Why Bernie Sanders Will Become President.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-44Alphabet Talking about and revealing one’s spiritual beliefs is something not many politicians and not many people in general have an inclination to do. Perhaps this is due to the abstract nature of human beliefs or faith, or the lack thereof. Certain spiritual teachings suggest that attempting to “convert” others to one’s way of perceiving is an infringement upon those others, because every person must walk their spiritual path in their own unique way, to develop in their own way.

Three historical icons, Mother Theresa, Mohandes Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., are among many other men and women historical figures whose spirituality, in the variety of uniquely developed expressions of deeply held perceptions and beliefs, changed human societies in some manner for the better. In the case of King and Gandhi, each paid the ultimate price, losing their very lives from assassination, for speaking on their deeply held convictions – for King at a far earlier age: 39.

Many others suffered the same tragic fate for speaking and acting based on some form or other of worldviews held in common by all religious traditions. Men and women throughout history, suffering death as the effect of spiritual cause, carried on through words and actions knowing full well that doing so put their very lives at grave risk. Perhaps there is the most profound, indescribable spiritual truth in the words, “greater love hath no man, but to give up one’s life for his friends”.

Is it possible that – despite world religions’ critical voices pushing against one another, at times accusing the other of being “wrong” and that “ours is the only, right way” – all religious traditions, where each could be perceived as one facet of the diamond that is ultimate truth – ultimate reality, represent the “right way” and are in fact part of the one “true” religion?

The French philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778) may have put his finger on it:

“All the philosophers of the world who had a religion have said in all ages: ‘There is a God; and one must be just’. That, then is the universal religion established in all ages and throughout mankind. The point in which they all agree is therefore true, and the systems through which they differ therefore false”.

It would be good if presidential candidates could agree to substitute one or more of their debates with discussions focused on personal philosophy and/or spirituality. Such an initiative would probably be welcomed by voters for the greater understanding of each candidate’s personal character, influences and worldview elucidated then received, and equally beneficial for voters in giving a fuller awareness of what motivates or guides each seeker of public office, and how each arrived at the place where their unique form of guidance became irrevocably part of their being.

It’s possible, even certain, that in both the world of politics and outside of it, greater levels of spiritual content in discussions among people would increase understanding, coöperation, generosity, shared vision, compassion, love, peace, happiness and joy.

Perhaps reaching that greater, higher level requires not that many words at all.

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Bernie Sanders: Fighter For Justice.

By Jerry Alatalo

“The man, then, who faces and who fears the right things and from the right motive, in the right way and at the right time, and who feels confidence under the corresponding conditions, is brave.”

– ARISTOTLE (384-322 B.C.) Greek philosopher

aaa-9Alphabet While a political science student at the University of Chicago, presidential contender, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and other student social justice activists carried out an experiment to illustrate racial discrimination in housing in the Windy City. The experiment consisted of sending a black couple to inquire about renting an apartment, where they were then told, “I’m sorry, but all our apartments are rented and occupied”. Next, they sent a white couple to the same location, where the same person said, “Yes, we have plenty of apartments available. Let’s go take a look at them”.

After that, Sanders chained himself to a black woman in an act of civil disobedience to protest proven discriminatory housing practices in Chicago, in hopes of bringing about legal action to correct the situation. Sanders became arrested for that action; many are becoming familiar with the photos, and the man, as the 2016 campaign moves forward.

More Americans, and people from around the Earth, have become aware of Bernie Sanders and an extraordinary, rarely witnessed historical phenomenon has emerged, building with growing intensity. By the millions, people are coming to understand that the political revolution he talks about, based on the spiritual wisdom of all the world’s religions and philosophies: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” – is a good revolution, carried out for the noblest purposes yet known to humanity.

What is occurring in America is nothing less than the birth of a new and better world; an undeniable, magnificent, perhaps indescribable major step forward and ascendant in human evolution. The descriptive word which may come closest to adequately express the true nature of what is occurring in 2016 is awe.

And… as the 2016 presidential race moves forward, more Americans are coming to realize that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – a man who has consistently stood and acted for justice, peace, equality and fairness his entire life – is the best choice to become the next President of the United States.

Throughout the history of life on Earth, such stupendous opportunities arise in periods that are very few and very far between. In 2016, the American people would be wise to recognize the magnitude of this – the absolute moral and spiritual rightness – of their, and by extension humanity’s, opportunity to build a truly new and better world… and wholly, joyfully, enthusiastically embrace it.

Future generations living on this Earth will look back on this moment, appreciate the profoundly wise actions taken here and now in the year 2016, and become filled with gratitude over the good, decent world their ancestors passed on to them.

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Bernie Sanders And The Last Indian War.

By Jerry Alatalo

superior2222Alphabet In 2009, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in the Barack Obama administration. In 2009, the democratically elected leader Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was overthrown in a military coup, met with near silence from the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. From 2010-2014, over 100 human rights activists in Honduras were murdered. Honduran environmental activist Berta Caceres, winner of the prestigious and world-recognized Goldman Environmental Prize for the year 2015, was murdered in her home on March 4, 2016.

Her family believes she was the victim of political assassination. The debate in Miami between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, during which immigration was one of the issues given a higher level of focus, included no mention of either Honduras or Berta Caceres. That is unfortunate, disappointing, and frustrating – because the story of Berta Caceres represents the epicenter of the entire immigration and U.S. foreign policy debate. With respect to Latin America, immigration and foreign policy are issues tied at the hip.

