Britain: The World’s Tax Evasion Capitol.

by Jerry Alatalo

cropped-suits-333.jpgAlphabet Tax evasion whistleblower Herve Falcioni produced evidence to the French government in 2008 containing the names of thousands of moneyed people from HSBC computers. Of those names, around 6,800 were of residents of Britain. In the seven years since, only one of those thousands has faced prosecution by British tax authorities. That is because Britain is a world “leader” in facilitating tax evasion, accounting for around 50% of the approximate 70-80 tax haven jurisdictions globally.

So, while the United States and European countries maintain crippling sanctions against Iran, Russia, Venezuela and other geopolitically-independent nations, Britain and the other 35-40 tax havens around the planet go on with their merry, massive tax-evading ways. So, all the remaining 6,799 Brits on the list of tax evaders need to do is wait until the statute of limitations runs out, with help from British government officials who have sat on their hands.

HSBC is the world’s second largest bank, based in Britain, and currently experiencing one more in a long line of scandals associated with illegal actions that run the gamut of crimes possible for large banks to commit. The firm supplies training manuals to its staff on how to violate U.S. tax laws for its wealthy clients and get away with it. For a period of ten years HSBC laundered illicit money for a Mexican drug cartel in the range of a billion dollars. The drug cartel has murdered more people than ISIS.

Those who follow non-prosecution of white-collar criminals in the financial industry remember U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements to Congress where he made a connection between prosecuting and jailing criminal banking executives to the consequences of doing so. Putting white-collar criminals behind bars would “damage the economy”, according to Mr. Holder. Worth noting is that Mr. Holder’s successor, Loretta Lynch, was the prosecutor in charge of the HSBC Mexican drug-money laundering case, and that no HSBC official went to jail.

Returning to the global tax evasion industry, facilitated by the world’s largest accounting and legal firms for decades simultaneously “in secret” while every aware politician knew about it, researchers have shown that more tax evasion “whistleblowers” have become prosecuted than actual tax evaders themselves. In the world’s tax evasion capitol of Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron could easily move for transparency in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and the remaining crown tax haven jurisdictions, but after seven years since the first massive revelations of their existence hit the international press he has done zero but talk before the media about how wrong tax evasion is.

While low-level criminals languish in prisons, many for drug-related crimes which harmed only themselves, white-collar criminals who’ve inflicted massive harm to the people and economies of their nations and nations around the planet walk the streets as free men and women. Unless those white-collar, “pinstripe mafia” members become prosecuted and jailed for their clearly repetitive criminal actions, a sufficient deterrent effect will not become manifested, and nations around the Earth will continue to lose an estimated combined trillion dollars every year to tax evasion.

Perhaps British Prime Minister David Cameron can meet with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and the Rothschild clan to come up with real solutions that offer precisely that deterrent.

Just saying…


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Tax Justice Network Waiting For Queen Elizabeth’s Response.

Posted on August 24, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Luxury and avarice – these pests have been the ruin of every state.”

– MARCUS PORCIUS CATO (234-149 B.C.) Roman statesman

aaa-20John Christensen sent a letter to Queen Elizabeth. In the letter he expressed his concerns about British crown colonies’ long-running status as “tax havens”, how tax evasion through those colonies is immoral, and suggested she do something to straighten it out. Mr. Christensen is director of the Tax Justice Network (TJN), a group of men and women focused on bringing the world’s attention to the decades-old tax evasion industry operated by the largest accounting, banking, and legal companies on Earth.

After listening to the group’s August radio program “Taxcast”, it looks like Mr. Christensen has yet to receive a reply from Queen Elizabeth to his letter. It is unfortunate that the work of men and women at Tax Justice Network is not more well-known, because the group has been successful to some extent in raising awareness on the very important topic of tax evasion – which continues to occur on a massive scale.

TJN members have taken on an entrenched, pervasive, and secretive global financial operation protected by the world’s most wealthy and powerful people. The battle they fight is truly a “David vs. Goliath” affair, one which involves accounting, finance, and legal tools/weapons that most people find difficult to understand. Tax haven jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the state of Delaware, Hong Kong, and dozens of others around the Earth offer high net worth people and the world’s largest transnational corporations low to zero tax rates as incentive to stash money.

