Dr. Jill Stein For President 2016.

By Jerry Alatalo

Cumberland IslandAlphabet Like so many who supported Bernie Sanders in hopes he’d defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party nomination, his endorsement of her came as a letdown and, let us say… disappointment. Nobody knows for certain the real reasons for Senator Sanders’ decision to decline on Green party candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s unprecedented in presidential politics offer to run with her, with Sanders at the top of the ticket and her in the Vice President position.

Given the extraordinary nature of the 2016 election, if revelations associating the campaigns of any of the candidates still standing – Clinton, Trump, Stein, Johnson (perhaps Sanders, in this election season of surprises) – with unpleasant facts about actions taken in efforts to obtain raw power came to light, a lot of people would be comfortable, cynical or unperturbed after watching the unusual events over the last year.

It’s safe to assume each man or woman running for President is aware of the personal sacrifice required for seeking the immense power of the office, along with the risks if open about altering the agendas of those who “pull the strings” in the background unseen – the so-called billionaire class. Because presidential candidates know the history of political assassinations in America, the real history kept out of erroneous textbooks read by America’s students, those whose platforms or ideas are about reducing in any significant way the concentrated power of the ultra-wealthy deserve high praise and genuine respect for courage.

It is unfortunate that of all the presidential candidates, those who entered the race and dropped out and those still standing, none of them have found it important to set the historical record straight for all Americans on the truth of what happened to John F. Kennedy (JFK), Martin Luther King (MLK) and Robert F. Kennedy (RFK). The “official” government conclusions on the deaths of these three leaders holds they were the victims of lone assassins Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan.

The “official” conclusions are wrong for all three major historical events, and every man or woman who entered the 2016 presidential race knows (or should know) it. John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King were all murdered by their own government, by what has become increasingly more well-known thanks to independent media on the internet as the “deep state”, but, sadly, the nation’s political leaders have yet to gather the moral courage to admit or disclose it to the American people.

These are extremely unpleasant and disturbing facts, no doubt. The recently released 2-million word Iraq War study, the Chilcot Report in Britain, and the 28 Pages related to the events of September 11, 2001 exposing Saudi terrorism financing are equally unpleasant and disturbing for what they reveal about the secret intentions and criminal actions of wealthy and powerful individuals. Both the Chilcot Report and 28 Pages releases, the Iraq War being a direct result of 9/11, will likely lead to more questions, more investigations, and more high-level powerful individuals – most prominent being Tony Blair, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney – facing severe personal consequences for their involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Because there is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder, it is important to note that some of those directly involved in the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK are still alive. William Pepper is a lawyer and represented the King family in a 1999 civil trial where the jury found the Memphis Police Department and elements of the United States government accountable for the murder of Martin Luther King. No major corporate media organizations reported the trial, and every history book in the U.S. excludes the details and facts. Mr. Pepper has written a new book about MLK’s assassination, “The Plot to Kill King”, his 3rd book on the subject which includes new revelations about the truth of Dr. King’s death. He talked for an hour with Bonnie Faulkner about it on her radio program “Guns and Butter”:


Attorney and professor Daniel Sheehan (Iran-Contra, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, Karen Silkwood, and other major legal cases) talked with radio host Gary Null about the murders of JFK and RFK, providing little-known, important historical facts all Americans should know about, and for which, along with the truth about MLK, the history books across the U.S. need correction.


People previously unaware of the truth conveyed by Mr. Pepper and Mr. Sheehan in these interviews will most likely experience shock, confusion, disappointment and a certain level of righteous indignation after hearing the disturbing details. While learning such mind-troubling truth is very difficult in that one’s perceptions of reality are painfully altered, it is important people know the truth of history as it relates to events occurring today – in particular the 2016 presidential campaign, and using moral discernment when assessing each candidate’s ideas, statements and actions.

For supporters of Bernie Sanders, his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and decision to decline Jill Stein’s offer is near impossible to explain given his and Ms. Clinton’s widely different worldviews. One could (only) speculate, given the billionaire, “deep state” agenda-altering similarities of Mr. Sanders and JFK, MLK and RFK, that certain “messages” delivered to Mr. Sanders were a strong motivating factor in his decision to endorse.

Conditions in America and on Earth are such that a Sanders-Stein team, now apparently not going to manifest, would have had a good chance to win the election, and – given the profoundly disturbing examples of JFK, MLK and RFK – leading one to consider much more sinister explanations.

