Israel Sabotages Negotiated Settlement With Violence.

Posted on July 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1The first question that came up when thinking about the deaths of three teenagers kidnapped on June 12 in Israel, and how that tragedy led to what is occurring now, was “is this an Israeli false-flag operation?” Of all the information on the Israel-Palestine situation that I’ve come across, the only mention about the kidnapping and murders of the three was that a Hamas breakaway group was responsible, not ordered by Hamas top officials. That was alluded to by Max Blumenthal on a Real News Network short interview in the past few days. If any one reading this could share information about Israeli evidence on the kidnappers/murderers of the three teenagers, please enter in the comments.

So, hopefully a fuller understanding about the status of Israel’s evidence confirming (or denying) their allegation that Hamas carried out the original crimes can occur here. Hamas has denied involvement in the original crimes. In the Crosstalk RT segment below there is mention by one of the guests that Hamas did it, but unfortunately the host didn’t ask him to provide evidence to verify his assertion. One of the other guests asserts the opposite, that there has been no evidence provided to prove the claim that Hamas was the guilty party. Again, if any person reading this can help nail down whether Israel’s claim that Hamas is the guilty party is true or false, please do so in the comments.

From the standpoint of the kidnapping/murder of the three teenagers that sparked this disaster being a possible “false flag” by Israel, getting to the bottom of whether there is evidence or absence of evidence to verify Israel’s Hamas allegation is all-important.

The second question that comes up is in regard to reports that Israel knew early on that the teenagers were already dead, yet kept the world from knowing so through media “gag orders” to not report any details of the investigation. This fact that the teenagers were dead was not made public for at least two weeks, and Israeli law enforcement went so far as to keep the fact that their children were dead from the teenagers’ parents. It was during that two-week period that Israeli military went door-to-door in Gaza and arrested around 560 people without charge. Why would Israel not tell the world that the teenagers were dead, especially to the young men’s parents?

If Israel arrested and jailed 560 men to capture those responsible for the original crimes, did it take 560 men to kidnap and murder the teenagers? Will the names of those 560 men be found in the evidence Israel used to finger Hamas? Living in the United States, if three teenagers became kidnapped and murdered, law enforcement would work in typical, routine ways to gather evidence, detectives will talk to all persons who’ve become identified as possible witnesses or able to provide important facts, etc., then narrowing and boiling down the information gathered in hopes of finding and arresting the perpetrators.

It seems about impossible to imagine any triple-homicide scenario in the U.S. or any nation where 560 people would be arrested before it became known that they were “persons of interest.”  As a law enforcement action, this example by Israel is extreme, unusual, extraordinary and raises questions about Israeli evidence. U.S. officials are unaware of any evidence pointing to Hamas’ responsibility for the kidnap/murders.

One report said that the families of the three kidnapped/murdered teens have contacted the family of a young man killed in a revenge action and joined in calling for an end to the heightened violence and tensions.

Rallies in Israel have occurred where hundreds chant “death to Arabs”, Israeli calls for violence have reached unprecedented levels, while at the same time large rallies of non-Zionists are calling for an end to hate speech and widespread clashes across the region. One hundred thousand Palestinians were warned away from Gaza’s border areas, but have no place to go as Egypt has apparently closed its border.

determination”, which is contradicted by other guest with “Israel is not in Gaza.”  Finkelstein, in one of the more tense parts of the program, challenges that assertion by asking who David Cameron’s “guards” were when Cameron compared Gaza to a “prison”. He tells the “not occupied” guest to “not embarrass himself in front of the world, we’re on television.” Finkelstein then notes that out of 69 (since then over 120) deaths since Tuesday 60 have been civilians.

No Israelis have died.

The third guest accuses the man arguing the Israeli case of using “meaningless slogans and unsupported assertions”, and that “facts are facts, and at a certain point people are going to have to deal with them.” Hamas and the Palestinian Authority had formed a unity government, Hamas had agreed to go along with provisions of a European Union-United States plan, and the unity Palestinian government was ready to begin negotiations with Israel on a settlement.

