Humanity Must Accelerate Transition To Renewable Energy.

English: Greenchoice is a renewable-energy sup...
English: Greenchoice is a renewable-energy supplier in the Netherlands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 8, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Amory Lovins and Arnie Gunderson are two fellows who have been greatly involved in energy issues for a very long time. Both have come to the point where they are advocates of renewable energy in very intense ways, speaking out at every opportunity to show others why the great, world energy transition has to be sped up. The main reasons I have become a renewable energy advocate is very simple. Most importantly, fossil fuels’ significant contribution to environmental pollution and climate change. Then, because the energy from the sun and wind, as well as other renewables, is free.

Secondary, yet important reasons for a worldwide great transition to renewables, include the health of human beings and all life forms, a large reduction in the amount of military resources – which result in devastating wars, destruction, and worsening human relations – devoted to protection of fossil fuels’ production and transport, and the harmful effects of competition in fossil fuels industries globally.

After researching renewables in a not too intense way for some months, it just seems that the world’s people would want to move very strongly in this positive direction. My vision is of the Earth where every land has been covered with solar panels and windmills and industrial hemp, etc. for energy production, where every person has free energy in abundant supply. Where gas, oil, coal, and nuclear plants are energy dinosaurs, gone from the world just as whale oil disappeared many years ago.

The transition to renewables is now occurring, but it is simply not fast enough for me – and there are many millions of men and women around the world who feel the same. A personal hero of many renewable energy fans is Hermann Scheer from Germany, a man who was the driving force behind his country’s renewable revolution before passing away in 2010, who said, “a fast solar energy revolution is possible”. Amory Lovins and Arnie Gunderson are two people who belong in the same league with Hermann Scheer when it comes to advocacy for renewable energy’s tremendous potential.

With my personal experience of seeing a plane performing some kind of geoengineering exercise a few weeks ago, my determination to push for renewable energy on Earth intensified. Seeing a plane with a persistent contrail behind it extending for miles, and seemingly raining down “something” from the entire length of the formation, has me in a state where I am upset – I demand answers for what is going on with this activity. It seems that such an activity would not be necessary if the kind of fossil fuels emission reductions needed to halt global climate change were accomplished.

Geoengineering with planes around the world, with the spraying of aluminum, barium, strontium, and who knows what else, is an activity which some describe as done to reflect the sun’s rays away from the Earth, thereby reducing the temperature – the effects of global climate change. As geoengineering is almost a covert operation to most people, there is no real way to know what is actually involved. No politicians, media (but for alternative news from the internet), military, or business leaders are speaking to what is going on.

At this point I would lean toward the geoengineering theory which says that it is a cheap alternative to large, global changes in energy policies which would include a great revolution in renewable energy. Vested interests in the status-quo, powerful oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy industries see geoengineering as a practice which keeps their positions of immense power, profits, and wealth intact. I suppose those who had been involved in the whale oil industry before it went extinct held on as tightly as possible before the end.

The obvious question for the human race is which direction to move in concerning energy production in this world. Is it the perpetuation of the energy status-quo, where greenhouse gas emissions stay at the same levels, geoengineering “experiments” getting conducted on the largest of scales – which a rapidly growing number of men and women warn is dangerously unhealthy to all life forms – to avoid dealing seriously with the Earth’s climate and environmental challenges?

Or is it the most powerful movement toward clean, green, renewable energy that the world has ever seen?

Watch this conversation between Amory Lovins and Arnie Gunderson, then let the world know where you stand. What energy direction do you think humanity – the world – should move toward?


(Video source: Msmilkytheclown1 channel – YouTube)

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All Humanity Wants For Christmas Are Concrete Solutions.