“Patriotic” politicians stand at podiums with rows of perfectly folded flags behind them – elected to office through the support of multi-billionaire tax evasion cheats – and continue to completely ignore tax havens while speaking publicly about the urgent need to “cut the deficit” and reduce taxes. All the while, nations around the world lose trillions of dollars in tax revenue every year, and political “lovers and defenders of their country” do absolutely nothing.

The most important facts surrounding the tax haven industry people need to become aware of is that, first, this is a global industry. Second, that any individual or family on Earth who has accumulated a large amount of wealth, along with every large corporation, most likely are involved in tax evasion through tax haven schemes. Third (as mentioned), the largest and most highly respected accounting, banking, and legal firms on the planet are deeply and intimately involved.  These firms are the “engineers” of the $multi-trillion tax haven industry.

So, while those belonging to the Occupy-coined group 99% will likely not be “stashing” any wealth into tax haven jurisdictions, the wealthiest people from all nations on Earth conduct “business as usual”. Tax evasion cheats continue on without any feelings of guilt over not “paying their fair share”, satisfied to protect and increase fortunes through complicated financial schemes, while their fellow elected-politician tax evaders remain silent.

The global tax haven/evasion industry rolls on full-steam ahead, free from any serious interference in the form of laws, sanctions, or effective blocking actions by politicians, almost “nuisance-free” but for moral economists like John Christensen and his friends at the Tax Justice Network, concerned academics in the fields of accounting, finance, and law, and politicians who’ve become aware of the industry – “the pinstripe Mafia” – and how loss of tax revenue hurts national economies and people everywhere.

So, if any person reading this sees John Christensen, please send along encouragement, words of support, and thanks for the good work and effort he and his dedicated group of men and women have undertaken. If he hasn’t received any response from Queen Elizabeth to his letter yet, pass along this suggestion. Get a group of men and women – a really big group – and pile up in cars over to her house.

Knock on the door and see if she’s home.


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Accurst Be He That First Invented War.

Posted April 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Mankind are then divided into those who are still what they were, and those who have changed: into the men of the present age, and the men of the past. To the former, the spirit of the age is a subject of exultation; to the latter, of terror.”

– John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

earthblog2April 15: the deadline for filing tax returns. So proper, when one remembers the cliché “death and taxes”, that April 15 would be the “dead” line. Some people claim that the 16th Amendment, which allegedly gave the federal government the authority to tax wages, was never legally ratified by the required number of the states. Oh, well. Another subject to research. Has anyone heard if there’s been any really strong laws passed to shut down the more than 70 tax haven locations around the world?

No? Boy, that’s really surprising (not really), seeing it’s tax day and trillions of dollars in taxable revenue are in offshore havens – placed there by the big – too-big-to-jail – banks and the largest transnational corporations. Hmm… maybe the guy or gal who was given the task to let Congress and the Senate know about tax havens directed the email to the wrong address, or forgot the phone numbers of the people in government in charge of tax collection, and stuff.

Perhaps the guy or gal did inform the proper government tax bodies, but the actions to shut down tax evasion has been kept on the quiet for “national security” reasons, because if the Department of Justice (DOJ) were to prosecute any CEOs or CFOs or whichever one of the Big Four accounting firms that facilitated their tax scheme(s), those companies would suffer a loss of their reputation and this may hurt the economy. Yes, one can see the logic is the same as for the frauds committed by mega-banks on Wall Street – prosecuting people for tax evasion in offshore havens would “damage the economy” – so, that makes sense.

But, Matt Taibbi was talking on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman this morning and said that a guy who gets caught with a bag of weed gets thrown behind bars. Matt said even one marijuana cigarette will land a person in jail. Then, he tried to compare consequences of the crimes of those on Wall Street to small-time crimes. Apparently, according to Matt, when white-collar criminals at the mega-banks on Wall Street get caught, the financial cops on the beat hit the banks (shareholders) with monetary fines, and that the CEOs or CFOs who were behind the frauds get no punishment whatsoever.

