Bloomberg News Interview Of Russian FM Sergei Lavrov.

Posted May 17, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Bloomberg News recently interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the situation in Ukraine. Being a person who does not see the world through the viewpoint of any “side” – there is only one side and that is humanity – it is beneficial for  increased understanding to hear from all persons involved in situations like that which is occurring in Ukraine. During United Nations Security Council meetings recently all members have strongly suggested diplomatic solutions through dialogue. This interview is dialogue, and talks are exactly what is necessary between all people, in all regions, of Ukraine to resolve any differences.

Some of the interview that stood out were Mr. Lavrov’s emphasis on all parties’ returning to the April 17 Geneva Agreement, where Ukraine, Russia, United States, and European Union officials agreed to stop all violence until a way forward was found which satisfied all Ukrainians from all regions. He pointed out that there could be no genuine communication through mortars, gunfire, bombs, or painting helicopters so they’d be falsely recognized as United Nations helicopters. The United Nations condemned those actions of Kiev authorities’ disguising helicopters.

Sergei Lavrov believes the present crisis began in 2008, at a North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting where the aim became spoken that Georgia and Ukraine should become part of the military alliance. The young interviewer asked Mr. Lavrov about Crimea, which Nikita Khrushchov turned over to Ukraine in 1964, although the action occurred in 1954. Lavrov noted that not one shot was fired in Crimea when the people there voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

After Crimea seceded, Lavrov talked about his government’s consistent efforts to bring about a national Ukrainian dialogue, including decentralization of power, a federalized political system, amendments to the constitution, presidential elections, and all issues and concerns being met in a way that satisfies all regions. The reforms resulting in a new Ukrainian model would be guaranteed by all stakeholders, but that these efforts were met with no response.

Lavrov said that the western goal is to legitimize the – what Lavrov described as – illegitimate, illegal regime that came to power in Kiev through violence.

He shares his experience of western officials telling him that Russians were taken into custody for crossing the Russia/Ukraine border to take part in violence. Lavrov tells the interviewer that he has requested many times that the evidence become produced – whether documents, identification cards, photos, or any evidence – but that he has never been presented with one piece of evidence.

He pointed out that officials from various regional nations have been given suggestions to stay out of meetings with their Russian counterparts, and that Lavrov’s requests to western leaders to appear on the media together have all been turned down. He said that he has heard many suggestions that Russians must do this, Russians must do that. He finds it hard to understand when, after doing what had been suggested, the response then would come that “Russia must change.” He expresses incredulity when describing how his questions about “what type of change would you like” have gone unanswered.

So, Sergei Lavrov in this interview says that something is missing in the negotiations between himself as a representative of Russia, and Ukraine, European Union, and American colleagues. He notes that Vladimir Putin called for postponement of referendums in eastern and southern Ukraine, and that if presidential elections don’t happen on May 25 – for any reason – Russians were told they would be to blame.

Perhaps at his most insightful moment during the interview, Lavrov talked about many people already starting to experience fatigue over the Ukrainian situation. He attributes this fatigue to “this absolutely useless, childish exercise, to turn a very serious crisis into something which does not have anything to do with the future of Ukraine, but has to do with how people are perceived by their own electorate, how they’re perceived by those who try to dictate the politics from Washington. This fatigue is felt very much.”

As the talk winds down he spoke about Ukrainians in the east and south having no wish to be labeled/called “pro-Russian”, “pro-American” or anything else but Ukrainians.

Sergei Lavrov ended the interview with Bloomberg News by saying, “We don’t have any intention of sending any troops anywhere.”

Lavrov’s talk on “fatigue” probably reflects the feelings of many men and women who are, and have been, concerned about the people of Ukraine. I hope to God that, because the Ukraine events have become so extensively reported, this situation may signal the end to war and the need for men and women to either prevent or stop conflict. As mentioned at the top of this post, there is only one “side”, humanity, on this Earth. Ukraine, and every conflict situation in history, represent the worst symptoms of a disease that becomes cured with increased understanding through genuine, constructive talks focused on creating the best conditions for the greatest number of men, women, and children.

Yes, people around the world have grown weary and fatigued from the wars, destruction, and pain innocent people – who just want to live normal, peaceful, and happy lives – come to experience because leaders fail to understand love must be the basis of all decisions.

The Walker

“For infinite are the nine steps of a prison cell, and endless is the march of him who walks between the yellow brick wall and the red iron gate, thinking things that cannot be chained and cannot be locked, but that wander far away in the sunlit world, each in a wild pilgrimage after a destined goal.

Wonderful is the supreme wisdom of the jail that makes all think the same thought. Marvellous is the providence of the law that equalizes all, ever in mind and sentiment.

I, who have never killed, think like the murderer!

I, who have never stolen, reason like the thief!

I think, reason, wish, hope, doubt, wait like the hired assassin, the embezzler, the forger, the counterfeiter, the incestuous, the raper, the drunkard, the prostitute, the pimp, I, I who used to think of love and life and flowers and song and beauty and the ideal.”

– Arturo Giovannitti (1884-1959) Italian-born American poet 


Army Veteran Lawrence Wilkerson On Ukraine: “This Has Got To Stop.”

Posted May 7, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The only thing that we can know is that we know nothing and that is the highest flight of human wisdom.”

– LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910) Russian writer

smoky mt-1Lawrence Wilkerson appeared on RT America for a short interview recently, and he brought some good ideas for resolving the tense situation in Ukraine. This interview was posted on May 2, the day of the “Odessa Massacre”, so Mr. Wilkerson’s appearance was just before that very tragic event occurred.

He joins many millions of men and women from all nations and regions of the Earth in calling for wise, reasoned, and dialogue-driven resolution to the crisis. While many millions are acting and speaking out for peace, billions who have yet to take steps for peace feel exactly the same. On this issue of war and peace in Ukraine – and all the world – humanity has completed its referendum.

Humanity has passed the referendum and is calling for peace.


English poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

“The Prelude” (partial)

Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows

Like harmony in music; there is a dark

Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles

Discordant elements. (Bk. I)

There is

One great society alone on Earth:

The noble living and the noble dead.

Science appears as what in truth she is,

Not as our glory and our absolute boast,

But as a succedaneum, and a prop,

To our infirmity. (Bk. II)

There’s not a man

That lives who hath not known his godlike hours. (Bk. III)

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive.

But to be young was very heaven.

Not in Utopia, – in subterranean fields, –

Or some secreted island, Heaven knows where!

But in the very world, which is the world

Of all of us, – the place where in the end

We find our happiness, or not at all! (Bk. XI)


To the world’s leaders: the human race has stood up and demanded peace. You must get out of the way and let them have it.

Peace Efforts For Ukraine Ongoing Worldwide.

Posted May 6, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“In time of war men, civilized in peace, turn from their higher nature to their lower nature. But triumph is not beautiful. One who thinks triumph is beautiful is one with a will to kill. The death of a multitude is cause for mourning. Conduct your triumph as a funeral.”

– LAO-TZU (c. 565 B.C) Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism

Suits 1After the tragic fire in Odessa, Ukraine on May 2 that resulted in the deaths of, according to varying reports – forty-six to more than one hundred – men and women around the world have come to the conclusion that action must be taken to speak out for peace in that country. In nations around the Earth hundreds of thousands are joining together in solidarity with all the Ukrainian people in efforts and advocating for dialogue and reason to prevent any further violence.

Many university professors have been appearing on news programs with their views on what needs to occur for a peaceful resolution of the situation, and there seems to be more intensity in their messages after what is being called the “Odessa Massacre.” And rightly so. Frankly, because men and women in both governments and media companies are well aware of what occurred in Odessa, yet fail to convey in public addresses or reporting the full story, those who either “spin” events or lie by omission have forfeited any claim of being honorable human beings.

Some may think this is an overreaction and disrespectful of politicians in high offices or well-respected journalists. Those who hold that view are welcome to their opinions. However, those politicians who do not speak the truth about what happened to, depending on what source death figures come from, between 46 to over 100 fellow human beings, have lost any honor they may have earned. Any person with access to YouTube can see what happened at that Union Labor Hall. A lawless situation which, just as the Maidan Massacre, needs a multinational law enforcement team to investigate thoroughly and professionally.

The United States has sent a law enforcement team to Nigeria in the past days to help bring home some two hundred kidnapped girls, the same applies to Ukraine in the cases of Maidan sniper mass murder along with Odessa. Reports on the Odessa tragedy have surfaced which suggest the victims were killed with chemical weapons or may have been shot before the fires were set. The failure of the new administration in Kiev to properly investigate the Maidan Massacre is one of the causes of anti-Kiev sentiments in parts of Ukraine, and turning away and ignoring this major concern – mass murderers walking the streets – absolutely must be professionally and righteously investigated.

Any person worthy of honor and respect would see that a tragedy of immense proportion has occurred – a signal that in Ukraine things have gone very, very wrong – and condemn those responsible for such truly barbaric behavior in the strongest terms humanly possible. In the most logical analysis yet of the tragic Odessa deaths, one person spoke eloquently and asked what the reactions of United States/Western politicians – namely the Obama Administration – or American/Western news commentators would have been if the victims and murderers were turned around.

What would the response be from western news companies, and politicians from the Ukraine, European Union, the United States, if so-called Eastern Ukraine “terrorists” were to have chased hundreds of Ukraine-unity men and women into the same hall, blocked any escape routes, either killed them with chemical weapons or gunfire, then burn the building – killing 46-100 in the process?

What would be the response?

Professors are wise. It is time to listen to them. Alexander Buzgalin suggests that leaders – diplomats and presidents – from Russia, Ukraine, European Union, and United States need to sit down in a room and come up with an exact plan that they can then announce to their respective citizens. He suggests the plan takes into consideration all the pertinent, important factors which concern all the people of Ukraine including a proper investigation of both the Maidan and Odessa Massacres, disarming the lawless group responsible for violence, a new constitution, a federalized political system that decentralizes power throughout the nation, and other major citizen concerns identified through a nationwide dialogue.

And take the suggestion of Professor Nikolai Petro, and admit that the current differences in Ukraine between people of various parts is an indigenous set of problems, which needs to become settled by the people of Ukraine, not outside powers. Professor Petro also strongly suggests that the propensity to blame Russia for the problems in Ukraine is erroneous and, to repeat, the time has arrived to recognize and publicly announce the truth: Ukraine’s current problems are indigenous.

For the love of God – in respect for those sacred men and women who have perished in Ukraine – all people, and all leaders, absolutely must start thinking, speaking, and acting with the highest honor, truth, mutual respect, and most importantly love – for peace.


(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)

Unleash The World’s Weapons Of Mass Peace Now.

Posted April 25, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

398-2-1The world’s people have been moving in recent years to a philosophical and spiritual place of higher consciousness where war, killing, and violence are seen as no longer acceptable. At risk of being accused of having “delusions of Utopia” or a “rose-colored” outlook on what is humanly possible, let it be suggested that a combined demand for peace in Ukraine by the world’s men, women, and children can indeed be successful – and place humanity firmly on the path to a world without war.

So, this writing is a call – a “message in an internet”, if you like – for the human race to rise and stand together as one family and declare as loudly as humanly possible: “NO!” to war. Because war has become a dinosaur in the year 2014, and no longer understood as any means of conflict resolution between civilized, reasonable people. A potential war in Ukraine will be a civil war with the direst of consequences. For the love of God, if Ukrainians are going to war let it be one fought in the debate hall, for all people in Ukraine to participate in. Allow your weapons to be ideas, concepts, reason and a genuine meeting of minds and hearts – with the firmest resolve of arriving at an agreeable and peaceful solution.

People of Ukraine and the world, hear the voice of American Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891), who fought in the American Civil War:

“You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out.”

“I am sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood. War is hell.”

“There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory but, boys, it is all hell. You can bear this warning voice for generations to come. I look upon war with horror.”

People of Ukraine and the world, read the words from the final chapter of Bhagavad Gita and take what strength you can for the great battle for peace.

Infinite Spirit

Arjuna: Krishna, I want to know the real essence of both renunciation and relinquishment.

Lord Krishna: Giving up actions based on desire, the poets know as “renunciation”; relinquishing all fruit of action, learned men call “relinquishment.”

Some wise men say all action is flawed and must be relinquished; others say action in sacrifice, charity, and penance must not be relinquished.

Arjuna, hear my decision about relinquishment; it is rightly declared to be of three kinds.

Actions in sacrifice, charity, and penance is to be performed, not relinquished—for wise men, they are acts of sanctity.

But even these actions should be done by relinquishing to me attachment and the fruit of action—this is my decisive idea.

Renunciation of prescribed action is inappropriate; relinquished in delusion, it becomes a way of dark inertia.

When one passionately relinquishes difficult action from fear of bodily harm, he cannot win the fruit of relinquishment.

But if one performs prescribed action because it must be done, relinquishing attachment and the fruit, his relinquishment is a lucid act.

He does not disdain unskilled action nor cling to skilled action; in his lucidity the relinquisher is wise and his doubts are cut away.

A man burdened by his body cannot completely relinquish actions, but a relinquisher is defined as one who can relinquish the fruits.

The fruit of action haunts men in death if they fail to relinquish all forms, unwanted, wanted, and mixed—but not if men renounce them.

Arjuna, learn from me the five causes for the success of all actions as explained in philosophical analysis.

They are the material basis, the agent, the different instruments, various kinds of behavior, and finally fate, the fifth.

Whatever action one initiates through body, speech, and mind, be it proper or perverse, these five causes are present.

This being so, when a man of poor understanding and misjudgment sees himself as the only agent, he cannot be said to see.

When one is free of individuality and his understanding is untainted, even if he kills these people, he does not kill and is not bound.

Knowledge, its object, and its subject are the triple stimulus of action; instrument, act, and agent are the constituents of action.

Knowledge, action, agent are threefold, differentiated by qualities of nature; hear how this has been explained in the philosophical analysis of qualities.

Know that through lucid knowledge one sees in all creatures a single, unchanging existence, undivided within its divisions.

Know passionate knowledge as that which regards various distinct existences separately in all creatures.

But knowledge that clings to a single thing as if it were the whole, limited, lacking a sense of reality, is known for its dark inertia.

Action known for its lucidity is necessary, free of attachment, performed without attraction or hatred by one who seeks no fruit.

Action called passionate is performed with great effort by an individualist who seeks to satisfy his desires.

Action defined by dark inertia is undertaken in delusion, without concern for consequences, for death or violence, or for manhood.

An agent called pure has no attachment or individualism, is resolute and energetic, unchanged in failure and success.

An agent said to be passionate is anxious to gain the fruit of action, greedy, essentially violent, impure, subject to excitement and grief.

An agent defined by dark inertia is undisciplined, vulgar, stubborn, fraudulent, dishonest, lazy, depressed, and slow to act.

Listen as I tell you without reserve about understanding and resolve, each in three aspects, according to the qualities of nature.

In one who knows activity and rest, acts of right and wrong, bravery and fear, bondage and freedom, understanding is lucid.

When one fails to discern sacred duty from chaos, right acts from wrong, understanding is passionate.

When it thinks in perverse ways, is covered in darkness, imagining chaos to be sacred duty, understanding is darkly inert.

When it sustains acts of mind, breath, and senses through discipline without wavering, resolve is lucid.

When it sustains with attachment duty, desire, and wealth, craving their fruits, resolve is passionate.

When a fool cannot escape dreaming, fear, grief, depression, and intoxication, courage is darkly inert.

Arjuna, now hear about joy, the three ways of finding delight through practice that brings an end to suffering.

The joy of lucidity at first seems like poison but is in the end like ambrosia, from the calm of self-understanding.

The joy that is passionate at first seems like ambrosia when senses encounter sense objects, but in the end it is like poison.

The joy arising from sleep, laziness, and negligence, self-deluding from beginning to end, is said to be darkly inert.

There is no being on earth or among the gods in heaven free from the triad of qualities that are born of nature.

The actions of priests, warriors, commoners, and servants are apportioned by qualities born of their intrinsic being.

Tranquility, control, penance, purity, patience, and honesty, knowledge, judgment, and piety are intrinsic to the action of a priest.

Heroism, fiery energy, resolve, skill, refusal to retreat in battle, charity, and majesty in conduct are intrinsic to the action of a warrior.

Farming, herding cattle, and commerce are intrinsic to the action of a commoner; action that is essentially service is intrinsic to the servant.

Each one achieves success by focusing on his own action; hear how one finds success by focusing on his own action.

By his own action a man finds success, worshipping the source of all creatures’ activity, the presence pervading all that is.

Better to do one’s duty imperfectly than to do another man’s well; doing action intrinsic to his being, a man avoids guilt.

Arjuna, a man should not relinquish action he is born to, even if it is flawed; all undertakings are marred by a flaw, as fire is obscured by smoke.

His understanding everywhere detached, the self mastered, longing gone, one finds through renunciation the supreme success beyond action.

Understand in summary from me how when he achieves success one attains the infinite spirit, the highest state of knowledge.

Armed with his purified understanding, subduing the self with resolve, relinquishing sensuous objects, avoiding attraction and hatred;

Observing solitude, barely eating, restraining speech, body, and mind; practicing discipline in meditation, cultivating dispassion;

Freeing himself from individuality, force, pride, desire, anger, acquisitiveness; unpossessive, tranquil, he is at one with the infinite spirit.

Being at one with the infinite spirit, serene in himself, he does not grieve or crave; impartial toward all creatures, he achieves supreme devotion to me.

Through devotion he discerns me, just who and how vast I really am; and knowing me in reality, he enters into my presence.

Always performing all actions, taking refuge in me, he attains through my grace the eternal place beyond change.

Through reason, renounce all works in me, focus on me; relying on the discipline of understanding, always keep me in your thought.

If I am in your thought, by my grace you will transcend all dangers; but if you are deafened by individuality, you will be lost.

Your resolve is futile if a sense of individuality makes you think, “I shall not fight”—nature will compel you to.

You are bound by your own action, intrinsic to your being, Arjuna; even against your will you must do what delusion now makes you refuse.

Arjuna, the lord resides in the heart of all creatures, making them reel magically, as if a machine moved them.

With your whole being, Arjuna, take refuge in him alone—from his grace you will attain the eternal place that is peace.

The knowledge I have taught is more arcane than any mystery—consider it completely, then act as you choose.

Listen to my profound words, the deepest mystery of all, for you are precious to me and I tell you for your good.

Keep your mind on me, be my devotee, sacrificing, bow to me—you will come to me, I promise, for you are dear to me.

Relinquishing all sacred duties to me, make me your only refuge; do not grieve, for I shall free you from all evils.

You must not speak of this to one who is without penance and devotion, or who does not wish to hear, or who finds fault in me.

When he shares this deepest mystery with others devoted to me, giving me his total devotion, a man will come to me without doubt.

No mortal can perform service for me that I value more, and no other man on earth will be more dear to me than he is.

I judge the man who studies our dialogue on sacred duty to offer me sacrifice through sacrifice in knowledge.

If he listens in faith, finding no fault, a man is free and will attain the cherished worlds of those who act in virtue.

Arjuna, have you listened with your full powers of reason? Has the delusion of ignorance now been destroyed?

Arjuna: Krishna, my delusion is destroyed, and by your grace I have regained memory; I stand here, my doubt dispelled, ready to act on your words.

Sanjaya: As I heard this wondrous dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, the man of great soul, the hair bristled on my flesh.

By grace of the epic poet Vyasa, I heard the mystery of supreme discipline recounted by Krishna himself, the lord of discipline incarnate.

O King, when I keep remembering this wondrous and holy dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, I rejoice again and again.

In my memory I recall again and again Krishna’s wondrous form—great is my amazement, King; I rejoice again and again.

Where Krishna is lord of discipline and Arjuna is the archer, there do fortune, victory, abundance, and morality exist, so I think.


People of Ukraine and the world, take what strength you can from the last portion of The Morning Prayer for the great battle for peace.

God created nights, seasons, lunar days and weekdays.

God created wind, water, fire, and the nether lands.

In between these God established the Earth as home to practice truth and virtue.

God created different kinds of species with various colors and habits, such species have countless different names.

They are judged according to their deeds and actions.

The God himself is true and true in his court.

There the accepted saints look graceful.

The marks of blessing and mercy of God is poured upon all.

The good and bad of everyone are judged there.

Satguru Nanak says that true facts become known in his court, when you go home you will see this.

The above is the moral duty of the realm of righteousness

Now we narrate the working of the realm of knowledge

Countless are winds, waters, fires, Krishnas and Shivas.

There are countless Brahmas who are fashioning in various forms, colors and clothes.

There are a number of earths and mountains for doing various deeds, and there are innumerable lessons to be learned.

There are many Indras, suns and moons, galaxies and countries.

There are countless yogis, enlightened ones, and countless forms of goddesses.

There are countless gods, demons, saints, jewels and oceans.

There are countless sources of creation, languages and many dominions of kings.

Countless are the men of divine knowledge and countless the servants of God.

Satguru Nanak says that there is no end to God’s bounds.

In the domain of knowledge, spiritual learning shines brightly.

There it produces endless delight, melodies, amusement and joys.

The language of reaching the realm of spiritual happiness is beautiful.

Unique beautiful forms having no parallel are finished there.

What is happening in that sphere cannot be described.

If anyone attempts to describe it they shall have to repent afterwards.

There inner consciousness, intellect, soul and understanding are molded.

There the genius of the pious persons and men of miracles is molded.

In the sphere of action and grace the spiritual power is the main force.

No one else can reside there but those blessed with the spiritual force.

The very powerful warriors and heroes reside there.

In them the might of the pervading God remains fulfilled.

Everyone is fully merged with God’s admiration there.

Their forms of beauty are indescribable.

They never die nor are they created because God’s name resides in their hearts.

The saints of various worlds reside there.

They cherish the holy eternal ever in their hearts.

Formless God resides in the realm of truth.

God beholds the creation which he has created, and grants his kind glance and bestows upon them happiness.

There are continents, universes and solar systems in that region.

If someone tries to describe them he knows there is no limit or end to this.

There are universe upon universe and creations over creations.

They function according to orders issued by God.

God beholds his creation and feels happy by contemplating over it.

Satguru Nanak says that to describe the realm of truth is as hard as steel.

Make purity and modesty your furnaces and patience as your goldsmith.

Consider your mind as your anvil and divine knowledge as your tools.

Consider fear of God is as your bellows and practice of penance is the fire.

Treat the Love of God as thought where in filters the nectar of God’s name.

Thus in the true mint, the divine word is fashioned.

This is the daily routine of those on whom God casts his divine grace.

Satguru Nanak says that God with his kind look makes them happy.

Air is the guru, water is the father and Earth is the great mother.

Days and nights are the two nurses, in whose laps the whole world is at play. Good and bad deeds are judged by the God of justice.

According to their deeds, some will be adjusted near him and some will be distant from God.

Those who have contemplated his divine word would pass through all toils.

Satguru Nanak says that their faces flow with the glory of the divine light and many more are saved along with them.

Unleash the world’s weapons of mass peace.



(Peter Kater – R. Carlos Nakai “Quietude)