Any presidential debate which fails to acknowledge foreign policy as an essential factor in discussions about immigration does not fully address either issue, thus such insufficient analyses fail to travel the full intellectual distance to that place where the most moral, beneficial resolutions for problems can become identified, discovered, and/or revealed.

(Thank you to Democracy Now at YouTube)

Less-than-maximum efforts to discover and articulate root causes when discussing or debating current potential options – whether the issue is immigration or foreign policy and their problematic aspects – suffer heavily, simply because failing to get to any problem’s root causes means failing to create the firmest foundation upon which to base moral and ethical actions going forward – a foundation of situational truth. What is both essential and too-often lacking in political or fundamentally human conversations is full recognition of the paramount importance of first arriving at true root causes.

Just as in the field of health and medicine too often efforts to “heal” patients result in nothing more than treating symptom and not the actual disease, so it is for political and presidential debates which, in the case of immigration, lead to focus on whose wall at the U.S. border with Mexico is the right height, or which immigrants will become allowed to stay, which deported. In a real sense, the immigration issue is a symptom made visible by the deeper root causes of a disease which manifests as societal conditions negative enough to cause, to force, people to leave the land and country of their birth.

The immigration issue discussed in the current American presidential campaign during debates, the highest intensity immigration issue on Earth – men, women and children fleeing war-torn, economically unstable nations in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, are directly related in that they are the current iteration of a process, a continuum, begun with the European conquest, in perhaps history’s most horrific genocide, of indigenous people in what became the United States of America.

When enough people grasp and understand, can visualize in their minds the historical arc of violence and wars initiated in the “normal, everyday operations of business”, then the opportunity to move toward root causes and establish truth-based foundations amenable for peacefully solving humanity’s most pressing problems will open. At that point, humanity’s greatest error – the self-inflicted pain and suffering of innocents through wars and violence – becomes correctable.

The American people – especially those in the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio until Tuesday March 15 – have enough time to think deeply about which candidate for president of the United States represents the greatest opportunity to identify and name, then tackle, the historical, clear, root causes of war on this Earth.

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May Americans remember the heroic soul Berta Caceres when making their decision. World peace is possible.

Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio

By Jerry Alatalo

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

– HERACLITUS (540-470 B.C.) Greek philosopher

cropped-world-map1.jpgAlphabet After the historic upset win by the Sanders campaign in Michigan on March 8, the attention now turns to Tuesday March 15 – when voters in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina head to the polls. Supporters of Sanders are confident of repeating the success in Michigan, even more so if the five states experience the trend that’s developing and becoming established: record turnouts of voters.

By now, informed observers – and a rapidly increasing number of American voters – are aware of the sustained, intentional and deceptive effort on the part of corporate media owners to “spin” reports in favor of Hillary Clinton, in particular the “inevitability” of her campaign’s success, while imposing/implementing a from-the-start misinformation narrative or blackout agenda against Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Included in the media’s active participation in this effort, to derail what has become known as the “Political Revolution”, is the continuous inclusion of so-called “super-delegates” to Clinton in the totals seen by TV viewers, giving the false impression, deliberately manipulating the perceptions of voters, that the “thing is over”. The Michigan win broke the record for largest turnaround from pre-primary polls (Clinton by 20%) to final voting results (Sanders by 2%) – a 22% rise.

The Miami, Florida debate became a generator of optimism in Sanders supporters for his more aggressive stance and forceful responses to Clinton deceptions, and was widely seen as his strongest performance to date – perhaps rejuvenated after Michigan. In what could be perceived as an act of certain concern and desperation by Hillary Clinton following Michigan, she tried to link the reviled-by-the-left Koch brothers to Sanders – asserting Koch-paid public signs/ads supporting Sanders.

In Ms. Clinton’s making this bizarre and absurd claim, an imagined equivalent from Bernie Sanders could go something like: “Secretary Clinton has received millions in contributions from Bashar al-Assad of Syria”. Clinton’s assertion, although certainly remarkable and newsworthy, most likely will not become mentioned by corporate media.

He responded, pointing out that “nobody” in the U.S. Congress has fought against the Koch brothers more than Bernie Sanders. He responded to Clinton’s claim she dealt firmly with Wall Street during the 2007-8 economic crisis: “Secretary Clinton must’ve really intimidated the bankers; that’s why Wall Street contributed $15 million to her super-pac”. The Young Turks are one of the few media, corporate or independent, who are trying to cover the Sanders-Clinton battle honestly.

(Thank you to The Young Turks)

It’s amazing to consider with all the roadblocks placed by wealth and power, the Sanders campaign to many is gaining momentum, and has a good shot at winning. As word of Clinton dirty debate lies/deeds spreads across the nation and world, it has become clear she is, by taking such actions, destroying her own credibility. At the same time people are learning more of Sanders, that he’s the straight shooter in this race, and… the snowballing, momentum-building, force-multiplying effects for the Sanders campaign begins.

What are the factors generating this growing movement? Could Sanders’ running have inspired/resurrected the 60’s generation, today’s generation of young people, and the generation between? All across America people are wondering what is happening.

A political revolution is happening.

(Thank you to Matt Orfalea at YouTube)