Middle East Peace Inititative 2014.

Posted on June 23, 2104

by Jerry Alatalo

“He is not a lover who does not love forever… Love is all we have; the only way that each can help the other.”

– Euripides (480 B.C.-406 B.C.) Greek dramatist

ripple22With the tragic events that are occurring today in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East (ME), along with the seeming lack of good solutions coming from politicians, the corporate world or the media, this post’s sole purpose is to ask for potential solutions. After men and women around the Earth see what has happened in the Middle East – including recent history, long history, and today – almost every one of them have given thought toward solutions which would bring peace to that region. What complicates the Middle East situation is obviously the region’s possession of large energy resources, and the competition for control and profit from oil and natural gas.

The hope behind this post – “Global Middle East Peace Initiative 2014” –  is to begin an effort to identify ideas that would have practical and applicable results of increasing peace in the region. So, another way of wording/describing this effort is asking the question: “what needs to occur for true peace to come forth in the Middle East?” Is this an extremely challenging assignment?

No doubt about it.

Some may see such a proposal and immediately feel that there is no real chance to bring peace to the Middle East, that the ME has always been ravaged by war, and there is nothing anyone, or any group, can do to change that perennial condition. “Those people have fought each other for 1,000’s of years, there’s nothing you or I can do about it” is the view that many people have when Middle East violent events get brought up in discussions. Many, if not most, people (at least in America) have in this sense resigned themselves to the fact that war in the ME is just a forever thing.

Some percentage of people will have some inkling of possible peaceful solutions for the region but, probably because they’ve attempted to convey those thoughts without success: more war and killing seems like on an unstoppable march, have basically given up on peace in the ME even though their ideas have offered real potential. This percentage of men and women gave it their best effort for varying lengths of time and in small to large levels of intensity and focus, then became burnt out after seeing those benevolent works basically come to naught.

And then on the scale and measure of people concerned about the warring in the ME, there are those, probably because they have first-hand experience of tragedy and loss in the region. or a greater base of knowledge from much deeper/broader than average study of the history and facts, will never stop working for peace. This percentage of the population consists of men and women who live in the ME, veterans and military leaders (from both “sides” of battles), academicians/experts in the fields of Middle East Studies, history, economics, international relations, comparative religions, etc., politicians from all nations, peace and journalism activists, writers and artists, religious leaders, business leaders, and so on.

So, basically, when one looks at the various camps in the population on Earth, there are roughly three divisions when it comes to war and peace in the ME:

Those who’ve given up on peace in the Middle East – 100% cynical

Those who’ve become partially cynical, but will at times offer potential solutions – lukewarm

Those who’ve, because of profound direct experience, higher than average knowledge of Middle East reality, or an intense dedication to peace,, made up their minds to exert great effort to bring peace to the people living in the Middle East

Humanity must come together to create peace in the Middle East and everywhere on Earth

This post, this initiative intended to find ways to create a peaceful Middle East, may result in nothing in the way of real solutions for the men, women, and children of the Middle East region. On the other hand, depending on the contributions and subsequent discussion from men and women readers (hopefully from all nations and regions of the Earth), truly feasible Middle East peace solutions will become unveiled/discovered, relayed widely, and peace will come.

“The holiest of all spots on Earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”

– A Course In Miracles

Let us begin.

Would a meeting like this bring peace to the Middle East?

The world’s first live meeting broadcasted to the entire human race over satellite/cable television and the internet. At this meeting will be the elected leader, or monarchical head, of each Middle East nation and the leaders of the permanent members (P5) of the United Nations Security Council. The meeting can take place in person at the United Nations in New York or via satellite or other means from remote locations.

The attendees will understand that the meeting has one purpose and one purpose only: “Peace in the Middle East.”

The start of the meeting will consist of talks without any readable material or notes. In other words, the first part of the meeting will be from each person’s heart. During this part of the meeting, each participant will be given unlimited time to share their views/proposals.

After each attendee is given sufficient time to speak, in the next portion of the meeting attendees can use written/presentation materials to clarify their spoken words – with time limits.

After that then, each participant will once again be given unlimited time to talk – without notes or reading material – ending their talk with their best general proposal for peace in the Middle East.

After each participant has spoken, each member will vote on each proposal that has been offered/made. If there is 100% agreement on any proposal then the meeting has achieved its highest possible success. The attendees will agree on the general proposal and pledge their personal honor to help with the drafting of a specific-language peace treaty.

