Syria “Fact Checker”: U.S., West Assertions Defy Reality.

By Jerry Alatalo

steinAlphabet Peter Ford, Britain’s Ambassador to Bahrain (1999-2003) and Syria (2003-2006), holds a different perspective of Syria than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Perhaps Mr. Ford can act as one of Ms. Clinton’s “fact checkers” so she’ll share the full truth with the American people during Wednesday’s 3rd (Jill Stein-free) and final presidential debate with Mr. Trump. Why does it feel as if a lot of otherwise well-informed people don’t see that occurring, and, for the majority of Americans totally uninformed and/or lied to about Syria – couldn’t care less?

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair and their war criminal accomplices lied the world into war with Iraq in 2003. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, David Cameron, Hillary Clinton and their respective war criminal accomplices lied the world into destroying Libya in 2011. Despite the clear evidence of a pattern of major criminal deception by America’s “deep state” – described and referenced a million times since articulated by U.S. General Wesley Clark, attacking and overthrowing “seven countries in five years” – expect the same deception from Clinton and Trump in “debate” #3.

Neither Clinton or Trump will mention Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and U.S./Western support – from the start of the war on Syria in 2011 until today – for ISIS, al Nusra (al Qaeda) and dozens of other mercenary terrorist groups, with fighters coming from some 80-100 countries outside Syria. Do not expect either Clinton or Trump to place the blame for the humanitarian catastrophe inflicted upon the people of Syria where it belongs: foreign fighters/terrorists and the war criminal leaders in nations responsible for paying, arming, training, supplying and directing them.

Clinton calls for a no-fly zone in Syria which straight out means war with Syria and Russia. Most Americans will hear Clinton’s no-fly zone proposal and think: “Hey, that’s good… no more bombs raining down on the kids in Syria…” Donald Trump will fail, again, to correct Clinton’s twisted no-fly zone narrative and tell the American people it means war with Syria and Russia, possibly escalating to world war, the use of nuclear weapons, and the unthinkable.

Absent a political miracle in the remaining 22 days until election day where Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka pull off the greatest upset in U.S. presidential election history, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. That both deny legitimate candidates having the mathematical chance of winning the opportunity to debate, and that both will likely continue to flat-out lie about Syria to millions of Americans watching the final debate – should result in a lot of people in the U.S. and around the Earth putting forth serious prayers seeking the miraculous.

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The War Industry Debate.

By Jerry Alatalo

stein-baraka-1Alphabet The “Republicrat”-owned, fraudulent, exclusionary, corporate-chartered Committee for Presidential Debates (CPD) has decided Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are, according to CPD, “not eligible” to participate in the 1st debate on Monday September 26 at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. In the once every 4-years “Super Bowl of Politics” called the presidential debates… “this Bud’s for you”.

Despite both having the potential for winning the election (the electoral college) and 76% of Americans wanting more candidate voices on the debates, CPD rules say debate participants must have achieved 15% in select popular polls to qualify. Many believe the 15% rule came into force after Minnesota’s Governor Jesse Ventura went from 10% in the polls, appeared on televised debates, then won the state’s (“Land of 10,000 Lakes” – Minnesota) governorship election with 37% of the voters.

With only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on stage before millions of American voters, will the two even touch upon, much less debate, “The War Industry” – in particular the selling of billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Answering that question might depend on whether CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is one of the debate’s moderators…

See, in the following interview of Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Blitzer seems to imply that jobs for Americans working at defense corporations – the “Military Industrial Complex” President Dwight Eisenhower so famously warned about in his farewell address – might have a higher priority than lives lost or destroyed through illegal wars conducted by using those weapons. Will Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump become asked about, then actually debate, this massively important issue?

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Without being able to predict Gary Johnson’s debate performance were he to appear, one has the feeling that Dr, Jill Stein might make certain “The War Industry” gets inserted, in a big way, into the discussions. With the current worrying situation in Syria after American-led air forces bombed and killed over eighty Syrian soldiers while injuring hundreds more – and as Saudi Arabia continues bombing the people of Yemen back to the stone age – perhaps the presidential candidates, all four remaining/seeking possibly the most powerful executive position on Earth… might want to have “a little talk”… A very serious talk.

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Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka will travel to Hofstra University in Long Island, New York on Monday September 26, 2016. The rumor going around says they will become joined by hundreds of men and women of all ages and backgrounds, and who also have something to say about American democracy… about presidential debates. Will Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump change their minds and engage in debate with Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson next Monday at Hofstra University?

At least for debate #1, the chances don’t look good. The chances are about as good as Clinton and Trump being asked for their respective serious, detailed plans for bringing about peace on Earth – then both are actually seen/heard while fully describing those plans. Now, that would have been (could have been – with Stein and Johnson on stage) one very memorable debate

Stein-Baraka 9/11 Stance Met By Clinton, Johnson, Trump Silence.