Evidently, reputations of the man or woman who lands in jail for having a bag of weed is not viewed the same, with regard to importance, as the Wall Street bankers. If he or she ends up in jail for a few weeks or months and loses his or her job, it won’t do any major damage to the economy – just the economy of his family who he can no longer feed, house, and clothe. Heck, most of the small-time criminals in jail are probably there because they lost their jobs after the Wall Street white-collar criminals crashed the world economy in 2007-8.

Yes, it all comes together for the good. The white-collar criminals, if DOJ were to prosecute and jail them, wouldn’t be able to get these criminals off the street by crashing the economy and millions of jobs. Allowing Wall Street criminals to continue with impunity is a law enforcement sting operation! The Wall Street guys probably have a gold-plated “McGruff, the Crime-fighting Dog” prominently displayed in their offices, kind of like when Elvis Presley was an honorary member of the FBI. Wall Street bankers are really crime-fighters and, just like that one CEO who testified in Congress said, “doing the work of God”.

Wall Street criminals are actually undercover cops – turning in the tax evaders/cheats, Ponzi-scheme operators, derivatives fraudsters, front-running high-frequency stock traders, and the like – just like the cops who let their hair grow long and infiltrate drug rings. Come to think of it, the accountants at the big four accounting firms, the lawyers at the largest legal firms in the world, are probably undercover agents too.

The undercover accountants and lawyers are turning in crooks who they “sting” by engineering tax evasion schemes for them, and their customers have no clue that they are being setup for a fall, just like John DeLorean when he got caught on tape accepting bribes, or whatever. So, this explains why Eric Holder hasn’t prosecuted these guys. They’re working undercover. This explains why there have been zero prosecutions of those who participated in massive frauds leading up to the financial crash. Every last one of them is an undercover financial cop.

When HSBC got caught laundering $850 million for two drug cartels, the men who facilitated the laundering couldn’t be prosecuted because if they were they wouldn’t be able to sting the next drug kingpins that walk into their offices. When the 16 largest mega-banks on Earth colluded to fix Libor interest rates, or when they engineer tax haven schemes for their “high net worth” customers, they weren’t doing it to make out-of-this-world profits, they were doing it to keep regular people who were in 401k and pension plans from having extra money to buy weed. This is amazing. When people are all angry and all in the streets protesting about the “greedy banksters”, they don’t realize the banksters are actually doing the community a valuable service – God’s work – by disallowing millions of men and women retirees to become weed-smoking, Doritos-eating, tree-hugging, “peace, man”, Led Zeppelin-listening, zombies.

Enough of this poor Steven Colbert impersonation.

Although attempts at clever ways (lame) of using humor have their place at times, the underlying facts are anything but laughable. The following video, and you may agree or disagree with the facts asserted, tells the viewer that $32 trillion is now hidden in offshore tax havens by Wall Street banks and large transnational corporations. The report asserts that 68 cents from every American’s tax dollar goes toward military expenditure.

It states that 1/2 of all Americans are living near or below the poverty line, and that 17 million children in America will go to bed tonight hungry. There’s a man saying that America is not a democracy, but a “corpotocracy”, unaccountable to citizens but answering to corporate, moneyed interests. The film conveys that Martin Luther King was killed by entities in the American government because he was on the verge of leading millions of poor people on a march to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon in protest of inequality and militarism. Lawyer William Pepper, in 1999, convinced jurors that elements of the U.S. government, the Memphis Police Department – not James Earl Ray – were responsible for the murder of Martin Luther King – a trial and verdict completely ignored and unreported by the American media.

Another man points out that Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, John and Robert Kennedy, and others were assassinated because they advocated peace on Earth. He says that an awareness of these facts should come as a shocking reminder to the men and women of the peace movement.

