End The War On Syria.

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Well known peace activist Eric Draitser told viewers of Press TV that resolving the refugee crisis in European nations necessitates an end to the war on Syria.

Mr. Draitser is the host of a weekly news talk radio program “Counterpunch Radio” available on the internationally popular alternative website Counterpunch.org. For those interested in learning more about the real situation in Syria, program #9 featured Middle East analyst Sharwine Narwani and Syrian-born Australian peace activist Reme Sakr:


Powerful men and women world leaders can speak out and take the steps required to end the over 4-year war on Syria, bring stability and security back to the nation, and transform conditions to the extent that all refugees can return to the land of their birth.  At this time, however and unfortunately, those powerful leaders have not stepped forward with complete, truthful accounts of what’s caused the refugee crisis, and some are even calling for more warfare and violence to bring about its resolution.

Now is not the time to escalate violence. Now is the time to end violence.

The message from Eric Draitser to men and women everywhere concerned about the plight of refugees – the innocent people fleeing to stay alive from war-torn Syria, Libya, Iraq and other lands where terrorist mercenary groups have become unleashed to carry out violence and destruction – is organizing a worldwide truth and peace campaign powerful enough to force an end to global leaders’ silence in the face of immense human suffering.

…And ultimately an end to the war on Syria.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)