Oneness: Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Step.

Posted on June 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-9Since the world began its history has become memorized, recorded and passed down to future generations through the human voice, the printed word, radio and television, and in 2014 the internet. As the days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries have passed, mankind has developed ways to communicate which have surpassed the earlier, last-best forms. Thinking about what could surpass the internet leads one to a type of dead-end, because it’s hard to imagine a better tool for communicating around the world to people everywhere. It seems the only way to communicate which exceeds the power of the world-wide web is telepathic, the communication described by those who’ve had a near death experience.

And who’s to say that telepathic communication won’t become as commonplace as talking through computers? During that time in history when everybody believed the Earth was flat, the first persons to point out that it was round were the subjects of ridicule and public humiliation, until little by little the truth about the planet’s circular, ball-like  structure became the new norm. Later on photos and videos from space astonished the world’s people and gave a whole new perspective of Earth’s place; suspended in the universe.

Since the world was born, life has developed gradually in the process of evolution, and it’s interesting to consider the parallels between a person’s own development and evolution to the big evolution of everything . Is there a real connection between a single man or woman’s evolutionary process spanning the time between birth and death and the world’s? Scientists have arrived at the consensus opinion that, although humans may destroy themselves through nuclear war or environmental catastrophe, the Earth should remain, with or without humans, for a very, very long time.

What in the individual’s life experience equates with wars that may end up as nuclear holocaust, environmentally suicidal actions, and other planetary, negative consequences of collective human actions? War becomes carried out by those who believe in the “law of the jungle”, where it’s “kill or be killed”, many times conducted before the most genuine and honorable efforts for creating good understanding are undertaken. On the personal level, war’s equivalent is apparent in situations where “talking it out”, or sitting down to discuss options, get ignored and not chosen; instead the situation moves directly to shouting, bitter and hateful language blocking any real chance to create good understanding, and then resorts/devolves to fist-fighting or worse.

There is no difference between men and women who are average, just as most people on Earth, and those who are in positions of leadership and power which becomes used to start wars – in relation to the options for peaceful resolution of differences. The most important common denominator about peaceful settling of problems, differences, and misunderstanding of individuals and large groups like nations, corporations, and races is the presence or absence of an ability/wish to consider the well-being and happiness of the other person or group.

During so-called “bumps in the road” situations, individuals have the best chance for mutually satisfactory outcomes when both people have the good intent of creating as much happiness for their counterpart as they strive to resolve any differences of view or awareness. The philosophical concepts which are woven in the seemingly simple “Do unto others what you would have done to you” – the Golden Rule – have always been, and will remain forever, the highest wisdom on Earth. On this there is no argument, for it is spiritual truth.

To bring about a world of true peace, brotherhood/sisterhood, and loving kindness requires only observance, practice, and total acceptance of the Golden Rule, from the individual level to the level of governments. Now people will say that it’s not that easy – not by a long stretch. There are complex issues which have been seriously studied and discussed for centuries by the most well-read and educated men and women who’ve ever lived, and they weren’t able to successfully create a plan that humanity could follow to bring about world peace.

Essentially, the Golden Rule is all about using the spiritual power of love as the basis for all actions, on personal and collective dimensions. The spiritual power of love is very real, as any person who loves their family members can attest. Looking at those photos and videos from space – the ones which reveal no national boundaries to war over, or hundreds-of-miles-wide signs to name the nations of the Earth like “United States”, “Russia”, “China”, “Brazil”, “India”, “Australia” etc. – the observer sees clearly that the photos show the Earth as one.

The Earth is one, and the Earth’s people are one family. Why is it that the entire human family hasn’t come to the point where they love one another just as men, women, and children love their family members all? Because believing in separation, division, boundaries – and that any man or woman who possesses and expresses a genuine desire for the happiness of all is “utopian and naïve” – equals believing that the Earth is flat.

Just as those who lived when the entire human race believed the Earth was flat –  those who first faced ridicule and public humiliation for even suggesting the truth of Earth’s roundness – men and women living now who suggest that the human race is a real family without any separation face similar treatment for speaking the truth. The Earth is round.

For those with spiritual eyes to see, it is clear that oneness is the next step in human evolution.

Now is the time for worldwide acceptance of taking the next step on the universal evolutionary journey, acknowledgement of the highest wisdom available, and a thorough understanding, knowing, and public revelation of ultimate reality.

Humanity is one.


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Tax Reform Economic Science 201.