By Jerry Alatalo


Alphabet Writer/journalist and former Reagan administration Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts made a point in an article about 9/11 recently that shows the great change of opinion on the event since September 11, 2001. Mr. Roberts, after showing statistics that say today more Americans think the government’s official narrative (The 9/11 Commission Report) is a pack of  lies, omissions, and a conspiracy to deceive the people, writes in other words that so-called “9/11 Truther” tinfoil hats are being exchanged between first-researching doubters of the official “story” and those having full faith in their government’s truthfulness.

According to Paul Craig Roberts the people who still believe the official 9/11 narrative are now perceived as the conspiracy nuts. If Mr. Roberts is correct in his viewpoint of 9/11 perceptual changes across society, it means that Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump (because, unlike Dr. Jill Stein who is calling for a new 9/11 investigation) are tinfoil-hat-wearing, conspiracy nut presidential candidates who accept the official 9/11 report as gospel – as the end to the story.

Read Paul Craig Roberts’ article:

Whether the media traction gained by the Stein-Baraka campaign, in rightly calling for a 1st, real investigation of the immeasurably important events on 9/11, will result in their inclusion at presidential and vice presidential debates between all remaining candidates is uncertain. Yet…? Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear the responses from Clinton, Johnson and Trump, and from Kaine, Weld and Pence, when asked about a new, independent 9/11 investigation?

Yes, it would certainly be very interesting. On its face, a new 9/11 investigation suggests the perpetrators of that mass murder of 3,000 have yet to become apprehended, prosecuted, and justly punished. So, far beyond clearly interesting… but absolutely essential.

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U.S. Progressives Pushing Hard For Stein|Baraka As Election Intensifies.

By Jerry Alatalo


Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka must take part in televised debates

Alphabet With a little more than two months remaining until the American people choose a new President, progressives across the nation are joining the push to get Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka included in 4-way Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates.

At this late stage in the election, participating in nationally televised debates offers the only chance for Stein and Baraka to gain maximum attention from all voters, to share their positions and swing support away from Clinton, Trump or Johnson toward the Green Party ticket, and create the situation – admittedly a clear, tough challenge – for actually beating the odds and winning.

Considering the somewhat disappointing lack of necessary, energetic support for Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka coming from the American progressive community as hours, days and weeks pass leading up to election day on November 8, one has to wonder what is causing otherwise strong leaders of the progressive movement to basically “sit on the sidelines” in what is undoubtedly an extremely important national and international political event.

Using sports terminology to describe the current late-stage of the 2016 Presidential election, progressives need to fully understand it is now “crunch time”; when the “rubber meets the road”; the start of the fourth/final quarter – and that only smart, physical, creative, powerful efforts will decide the final outcome. The collective American progressive community – the so-called 99% – has within it the power, when joined in total focus and utilizing that power to its maximum extent, to turn the 2016 U.S. Presidential election on its head and elect Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

That call to action is directed specifically to those who have, cynically and fearfully, resigned themselves to continuing the anachronistic political charade of voting for the “lesser of two evils”, even to the point of dismissing or ignoring their better judgment. Taking into account the issue of war and peace alone, in particular with regard to the long-suffering people of the Middle East, Dr. Jill Stein’s advocacy of a “Peace Initiative” makes her candidacy far more preferable, distinctly superior from a moral standpoint, and promises the literal end to military destruction in that war-torn region.

Everyone paying any attention, no matter where people place themselves on the political spectrum, understand clearly that Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka’s positions on war and peace make their campaign the best choice if one wishes for real peace in this world. Acknowledging that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have spoken out on their willingness to use nuclear weapons should offer more than enough incentive for all Americans to choose Stein|Baraka when entering the voting booth.

While issues related to the economy, education, healthcare, social relations, wealth inequality, political power concentration and corruption, etc. are very important and should become essential topics for debate discussions, none of them matter if nuclear world war – as likely all fully informed international experts concur – destroys life on Earth. Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka are serious about ending war as a means of settling differences around the Earth, instead advocating for wise diplomacy, abiding by generally recognized international law, and respecting the human rights of all people.

It is imperative that Dr. Stein and Mr. Baraka participate in debates with the candidates of the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties. At this point in human history where powerful leaders speak out in seemingly irrational manners about war and peace, as though war continues being a “reasonable” option, now is absolutely not the time for excluding sane voices for peace.

This American presidential election matters greatly. Those who suggest waiting until 2020 to bring about positive world changes are sadly mistaken. It is impossible to overstate how important it is that people do everything in their power to make certain this U.S. presidential election gets done right.

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