Some analysts believe Israel is intentionally sabotaging any efforts to reach a settlement based on international law. There are those who view Israel’s building of more and more hundreds of apartments and homes on occupied territory as an intentional action to prevent the “two-state solution”, and its current military campaign an effort to slow the trending negative international public opinion of Israel, including a growing “Boycotts, Divest, Sanctions” movement, increased criticism from the world’s political, religious, and human rights leaders, and increased media reporting of Israel’s actions to prevent a Palestinian independent nation.

Norman Finkelstein ends the program by saying “the whole world wants a negotiated settlement, except the lunatics in Tel Aviv.”

Given the Middle East’s energy resources, a link to a Guardian article that talks about Palestinian offshore natural gas deposits, and how they may play a role in the violence is below. After reading a large number of comments at the Guardian site, there were hardly any which approached solutions-focused suggestions but most reflected an unfortunate polarization of viewpoints from pro-Israel and pro-Palestine commenters.

Some thought that the points discussed in the article were off the mark, and that the relatively small gas deposits ($4 billion) were of zero relevance with regard to the current actions by Israel. Others praised the writer for pointing out what they thought was a factor to some extent of Israeli military actions.


Once again, any help or additional clarifying information in the comments section would be appreciated.

The best guess this writer can offer is that the Israeli government has decided to do whatever it takes to prevent a Palestinian independent nation. Some hold that, because of the large number of illegal settlements through the years, it is now about impossible for a two-state solution. It is possible that the current bombing campaign is intended to drive Palestinians out of the region altogether. That would mean that Palestinians would leave the land of their ancestors, an unjust and tragic possibility which is unacceptable because it is immoral.

Thank you for any other facts or aspects not presented or covered in this post. In particular, because “sunshine is the best disinfectant” – truth is critically important to solve this decades-old struggle, it would be beneficial for information either censored by or falsely reported in the mainstream media come to the world’s awareness.

It is becoming increasingly clear powerful international pressure like that exerted on apartheid South Africa, namely the Boycotts, Divest, Sanctions movement, is the only option left which will resolve the Israel-Palestine tragedy.

Apartheid In Israel: An Eyewitness On The Side Of Humanity.

Posted January 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Deny human rights, and however little you may wish to do so, you will find yourself abjectly kneeling at the feet of that old-world god, force – that grimmest and ugliest of gods men have ever erected for themselves out of the lusts of their hearts. You will find yourself dreading all other men who differ from you; you will find yourself obliged by the law of conflict into which you have plunged, to use every means in your power to crush them before they are able to crush you; you will find yourself day by day growing more unscrupulous and intolerant, more and more compelled by the fear of those opposed to you, to commit harsh and violent actions.”

– Auberon Herbert (1838-1906)

mountain11Eva Bartlett has been described as the Rachel Corrie of our time. Rachel Corrie is the young woman who passed away after being run over by a bulldozer trying to protect Palestinians’ land from destruction. It is not easy to quantify the amount of courage required to take the steps Ms. Corrie and Eva Bartlett have taken. How many men and women would make the difficult decision to live in the occupied territories with Palestinians – risking one’s health, well-being and life in the process – to help end injustice?

Ms. Bartlett was born in Michigan then moved with her family to Ontario, Canada. Her story of increasing awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people is similar to most. Despite virtually no mainstream news reports of the apartheid conditions in Israel, she first learned of the situation through internet reports. Her first response was similar to every man or woman who learns about real situations on Earth: “Why haven’t I heard about this?”

Feeling like all people who find evidence which points to a reality either rarely/under reported or subject to censorship, Eva Bartlett started her journey of researching the Israel-Palestine conflict. At a certain point she was face-to-face with the difficult decision to take action, and essentially smuggled herself into Israeli occupied territory to live among the Palestinian people and journal/record events. What she witnessed will probably come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

“Trail of Tears” comes to mind when thinking about what Palestinian people have had to endure. In passing, it is disappointing to find that in 2014 there exists a human situation which mirrors what Native Americans, South Africans, and African-Americans experienced. That disappointment includes sadness that the health and well-being of Palestinian people has been discounted or ignored by the world’s most powerful leaders. There has been a failure of moral and ethical leadership when apartheid conditions are not called exactly that: apartheid.