Posted April 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“It is wrong to say that God made rich and poor; he made only male and female; and he gave them the Earth for their inheritance… The Earth, in its natural uncultivated state was, and ever would have continued to be, the common property of the human race.”

– Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

blogger7-1By separating people from their land, the foundations of whole communities were destroyed, setting the stage for suicide bombings in London and Madrid. Perhaps suicide bombers and desperate, unemployed young people who turn to violence are not fully understood in regard to their motivations. Exclusion of historical events where outside nations killed their ancestors to confiscate land and natural resource wealth results in an incomplete analysis of reasons “terrorists” do what they do.

This is by no means meant to present an apology for people who commit violent acts, but concern that a full look at the real reasons behind certain violent acts is necessary to find solutions that end such violence.

In this post the second of a three-part documentary – “Treason” – delves into the economic history of nations where young people have come to extents of hopelessness and disillusionment leading to outbursts of violent behavior. “Treason 2: The Crucible of Terror” gives viewers the circumstances in Pakistan, a country at the frontier of the fight against terrorism and fanatics. Until independence, Pakistan had been a colony of the British Empire. The British colonial government would grant those Pakistanis who sided with them large tracts of land or its tax-free occupation and use.

Pakistan today has one of the most highly concentrated land ownership situations on Earth. The vast amount of land there is either owned or controlled by very few people. It came as a surprise to learn that Pakistan’s army controls a large fraction of the nation’s agricultural industry and farmland. Mr. Mason Gaffney of the University of California talks about recent decisions by the Obama administration to send $7.5 billion to Pakistan to “improve living standards” for poor Pakistanis. Mr. Gaffney viewed the multi-billion dollar aid as an action that “will do nothing, and could be worse than nothing”.

He describes the aid as “taking money from poor people in rich places to subsidize rich people in poor places”. The Pakistani government, instead of reforming the nation’s tax system to raise revenue through land value taxation, has taken aid from America which will result in higher rents for most Pakistanis who hold no land of their own. This degradation of the financial well-being of Pakistan’s citizens increases the possibility that dissatisfaction will lead to violence in pushback to government decisions.

Fred Harrison, who wrote, narrated, and directed “Treason”, relays a Taliban movement which took large amounts of land from landlords that was eventually taken back when Pakistan’s military drove three million people off the land. Mr. Harrison notes that many of those people ended up in Karachi in conditions that he calls “hornets nests” of drugs, money-laundering, kidnapping, and other criminal behaviors.

Another economist is heard suggesting that debt relief and land reform are necessary to improve the lives of Pakistanis, pointing to the obvious negative consequences of highly concentrated land ownership.

The film goes back in history to look at England’s Henry the VIII, who is described as the person responsible for launching predatory capitalism some 500 years ago, and which has since infected the rest of the world. Henry the VIII grew fat off the land he took and sold to fellow aristocrats, eventually owning 50 stately homes in England. Other nations followed the model provided by him to begin their marches to other regions to take land, natural resources, etc. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and other countries joined the colonialism game, killing original residents along the way.

Africa is then discussed in the context of British-Dutch warring over land where diamonds were buried in the 1890’s. Britain gained the upper hand in the war by pushing over 100,000 Europeans into 47 concentration camps, where 250 people per week were dying – an estimated 20,000 people, including women and children died in the camps. Nobody knows, according to Mr. Harrison, how many Africans died in their concentration camps.

At any rate, DeBeers mining company owners paid 1/3 of the price of extracted diamonds for labor and capital, and pocketed the remaining 2/3.

Given the world’s history since Henry the VIII five centuries ago, including wealth inequality where 85 people have as much wealth as the world’s 3.5 billion lower half, it should come as no surprise that violence breaks out. Land value taxation, along with other beneficial reforms, offer humanity real options that can reduce violence and war while enhancing the lives of men, women, and children across the Earth.


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Ukraine And The Crimean Peninsula.

Posted March 2, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The thing from which the world suffers just now more than from any other evil is not the assertion of falsehood, but the endless and irrepressible repetition of half-truths.”

– G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

oneness2-1Sometimes it is what politicians and news anchors don’t mention that is the most important. In recent days the Russian Federation voted to allow Russian forces to move on to the Crimean Peninsula in Eastern Ukraine on the Black Sea. What the political leaders and news media doesn’t focus on is that Russia has a major naval base there.

