Bigger Than Iran-Contra, Watergate Combined.

by Jerry Alatalo

“To robbery, slaughter, plunder they give the lying name of empire; they make a desert and call it peace.”

– CORNELIUS TACITUS (c. 55-117 A.D.) Roman historian

ocean44Making an effort here to support Scott Bennett by publishing his video, where he explains to a member of United States Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin’s staff – Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee – a scandal Mr. Bennett describes as “bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined.” Why? Because it has become clear that Scott Bennett is speaking vital truth, the scandal is more significant than nearly all others in United States history, people in America and around the world must have this information, and exposing this scandal is an extremely urgent matter of life and death.

That Mr. Bennett is making direct contact with United States Senators and strongly suggesting that he, Mr. Bennett, testify under oath before their committee(s) is proof positive he’s speaking the truth. Besides Senator Johnson of Wisconsin, Scott Bennett has contacted the offices of Wisconsin’s other Senator Tammy Baldwin, Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul, Senator Kelly Ayotte of Maine, Senator John McCain of Arizona, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, and others. Who in their right mind would go to such lengths if they were not speaking the truth; who would ask to commit perjury before Congress and suffer disgrace for the rest of one’s life? One only has to listen to Mr. Bennett when he speaks to become aware the man is a legitimate whistleblower whose stunning information could, and probably will, destroy political careers – if ignored by the elected representatives he has contacted.

The cliché “truth is stranger than fiction” most certainly applies in this instance. The world’s most highly acclaimed writers of political thrillers would be hard pressed to create anything like this true story of scandal. During Scott Bennett’s recorded and videotaped communications with America’s most powerful politicians, he talks about the urgent need for extreme confidentiality out of concern for the personal safety of anyone involved. He conveys to people he’s talking to on the phone the possibility that he could become assassinated, and for that reason the information he is sharing cannot, and must not, be ignored. Recording and videotaping the communications are for Mr. Bennett essentially a form of self-protection, defense from legal harm, and increasing his public exposure to prevent potential violent retribution.

Mr. Bennett worked for the giant government intelligence contractor Booz, Allen Hamilton – the same corporation where Edward Snowden worked before releasing documents on government spying that caused a worldwide debate. Bennett’s work was as a counter-terrorism financing threat analyst, who, like other whistleblowers such as Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg and others, reported on irregular, suspicious activities he’d discovered up his chain of command. What happened to Scott Bennett, according to his statements, was that he came too close to the truth of terrorist financing, was soon fired by Booz, Allen, Hamilton, and became framed by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice for a minor mistake in filling out a housing form – then placed in a Pennsylvania prison, effectively silenced.

In a surreal twist which the mentioned writers of political thrillers might not possibly conceive, in the Pennsylvania prison he met Brad Birkenfeld, a banker at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) who traveled secretly to America to present the Justice Department with UBS accounts showing Saudi Arabia and Gulf monarchies’ financing of al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Attorney General Eric Holder practiced law at Covington&Burling before joining the Obama Administration, and one of the firm’s clients was UBS. Assistant Attorney General-Chief of the Criminal Division Lanny Breuer practiced law at Covington&Burling before joining the Justice Department under Mr. Holder, and left the Justice Department – returning to Covington&Burling. Scott Bennett says he shared over 20,000 UBS bank account records provided by Mr. Birkenfeld, compiled a report, then sent the information to over 150 elected representatives in the US Senate and House of Representatives and top military officials in late September of 2012. Nothing happened.

Mr. Bennett states that none of the politicians to whom he’d sent the scandalous information responded, except for one – Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and for unknown reasons neither he or any of the over 150 politicians has demanded Congressional hearings/investigation to get to the truth of the matter. Brad Birkenfeld’s legal counsel included attorney Jesselyn Radack, who represented Edward Snowden, and he (Birkenfeld)eventually received an IRS whistleblower reward of over $100 million on September 11, 2012, the day of the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The following video was published by Democracy Now on September 12, 2012; Brad Birkenfeld became restricted legally from giving interviews so one of his attorneys speaks for him, and Birkenfeld has apparently not spoken in public since. It is conjecture, but it might be the case that Mr. Birkenfeld signed a “gag order” contract, where he agreed to provisions of permanent silence on his knowledge of UBS accounts and terrorist funding as a condition for receipt of the $100 million.

