Palestinians Seek International Criminal Court.

Posted on January 5, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his strong opposition to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) effort to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). Netanyahu and his government have responded to the ICC effort by withholding $127 million in tax revenues from the PA – a major part of the Palestinian entity’s yearly budget, and the United States has threatened to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding/aid to the Palestinians as well.

Now, the question which first comes up for both Netanyahu and American legislators regarding the withholding of multiple millions (sanctions?) is: “Can you please explain why you are so opposed to the International Criminal Court?” Furthermore, in your explanation, can you be very, very specific? After the United States and Australia voted “no” at the United Nations Security Council on a resolution to recognize a Palestinian state, head of the PA Mahmoud Abbas signed the necessary preliminary paperwork for ICC membership.

In an interview with CCTV, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said “Those who worry about Palestinian Authority going to the (ICC) courts should stop committing crimes”. After decades of negotiations which have proven fruitless in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict, the atrocities committed by Israeli military forces during last summer’s “Operation Protective Edge”, and increasing awareness by people around the world of Israel’s serial fracturing of international and humanitarian law, the unstoppable movement toward justice for the Palestinian people only grows louder and stronger.

Don’t be surprised if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu soon appears in front of an ICC court and prosecutors, becomes convicted of the world’s most serious crimes, and becomes faced with spending a long time behind bars in prison. Opposition to the PA’s seeking membership in the ICC has nothing to do with “harming the negotiations/peace process”. The Palestinians are doing what they can to receive decades-overdue justice, and the world is becoming more and more clearly in accord with their rightly pursued efforts.

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a legal battle somewhat analogous to, but far more severe than, when the youngster tells his friend who faces punishment for his wrongs: “You’re gonna’ be in big trouble!” The truly horrific crimes committed by Netanyahu and his government/military over the summer of 2014 against the people of Gaza were obvious for any man or woman who simply took the time to look.

Continuing the status-quo in Israel-Palestine has simply become unacceptable.


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Middle East Peace Inititative 2014.

Posted on June 23, 2104

by Jerry Alatalo

“He is not a lover who does not love forever… Love is all we have; the only way that each can help the other.”

– Euripides (480 B.C.-406 B.C.) Greek dramatist

ripple22With the tragic events that are occurring today in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East (ME), along with the seeming lack of good solutions coming from politicians, the corporate world or the media, this post’s sole purpose is to ask for potential solutions. After men and women around the Earth see what has happened in the Middle East – including recent history, long history, and today – almost every one of them have given thought toward solutions which would bring peace to that region. What complicates the Middle East situation is obviously the region’s possession of large energy resources, and the competition for control and profit from oil and natural gas.

The hope behind this post – “Global Middle East Peace Initiative 2014” –  is to begin an effort to identify ideas that would have practical and applicable results of increasing peace in the region. So, another way of wording/describing this effort is asking the question: “what needs to occur for true peace to come forth in the Middle East?” Is this an extremely challenging assignment?

No doubt about it.

Some may see such a proposal and immediately feel that there is no real chance to bring peace to the Middle East, that the ME has always been ravaged by war, and there is nothing anyone, or any group, can do to change that perennial condition. “Those people have fought each other for 1,000’s of years, there’s nothing you or I can do about it” is the view that many people have when Middle East violent events get brought up in discussions. Many, if not most, people (at least in America) have in this sense resigned themselves to the fact that war in the ME is just a forever thing.

Some percentage of people will have some inkling of possible peaceful solutions for the region but, probably because they’ve attempted to convey those thoughts without success: more war and killing seems like on an unstoppable march, have basically given up on peace in the ME even though their ideas have offered real potential. This percentage of men and women gave it their best effort for varying lengths of time and in small to large levels of intensity and focus, then became burnt out after seeing those benevolent works basically come to naught.

And then on the scale and measure of people concerned about the warring in the ME, there are those, probably because they have first-hand experience of tragedy and loss in the region. or a greater base of knowledge from much deeper/broader than average study of the history and facts, will never stop working for peace. This percentage of the population consists of men and women who live in the ME, veterans and military leaders (from both “sides” of battles), academicians/experts in the fields of Middle East Studies, history, economics, international relations, comparative religions, etc., politicians from all nations, peace and journalism activists, writers and artists, religious leaders, business leaders, and so on.

So, basically, when one looks at the various camps in the population on Earth, there are roughly three divisions when it comes to war and peace in the ME:

Those who’ve given up on peace in the Middle East – 100% cynical

Those who’ve become partially cynical, but will at times offer potential solutions – lukewarm

Those who’ve, because of profound direct experience, higher than average knowledge of Middle East reality, or an intense dedication to peace,, made up their minds to exert great effort to bring peace to the people living in the Middle East

Humanity must come together to create peace in the Middle East and everywhere on Earth

This post, this initiative intended to find ways to create a peaceful Middle East, may result in nothing in the way of real solutions for the men, women, and children of the Middle East region. On the other hand, depending on the contributions and subsequent discussion from men and women readers (hopefully from all nations and regions of the Earth), truly feasible Middle East peace solutions will become unveiled/discovered, relayed widely, and peace will come.

“The holiest of all spots on Earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”

– A Course In Miracles

Let us begin.

Would a meeting like this bring peace to the Middle East?

The world’s first live meeting broadcasted to the entire human race over satellite/cable television and the internet. At this meeting will be the elected leader, or monarchical head, of each Middle East nation and the leaders of the permanent members (P5) of the United Nations Security Council. The meeting can take place in person at the United Nations in New York or via satellite or other means from remote locations.

The attendees will understand that the meeting has one purpose and one purpose only: “Peace in the Middle East.”

The start of the meeting will consist of talks without any readable material or notes. In other words, the first part of the meeting will be from each person’s heart. During this part of the meeting, each participant will be given unlimited time to share their views/proposals.

After each attendee is given sufficient time to speak, in the next portion of the meeting attendees can use written/presentation materials to clarify their spoken words – with time limits.

After that then, each participant will once again be given unlimited time to talk – without notes or reading material – ending their talk with their best general proposal for peace in the Middle East.

After each participant has spoken, each member will vote on each proposal that has been offered/made. If there is 100% agreement on any proposal then the meeting has achieved its highest possible success. The attendees will agree on the general proposal and pledge their personal honor to help with the drafting of a specific-language peace treaty.

If 100% agreement is not reached on any general proposal suggested by any of the participants, then the proposal with the highest number of “yes” votes will be then further discussed by those who voted “no” only. The “no” voters will be given unlimited time to suggest improvements to the one general proposal that received the highest number of “yes” votes, then any one of the “yes” voters will be given unlimited time to discuss the suggested improvements to the proposal and another vote will take place.

If any/all the original “no” voters change their votes to “yes” that will be seen as good and very positive. If the “no” voters once again vote “no” then it will become felt as disappointing, but they will have the option to decline signing the eventually drafted peace treaty.

This meeting proposal offers a good chance for peace in the Middle East because the format is one which emphasizes honor, truth, and coöperation.

The attendees will understand that their views/proposals will become known by the entire human race.


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Apartheid In Israel: An Eyewitness On The Side Of Humanity.

Posted January 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Deny human rights, and however little you may wish to do so, you will find yourself abjectly kneeling at the feet of that old-world god, force – that grimmest and ugliest of gods men have ever erected for themselves out of the lusts of their hearts. You will find yourself dreading all other men who differ from you; you will find yourself obliged by the law of conflict into which you have plunged, to use every means in your power to crush them before they are able to crush you; you will find yourself day by day growing more unscrupulous and intolerant, more and more compelled by the fear of those opposed to you, to commit harsh and violent actions.”

– Auberon Herbert (1838-1906)

mountain11Eva Bartlett has been described as the Rachel Corrie of our time. Rachel Corrie is the young woman who passed away after being run over by a bulldozer trying to protect Palestinians’ land from destruction. It is not easy to quantify the amount of courage required to take the steps Ms. Corrie and Eva Bartlett have taken. How many men and women would make the difficult decision to live in the occupied territories with Palestinians – risking one’s health, well-being and life in the process – to help end injustice?

Ms. Bartlett was born in Michigan then moved with her family to Ontario, Canada. Her story of increasing awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people is similar to most. Despite virtually no mainstream news reports of the apartheid conditions in Israel, she first learned of the situation through internet reports. Her first response was similar to every man or woman who learns about real situations on Earth: “Why haven’t I heard about this?”

Feeling like all people who find evidence which points to a reality either rarely/under reported or subject to censorship, Eva Bartlett started her journey of researching the Israel-Palestine conflict. At a certain point she was face-to-face with the difficult decision to take action, and essentially smuggled herself into Israeli occupied territory to live among the Palestinian people and journal/record events. What she witnessed will probably come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

“Trail of Tears” comes to mind when thinking about what Palestinian people have had to endure. In passing, it is disappointing to find that in 2014 there exists a human situation which mirrors what Native Americans, South Africans, and African-Americans experienced. That disappointment includes sadness that the health and well-being of Palestinian people has been discounted or ignored by the world’s most powerful leaders. There has been a failure of moral and ethical leadership when apartheid conditions are not called exactly that: apartheid.

Most importantly, the failure to stand up for men, women, and children who are fellow children of God – failure to call for equal rights and fair treatment for human beings under extremely stressful living conditions – shows a lack of concern which is disturbing. Those who profess to live and act in the spirit of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” will either use their thoughts, words, and deeds to bring about that spirit for all people everywhere, or will fail to reach the highest expression of the philosophy.

To state it directly, the people who are Palestinians have been wounded and killed, and need the world’s help to heal and experience “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. For this to occur – an action that will result in a more peaceful world – requires the same energetic series of actions that led to the end of every injustice large and small through history: the world’s people joining together and saying, “this is not right, this is no longer acceptable in a civilized world.”

Stated even more directly, the decades-long unjust treatment of Palestinians challenges men and women everywhere to see the Israel-Palestine conflict from the spiritual perspective of “do unto others what you would have done to you”. In essence, actions taken going forward by those who are able to shape the future in Israel and the Middle East are either right or wrong – in the context of the “Golden Rule”.

Wrong actions are those which result in continuance of a system of apartheid, where people are not given the same respect, equal rights, and opportunities to live their lives in dignity – just as all people everywhere deserve the same God-given rights.

Right actions are those which result in an increasing awareness of the fact that all people are the same, wanting to live in peace and experience the joys of this lifetime which are possible. Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children growing up with no idea that there was a time when their ancestors did not live the highest levels of quality of life, unable to reach a place of true peace between equally deserving human beings, and suffered the consequences of negative thoughts of hate, discord, and separation.

Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children playing and laughing together, in a land and region and world which has surpassed – and no longer practices – hatred, violence, harm, and apartheid conditions. Ending apartheid in Israel is the first step on the journey to such a beauteous world.


For more information, or to possibly arrange for Eva Bartlett to speak in your locale, please visit


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Middle East Events Signal Monarchy’s Last Stand.

Posted January 7, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain55“The mischief springs from the power which the moneyed interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges which they have succeeded in obtaining… and unless you become more watchful in your States and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these corporations.”

– Andrew Jackson (1768-1845) Farewell Address, 1837

Early in the new year of 2014 many of the world’s people are watching events in the Middle East, namely Iraq, and feeling as if the leaders in that region failed to make any resolutions having to do with peace. Sunnis and Shias have yet to resolve their differences in such a way that violence has become reduced or eliminated. Perhaps the “Sunni – Shia” angle is being given too much emphasis – the problems in the Middle East may all boil down to the control of the region’s vast natural resources wealth, including oil and natural gas.

The Middle East may best represent – be the most visible example of – the worldwide sense among people who feel there is too much financial power in the hands of the few, and that the time has come for a more fair distribution of the Earth’s resource wealth. The heads of energy corporations understand what is happening in the Middle East, but are never asked for the truth by reporters and the media. Those who are on each side of the conflicts – those in the top command, not the people doing the killing on the ground – are not forthcoming with the specific reasons for the fighting.

Many people living outside the war zones of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Afghanistan and other regions have been provided with so little truth about the reasons for the fighting and killing that they simply view the wars “have gone on through history, and there is nothing that will stop it”. Perhaps the pivotal historic event in the Middle East occurred in 1953, when the United States government overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran – who had nationalized the country’s oil resources – and replaced him with the Shah of Iran.

When the Iranian people overthrew the Shah in 1979, it began a long 35-year period where Iran and the United States, as well as allies who extracted oil during the reign of the Shah, became estranged, leading many to become hopeful after recent agreement between the U.S. and Iran. Since 1953, all nations who have been involved in the Middle East have adjusted their regional strategies in hard to measure, non-violent and violent ways.

The metaphor of “toughest kid on the block” could apply, the strongest example being the Iraq War begun in 2003 on false pretenses. This strategy could be described as the “take it all” strategy, when the most powerful military on Earth became criminally used to meet the goals of those wishing for control of Iraq. That George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others (the toughest kids on the block) would be willing to take military actions leading to the death of over 1 million Iraqi men, women, and children – while lying to initiate those actions – gives humanity evidence of a very, very serious psychological problem in certain political leaders.

After the events begun with a man’s self-immolation in Tunisia called the “Arab Spring” movement, people around the world took notice, and since that time there have been a number of similar large protests in nations around the world – essentially by millions of men and women looking for fairness, justice, and equality. A major factor in all of this was the increased amount of information available to all who had access to the internet, where previously unknown facts – unreported by the mainstream media – were now seen and read on computer screens everywhere on Earth.

In a sense the world’s people all became investigative journalists, no longer watching their TV news but reading an enormous variety of reporting on the internet’s alternative news sites. One could accurately describe the worldwide phenomenon a “truth explosion”, with awesome amounts of communications between men and women from every nation and region in the world. The focus became exposing who was running the world, why wars became started and fought, as well as other issues which all revolved around learning and sharing what the “real deal on Earth” is – and ways to change reality for the better.

Only a few months ago the world’s people were largely responsible for preventing a major military catastrophe in Syria – unreported by the mainstream media but understood by the millions of men and women who acted to let political leaders know of their opposition to war and the killing of innocent people who simply want to live a decent, normal, happy life. Through the internet, people around the world became aware of the natural resource wealth angle of wars, and forcefully expressed their belief that war and killing for profit and personal power is no longer acceptable.

The worldwide awareness phenomenon continues to this day, with revelation after revelation coming into view, in an intense manner which has never been experienced by the human race. As the secrets come to be revealed in ever-increasing unbelievable ways, the consciousness of the collective of mankind shall experience profound movement toward ethical and moral resolution of problems, conflicts, and differences.

The ethical and moral movement of humanity will only grow stronger for one simple reason. There are so many millions of people who have become aware of the “real deal” on Earth – through history until now – that a point was reached, and passed through, where the proverbial “genie” cannot be put back into the bottle. The collective accumulation of knowledge and wisdom by the world’s people will combine in such a way that creating a fair, just, and peaceful world for this and future generations will be inevitable.

A truly ethical and moral world has been created through the decades, centuries, and millenniums. Here at the start of 2014 the work to complete that Earthly creation begins.

George Galloway is a man who I have come to respect and admire. His testimony to a United States Congressional committee during the height of the 2003 Iraq War may have been the most powerful in the history of that legislative body. Mr. Galloway has a new program on RT called “Sputnik” and after viewing some episodes found one to share. In another episode than this one he and his female co-host devoted some time speaking about Muhammad Ali, the great boxer and icon who sacrificed 4 years of his boxing prime – with many millions of dollars he potentially would have earned – by refusing to serve in the military in Vietnam.

This was even though Muhammad Ali could have simply been a “celebrity soldier”, never in any danger at all, but he made a principled stand without bending. Years ago while reading the college newspaper there was a notice of an essay contest writing about influential black men or women. Its sponsor was the college African-American organization, had a $75 first prize and, seeing I could use the money and there was nothing to lose, I wrote about Muhammad Ali and entered.

When I was contacted and told that I had won the prize ($75), it will always remain a good memory of the surprised faces in the office when this guy with Finnish and Norwegian ancestors came to collect the prize. At any rate a good quote from Muhammad Ali: “Damn the money. Damn the heavyweight championship. Damn the white people. Damn everything. I will die before I sell out my people for the white man’s money”.


For those who like George Galloway, it looks like his program will be interesting and informative. This is Episode #5 that delves into South Africa after Nelson Mandela and Saudi Arabia’s financing of Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq.

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