In the following video from the year 2008, the situation in Crimea becomes viewed in a fuller light, and may describe that Russian naval base in a way which helps to explain the reasons for recent actions by Russia. Nikita Khrushchev, who was born in Ukraine, “gave” the Crimea to Ukraine in 1954. Russia has operated a naval base there for decades, and has paid the Ukrainian government to lease the base until 2017, when the lease runs out and shall not be renewed at that time.

As this 2008 short film shows, the thirty thousand men and women who work in Crimea because of the presence of Russia’s naval base have been aware of the 2017 lease-end date at least since 2008. One can guess at what the motivations for Russian actions in the past hours have been. Perhaps there is a concern that the new Ukrainian government will demand Russia leave the Crimean peninsula before 2017. Russia has said at the United Nations in the recent hours that the people in Crimea are in fear for their safety, so Russia was urged to provide protection.

It is perhaps the case that Russia is only concerned about the closure of their naval base in Crimea. Sometimes on the grand chessboard where small governing groups or oligarchies devise and carry out their plans – Earth – the “players” speak to each other in a language unfamiliar to most people who are outside those oligarchies, oligarchies present in every nation, so the military aspect of Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia’s naval base there is out of the awareness of everyday people.

Russia supplies 25% of Europe’s natural gas, and 80% of that gas travels through pipelines through Ukraine. In Syria, the war began shortly after Syria, Iraq, and Iran agreed to constructing a $multi-billion pipeline project to transport Iran’s huge natural gas reserves across Iraq, through Syria, and on to the lucrative European market. Syria had turned down a request by Qatar to run a pipeline to transport their huge natural gas reserves to Europe, natural gas coming from a gigantic natural gas field shared by Qatar and Iran. Instead of coming to wise agreements without the need to war, over a hundred thousand innocent men, women, and children have died, and millions have been forced to flee their homes and become refugees.

So, it should be said that small groups of powerful people, oligarchs who control governments, have become involved in wicked games of business competition that at times end in war. Back to the Crimean situation, it is the Russian naval base which is the piece on the chessboard that is the focus of the “players”. In the rarefied air of oligarchs, average people cannot know what actions fail to get ruled out to win the “game”. History shows that there are times when wisdom and reason are either willfully ignored or tossed aside to focus on winning the “game”.

No matter which group of oligarchs “wins”, when wisdom and reason get excluded from the discussions and war is viewed as an acceptable option, the majority of non-oligarchs – average citizens – suffer greatly. So, at this time in Ukraine wisdom and reason needs to become the focus and come to the forefront. Efforts to communicate in ways that resolve differences while avoiding rhetoric that separates and divides, but allows coöperation and agreement for the best results for the most people, need to become successful. Here is where true communication must take place with total honesty.

Humanity has grown weary of oligarchical games, especially games which become played with a language, spoken with horrific violence and war, that obscures the true motives of its “players”. The time has arrived for the oligarchs to admit to the people the ways they have historically operated on their chessboard – Earth. All sides need to put the facts on the table, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. When the truth comes out and the world’s people understand the full story, then humanity can move toward a cooperative, truly altruistic way of living on the planet.

The year is 2014. Now is the time to end any and all games and start working in the most wise, best reasoned ways – with the greatest spiritual maturity humanly possible – to make sure the passing on of a better world for the generations to come. 


(The original video on this post was taken down at YouTube)

This Is The Most Important Time In History.

Posted February 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A dying people tolerates the present, rejects the future, and finds its satisfactions in past greatness and half-remembered glory.”

– John Steinbeck (1902-1968)

oneness3-1Cynics may not be in alignment that these are the most important times in history. This is understandable given the gap between what people are aware of and the failure of politicians and governments to shape the world according to that awareness. So, many have become frustrated that the facts of events and situations are still being hidden as they always have. God only knows how many suffer in isolation after discovering important truths kept from view of the rest of the human race.

So, what is to be done to help remove the doubts of the cynical? First, it is beneficial to try to describe what the cynic/doubter goes through when they are aware of realities that do not coincide with the perceptions of most people. One can only guess how many millions of men and women have arrived at this state of frustration and impatience, but on the positive side one can say with certainty that the number has risen steadily in recent years; this trend will not subside as more people communicate with others all across the Earth.

To the cynics, frustrated, and impatient please help yourself to become more optimistic by remembering all the good events that are occurring with greater regularity now, just as these events and announcements have occurred in recent years. The first event to express gratitude over is the tremendous amount of good that has become generated by regular men and women through the use of computers and the internet. Imagine the millions of people in every nation on Earth who are entirely able to produce communications that bring truth to the world.