Martin Luther King knew how dangerous his efforts for social justice and ending the Vietnam War had become, illustrated in his last public speeches where he talked about desiring to “live a long life” and that “longevity has its place”. He told supporters that “I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight, that we as a people will get to the promised land”.

Both John and Robert Kennedy knew what dangerous entities they were up against, yet like Dr. King moved forward with actions based on seemingly transcendent spiritual or philosophical perceptions. The paradoxical nature of the three men and many lesser-known men and women through history – losing one’s life as a result of efforts to improve the lives of others – is a mystery perhaps unknowable until that inevitable time all face when leaving this world.

Dr. Jill Stein’s surprising artistic ability using the guitar and her singing voice will be a welcome relief from the dark nature of the information just presented. As one whose efforts for Bernie Sanders were based on serious concerns about Ms. Clinton and preventing her from becoming the Democratic party nominee, Sanders’ decision – for whatever reason(s)… principled, as part of a secret organized political strategy, or due to sinister threats from the “deep state” – will result in many of his supporters, like the distinguished public intellectual Dr. Cornel West, to dismiss the Democratic party and move to Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Stein deserves serious consideration for President of the United States by Americans planning on voting in November, because of all the candidates her words most consistently and accurately convey the truth. Following a historic trend, speaking the truth these days is the supreme courageous act.

(Thank you to Jill Stein for President Booster Club at YouTube)


Martin Luther King: The Truth About His Assassination.

Posted on January 18, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

Book11Alphabet How many people are aware that in 1999 an actual, official civil trial on Martin Luther King’s (MLK) murder took place? Is that 1999 trial of 30 days and 70 witnesses – where the jury delivered their conclusion that the man accused of the murder, James Earl Ray (deceased by 1999), was not guilty, but that Loyd Jouwers, owner of the grill across from the Lorraine Motel where MLK’s life was terminated, and elements of the Memphis Police Department and United States military were behind the assassination – recorded in America’s history books?

The answer to the first question is probably not many, although every man, woman and child should be. The answer to the second question is probably no; the history books America’s schoolchildren read omit the 1999 MLK Assassination civil trial. That the trial, a truly historic event, and the findings and jury decision, are yet relatively unknown 15 years later is wrong. When American students read about the life and death of MLK and are not given facts about the 1999 trial, they are being given a false history.

Inclusion of the 1999 trial in history books must be viewed as beyond any debate because it happened legally and legitimately, plus, most importantly, inclusion allows students (not to mention the world) to learn the complete truth. If one considers this matter from the standpoint of an academic historian loyal to accurate description of past events, this is obviously unacceptable.

The family of Martin Luther King called on attorney William Pepper to represent them and James Earl Ray for the trial. Mr. Pepper worked closely with MLK in the last year of his life, and it was after studying the work of then-journalist Pepper on his time covering the Vietnam War that led MLK to oppose the war. Pepper had published his work in a powerful “Ramparts” magazine article, which MLK read and led to Pepper and MLK’s close association.

Years after Martin Luther King’s death in 1968, another close associate and friend Ralph Abernathy asked William Pepper to travel with him to interview James Earl Ray in prison. After hours of talking directly to Ray, Pepper became convinced the man was innocent of the assassination. It took many more years before in 1999 the civil trial was held in Memphis – the first and only trial for James Earl Ray, and the first and only trial on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The following interview of William Pepper occurred around a year ago, and in it he describes what happened leading to the 1999 civil trial in Memphis, his subsequent, and current, involvement in the murder of Robert F. Kennedy through representing the accused assassin Sirhan Sirhan, and his thoughts on why Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and President John Kennedy were killed.

William Pepper told the story behind MLK’s assassination and the 1999 civil trial in his book “An Act of State”.


Founder and editor of phibetaiota.net Robert David Steele entered the following review at Amazon.com. Mr. Steele apparently is very well-read, as he has compiled the highest number of reviews of nonfiction books at Amazon.

This review is from: An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (Paperback)

John 8:32 “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

The updated book is better than the original because it includes a post 9-11 Afterword.

So many people are going to consider this book to be a provocation, a conspiracy theory, revisionist, etc. I will start with three compelling reasons to take this seriously:

1. The author is a recognized barrister in England and lawyer in the US. His reputation is impeccable, and he is respected by heads of state and of international organizations concerned with human rights.

2. The author brought a civil suit in which it took the jury less than one hour of deliberation after all the facts had been laid out, to find for the plaintiffs (the King family survivors) and agree that the US Government was complicit in his murder.

3. The evidence of US Government complicity in crimes against humanity as well as high crimes and misdemeanors of all sorts, is now over-whelming within the non-fiction literature. Cover-ups are the norm.