English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa...
English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa Claus and holly, with message, “I bring you a Merry Xmas from” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Young girls and boys are everywhere compiling their “wish lists” for all the stuff they want from Santa for Christmas. It’s kind of interesting to remember those early years of our lives and the magical aspects of experiencing the Christmas traditions. Of course we see the over-commercialization of the season, which has the feature of distracting people from the essential spiritual message of the messenger Jesus. One probably shares a feeling and wish with a great many when one prays that humanity soon embraces the message of Jesus as well as all the spiritual teachers who have ever walked the Earth.

Any man or woman with any compassion, empathy, or concern for their fellow brothers and sisters will feel the hurt and disappointment of those who do not have the financial wherewithal in these difficult economic times to buy their children, family members, and friends all the gifts they would like. Compassionate people in every nation share involvement in efforts of all kinds to create conditions on Earth which reduce or eliminate poverty, leading to greater feelings of hurt for people unable to fully take part during this season of giving.

Many have a hard time understanding the message of Jesus to “give everything you have to the poor” if you want to be considered one of his followers. To spend a thousand dollars on gifts for Christmas is an acceptable action for those who can spare that amount. But, to give away the entire nest-egg, as well as all one’s possessions to the poor, the orphans, and the widows is a steep, steep hill to climb.

“There was a rich man who had many possessions. He said: I will use my possessions that I may sow, reap and fill my barns with fruit, I may have need of nothing. These were his thoughts in his heart. And in that night he died. He that hath ears, let him hear”. – The Gospel of Thomas

There is nothing to compare to death for intensifying one’s focus. No matter if a man ends up on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world – a man will find no possible way, even with the finest accountants and lawyers money can buy – to take those accumulated billions with him when his time to transition inevitably arrives. I have never been a billionaire, and it would be a safe bet to say that no-one reading these words has ever experienced being the owner of a billion dollars.

This thought leads one to wonder what the billionaires of the Earth are thinking about in the weeks before Christmas. I have no issue with billionaires who have come to their fortunate financial position without harming others in the process. There are billionaires who have “gained the world as they sold their souls”, begging the question “what does it profit a man?”, a deep, deep philosophical thought that could help solve the problems humanity faces now in 2013.

Wealth inequality has become a growing phenomenon in recent years. Those who have read about reincarnation may have come across a theory that everyone has lived every form of life imaginable – poor, rich, sinner, saint, man, woman, war-monger, peacemaker, royalty, pauper, etc. – we have each lived through many incarnations, experiencing it all. If one accepts such a theory then it is harder to judge the so-called 1% – because in past lifetimes we have been part of the “élite” of that lifetime’s generation.

Reincarnation is an interesting concept, accepted as normal by billions of men and women, predominantly people in the Eastern regions and nations of the Earth. In The Secret Book of John, one of the gnostic texts found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, Jesus may have indicated reincarnation when he said: “In those people the artificial spirit has grown strong and they have gone astray. Their souls are burdened, drawn to wickedness, and cast into forgetfulness. When they come forth from the body, such a soul is given over to the powers created by the rulers, bound in chains, and cast into prison again. Around and around it goes until it manages to become free from forgetfulness through knowledge. And so, it eventually becomes perfect and is saved”.

Regarding reincarnation, I forget the name of the person who expressed that if we accept the fact that we incarnate once, should it be a leap to accept the fact that we may live more than one life. I have no idea why I have gone into reincarnation here. Perhaps we can consider it an impulsive turning off of a vacation route to explore and visit an unplanned small town, just for something unique to experience.

So, humanity wants concrete solutions, an end to abstract thinking, as Vandana Shiva says in the video. I agree with Ms. Shiva, because she comes across as a very sincere, thoughtful woman who has a broader vision of the great potential humanity possesses to literally create a new world. The same could be said about Jane Goodall, whose reference to the seventh generation philosophy, where people are focused about how present actions affect those who are going to live in generations to come, as her thoughts make an intuitive, great amount of sense.

Both Ms. Shiva and Ms. Goodall are talking about a different and new way of living on Earth that is closer to nature, that cooperates with nature in ways that benefit all people and all living things. I suppose, going back to the idea of reincarnation, that these two women have attained knowledge, and are near to achieving human perfection and being saved. For certain spiritual traditions this means that the soul has achieved enlightenment and has escaped the wheel of birth and rebirth.