Be thankful that people are no longer going to their televisions to learn what is occurring around the world, and that there are good men and women doing fantastic work to bring the truth on issues of importance. Issues which relate directly to the health and well-being of regular citizens have been discussed extensively on the internet, and good solutions have been disseminated in the process. Yes, it is frustrating that these solutions are not becoming implemented as soon as necessary. Yet, see in your mind’s eye the billions of words passing through cables and the air that continuously become more refined with each passing day, leading to solutions that, because of their inherent, obvious proof of excellence, their quality of offering improved methods of creating world conditions, and look ahead to the fast-approaching inevitable time when they become widely accepted and implemented.

Consider the example provided by John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. Until listening to this interview of Mr. Perkins, who has this writer’s admiration and respect, that he had Howard Zinn as a professor in classes at Boston College wasn’t known. Perkins mentions his sitting in classes taught by Professor Zinn and that in later years they became friends. Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States” has become a multi-million copy bestseller, making Mr. Zinn one of the world’s first “whistleblowers” – while the book profoundly altered the historical perceptions of countless men and women.

It is interesting to note that John Perkins books have also become bestsellers and profoundly altered the historical perceptions of countless millions of men and women. Some reading this are perhaps aware that Matt Damon was a neighbor of Howard Zinn. People may remember one of the most memorable monologues in movie history where the character played by Matt Damon, “Will Hunting”, is sitting in the office of a National Security Agency (NSA) recruiter and clearly “blows the whistle” (through the movie screen) on the NSA’s actions and negative consequences for people around the world.

Now, were Howard Zinn, John Perkins, and Matt Damon born into families considered “blue-bloods”? This would seem to not be the case. The example provided for regular citizens around the world by Zinn, Perkins, and Damon – as well as truth-tellers/whistleblowers everywhere – is that average, regular citizens are able to make the difference. Look on the internet, at your trusted truth-telling websites, and most times you will see the results of efforts taken by people in the same conditions as yourself.

The communications from the millions of men and women involved in sharing the truth on the internet contain a variety of views depending on the producer/creator’s age, level of education, personal experience, and other factors. However, it is beyond debate that regardless of these various factors, there most importantly are tremendous examples of men and women communicating about great issues with integrity and sincerity.

Those reading this will know what it means when saying that one can tell after a certain amount of time spent taking in communications over the internet when someone is genuine and honest – or not. Simply knowing that there are men and women who are sincerely and genuinely trying to take actions to create a better world is reason for celebration and optimism.

John Perkins is one of the sincere and genuine truth-tellers trying to create a better world for his, and all people’s, grandchildren. He describes the world’s economic system as a “death economy”, a situation in need of conversion to a “life economy”, where not “maximization of profits” at all costs – including destruction of lives through war, destruction of the environment through poisoning, and the greatest wealth inequality the world has ever seen – but fair profits, production of useful goods, and public service become the focused motives for corporations and governments.

Mr. Perkins has an intimate, personal knowledge of geopolitics, economics, and the negative consequences of overwhelming focus on “maximization of profits” at all costs. As an economic hitman he dealt personally with Presidents Jaime Roldos of Equador and Omar Torrijos of Panama, both of whom died (Perkins states outright in this interview that these were CIA executions) while in office after rejecting the “suggestions” of Mr. Perkins and others who desired natural resources in those men’s nations. He points out that these are not historical examples of planned assassinations and coups that have since ended; he points out that the President of Honduras was overthrown from office three years ago.

John Perkins’ books are very disturbing, but the truth revealed is absolutely important

Perkins, to his great credit because of the intensely troubling history he knows, maintains his optimism for the future while sharing that optimism with his audiences and viewers. To the cynics, frustrated, and impatient who wonder how a man like John Perkins is able to maintain a shred of optimism in the face of an Earthly reality containing gruesome examples of man’s inhumanity to man, perhaps his relationship with Mayan and other indigenous societies offer an answer.

John Perkins has experienced profound changes of a spiritual nature, seen with his action of traveling to Central America to apologize to citizens of lands who felt the negative effects from his actions while an economic hitman. His personal apology is moving, recorded in a video titled “Apology of an Economic Hitman” and available to view on YouTube.

If John Perkins – a man who literally risked his life to tell people the truth – can remain optimistic and states that “this is the most fascinating and important time in history”, surely people can overcome doubt, frustration, and impatience.


(Thank you to The Peoples Voice TV @ YouTube)