Most importantly, the failure to stand up for men, women, and children who are fellow children of God – failure to call for equal rights and fair treatment for human beings under extremely stressful living conditions – shows a lack of concern which is disturbing. Those who profess to live and act in the spirit of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” will either use their thoughts, words, and deeds to bring about that spirit for all people everywhere, or will fail to reach the highest expression of the philosophy.

To state it directly, the people who are Palestinians have been wounded and killed, and need the world’s help to heal and experience “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. For this to occur – an action that will result in a more peaceful world – requires the same energetic series of actions that led to the end of every injustice large and small through history: the world’s people joining together and saying, “this is not right, this is no longer acceptable in a civilized world.”

Stated even more directly, the decades-long unjust treatment of Palestinians challenges men and women everywhere to see the Israel-Palestine conflict from the spiritual perspective of “do unto others what you would have done to you”. In essence, actions taken going forward by those who are able to shape the future in Israel and the Middle East are either right or wrong – in the context of the “Golden Rule”.

Wrong actions are those which result in continuance of a system of apartheid, where people are not given the same respect, equal rights, and opportunities to live their lives in dignity – just as all people everywhere deserve the same God-given rights.

Right actions are those which result in an increasing awareness of the fact that all people are the same, wanting to live in peace and experience the joys of this lifetime which are possible. Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children growing up with no idea that there was a time when their ancestors did not live the highest levels of quality of life, unable to reach a place of true peace between equally deserving human beings, and suffered the consequences of negative thoughts of hate, discord, and separation.

Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children playing and laughing together, in a land and region and world which has surpassed – and no longer practices – hatred, violence, harm, and apartheid conditions. Ending apartheid in Israel is the first step on the journey to such a beauteous world.


For more information, or to possibly arrange for Eva Bartlett to speak in your locale, please visit


(Thanks to GlobalResearchTV @ YouTube)

Ending Apartheid In Israel: Beyond Zionism To Democracy.

Posted January 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

cumberland 1-1“From time immemorial it has been repeated, with hypocrisy, that men are equal; and from time immemorial the most degrading and the most monstrous inequality ceaselessly weigh on the human race.”

– Pierre Sylvain Marechal (1750-1803)

There is no benefit that can be gained from describing the Israel-Palestine situation in early 2014 as anything but what it is: apartheid. Just as nobody was predicting the end of American apartheid conditions in the 1960’s, or the end of South Africa’s apartheid system in the late 80’s /early 90’s, the same applies for Israel’s apartheid system in 2014.

To begin, there is a need for a few historical corrections on the beginnings of the state of Israel. Many are under the illusion that Israel in 1947 had to fight off Arab armies to set up the new nation. The truth is that the Palestinian people had nothing compared to Israelis in the way of military power in 1947. What occurred from 1947-48 was an ethnic cleansing of an essentially unarmed Palestinian population, with destruction of schools, churches, mosques, homes, and displacement of over 1 million original inhabitants of Palestine from their lands and homes.

At the time there were 500,000 Israelis and 1,500,000 Palestinians, and the largest portion of the land came under the control of the smaller population, while the smallest portion of the land went to the largest population – the Palestinians. So, Israel facing great Arab armies to establish their nation is a misperception – only after the ethnic cleansing and removal of Palestinians was there any reaction from Middle Eastern people in any military manner.

The next misperception in need of correction relates to the previous one: many have the view that Israelis and Arabs have fought each other for thousands of years – that this is “the way it is” and nothing possibly can be done to change the situation. There was no such fighting until after 1947, absolutely not going back thousands of years.