Scott Bennett believes Mr. Birkenfeld received the $100 million reward to silence him, and, since the man hasn’t given any interviews from September 11, 2012 until today, it’s hard to argue with Mr. Bennett’s assertion. This begs the question: what happened to, and where is, Brad Birkenfeld? Add to this line of events worthy of a political thriller that Mr. Bennett became confined in the same correctional facility in Pennsylvania as Brad Birkenfeld (why were these men put together?) – a “miraculous” type of event in Bennett’s eyes, because their meeting led to Bennett’s awareness of Swiss bank UBS terror-financing accounts. Add a possible connection to favored Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as UBS has contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation – and that is only half of Scott Bennett’s story. There is much more.

The Congress of the United States has the sworn duty and responsibility to investigate this issue and find the truth. If in doing so many high-ranking political, military and intelligence officials become prosecuted for crimes, so be it. The lives of innocent men, women and children in the Middle East and beyond are hanging in the balance. Courageous, moral leaders must step forward and take right action.


More information available on Scott Bennett’s YouTube channel:

(Thank you to ArmyPsyop Scott at YouTube)

Scott Bennett: A Profoundly Troubling Interview.

by Jerry Alatalo

EaglesAlphabet In what can only be described as an explosive interview of former Army psychological operations officer Scott Bennett by James Fetzer, one learns that years ago (2013) Mr. Bennett contacted between 150-200 U.S. Congressmen and Senators as a whistleblower on secret Swiss bank accounts funneling money to al Qaeda and ISIS. According to Scott Bennett, Senator Rand Paul was the only elected representative to respond, and that all the others should rightly be removed from office and charged with treason.

As any man or woman who has listened to an extensive number of interviews on the internet/alternative and mainstream media understands, at a certain point one acquires an intuitive sense for discerning whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Given what Scott Bennett and James Fetzer cover in the following 1-hour, 45-minute discussion one comes to hope – because the message is so disturbing – that what they’ve conveyed isn’t the truth; what the men were saying doesn’t align with reality. Unfortunately, intuition says the two men are speaking the most alarming, unsettling, inconvenient kind of truth possible.

“We (America) are Frankenstein with leprosy, freshly lobotomized, in the eyes of the world” says Mr. Bennett, referring to US foreign policy of endless wars and violence around the planet exhausting the nation’s resources and reputation in an unwise, deceptive effort at hegemonic control. As a terrorism financing specialist Mr. Bennett contacted members of Congress with information of extreme importance regarding Gulf monarchies’ financing of ISIS through banks in Switzerland, the need for a thorough investigation, his desire to become debriefed on what he’d discovered – and became essentially ignored.

He calls it the biggest act of treason since the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, then strongly suggests to Americans that if they want peace an “audacious” public relations campaign based on righteousness and protection of the constitution is urgent and necessary. He provides an example of the type of audacity he’s talking about: include statements in communications to media, fellow citizens, and local, state, national government officials along the lines of “politicians responsible for false flags and inaction over extreme corruption should suffer death, be executed, by firing squad”.  He wants men and women who are passionate about and love America to “put their money where their mouth is” – engage – or else “you don’t deserve the freedom and liberty your ancestors died for”.

Scott Bennett went to work for Dov Zakheim, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Comptroller of the Pentagon, on the order of Colonel Jeff Jones – a man highly offended by lies and manipulation on 9/11, and who knew the character of Mr. Bennett would not allow him to ignore illegal activity or deception of the public. Jones’ instincts were correct, and Bennett “blew up the system” to the point where he was criminally charged for filling out a housing document improperly, fired by Zakheim, and sent to prison. Ironically, Bennett’s imprisonment resulted in his meeting another inmate – Swiss bank UBS whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld – who shared his knowledge of accounts directly connected to funding terrorism. Meeting Birkenfeld in prison “completed my mission”, says Scott Bennett.

The discussion also touches on, if proven true, extremely damaging facts on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s record while Secretary of State, including millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation pointing to deep political corruption.

Scott Bennett is most saddened and disappointed with military officers who’ve betrayed the low-level soldiers who look for protection and wise leadership from those in command. He says he “could feel the blood on my hands if I failed in my mission”. Scott Bennett might well be remembered by future generations as the most important whistleblower in United States history up until the year 2015, surpassing Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and all the rest. Now, the question becomes: Will courageous American men and women leaders in the military, government, and intelligence community – and average citizens – come forward professionally, legally and constitutionally to resolve extremely worrisome problems generating illegal wars, profound damage to the nation’s reputation internationally, massive misuse of resources, and great harm to fundamental democratic principles?

Scott Bennett, for one, is ready to fight the good fight: “I will go toe-to-toe, head-to-head against anybody on planet Earth and present this argument – and win”. The summer of 2015 will be one for the ages.


(Thank you to Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel at YouTube)

Bernie Sanders: ISIS Press Release.