Be that as it may, my views are in accord with Vandana Shiva and Jane Goodall. It is time to stop playing god through manipulation of life forms with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), geo-engineering of the environment with dangerous applications of metals spraying, chemical technological “fixes”, and destruction of natural resources. It is time to allow the Earth to rest and recover from all the damage humanity has done to her.

This is perhaps not a new way of living for humanity, but a return to the original, simple ways of living the human race lived before environmental destruction began. A return to what the Native American Hopi people call “the original teachings”. In Hopi writings we find the words, “The most important factor we were instructed to watch is mankind because he will become the most mindless and heedless foe of Earth and nature”.

Perhaps Vandana Shiva, when she speaks of concrete solutions, is simply articulating what all people feel in their hearts. There are better ways of living upon this Earth. Ways which are more aligned with natural processes, and with much less harm to people, animals, and plants, the food which every living thing needs to live. Ways that are much less harmful to the water upon which all life depends for survival. Ways that allow people to see clearly and wisely what actions are in the best interests of all people and all life. Ways that allow for true sharing of the great abundance offered from the Earth – sharing between all without exception.


For humanity, it could mean the best Christmas ever.

(Video source: Democracy Now – YouTube)

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Climate Change Deniers Support Geoengineering To Stop Climate Change.

Geoengineering: how to solve climate change?
Geoengineering: how to solve climate change? (Photo credit: explainthatstuff)

Posted December 4, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Here’s an interesting question. “Why are U.S. Congressmen and Senators silent on geoengineering?” There are a large number of men and women in the United States House of Representatives and Senate who claim that climate change or global warming is a hoax. In other words, these men and women elected politicians believe there is no such thing as climate change. So, let’s see if we can make some sense of this owned belief and the practice of geoengineering, which is being carried out to stop or reduce global temperatures’ rising.

Well, there is no way to make any sense of the lack of outrage about unnecessary expenditures on geoengineering coming from those climate change-denying men and women politicians.

Through the years we hear about awards going to particularly outrageous spending by the United States government. Like spending $250,000 on studying the mating habits of some odd type of insect, or $400,000,000 on a highway that goes miles into an uninhabited forest only to end in a cul-de-sac, or $1.77 million on a statue of Santa Claus in Florida, etc.

You get my drift.

For some odd reason, there have been no media plastered Washington, D.C. political speeches of outrage on the “wasteful spending on geoengineering, which is stopping a climate change problem that does not even exist!” You would think that the climate change deniers in Congress would be all over the issue of taxpayer money being wasted on spraying metals from planes going on all across America. I have yet to become aware of the amount of taxpayer money that is being spent on geoengineering, but the outrage coming from the climate change deniers is easily tabulated on the accountant’s calculator – zero.

Why is there total silence coming from the climate change deniers?  Because the geoengineering option maintains their status-quo.

Geoengineering (weather modification to combat climate change) has been allowed to continue without a peep of protest from the climate change deniers because nothing then has to change. Big gas, oil, coal, and nuclear corporations and their owners can conduct business as usual. The enormous political, financial, and market power remains where it has always been – no need to fuss with carbon taxes and fees, lifestyle changes, increased production of renewable energies supplied free from the sun and wind, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and best of all, the American taxpayers foot the geoengineering bill.

The silence becomes simple to understand now.

So, we find massive amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium, silver oxides, fluoride and God only knows what else being dropped from planes, into the atmosphere to stop the sun’s rays from reaching the Earth. In effect the decision was made, without the knowledge and consent of American citizens, to massively pollute the Earth’s environment, including all humans, animals, and plants. Drive those SUV’s to the gas station, fill them up, and ride. Nothing to worry about. This technology is taking care of it.

With regard to geoengineering, humanity needs a major-league timeout.