The consequences of entering the military, where most enlist not to become involved in warfare but for perceived economic benefits, are various but most intensely felt when men and women do end up on the battlefield. One man states that studies show human beings have an inherent, built-in quality which instinctively results in an extreme aversion to killing another human being. Essentially, killing another human being is an action which directly contradicts one’s conscience, resulting in extremely difficult to manage psychological problems – most commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

PTSD isn’t just some academic term used by psychologists and psychiatrists, but is truly indicative of a shattered conscience, spiritually disastrous, and soul-destroying condition from either witnessing horrific deaths or causing same. Veterans experiencing extreme damage to their bodies, minds, and souls from war are then prescribed potent, dangerous, probably suicidal-thoughts producing psychotropic drugs. The statistic featured in this short film of 22 veterans or active-duty troops committing suicide every day is of the most damning indictments on war imaginable.


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Destructive Nature Of Earth’s Tax Haven Club.

Posted April 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Man is not a blood-thirsty animal, and war is only due to the greed and lust for power of relatively small groups, the conspiracy of the few against the many.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi  (1893-1986) American biochemist, Nobel Prize 1937

superior444-1Viktor Yanukovych, the former, or deposed, or ousted president of Ukraine is alleged to have stolen $70 billion from his fellow Ukrainians and stashed it in offshore tax havens. Fellow tax haven users, including the owners of Western mass media corporations, have made sure that Yanukovych’ and their “secrets” are kept away from the consciousness of the citizens. Apple, Goggle, Microsoft, and Sysco Systems have hundreds of billions of dollars stashed offshore to avoid taxes.

The Bahamas, one of the premier tax haven jurisdictions of the over 70 around the world, has experienced big financial problems in their government. Instead of going after the people in the country who use tax avoidance schemes and have become very wealthy in the process, the government has proposed a regressive value-added tax (VAT) which hits the poor and middle class.

The large uranium producing country of Niger has decided to move against foreign mining companies to get a fairer percentage of royalties on uranium mined and shipped out of the nation. Zimbabwe, which is a big source of diamonds, has taken similar steps to recover some of the wealth from that natural resource that has been flowing out of Zimbabwe. In the Philippines, 19 mining and oil companies have been pressured to go public with their tax information.

Extraordinarily high levels of lobbying has been going on in Austria, Luxemburg, the United Kingdom and other nations to exclude trusts and offshore foundations from tax avoidance registries, thereby protecting their wealthiest clients. To the surprise of people in the broadcast, the International Monetary Fund has recently reported that countries which have been redistributing wealth strongly are experiencing a better quality of economic growth than countries that have maintained high levels of wealth inequality.

Niger has one of the richest deposits of uranium on Earth, but is also one of the poorest countries in the world. Ukraine has been looted by Ukrainian and Russian elites, a new group of looters has taken their place, and the threat of violence and war worries the people of the region. Financial records found around Viktor Yanukovych’ home after he fled to Russia read like a “who’s who” of the world’s tax havens. In recent years money stolen from Ukraine has been going to European tax havens, the British Virgin Islands, Lichtenstein, Austria, Panama, and many more.

Russian billionaires – 100 Russians own 35% of the country – park their money in the City of London in what is called a “special relationship”. Western powers cry loudly about Ukrainian and Russian corruption, while the kleptocrats have become fantastically wealthy because the West has facilitated the financial infrastructure that allowed their great wealth accumulation. Offshore tax havens are completely absent from Western sanctions against Yanukovych and Russian billionaires because “corruption travels in all directions”, and any knowledge of the tax-cheating activities of them opens up examination of the same cheating done by Westerners, Easterners, and any “ers” who have come to accumulate great wealth.

So, the billionaire and multi-billionaire bankers and industrialists from America, Russia, China, England, and all nations become motivated by extreme avarice to take very dangerous actions. These wealthiest people on Earth need to leave their avarice at the door, enter inside and get their act together. They need to erase the $ signs from their minds, and rely on spiritual and philosophical reason and wisdom to arrive at peaceful consensus which benefits the most people. They need to alter their perspectives from personal wealth and power accumulation to realize that their violent actions – both financial and military – are harming a great number of innocent human beings.

Trust funds, offshore foundations, tax-cheating billionaire elites need to stop harming and stealing from – and start helping – their fellow men, women, and children around this Earth.