Here are my flyleaf notes:

+ King was leading a coalition of peace and civil rights in 1967, one that expanded to address economic injustice and the rights of indigenous people’s everywhere, but especially in Viet-Nam. This “new politics,” like the third party politics of today, was so threatening to the Mafia, to banks and corporations, and to the US political and FBI leadership committed to “because we say so, right or wrong,” that he was ordered killed.

+ The author tells us that by 1970 King’s moral authority was directly challenging the moral bankruptcy of the American “state,” which King aptly described as “the greatest purveyor of violence on Earth.” (See my review of The Fifty Year Wound: How America’s Cold War Victory Has Shaped Our World and also Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA)

+ Unlike others who accepted the government’s fictional account at face value, the author actually interviewed James Earl Ray in prison, and over time clearly established both Ray’s veracity, and additional evidence.

+ The FBI burglarized Martin Luther King over 20 times.

+ Less than one month after the John F. Kennedy assassination (he was warned and discounted the warning delivered by his brother), the FBI made Martin Luther King its top target, focusing on “neutralizing King as an effective leader.” (The cover-up is exposed in Someone Would Have Talked: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Conspiracy to Mislead History)

+ At least two funded “hits” on King were discovered, but the one that succeeded involved Frank Liberto, a Mafia boss in the food business, who evidently forgave a major debt from Lloyd Jowers who served as the on-site cut-out for the weapon but did not do the shooting himself. Links are discussed between the FBI, the Mafia, and local police.

+ The local police pulled back all assigned security, took black officers off watch, and evidently arranged to have King moved from a protected inner courtyard room to an upper room directly in the line of sight from the bushes where the shooter was planning to be.

+ 30 years seems to be the magic time period that must pass before individuals sworn to secrecy to protect political malfeasance realize they should ease their consciences before death.

+ The book includes an appendix that shows the many times the Department of Justice willfully lied or omitted evidence in its own investigation.

+ The author presented nine areas to a court that found for the plaintiff; they are listed on page 108:

01 the background to the assassination
02 the local conspiracy
03 the crime scene
04 the murder weapon
05 Raul (the handler)
06 the broader conspiracy
07 the cover up–its scope and activities
08 the defendant’s prior admissions
09 damages

The King family sought damages of just $100. Far more important to them was the verdict of the jury: the US Government, and particularly the FBI and US Army counterintelligence elements acting against US citizens on US soil, were complicit in the murder (assassination) of Martin Luther King.

The author places King is direct opposition to the materialism and the secularization of life to include a loss of morality in US foreign policy. Specifically mentioned in this book are King’s objection to US Government support for dictators. (See my review of Breaking the Real Axis of Evil: How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025)

The author states that he could not have obtained a trial date, much less a verdict, without the full engagement of the King family. Their participation was of inestimable value, he says. He then goes on to describe how the media, which did not attend the trial, slandered (broadcast) and libeled (print) the family and the memory of Martin Luther King. [This is the same media that refused to run $100,000 cash in advance information advertisements against the elective war on Iraq.]

The author specifically warns of the discreet movement in 2007 of the Violent Radicalization Act allowing the White House to redirect the National Guard from any state to any other state, and believes that there is now an explicit fear among “the elite” of impending and complete system collapse and a public rebellion of consequence.

I have a note from the book, that Martin Luther King was branded a traitor. So also was General Tony Zinni, USMC (Ret), the most recently retired Commander in Chief of the U.S. Central Command, and the single most knowledgeable authority at the time on Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, the Pakistan wild card, and Afghanistan. My bottom line: we are lied to; the “experts” are not expert and pander for access–it is time we assert the collective intelligence of We the People.

Completely unexpected to me, but relevant in the context of other books I have been reading, is the author’s outline of how King and all that he stood for called into question the entire-military industrial complex and the misdirection of most of our money toward waging war. (See my review of War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier and of the DVD Why We Fight)

The last page of the body of the book, page 288, has this quote that I marked:

“Martin King firmly believed that non-violent civil disobedience was the best strategy to obtain justice. There is little doubt in my mind that massive non-violent civil disobedience has the potential to shut down the nation, and compel substantive social, economic, political, and cultural change, leading to the reconstruction of the Republic with a focus on the needs of people rather than capital. His dream lives on in each of us who internalized it.”


(Thank you to Paul DeRienzo at YouTube)

Straight Talk From President Sanders.

Posted on December 14, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

ocean55Alphabet Vermont/U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said during a recent interview on a FOX business show that he was thinking about running for President of the United States in 2016. Perhaps one is putting the “cart before the horse” in referring to him as President Sanders at this stage, but then again there’s the other cliché about being “careful what you wish for”.

During her introduction of Senator Sanders before the brief FOX interview, FOX’s female host referred to him as being in the “far, far left” of the political spectrum. The senator responded to that characterization by noting that each of his twelve points for action for America are perceived positively by a large majority of the people. One could observe that, since the political mix in the United States Congress has shifted so far to the right on the spectrum, that Mr. Sanders is actually center left – now the “new” extreme among today’s politicians in Washington, D.C.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both opposed Citigroup’s own preferred language in the trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill provision that leaves taxpayers on the hook when the largest Wall Street megabanks mega-gamble and mega-lose mega-dollars in high risk derivatives trading. On the other hand, neither have taken a “far, far left” stand in the case of Israel-Palestine, in other words going so far as to call for a Palestinian State like Sweden, Britain, Spain, and France have done recently, joining many other nations around the world.

If members of the U.S. government were actually “far, far left” on the spectrum, they would have denounced Israel as a terrorist state as the Bolivian government did after the Israeli massacre of over 2,100 Palestinians in Gaza over the summer, instead of going along with a virtual unanimous vote to continue sending arms and economic aid to Israel of some $3 billion/year.

Given that John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Paul Wellstone and other leaders died by assassination for their political, economic, and societal views, it is possible that today’s politicians are painfully aware of the extreme negative consequences for being a person in the public limelight espousing certain “taboo” positions which threaten the status-quo interests of the world’s most powerful.

Other issues where today’s Washington politicians dare not go are in the areas of monetary reform/public banking, a real investigation of the events on September 11, 2001, taking on in a powerful way the decades-old – enabled by the world’s largest banking and accounting firms – trillion-dollar/year tax haven industry, prosecution of high level politicians for financial, war, torture, and/or other crimes, plus others.

So, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not members of the “far, far left” branch of the political spectrum, but are two people among others now holding elected positions in Washington, D.C. who have exhibited integrity and morality to some extent and spoken to issues which are important for the American people. Bernie Sanders speaks to the, what he considers, overly large amounts in the nation’s spending going to the military. After Dwight Eisenhower articulately warned of the misplaced power and disproportionate influence of the military industrial complex in his farewell address, one could reasonably think that all 535 of America’s elected officials in Congress would speak out as well, so Mr. Sanders’ concern here is nothing really extraordinary.

When he speaks critically about the middle class disappearing and the extreme wealth/income inequality in the U.S., he touches upon an issue that has persisted for decades, so there is nothing new or special there. If memory serves, a book written around the year 1970 titled “The Rich and the Super Rich” by an author whose name escapes, described how many years ago powerful Hollywood producer Louis B. Meyer somehow ended up the only person in the entire nation whose situation pertained to a single-line provision in the tax code – so Citigroup’s self-written provision placing American taxpayers on the hook for extremely high risk swaps/derivatives betting inserted into the omnibus bill is nothing surprising.

What is truly astonishing is that – in particular referring to the Citigroup renewed taxpayer liability language in the bill; the provision which has the most potential by far to severely damage the economy and living conditions of Americans, perhaps to an even more profound, multiplied extent than 2008 – all 535 elected men and women in Congress were not unanimously opposed.


(Thank you to Bernie Sanders at YouTube)

Remember Senator Paul Wellstone.

Posted May 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.”

– George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish dramatist

“How’s your mom doing?”

According to current Minnesota Senator Al Franken, this was a typical question he would hear when meeting the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone. Perhaps that one piece of information, shared by Al Franken after Paul Wellstone died in a 2002 plane crash in northern Minnesota, conveys more about who the late senator was than any other.

Why write about a man who died a dozen years ago? Because the kind of man who lived his life in such a way that he asked questions like “How’s your mom doing?” is worth remembering. Not only because Paul Wellstone was a compassionate, caring person – but because James Fetzer makes a convincing argument that he was the victim of political assassination – is there a real need to make as many people as possible aware of the realities that face persons who stand up against immorality, criminality, and destructive political operatives.

Paul Wellstone was born in Washington, D. C. on July 21, 1944, received both a bachelor’s and Ph.D in Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, then became a professor at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. A FBI file began on him after getting arrested in 1970 during protests against the Vietnam War. He remained politically active while at Carleton College when, in the late 1970s, the college Board of Trustees fired him for his activism and lack of professional, published papers.

