Israeli Attack On USS Liberty In 1967: Lessons For Today.

English: Protesters at a June 10, 2007 rally i...
English: Protesters at a June 10, 2007 rally in Washington DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 17, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In June of 1967 the USS Liberty was viciously attacked by unmarked jets later known to belong to the Israeli military. The attack was deliberate, designed to destroy the ship and kill everyone on board. Some call the deliberate attack in 1967 by the Israeli military a “false flag” where, if there were no survivors as the plot attempted, the Egyptians would be blamed, thereby drawing the United States deeply into the so-called Six Day War between Israel and Egypt already in progress.

The lessons from the attack of the USS Liberty in 1967 point to the necessity for men and women to remain vigilant and watchful of similar “false flag” events in the days and weeks ahead.

That Lyndon Johnson would recall rescue planes which were going to aid the wounded and killed navy crew on the nearly destroyed USS Liberty (by unmarked jets-how did LBJ (Texas-Oil, George Bush-Texas-Oil-Iraq) know they were Israeli?), that survivors were ordered to never talk about the attack to even their family members at risk of prison or “worse”, that up to this day there has never been a Congressional inquiry into the attack by Israel’s military, leads me to believe that there was collusion between Lyndon Johnson and the highest levels of the Israeli government to “sacrifice” the entire crew of the USS Liberty to bring United States military forces into the Israel-Egypt War of 1967.

After watching the documentary “The Loss of Liberty”, featuring the voices of those who survived as well as some of the highest ranking military veterans when the film was made, you will clearly realize the need for vigilance and extreme watchfulness for false flag events related to the crisis in Syria and the Middle East.