Professor Nikolai Petro, and admit that the current differences in Ukraine between people of various parts is an indigenous set of problems, which needs to become settled by the people of Ukraine, not outside powers. Professor Petro also strongly suggests that the propensity to blame Russia for the problems in Ukraine is erroneous and, to repeat, the time has arrived to recognize and publicly announce the truth: Ukraine’s current problems are indigenous.

For the love of God – in respect for those sacred men and women who have perished in Ukraine – all people, and all leaders, absolutely must start thinking, speaking, and acting with the highest honor, truth, mutual respect, and most importantly love – for peace.


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Kiev, Ukraine Woman Prosecutor On Maidan.

Posted April 24, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Two things fill my mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe. The starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.”

– Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) German philosopher

mountain33Natalia Poklonskaya was a prosecuting attorney living in Kiev – in Ukraine’s version of America’s Department of Justice –  during the final months of Maidan events leading up to a snipers’ massacre of over 100 police and protesters.  Because of what she saw and experienced, Ms. Poklonskaya resigned from the Ukraine government and is now apparently Crimea’s chief law enforcement attorney/prosecutor.

The 34-year old divorced mother of one daughter was born in Crimea and now is its chief prosecutor, whose version of events about what occurred in Kiev and the violent takeover of power in the national government represents a highly contrasting view from virtually all American media reports. As Ms. Poklonskaya mentions in this interview, “people have a right to their own opinion”, so such will be the case for those who hear what she has to say.

The reason her interview on Crimean television is shared here is to remain consistent in a philosophy that sees no “sides” in Ukraine’s situation or any other situation where problems associated with violence and war occur. This is a philosophy that asserts, in the majority of events where violence and killing happen, there have been, whether to a small or large extent, fatal errors committed directly related to an absence of spiritual awareness that there is but “one side” – humanity.

In previous posts, this writer has stated the absolute and critical importance of positively identifying those responsible for the over 100 murders in Kiev on and around February 20, 2014. In legal terms, there is now enough information available for people to know that there is “reasonable doubt” on the new Ukraine law enforcement division’s claim that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and his security force were responsible. The facts and theories which have surfaced since February 20 are so compelling that no person on Earth can deny the paramount need to find the mass murderers.

In simplest terms, any effort from any person to deflect attention away from what has come to be know as the “Maidan Massacre”, or any effort to cause others to ignore the highest importance of apprehending the killers, equals participation in the greatest potential failure and negative consequences for people in Ukraine and the region. In layman’s terms, law and order as it pertains to successful investigation leading to the arrest of the persons behind the massacre cannot be “swept under the rug.” The “Maidan Massacre” is now far, far too enormous to avoid or ignore – the highest moral, ethical, and just actions must be carried out to completion.

Ms. Poklonskaya:

“…an unconstitutional coup d’état and armed seizure of power. It’s not a ‘peaceful protest’ which everybody is talking about so proudly to this day. I don’t understand what kind of ‘peaceful protest is that.”


“When events become warlike?…”

“Yes, because these are the decisive events, which will ultimately be forever remembered as the finale of all this Maidan 2014. It’s the rise of Nazism, the same Nazism our forefathers have liberated us from. They spilled their blood onto the soil so that we could live under a peaceful sky. But now, at government level, under the government in Kiev, it’s all being praised. Nazism is being equated with heroism and bravery. My dear compatriots, my dear Crimeans, those soldiers who died for our freedom are being ruthlessly vandalized (statues) and demolished offhand. How can we spectate this all indifferently? I couldn’t understand it.”

“What has the general prosecutor’s office been doing to try and prevent something?”

“…but all the actions of the new illegitimate authorities, who seized power by bloodshed of our internal troops as well as civilian casualties – testify – that the new government is not eager to punish those vandals. On the contray, they indulge such actions and other displays of Nazism. Look who’s running for president in the upcoming elections. A man who’s wanted by the international manhunt – a man who’s calling for arming and murdering. Yes, I’m talking about Dmytro Yarosh, who raised this army and was shouting loud at Maidan, not fearing anybody.”

“I’ve made my choice not to work for those law enforcements anymore, because I don’t support the new government which they must obey now… Everything that happened and all those people who seized power, and now are giving orders governning the country from Kiev – I don’t support any of that. That’s why I don’t want neither to stay in Kiev, nor to work for general prosecutor’s office anymore… My conscience simply won’t let me support that Nazism.”

“I am and all of you are being contemplated by your forefathers who died for you – soldiers who perished fighting in World War II and those from internal troops who perished trying to maintain order on Maidan, trying to stop those demented radicals. There’s absolutely no way I can support that.”

“What would the legal evaluation be to all this? You were witnessing Berkut riot police carrying out their duties and you saw what the radical mob is doing to them. Why are (were) authorities letting their employees get killed and burned alive?”

“That was something extraordinary and couldn’t be explained in sane words. It’s something I still can’t comprehend – how they put those teenage soldiers up as cannon fodder. Something I also want to point out… In Kiev, only the “Heavenly Hundred” are considered heroes, but those soldiers that got killed are not considered heroes at all. …When I went to hospital and had a conversation with one of them – he’s a young kid in service for four months, three of them on Maidan. His arm is broken, he is still being treated.”

He gave me that frightened look and said:

“Nobody has ever beaten me up so badly before.”

“And he’s only 19 years old.”


(Thank you to batnik-subs at YouTube)