Mainstream Media Lies About Syria.

Posted on February 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I shall give a propagandist cause for starting the war. Never mind whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked, later on, whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters but victory. Have no pity. Adopt a brutal attitude… Right is on the side of the strongest.”

– Adolf Hitler

Has any mainstream American news organization, when “reporting” on the situation in Syria, ever mentioned the word “pipeline”? Any news outlet that looks like it is reporting the causes of this over three-years long conflict without talking about energy resources wars, proposed pipelines, and profits/market shares for oil and gas companies is lying by omission.

These news outlets will call the fighting in Syria a fight for freedom or a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia. They will try to convince viewers that the war in Syria is a historically normal event, that the Middle East region has had this type of fighting for thousands of years, and that the best nations can muster is trying to keep the peace as much as possible.

They will describe events without accuracy and completeness.

However, unfortunately the wars of the Middle East starting post-industrial age have virtually all been about control of the natural resources of the region – namely oil and natural gas. For mainstream media outlets to fail consistently to omit this essential fact is both highly disturbing and saddening. For one to understand that mainstream news has slanted reports to effect public opinion with “facts” that do not represent the complete truth about events on war and peace, describes perhaps the biggest wakeup call humanly possible to experience.

Fortunately, however, men and women around the world have received their wakeup calls by the millions and millions in recent years, and no longer accept the reporting/omissions coming from mainstream media. People around the world, especially in the United States, have come to the point where they will not believe a word of news reports and reporters coming from their televisions. Corporate propaganda and “spin” simply no longer cuts it, so many people have simply stopped watching TV news or reading newspapers and news magazines altogether.

In 2014 people are turning to news groups that do not accept money from corporate advertisers or rely on viewer support in greatly increasing numbers. Mainstream media has in a way become like the World Professional Wrestling Association and its members, participating in a charade and a sham – a fake – nowhere near to producing 100% truthful reports at all costs, but settling for manufactured versions of the actual truth on events and situations around the Earth.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1891-1968), who was publisher of the New York Times, addressed the New York State Publishers Association in 1948 and said:

“A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it… Give him no news or present him only with distorted and incomplete data, with ignorant, sloppy or biased reporting, with propaganda and deliberate falsehoods, and you destroy his whole reasoning process and make him something less than a man.”

America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Libya and in the proxy war of Syria, would have been much less harmful to the men, women, and children of those nations – wars in those nations may have been averted –  had the U.S. mainstream media not diminished the American people’s judgment, and had the mainstream media given the American people the total truth.

Mainstream media performance regarding truth is very saddening

Saddening because of all the death, injury (both physical and psychological), and shattering of innocent lives which would never have occurred had truth been told all the way down the line. In 2014, there needs to occur very serious discussions about media reforms in America, because the airwaves are under the ownership of the people, and there are those who have been allowed to use those airwaves to slant the truth or outright lie to the American people.

This is a very serious issue that has gone on for decades and requires change of a fundamental nature to resolve. Because war and peace is the most serious issue on this Earth. For continuing to allow less than correct or wholly inaccurate reporting to go out over the people’s airwaves on war and peace risks the disastrous repeat of human carnage of the past – namely unwarranted, unnecessary, and illegal military actions.

There is no criticism of this world’s capitalist systems but for the times when competition crosses a line where ruthlessness exists – where morality and ethics become non-existent. Those are the times when competition degenerates totally into a fully dehumanizing situation where war occurs. The world’s people no longer accept this barbaric form of business competition and are calling for it to end. Forever.



Syria Solution: Three Natural Gas Pipelines.

Natural gas production by countries (Romania i...
Natural gas production by countries (Romania in red) in cubic meters per year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 25, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Syria’s war and humanitarian crisis has gone on for over two years. Every rational man and woman on Earth realizes that the catastrophe must end. Because of the mafia-like competition for energy markets in Europe, which includes the killing of civilians by all mafia groups/nations, millions of innocent Syrians are suffering tremendously. War is insanity, plain and simple.

It has become obvious to me that the crisis in Syria and the Middle East region is all about control of the natural resources in the region, namely natural gas and oil, gaining market share in regions where customers buy those energy resources, and maximization of profits. When business competition degrades to the point where hundreds of thousands-millions of innocent people are murdered, become refugees, and entire nations are destroyed and lie in ruins-humanity must stop and consider making great changes.

Many have far more expertise on the Middle East than I, and we hope that reasonable suggestions will come forward soon to finally bring peace to that important energy-rich region of the Earth. The analyst in the following video points out the major players in this natural gas market competition gone insane: Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States, Russia and Syria.

A number of other countries have stakes in the natural gas industry as well, to a lesser extent than those mentioned, including France and China. All have stakes in the competition for natural gas market share and profits from the people and countries of Europe as well as nations east of the Middle East region.

The video is from a September 15 program called “The Debate” where a man by the name of Zaid Hamid is interviewed about Syria, the Middle East, the Project for a New American Century, American neo-conservatives, and what is really going on in Syria. It is the first time I have ever heard of “The Debate” or Zaid Hamid. My best guess, I am not certain what country this program originates from, is that it originated in Iran or Pakistan.

While listening to this interview a thought came to mind that perhaps three pipelines to Europe would be a possible solution.

Iran would run their pipeline through Iraq and Syria allowing their natural gas to eventually be sold in Europe.

Qatar would run their pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria allowing their natural gas to eventually be sold to Europe as well.

Israel would run their pipeline across the Mediterranean allowing their natural gas to be sold to Europe as well.

Is such an idea for a solution to the present humanitarian crisis, which is obviously because of the competition for a multi-billion dollar, perhaps 500 billion dollars per year, market, doable and possible? What steps and actions would be needed to bring the major players to the negotiating table to hammer out an agreement which would be agreed upon by all? How could such an agreement come about and be implemented so that each party becomes convinced that it is fair and honorable for the people of each country?