Firstly, geoengineering is a giant experiment, with both known and unknown consequences. How many of you are aware that 193 nations signed on to a United Nations Biological Diversity agreement banning geoengineering? And that the United States was one of three nations which declined to sign the agreement? The situation is one where nations which want to conduct huge geoengineering experiments do not need any consent from the United Nations.

It is time for scientists to come forward and tell the truth about the science behind weather modification experiments. At this point there are scientists suffering from arrogance and hubris in geoengineering marriage with equally arrogant and hubristic billionaire owners of fossil fuels corporations. For a small handful of people to play god, while risking the health and well-being of all living things on Earth in the process, is not right. Humanity simply must collectively demand an end to geoengineering.

So, the situation now is one where the choice has been made to use technology, from the same people who caused the climate crisis in the first place, instead of making the hard choice to change the amounts of fossil fuels that become consumed on Earth. Just allow a few people to adjust the planetary thermostat, while keeping things like they were, without regard for the tremendous damage being done to all life forms.

If the experiments don’t work simply enlarge them. Instead of 50,000 square kilometers/miles, run the “experiment” over 500,000 square kilometer/miles. Pound the surface of the oceans with iron nanoparticles so algae can consume the Earth’s carbon dioxide and sink to the oceans’ floors. This is ocean fertilization, one the proposed options for fighting greenhouse gases. Another proposal calls for “artificial volcanoes”, where sulfurs are distributed up giant pipes into the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays from the Earth.

All these options, actually being considered by national governments around the world, would not require any changes for fossil fuels industries, are the cheapest options (paid by taxpayers), proposed by the same people who caused the crisis in the first place, who ask humanity to “trust us to fix this now”. Go back to watching the ball games and reality shows, we’ve got this all taken care of.

The United Nations General Assembly has to be given the power to vote on the continuance or curtailment of geoengineering actions. There needs to be a debate at the UN on this issue as soon as possible, with the representative of each member nation given a say on the matter. Geoengineering technologies are dangerous because no scientist or politician can predict the outcome(s) from their use. How does the human race know, once this technology has become accepted, when national leaders will use it for military or selfish political reasons?

In the following video, a man well-known by all who have done any research on geoengineering, Dane Wigington, talks with Russ Tanner, in a film made by John Massaria. Thanks to Lewey7777 @ YouTube. Mr. Wigington makes the point that geoengineering is destroying the Earth’s ozone layer, resulting in a powerful system of feed-back loops where continued spraying destroys more of the ozone layer, leading to more Arctic ice melts, leading to less of the sun’s heat being reflected away from the planet, increasing the sun’s heating of the Earth’s oceans, and occurring again and again. This process, according to Dane Wigington, will continue with horrific consequences, the worst being the release of tremendous levels of methane now frozen on polar ocean floors.

He is giving humanity the direst warning possible. Whether the human race will understand soon enough and end all forms of geoengineering, allowing the Earth to heal in ways that are of nature – we shall see.

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Geoengineering And Worldwide Righteous Indignation.

Vermeende 'chemtrails' nabij Schiphol Purporte...
Vermeende ‘chemtrails’ nabij Schiphol Purported ‘chemtrails’ near Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 3, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Many of you may have done a small or large amount of research into what has come to be called geoengineering. I was aware of the phenomena to a small extent, and had not planned on delving into the issue until what I saw a few days ago. Now, keep in mind that I am in an area on Lake Superior in Michigan, USA that is very (and I mean very) sparsely populated. The largest “city” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan may approach 30,000, and I am many miles away from that city.

A few days ago I jumped in the car on an errand, and I looked up, on a clear sunny day, to see what has come to be termed a “chemtrail”, or a long cloud-like formation coming from what was probably a B-52 or similar aircraft. I didn’t see any aircraft, told myself that I am seeing my first geoengineering product called a chemtrail, and drove on to my destination. When I got to the store I looked up to check out the chemtrail and the B-52 (or whatever large plane it was) was directly overhead laying down another chemtrail, from east to west.

I asked the cashiers inside if they had ever heard of chemtrails and they both said no, they didn’t know what that was. I don’t have a phone which takes pictures, and regret not asking any of the other shoppers if they could take a picture of the plane spraying directly overhead, and email it to me. So, I jumped back on the highway to the next destination. After a few miles I pulled off to the shoulder and got out to simply look at these contrails, directly overhead and clearly visible.

Those of you who are familiar with the geoengineering phenomena know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. A contrail is the exhaust from a plane that quickly dissipates, while a chemtrail is the exhaust from large planes that does not dissipate, and remains like a long cloud for a long period, stretching for what seems like miles. It was as I mentioned a sunny day, and there was no wind – the chemtrail was clearly visible right above me. It stretched for miles and I could see the metal particulates as if they were “misting” off/down from the entire length of the formation.

From the information I came across since that day there were probably a number of metals in that formation, including aluminum, barium, and strontium. These are the metals most often mentioned in articles about geoengineering, although there can be anywhere up to 50 ingredients in these airborne creations, including fluoride. Now, I had to wonder what was going on for these chemtrails to become sprayed out here “in the sticks” where I’m at.

It has made me somewhat upset, to the point where I want to contact someone to learn what was occurring that day, and what was in the sprayed trails that I saw. I want to know everything about those trails I saw plain as day, including what was in them, why they became sprayed in the sky, and who authorized the spraying.

The video here of the documentary on geoengineering, “Why In The World Are They Spraying?”, raises some very disturbing issues surrounding the practice, which evidently is today being carried out all over the Earth. Geoengineering is one of those issues, like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), public banking, etc., which rarely, if ever, are the subjects of reporting on the mainstream media outlets.

I define anger and righteous indignation differently. Anger is a useless emotion which results in nothing but negative consequences like stress, loss of friendships, and good relations with one’s family members, men and women in the work environment, or acquaintances. Righteous indignation constitutes a warranted anger which comes upon one when coming into contact with persons or events that are plainly out of line and wrong.

Those geoengineering trails I saw in the sky have put me in a state of righteous indignation.

If you have any information, whether from personal experience, or if you know someone who has given you the truth about what geoengineering is and why it is occurring, please let everyone reading this know what you know. The documentary delves into some very immoral reasons for the practice, including another Wall Street gambling derivative invented by those at the disgraced Enron Corporation, which allows people to make millions, or billions, of dollars through betting on the weather.

The woman organic farmer makes the point that Monsanto “conveniently” has developed genetically modified crops that are aluminum and drought resistant – while Bill Gates is “coincidentally” heavily invested in Monsanto and a strong geoengineering advocate. Now, the last thing I want to do is go down the rabbit hole of “chemtrail conspiracy theory”, but, somebody in the United States government, preferably Barack Obama, needs to adequately address the concerns that I, as well as a rapidly growing number of American citizens (as well as citizens in nations around the Earth), have about geoengineering.

Is it too much to ask that political leaders address these concerns? The videos I’ve seen on YouTube about geoengineering, including this important documentary, have thousands and thousands of views, so people are definitely interested and concerned about this. When there are people warning about the negative consequences of continuing this practice of geoengineering – very, very negative consequences – the least congressmen and senators can do is address this issue and answer the citizens’ legitimate questions.

The makers of “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” have pointed to some highly controversial motives for the geoengineering practice of spraying many tons of metals all over the world. Other people have pointed to even more sinister theories of motives, which I will not specify here, as they stretch the imagination to areas that are truly disgusting. Let me just say that the theory of the motivating factor being corporate profits would not surprise whatsoever. All I can do is emphasize the point that whoever is running the geoengineering programs on this Earth, whoever is giving the OK to do this, needs to answer humanity’s questions and address their concerns in a forthright, honest way – now.

If you don’t have time to view “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” by Michael Murphy, please give yourself a reminder to view it soon.

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