1967 was the pivotal timeframe in Israeli-Palestinian relations. When Egyptian President Nasser removed United Nations peacekeepers from the Sinai Peninsula, there was debate between older and younger members of the Israeli military about going to war with Egypt. The older Israeli military were reticent and worried about severe consequences from entering into war with Egypt, including a repeat of Nazi-like atrocities which occurred a few decades earlier. The younger military members held the view that Egypt’s military was “not prepared for war, we should strike now”. And they did.

So, another misperception which needs correction is that Israelis fought and defeated the Egyptians in 1967 because Israel was under attack by “massive Arab armies” – an existential threat to the nation of Israel. The correct historic version is that Israelis saw an “opportunity” and not any existential threat. Israel decimated Egypt’s military in the “Six Days War”, at the same time taking the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula – essentially wiping Palestine off the map.

From the mid 1970’s through 1993 Palestinians, represented by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) spoke with so-called “renegade” Zionists to find a resolution, but never with the true Zionist leaders of Israel until after 1993. An agreement in Washington, D.C. in 1995 between Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin and the PLO’s Yassar Arafat was the last, best chance for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, ended after Rabin was shot and killed in Israel following a speech to 100,000 at a peace rally by a right-wing Israeli law student.

Another misperception in need of correction is the view that Palestinians are not willing to make concessions to reach a peace agreement. In truth it is not Palestinians unwillingness to make concessions that has blocked a real agreement, but, since Israel has flooded the West Bank with highways, infrastructure, homes and apartments after forcing Palestinians from their homes and land, it is impossible for Israel to make concessions.

In 2014 the only solution which provides the next, best chance for real peace is a one-state solution where all people, both Israelis and Palestinians, live in a true democracy with equal rights for all. It will be necessary to create a mass movement of world proportions like that which occurred to force the end of apartheid in South Africa, and the end to apartheid in America – to end apartheid in Israel. That is the inescapable reality.

There are now three sets of laws in Israel:

Laws for Israeli Jews

Laws (discriminatory) for Palestinians living in Israel

Laws (apartheid) for Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza

The Israeli education system is Zionist and teaches racism. The Israeli bureaucracy makes life impossible for Palestinians.

Any man or woman on Earth who has an interest in learning the real history of Israel-Palestine would do well to listen and learn from the man in the following interview. His name is Miko Peled, author of the book, “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. He was born and grew up in Jerusalem and his father was a general in the Israeli defense forces. His talks are widely available on the internet, with many over hour-long videos on YouTube which will allow you to zero in on what the real history is.

Mr. Peled is a man who came to change his perceptions from those taught in the schools he attended while growing up in Israel, eventually becoming a peace activist advocating for democratic reforms in his home country. He describes the Israeli army as “the best-fed, best-equipped terrorist organization in the world”. He describes one particular day in September 2008 as “the most shameful day in Israel’s history”, when Israel’s army carpet-bombed Gaza with 100 tons of bombs (one ton capable of destroying a city block in very densely populated Gaza), delivered at 11:25 AM, when most of the 800,000 Palestinian schoolchildren were on the streets – the beginning of 21 days of slaughter.

He strongly suggests that Zionism, like racism – like apartheid – must go. Israelis and Palestinians must build a true democracy where all people become treated equally. In fact, he believes this is the only solution.

On Iran, Miko Peled believes that so-called “threats” from Iran’s supposed nuclear ambitions are nothing but a “smokescreen” which has been used to divert growing attention from Israel’s apartheid regime. Politicians in the United States have to go along with the Zionist’s agenda or face defeat in elections. The U.S. has strategic, geopolitical reasons for providing billions of taxpayers’ dollars annually to wealthy Israel, while going along with the charade of an impossible “two-state solution”.

Please find and listen to more talks by Miko Peled and read his book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. He is a true peacemaker.

Moral and ethical power from the world’s courageous leaders and citizens can end apartheid in Israel, allowing for the best peaceful solution – true democracy and equality for all. 


(Thank you Astro Awani @ YouTube)

“Mr. Netanyahu: Tear Down This Wall!”

Posted January 18, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

ocean11“Five great enemies to peace inhabit within us: viz., avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride. If those enemies were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.”

– Petrarch (1304-1374)

Shortly after shaking hands with PLO leader Yassir Arafat in front of the White House with Bill Clinton sharing the stage, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was shot and assassinated in 1995. Mr. Rabin had just delivered a speech to over 100,000 Israelis at a Peace Rally, then left the podium and was gunned down with three bullets by a young right-wing Israeli law student. Bill Clinton called Yitzhak Rabin a “martyr for peace” at his memorial service, some eighteen years ago.

Mr. Rabin may have represented the last best chance to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a just, peaceful manner. The Palestinian people remain locked in an “open-air prison”, an apartheid system equal to that in South Africa before international pressure came to bear in an intensity which overcame all resistance from the South African regime, resulting in Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and election as president of his nation.

The same pressure from the world’s people will be required to end apartheid in Israel as it relates to the Palestinian people. President Ronald Reagan’s strong suggestion, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”, referring to the wall between East and West Germany, leading to the dismantling of it, needs to become borrowed by President Barack Obama, referring to the wall in Israel. The United States government has enabled the present condition of apartheid between Israel and Palestinians, through direct monetary aid every year in the billions, and even more importantly, diplomatic and political cover.

The implications of continuation of Palestinian apartheid conditions are those related to war and peace in the Middle East and profits for weapons manufacturers in America, Israel, England, France, as well as other weapons manufacturing nations. The situation in Israel-Palestine is such that, with most of the world’s people behind a peaceful, just resolution of the decades old conflict, Barack Obama should deliver a Ronald Reagan-like “wall” statement to decisively turn things around and get the entire matter resolved.

If Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu do not find it necessary to take this important issue on directly and powerfully, for a fair resolve in the best interests of Palestinians, Israelis, and the entire population of the Middle East region, then, just as during all historic moments of great and just change on Earth, the Earth’s people will make all the difference. Humanity shall come together and demand a fair, just solution for the Middle East’s obvious apartheid conditions in Palestine.

The following video is of a radio interview hosted by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese –  of Veterans for Peace members Tarak Kauff and Ellen Davidson about their experience during a recent trip to the occupied territories of Palestine. Mr. Kauff describes how impressed he was with the spirit of a people who have had to endure decades of injustice reminiscent of Native Americans and the black majority in South Africa. He notes that he found more dignity in the tent of a Palestinian family than found in the luxurious halls of the United States Congress.

Ms. Davidson shares her view that a two-state solution is nearly dead, and that the Israeli government is responsible for its demise. The Palestinian people are suffering in their version of Native Americans’ “Trail of Tears”, forced from the lands of their ancestors, unable to live and survive in a dignified manner as is the God-given right of every human being. Although a “taboo” subject in America, the fact remains obvious that the plight of the Palestinians represents one of the most urgent human rights issues of 2014.

Just as in South Africa before the end of apartheid, the United States government is hanging on to the role of enabling Middle East apartheid to the bitter end, before the world demands an end to this major world injustice. The time has come to deal with Palestinian apartheid with the highest moral, ethical, and spiritual maturity humanly possible. The situation there has become a world cancer that can no longer be ignored or wished away; it is time to heal the cancerous conditions and allow the people in Palestine, Israel, the Middle East, and the world relief from the horrific disease-based consequences.

Many people around the world have the view that humanity is the most advanced species in the universe. Regarding the over 65 year conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, evidence of human beings’ advanced status remains to be seen; this situation does not support the claims of superior intelligence or morality or ethical behavior. Perhaps the human race will take the opportunity to truly advance morally, ethically, and spiritually, either from hearing one or more of the world’s most prominent leaders – or the entire population of this Earth – powerfully and earnestly suggesting:

“Mr. Netanyahu: Tear Down This Wall!”


(Thank you Margaret Flowers @ YouTube)