One thinks about the auto industry, where competition is present between automakers from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other nations. Do these corporations resort to war and killing to gain market share and profits? Some will consider the competition in the auto industry as “dog-eat-dog” and stiff, yet, without knowing what really occurs of a shady nature in the auto industry as well as other major industries on Earth, there is no killing of millions of people to gain sales and profits.

What separates the energy industries from the auto industry with regard to the horrific lengths the war for energy control exhibits, seen in the destruction of entire countries and populations, compared to the much more peaceful competition between automakers? Here is the question which goes to the heart of the matter. Who are the people who initiate wars and killing in the quest for control, wealth and power, and what are their motivations?

Do those who start wars and killing have the health and well-being of the people of the Earth at the center of their motives, or is the love of money truly the root of all evil?

Why is it that we rarely never hear from members of the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family regarding the situation in Syria, the Middle East, and other war-torn countries and regions of the Earth? Why have we not seen and heard Queen Elizabeth and members of the “Royal Family”, as well as “Royalty” from all countries, speak about solutions for the Syria crisis, and solutions for war-torn countries and regions?  How do these individuals, who represent the wealthiest families on Earth, who control unimaginable amounts of stock in corporations covering a vast expanse of essential industries, stay completely out of the news and media, when their views could enlighten the world regarding the activities of the corporations and governments they control?

Has humanity come to a point where the phenomenon of “Royalty” is no longer acceptable? Where individuals and families around the world hold wealth in the hundreds of billions-trillions-of dollars while a large percentage of the human race tries to survive on $1/day? Humanity has come to a profound awareness that this historic reality, where royals and the ultra-rich were once seen with a sense of admiration and respect, is not able to assure the greatest health and well-being of men, women and children of the world, that in fact the actions of so-called “Royals” and ultra-rich have greatly damaged the health and well-being of people, and have done so for centuries.

Gore Vidal once gave credit to the aristocracy for their ability to remain “invisible”, to the point where the people of the world are almost totally unaware of their existence.

The concept of bringing peace through war is rapidly losing its appeal to the people of the Earth.

Humanity is witnessing the beginning of the end for war.

How will the competitive drives of each player in this geopolitical Superbowl, if you will, be shaped to change from the cut-throat, military tactics and strategies to ones where fair and honest competition is realized, where no innocent civilians suffer harm or are killed?


Veteran’s Powerful Syria Truth.

Posted September 8, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Ron Senchak, a veteran and President of the Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition, delivers a powerful speech in Britain recently, which drives home the reality of Syria and the Middle East region.


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Syrian War/Crisis About Natural Gas?

Filling up natural gas (Fiat Multipla)
Filling up natural gas (Fiat Multipla) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In previous posts I have written about looking at natural gas competition between countries in the Middle East, United States, Europe, Russia being a major factor in the tragic situation of Syria.

Because of the phenomenon of “interlocking directorates”, where men and women come to sit on the boards of directors of multiple corporations, the reporting of this reasoning and analysis, perhaps THE factor, has been extremely obscure or totally absent.

Many have come to believe that competition for European, Asian natural gas market share is the genesis of the tragic events in Syria in the past two years. Those who control the corporations, and the governments pushing their separate agendas,  involved in this-what has become a natural gas proxy war, must sit down and negotiate a peaceful solution.

As we have seen from the debates in Britain, United States and France, public opinion polls are showing that very few citizens of the world are in favor of military escalation of violence. Lawmakers in the United States are reporting that the communications (emails, faxes, phone calls,  town meetings etc.) they are receiving are 100-1, 300-4, 200-3, etc. against military actions on the country of Syria. The same kind of feelings are being powerfully expressed to representatives in every country on Earth.

The following short video fully describes in visual format what the Syrian crisis is all about. It is a report produced by BBCArabic, the spoken words are in Arabic with an English translation. The report accurately portrays the real situations of natural gas activity in the Middle East and names all the countries, players, competitors. Geopolitical thought and study could be seen as a somewhat complex undertaking. This report succeeds in simplifying the geopolitics of this profoundly important region very well.

For those who have no idea that there is a geopolitical dimension to the Syrian issue being debated in the United States of America and France, this video reveals the true reasons that all the separate actors, those supplying weaponry on either side of the war in Syria, are taking their actions.

To use the most profoundly simple analogy it could be compared to siblings fighting over toys or candy, and ending up using their fists to solve their differences. Unfortunately for the millions of men, women and children of Syria, those in positions of power in the region, those involved in the brutal natural gas competition and supplying the weaponry, have gone as far as humanly possible away from fistfights, to the most lethal tools available to humans for settling differences.

Every voice of wisdom needs to speak and be heard now to explain this wicked business competition and urge the competitors to sit down and talk to resolve their differences instead of killing, and destroying the lives of millions of precious human beings in the process. As opposed to honest business competition conducted by all mom-and-pop stores, the phenomenon we see in Syria is ruthless, mafia-like competition of the highest, most extreme degree.

Humanity is speaking with one voice to those in positions of power. Wars and killing, without concern for the horrendous harm inflicted on millions of people trying to live peaceful lives with some love and joy with their families and friends, is no longer acceptable. Humanity is urgently pleading with those who would take actions that harm others for market share and profit, from the resources God placed on this Earth for all to share, to stop and seriously consider what you are doing.

To all those who are in positions of power, look at the situation in the Middle East and Syria and realize that the human suffering, death, and destruction are the result of your actions. Whether you are living in Syria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United States, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Israel, China, Britain, Qatar or France, see what your actions have created and think deeply, as deeply as you ever have in your life, about what you can do now to create peace. 


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