Sanders Calls Saudi Demand for U.S. Ground Troops ‘Offensive’

Friday, March 6, 2015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 6 – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today on Saudi Arabia’s offensive request for the United States to put American combat troops on the ground in Iraq to fight Islamic State terrorists:

“I find it remarkable that Saudi Arabia, which borders Iraq and is controlled by a multi-billion dollar family, is demanding that U.S. combat troops have ‘boots on the ground’ against ISIS.  Where are the Saudi troops?  With the third largest military budget in the world and an army far larger than ISIS, the Saudi government must accept its full responsibility for stability in their own region of the world. Ultimately, this is a profound struggle for the soul of Islam, and the anti-ISIS Muslim nations must lead that fight. While the United States and other western nations should be supportive, the Muslim nations must lead.”



Comment: Senator Sanders makes a serious point which suggests asking a timely, important question on the turmoil in the Middle East: “In the war against ISIS/terrorism, where does the monarchy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia truly stand?”

Saudi Arabia Must Answer On ISIS, 9/11 Classified 28 Pages.

by Jerry Alatalo

Book11Alphabet Alot of men and women remember back in June 2014 and the start of ISIS’ rampage of destruction and death in Iraq. Some of those men and women remember the fleet of brand new, shiny white, full-size Toyota pickups ISIS fighters were driving, and wondering where the terrorists got the money. Remember, this was before the group stormed the Iraq city of Mosul and “robbed Iraq’s central bank”.

Some also wondered where ISIS got the money to buy their array of arms. Why do ISIS fighters always cover their faces? A few months ago United States Vice President Joe Biden, some will remember, astonished the world by telling a university audience that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other nations in the Middle East were supplying, financing and arming ISIS terrorists. Somehow, and disturbingly, Mr. Biden’s bombshell remarks have become buried like typical news stories, however important they were in explaining the funders/backers of ISIS – a terrorist organization world leaders are asserting is the greatest threat civilization has seen in a long, long time.

Former Senator Bob Graham of Florida, Congressmen Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts and Walter Jones of North Carolina, and increasing numbers of intelligent, serious men and women are calling for declassifying 28 pages redacted/classified in their entirety from the U.S. government’s official 9/11 Report. These 28 pages, from all indications, point to Saudi financing of al-Qaeda terrorists and the events of September 11, 2001; a date analogous to FDR’s famous words describing Pearl Harbor: “a date that will live in infamy”.

Fourteen years have passed since 9/11, and in the years since that day highly controversial wars have been fought, hundreds of thousands have perished from the violence, all based on the U.S. government 9/11 Report’s disputed findings about what happened that day – the day which altered human history. So, what are people to make of the 28 Pages pointing to Saudi Arabia and today’s terrorist threat in Syria and Iraq ISIS, who many now acknowledge being financed by Saudi Arabia?

What are people to make of it? The exact answer to that important question is righteous indignation. Remember, the George W. Bush administration stonewalled and stalled for some 400 days when surviving family members of those who perished in the Twin Towers asked for a full investigation. The amount spent investigating 9/11 was nothing compared to the many millions which went toward investigating Bill Clinton’s extramarital love life. Henry Kissinger was first named to direct the 9/11 Commission before public opposition forced him to relinquish the post. Former Senator Max Cleland, who lost both legs and one of his arms in Vietnam, resigned the Commission in disgust after becoming aware the investigation was a giant fraud perpetrated on the American, and world’s, people.

According to 9/11 victims surviving family members, President Barack Obama promised directly to them that the 28 Pages would be released to the public/declassified. Politicians who’ve read the classified documents agree that the public deserves the truth, and that the information in those pages “change completely one’s perceptions of what happened on September 11, 2001”.

September 11, 2001 changed history on Earth like no event since Pearl Harbor. The murderous emergence of ISIS and similar terrorist groups will become recorded and read about by students of history forever. Saudi Arabia has played an apparently significant role in both the massively consequential 9/11 events and 2015’s global terrorism phenomenon.

Would it not be immoral, unethical, and utterly unconscionable if all humanity did not learn precisely how great a historical and criminal role the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played? And who else played a role?


(Thank you to Thom Hartmann at YouTube)


Iraq’s United Nations Representative Mohamad Ali Alhakim and Syrian UN Representative Bashar Ja’afari spoke to the media and answered questions on Thursday February 12, 2015. Their message is highly informative, revealing and extremely important.

The American people are urged to share the following link with their elected representatives before debate begins in Washington, D.C. on President Barack Obama’s request for Authorization to Use Military Force in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East region: