End The Destruction Of Syria.

By Jerry Alatalo

ocean33Syria’s representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari recently talked to the international press about conditions in his country, where he described the situation as “the entire population of 23 million Syrians is under siege”.

One of the topics Mr. al-Jaafari addressed was recent reports by Al Jazeera and other major corporate news outlets alleging the Syrian government’s use of restricting food/medical aid to besieged Syrians – in other words, using starvation as a weapon.

He told reporters that the government has done all that’s possible during the years-long violence to get needed food and medicine to its people, that recent reports, in particular those about the Syrian city of Madaya, are false – designed to sabotage upcoming high-level meetings on possible political solutions and ending the violence, and that mercenary “rebels” have stolen food and medical aid shipments then sold them to citizens at astronomical prices.

He pointed out that 1,441 factories were literally stolen from Syria and transferred to Turkey, where equipment, fixtures and machinery used by Syrian employees to make various products disappeared from their localities, whereupon workers became unemployed and local economies suffered serious downturns. Besides the horrific violence inflicted by terrorist mercenaries like ISIS across Syria since March 2011, economic plunder is also a factor which has led to the people of Syria fleeing the nation as refugees into Europe.

In the press meeting, he touched on ISIS’ profiting from stolen oil and gas resources from Syria and Iraq, taking the resources across borders to Turkey where middlemen pay 1/2 the wholesale price then profit themselves through resale to foreign petroleum-based businesses, including companies in Israel. One has to ask how it is that no businessmen or financial officers involved in the ongoing criminal activities have become identified, apprehended, prosecuted and jailed. Why have there been no lead-story “bombshell” reports by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, BBC, etc. about businessmen and bankers arrested for being involved with buying, transporting, refining and selling oil and gas stolen by “the world’s greatest threat” – ISIS?

Mr. Jaafari noted that the U.S.-led coalition has bombed essential infrastructure such as electricity and water treatment facilities, oil refineries and other necessary technological facilities serving citizens’ physical and economic needs around Syria. These types of selected bombings – infrastructure destruction also carried out by the mercenary forces, should become viewed as one more significant factor leading to millions fleeing the country for over four years.

Some have asserted that YouTube manipulates the numbers of views certain posted videos receive to prevent wider dissemination of the information provided. Mr. Nizar Abboud, on whose YouTube channel the following videos of Bashar al-Jaafari’s recent important press talk are posted, is a journalist of Middle Eastern descent whose reporting focuses on events at the United Nations.

Part 1 of the press talk has received some 1,400 views since posted on January 11, 2016. Part 2 went up at the same time and has received over 2,000 views. Men and women who visit YouTube are familiar with its front page of current popular videos, where posts of cute babies, overactive cats, Hollywood celebrities, pop musicians and professional athletes often gain millions of views from people living around the Earth.

Many of the world’s most serious academics, investigative journalists, political and business leaders, along with leaders of the largest religious/spiritual organizations on Earth, understand the critical nature of the Syrian crisis as it relates to current international relations, the transitioning from a unipolar to multipolar paradigm, and the potential risks associated with such a historic transformation, in particular risks of escalated war and violence.

Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff of Project Censored recently interviewed historian Laurence Shoup, the author of “Wall Street’s Think Tank”, on the history of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Shoup describes the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as “the most powerful private organization in the United States, and the world”.

Project Censored is one of the premier investigate journalism organizations in the United States. This hour-long interview with Laurence Shoup provides greater insight into who has essentially controlled decision-making in Washington, D.C., and allows listeners to better understand the situation in Syria and the Middle East region.


After hearing the words of Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari at his recent United Nations press event and Project Censored’s interview of historian Laurence Shoup on the CFR and its power, perhaps a certain increased capacity to “connect the dots” will become manifested.

Connecting the dots with regard to war and violence in Syria and the Middle East is extremely important, because revealing the truth about who is responsible for financing, arming, aiding and abetting terrorist mercenaries in the region is paramount to beginning a real peace process.

If the Middle East region had no oil, no natural gas or any other valuable resource coveted by the world’s most powerful and wealthy, Syria’s Bashar al-Jaafari wouldn’t have found it necessary to hold this press meeting, and the people of his country would never have been so brutally and extensively attacked.

The unfortunate reality for the ordinary citizens of the Middle East is that massive deposits of oil and natural gas do exist in the region, and that they become coveted as sources of wealth and power worth killing for by the so-called “elite” at the top of the world’s economic/financial pyramid.

Here is where one runs into the inescapable issue of powerful individuals able to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity – effectively remaining “above the law”. Until the most powerful and wealthy people on Earth wherever they reside stand before the law equally to the least powerful, and are held accountable for their crimes in reality, humanity will not see an end to unjust wars of aggression and the horrifying violence that accompanies such atrocities.

World peace is possible.

(Thank you to Nizar Abboud at YouTube)

Part 1:

Part 2:

End The War On Syria.

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Well known peace activist Eric Draitser told viewers of Press TV that resolving the refugee crisis in European nations necessitates an end to the war on Syria.

Mr. Draitser is the host of a weekly news talk radio program “Counterpunch Radio” available on the internationally popular alternative website Counterpunch.org. For those interested in learning more about the real situation in Syria, program #9 featured Middle East analyst Sharwine Narwani and Syrian-born Australian peace activist Reme Sakr:


Powerful men and women world leaders can speak out and take the steps required to end the over 4-year war on Syria, bring stability and security back to the nation, and transform conditions to the extent that all refugees can return to the land of their birth.  At this time, however and unfortunately, those powerful leaders have not stepped forward with complete, truthful accounts of what’s caused the refugee crisis, and some are even calling for more warfare and violence to bring about its resolution.

Now is not the time to escalate violence. Now is the time to end violence.

The message from Eric Draitser to men and women everywhere concerned about the plight of refugees – the innocent people fleeing to stay alive from war-torn Syria, Libya, Iraq and other lands where terrorist mercenary groups have become unleashed to carry out violence and destruction – is organizing a worldwide truth and peace campaign powerful enough to force an end to global leaders’ silence in the face of immense human suffering.

…And ultimately an end to the war on Syria.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)