Because Paul Wellstone was very popular with students, his students staged a sit-in resulting in the Board of Trustees’ rehiring him and granting him tenure. His students’ appreciation of his teaching style adds another reason for remembering Paul Wellstone – readers may want to imagine how many former teachers they would have participated in a sit-in to protect in a similar situation – because in all probability he told his students the rare truth.

How many can remember those, if any, teachers who affected them in profound ways by daring to explain reality on Earth? Without any research into what his former students’ experiences were while sitting in his lectures, one would be reasonably certain that Paul Wellstone provided astonishing and perceived-by-students as other-worldly information that rarely gets discussed in university lecture halls. Quite simply, he was that one-in-a-million college professor who told his students the truth.

Was Paul Wellstone’s complete dedication to truth the reason he was assassinated?

He ran against incumbent Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz in 1990 as a decided underdog, yet won the race by a small margin. Boschwitz was the only incumbent U.S. senator not to become re-elected. He was one of eight senators to vote against the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, now widely recognized as the catalyst that unleashed unregulated destruction of the economy and the crash of 2007-8. It has been argued – and James Fetzer among other researchers into the death of Paul Wellstone have made conclusive arguments – that his vote against congressional authorization for the War in Iraq on October 11, 2002, after which he told his wife Sheila “I just cost myself the election”, resulted in his assassination.

His feeling that opposition to a war on Iraq would cost him the election against Republican Norm Coleman was understandable based on Americans’ falling for the lies coming out of the mouths of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell etc. on Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and involvement with events on September 11, 2001 and the World Trade Center. Although understandably Paul Wellstone felt he was going to lose to Coleman, in the weeks between his vote against on October 11, 2002 and his murder on October 25, 2002, he was actually gaining according to polls.

The U.S. Senate, in regard to Bush administration plans to invade Iraq, was in a position to prevent Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell etc. from starting the war campaign. Norm Coleman’s victory would help Bush and Cheney get enough votes in the senate to begin military escalation or “shock and awe.” After Paul Wellstone’s death Norm Coleman won over Minnesota’s former Vice-President under Jimmy Carter –  Walter Mondale, and the Iraq War, arguably the worst foreign policy decision in U.S. history, unleashed death and destruction rivaling the equally disastrous Vietnam War.

Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila, his daughter Marcie, the plane’s two pilots, Wellstone’s driver, and two campaign staffers lost their lives – their bodies burnt to ashes.

Political assassination is typically perceived by Americans as something that only happens outside the borders of the United States, but on October 25, 2002 Paul Wellstone joined Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and others murdered by forces inside America. For students of philosophy, religion, or spirituality, political assassination is next to impossible to explain and come to grips with.

Wellstone, King, the Kennedys, Lincoln plus other Americans – along with those well-known, lesser-known, and unknown men and women who became victims of assassination in regions around the world – all knew what severe risks were present if they continued to act in accord with their convictions. What was it that led to their decisions to act even though aware that extreme potential harm could come their way by doing so? Would it be safe to say that all those who sacrificed their very lives had one common denominator? And how can it be described?

Each man or woman has a variety of qualities, perceptions, and unique life experiences gained through the human walk from birth to death – for some a shorter, for some longer in the quantity of years – which become the basis for thoughts, words, and actions. Depending on those unique life experiences, some think about, speak about, and act on issues which affect a small number of Earth’s people. Some become involved in activities which result in negative or positive consequences for larger groups.

The men and women who have become victims of assassination are those who have nearest approached ideas, words, and deeds which are of a universal nature – they are men and women who wanted to literally help create a new and better world for present and future generations. Martin Luther King spoke about these things: “If man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Dr. King died because he discovered unconditional love and said, “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality.”

Unarmed truth and unconditional love. Who believes, along with Martin Luther King, that these will have the final say in reality on this Earth? They are men and women who – consciously but without complete knowing of the ultimate mystery of creation, perhaps only to be experienced after taking one’s final breath –  have become willing to walk toward a new and better world, free from war, greed, and lust for power, approaching step by step, closer and closer, on the good path leading to a reality where truth and love is the basis for all human actions.

So, what benefit can be realized in May 2014 when remembering Paul Wellstone and those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the cause of building a new world? The better-known, lesser-known, and unknown? The answer to that question is a greater and more thorough understanding that time between birth and death is most well spent giving to others, then receiving from others – love.

One can recognize those who have chosen love over hate, coöperation over conflict, kindness over malevolence, gentle words over argument, help over harm, generosity over selfishness, and peace over war. One recognizes the spiritual power behind their spoken words.

Words like “How’s your mom doing?”


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