If 100% agreement is not reached on any general proposal suggested by any of the participants, then the proposal with the highest number of “yes” votes will be then further discussed by those who voted “no” only. The “no” voters will be given unlimited time to suggest improvements to the one general proposal that received the highest number of “yes” votes, then any one of the “yes” voters will be given unlimited time to discuss the suggested improvements to the proposal and another vote will take place.

If any/all the original “no” voters change their votes to “yes” that will be seen as good and very positive. If the “no” voters once again vote “no” then it will become felt as disappointing, but they will have the option to decline signing the eventually drafted peace treaty.

This meeting proposal offers a good chance for peace in the Middle East because the format is one which emphasizes honor, truth, and coöperation.

The attendees will understand that their views/proposals will become known by the entire human race.


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Israel’s World Isolation Signals End To Apartheid.

Posted May 1, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.”

– Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) English philosopher

earthblog4In recent days the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held discussions on the situation in the Middle East, namely on Israel-Palestine peace talks and the continuing human crisis in Syria. During the close to 7 hours of UNSC member statements there was a broad consensus that a two-state solution, with Palestine becoming a sovereign nation living next to Israel in peace, was the way forward.

Many of those who spoke let their colleagues know that, instead of just another meeting that gets no results, now was the time to finally break through and bring an agreement making Palestine self-determining. At the United Nations, 2014 has become designated the “International Year of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.” Although the members of Israel’s government have as one of their greatest fears to become known worldwide as an apartheid state – 2014’s version of racist South Africa – the momentum around the Earth which finds more and more people perceiving Israel as exactly that may very well be unstoppable.

Because world opinion has turned decidedly against an Israeli set of policies toward Palestine, including an enormous increase in taking of Palestinian lands for new (illegal) settlements – approximately 7,600 new units since peace talks began 9 months ago, in addition to thousands already being built – Israel has found itself in an indefensible position that mirrors South Africa before the end of apartheid.

Other factors building negative morality-based opinion against the Israeli government include the continuing desperation felt by Palestinians from the Gaza blockade, failure of Israel to release Palestinian prisoners in the same numbers as agreed, and an annexation both Muslim and Christian shrines/holy sites – also illegal according to previous agreements.

Virtually every member of the UNSC called for a two-state solution – Palestine becoming a full member of the United Nations and receiving its legitimate and inalienable right to self-rule in the hall of nations. Israel’s member of the UNSC tried to defend his nation’s actions that have led to a world viewing clearly now the situation Palestinian people have suffered and lived under for too long, speaking, frankly, in a manner not serious enough for the circular desk of the UNSC.

In 2014, the United Nations “International Year of Solidarity With the Palestinian People”, world events are lining up in a way which gives people hope for a genuine and lasting peace breakthrough for the long-suffering Palestinian people, who deserve to finally live free of apartheid conditions after so many years. As world public opinion continues growing with righteous calls to end the apartheid system in Israel – with more and more calls for the only real solution for peace being an independent nation called Palestine – civilization moves closer and closer to that day when tensions about violence, and real violence in the Middle East, shall become memories from a nightmarish past never again to become revisited.

For Palestinians and Israelis, now is the time to truly realize and create the conditions corresponding with “And they will turn their swords into plowshares.” Plowshares not only for the new nation of Palestine and its neighbor-in-peace Israel, but for all nations of the Middle East region – and the entire world. Palestinians will then live for generations to come as normal, happy people as the Creator wished, alongside normal and happy Israeli people whom God blessed also.

One hundred years from now, the children of Palestine and Israel will find it nothing but normal to compete on the athletic field in truly friendly competition, then afterward speak softly to each other about their ancestors’ heroic actions for peace a century ago in 2014. They’ll read to each other from historical books the eloquent words spoken by men and women from Palestine, Israel and every other nation on Earth from the year 2014 long, long ago – the words of those who applied fierce determination to bring a true and lasting peace to their nations and all of humanity – then fully realize that a new world was born on the exact ground they are standing on.

They’ll gather in their homes, share confident companionship, and view films showing the paradigm-changing, transformative Earthly events experienced by good men and women – the world’s visionaries of 2014.

Reading and hearing those beautiful, heart-felt words written and spoken one hundred years earlier, those young friends, athletes, and their families will become profoundly moved to tears.

Tears of joy. Tears of peace.


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Ending Apartheid In Israel: Beyond Zionism To Democracy.

Posted January 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

cumberland 1-1“From time immemorial it has been repeated, with hypocrisy, that men are equal; and from time immemorial the most degrading and the most monstrous inequality ceaselessly weigh on the human race.”

– Pierre Sylvain Marechal (1750-1803)

There is no benefit that can be gained from describing the Israel-Palestine situation in early 2014 as anything but what it is: apartheid. Just as nobody was predicting the end of American apartheid conditions in the 1960’s, or the end of South Africa’s apartheid system in the late 80’s /early 90’s, the same applies for Israel’s apartheid system in 2014.

To begin, there is a need for a few historical corrections on the beginnings of the state of Israel. Many are under the illusion that Israel in 1947 had to fight off Arab armies to set up the new nation. The truth is that the Palestinian people had nothing compared to Israelis in the way of military power in 1947. What occurred from 1947-48 was an ethnic cleansing of an essentially unarmed Palestinian population, with destruction of schools, churches, mosques, homes, and displacement of over 1 million original inhabitants of Palestine from their lands and homes.

At the time there were 500,000 Israelis and 1,500,000 Palestinians, and the largest portion of the land came under the control of the smaller population, while the smallest portion of the land went to the largest population – the Palestinians. So, Israel facing great Arab armies to establish their nation is a misperception – only after the ethnic cleansing and removal of Palestinians was there any reaction from Middle Eastern people in any military manner.

The next misperception in need of correction relates to the previous one: many have the view that Israelis and Arabs have fought each other for thousands of years – that this is “the way it is” and nothing possibly can be done to change the situation. There was no such fighting until after 1947, absolutely not going back thousands of years.

1967 was the pivotal timeframe in Israeli-Palestinian relations. When Egyptian President Nasser removed United Nations peacekeepers from the Sinai Peninsula, there was debate between older and younger members of the Israeli military about going to war with Egypt. The older Israeli military were reticent and worried about severe consequences from entering into war with Egypt, including a repeat of Nazi-like atrocities which occurred a few decades earlier. The younger military members held the view that Egypt’s military was “not prepared for war, we should strike now”. And they did.

So, another misperception which needs correction is that Israelis fought and defeated the Egyptians in 1967 because Israel was under attack by “massive Arab armies” – an existential threat to the nation of Israel. The correct historic version is that Israelis saw an “opportunity” and not any existential threat. Israel decimated Egypt’s military in the “Six Days War”, at the same time taking the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula – essentially wiping Palestine off the map.

From the mid 1970’s through 1993 Palestinians, represented by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) spoke with so-called “renegade” Zionists to find a resolution, but never with the true Zionist leaders of Israel until after 1993. An agreement in Washington, D.C. in 1995 between Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin and the PLO’s Yassar Arafat was the last, best chance for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, ended after Rabin was shot and killed in Israel following a speech to 100,000 at a peace rally by a right-wing Israeli law student.

Another misperception in need of correction is the view that Palestinians are not willing to make concessions to reach a peace agreement. In truth it is not Palestinians unwillingness to make concessions that has blocked a real agreement, but, since Israel has flooded the West Bank with highways, infrastructure, homes and apartments after forcing Palestinians from their homes and land, it is impossible for Israel to make concessions.

In 2014 the only solution which provides the next, best chance for real peace is a one-state solution where all people, both Israelis and Palestinians, live in a true democracy with equal rights for all. It will be necessary to create a mass movement of world proportions like that which occurred to force the end of apartheid in South Africa, and the end to apartheid in America – to end apartheid in Israel. That is the inescapable reality.

There are now three sets of laws in Israel:

Laws for Israeli Jews

Laws (discriminatory) for Palestinians living in Israel

Laws (apartheid) for Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza

The Israeli education system is Zionist and teaches racism. The Israeli bureaucracy makes life impossible for Palestinians.

Any man or woman on Earth who has an interest in learning the real history of Israel-Palestine would do well to listen and learn from the man in the following interview. His name is Miko Peled, author of the book, “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. He was born and grew up in Jerusalem and his father was a general in the Israeli defense forces. His talks are widely available on the internet, with many over hour-long videos on YouTube which will allow you to zero in on what the real history is.

Mr. Peled is a man who came to change his perceptions from those taught in the schools he attended while growing up in Israel, eventually becoming a peace activist advocating for democratic reforms in his home country. He describes the Israeli army as “the best-fed, best-equipped terrorist organization in the world”. He describes one particular day in September 2008 as “the most shameful day in Israel’s history”, when Israel’s army carpet-bombed Gaza with 100 tons of bombs (one ton capable of destroying a city block in very densely populated Gaza), delivered at 11:25 AM, when most of the 800,000 Palestinian schoolchildren were on the streets – the beginning of 21 days of slaughter.

He strongly suggests that Zionism, like racism – like apartheid – must go. Israelis and Palestinians must build a true democracy where all people become treated equally. In fact, he believes this is the only solution.

On Iran, Miko Peled believes that so-called “threats” from Iran’s supposed nuclear ambitions are nothing but a “smokescreen” which has been used to divert growing attention from Israel’s apartheid regime. Politicians in the United States have to go along with the Zionist’s agenda or face defeat in elections. The U.S. has strategic, geopolitical reasons for providing billions of taxpayers’ dollars annually to wealthy Israel, while going along with the charade of an impossible “two-state solution”.

Please find and listen to more talks by Miko Peled and read his book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. He is a true peacemaker.

Moral and ethical power from the world’s courageous leaders and citizens can end apartheid in Israel, allowing for the best peaceful solution – true democracy and equality for all. 


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Pray For Successful Syrian Peace Talks.

Posted January 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

504-1“In time of war men, civilized in peace, turn from their higher to their lower nature. But triumph is not beautiful. He who thinks a triumph beautiful is one with a will to kill. The death of a multitude is a cause for mourning. Conduct your triumph as a funeral.”

– Lao-Tzu (c. 565 B.C.)

Let all people on Earth pray that upcoming peace talks in Switzerland will bring real peace to the country of Syria. Whatever your vision of God is, whether you call the supreme being Creator, Source, God, Great Spirit, Allah, Krishna, or Buddha, make it known that you wish for relief for the people of Syria, who have endured years of the worst conditions human beings can ever experience.

If you are agnostic or atheist please do what you feel right to help bring peace to Syria and the entire Middle East region, at the very least feel for the men, women, and children of Syria. Some hold that thoughts create reality, so in that sense think good thoughts for the Geneva 2 Conference participants, and direct those thoughts to those men and women taking part. Lean on whatever type of faith you own, whatever beliefs you have, and sincerely, honestly hope for peace to break out.

Because all men, women, and children on this Earth are your relations, deeply connected whether you are partly or fully aware of this. Even those people who you have come to see as “them”, those who are on the so-called other “side”, are in reality your brothers and sisters. Think about how such a philosophy of interconnectedness of all people and all life shall enter the Geneva 2 Peace Conference and literally transform each participant at the highest levels of their consciousness.

See the transformation occurring in the rooms and buildings in Geneva, Switzerland of hearts, minds, and souls to the point of profound realization of the truth of humanity’s oneness. Feel the spiritual power that is present in the words of men and women speakers now, and the great benefits to become actualized in Syria, the Middle East, and all regions of this Earth. Feel the feelings of relief and joy emanating from people all across this world because of what transpires in Geneva, Switzerland in early 2014.

“There is no place for hell within a world whose loveliness can yet be so intense and so inclusive it is but a step away from there to heaven. To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before. But this is a vision which you must share with everyone you see. For otherwise you will behold it not. To give this gift is how you make it yours.”

– A Course In Miracles

What will it take to bring peace to Syria? What will be necessary is communication of the deepest kind, that which passes directly from human heart to human heart – from souls to souls. Men and women sharing ideas which transcend the failed ideas generated from business-like academic learning absent qualities of spirituality and vision, breaking through old and ineffectual thinking about war and peace to a new way of living without any need for fighting and killing.

Such a discovery will change life on Earth now, for this generation, and for future generations. Feel the good consequences coming from actions agreed upon by the men and women attending Geneva 2 on those brothers and sisters in future generations who express their amazement and gratitude for this generation of human beings’ actions. Actions which created a new and better world for them, because here in 2014 people became willing to think in a new and better way.

So, feel the historic nature of Geneva 2, and how events there will be forever remembered as the time when love changed everything. When forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace became the model for human relations from now until the end of time. Could this be the result of Syrian Peace Talks set to begin in a short time? Is it possible that a historic series of events will take place, where true communications from heart to heart and soul to soul occurs, and humanity rises to a higher, nobler, more ethical place?

We shall see.

“Yield not to this, and you will see all pain in every form wherever it occurs but disappear as mists before the sun. Deny me not the little gift I ask, when in exchange I lay before your feet the peace of God, and power to bring this peace to everyone who wanders in the world, uncertain, lonely, and in constant fear. For it is given you to join with him, and through the Christ in you unveil his eyes, and let him look upon the Christ in him.”

– A Course In Miracles


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