Global ISIS Debate Intensifies.

Posted on September 22, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

OKEEFENarratives are stories of events. President Barack Obama says the world is threatened. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says, “We were not convinced that the United States government was serious. I’m sure that what happened yesterday in the House and the Senate approving the request of President Obama for financing the Syrian opposition does not correspond well with an attempt to fight terrorism. You do not fight terrorism by weakening the central (Syria) government”. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister says the United States is “playing with the ISIL in Iraq, and turning a blind eye to the terrorist group’s operations in Syria”.

Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Ja’afari told the Security Council, in a reference to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that “some participants in the coalition themselves helped create ISIL”.

Does anyone feel the need for some serious gun control legislation for the Middle East. Perhaps people would lose their employment at the corporations who build the weapons which are now in the Middle East, but the situation seems to have gotten out of hand. Some are suggesting harsh sanctions on nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar and others who have financed the terrorist groups in Syria over the past three years, including weapons, supplies, training and pay. There have been similar calls for sanctions against Jordan and Turkey, where mercenaries such as those now in ISIS received their training.

With so many narratives/stories now becoming published about ISIS/ISIL/IS, perhaps the first step in eliminating the threat they pose is a truth commission for arriving at the true causes behind the rise of the ISIS. Once the factors become identified, actions can then be taken to eliminate those factors, then ISIS will begin to rapidly and steadily diminish in power until at a certain point the group is no longer a threat to people in Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East.

Television programs like “The Debate” may, in the eyes of some, represent a form of “minor” truth commission, while others will see the program produced by Iranian network Press TV as a kind of state-owned propaganda organ. However men and women hold their opinions of “The Debate”, every now and again it produces some memorable moments like the episode/debate to follow between peace activist Ken O’Keefe and former US intelligence officer Bob Ayers.

The show’s focus is on America’s division of terrorists into “good” and “bad”, and whether the US’ main goal is overthrowing Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria. The title for the show is “Dubious Mission” and the guests begin their discussion after the woman host asks, “does the US really want to stop ISIS?”

Bob Ayers: I think that the United States wants to stop ISIL, but I don’t think the United States is willing to take the steps necessary to actually defeat and get rid of ISIL.

Ken O’Keefe: Absolutely not. And I find it laughable that anybody would ever consider the United States to be seriously interested in ending terrorism. We’ve had over 13 years of this farcical war on terror, all of it built on lies. From the false flag of 9/11, to the non-prosecution of Osama Bin Laden because the FBI admitted there was no evidence linking him to 9/11, from every policy sense… The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the attack on Libya destroying that country, attempting to fully destroy Syria – all of this is terrorism. Terrorism on a grand scale.

Host: … killings and beheadings going on for years now in Syria, why is the United States acting now?

Bob Ayers: I think there are several triggers that caused the United States to react in this current timeframe. One trigger was the continuing success of ISIL in terms of expanding its territorial acquisition, and (2), the extension of, if you will, beheadings and things like that, to include United States citizens. That always triggers the United States. So, the United States is reacting to events that have caused them to sit up and take notice of ISIL.

Ken O’Keefe: … the beheadings have largely been debunked. At the very least, the people who are being executed in those videos are not alive. We know when you execute somebody by cutting off their head, their heart is still beating, blood will pour forth profusely. This is not the case with these videos, and it also is one massive manipulation to suggest that the life of one or two Americans somehow justifies yet another invasion and occupation, which we have destroyed three countries at the very minimum – in terms of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

We have largely caused the breeding grounds for so-called terrorism all around the region. It is beggar’s belief that anyone would be manipulated in yet another policy in which invasion, bombing, and occupation, ultimately destruction of entire areas, is somehow going to make the world a better place. We have seen this all before, and the United States is repeating the same role as it has been. And it will make for more blood and more guts and more misery, and ultimately a breeding ground for those who see the West for what it is. Absolutely hypocritical.

The West has no moral authority whatsoever; it is in no position at all to discuss any issue regarding morality. Because it is the most corrupt and most violent of all peoples on this planet. The West is the problem, not the rest of the world. And our little boogeyman we create will stop once we stop having the power through the global reserve currency of the US dollar, to be able to pay those psychopaths to run around and behead, and so on and so forth.

Host: … actual goal the government in Damascus?

Bob Ayers: Certainly that’s the opinion of some people. The purpose of this debate tonight is to try to understand why the United States is acting the way they are, and what the steps are that they plan on taking to try to defeat, degrade, or destroy ISIS. It’s not a venue for standing on a soapbox and preaching against all the perceived ills and crimes of the United States over the last 50 years.

Host: … Syria is obviously in this scenario.

Bob Ayers: There’s no question that Syria is involved in this current situation. The United States position is that they have been trying to unseat Assad. Now, the United States is in an interesting position in that to defeat ISIS or ISIL, they’re going to have to defeat them not only in Iraq where they’re located, but also in Syria. If they defeat them in Syria, they are inadvertently supporting Assad, because Assad is fighting ISIL in Syria.

Host: … they don’t want to defeat them there (Syria)?

Bob Ayers: No. What I’m saying is, they want to defeat them there, but they don’t know how to do that without bolstering the Assad regime, which is something they don’t want to do. So the United States is resorting to these consortia, which they’re trying to find alternative ways, and alternative sources to defeat ISIL, without the United States doing it themselves.

Host: What kind of precedent does this set?

Ken O’Keefe: Well, it’s not a precedent at all. We’ve already been bombing Pakistan, Yemen; we have been running around the world basically in a lawless kind of way, have been carrying out policies including executions of anyone, anywhere, anytime, based on the so-called President of the United States having a meeting and declaring somebody to be a terrorist. This even includes American citizens. So, there is no sovereignty of nations. There is no international law.

And this so-called intelligence analyst. This intelligence analyst appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that it was the United States which supported the mujahideen, which became al-Qaeda, which morphed into al-Nusra Front, then ISIS, ISIL, IS, whatever the hell you want to call it. Has been arming these people, training these people, providing bases and training in Jordan and also in Turkey. Their little proxies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Kuwait have been funneling money and arms, and now we’re being told they’re going to be training these so-called moderate factions of resistance in Syria in Saudi Arabia, that bastion of moderate behavior, the Saudi Arabia regime, one of the most offensive – if not the most offensive – regimes on the planet.

A place that we give weapons and we give cover to, political or media cover. The idea that an intelligence analyst could be so oblivious, and so completely incompetent at his own field that he does not recognize the United States having supported, armed, trained, coddled, and protected all those terrorists for decades now, is beyond belief. He can’t be so stupid surely, not to know that the United States has an inherent interest in propping up continuously one boogeyman after another to justify what I said earlier: the military-industrial-complex, the goal of full spectrum dominance, military bases all around the world. This is what’s happened. People with half a brain know this.

Bob Ayers: I can’t continue to be insulted by this other person. I’m ending this interview. Find somebody else who’ll listen to this moron speak his mind.

Ken O’Keefe: You insult the people of the world with your so-called intelligence analysis. You are sending the American sons and daughters off to yet another war, so that they can become so traumatized, and so sick and so maimed that they can come back home to the tune of 22 American sailors and servicemen a day committing suicide. You are a traitor to your nation, or criminally incompetent.

At this point Mr. Ayers has ended his internet connection and his participation in the discussion. The host apologizes to the viewing audience and Ken O’Keefe is the lone guest. A few of his statements from the rest of the program worth noting:

“But at the end of the day, I come from the West, and what we can see is that my birth nation in the United States is the #1 terrorist. This is simply not debatable. And so I understand that many people are still being conned into believing in this nonsense – the latest boogeyman creation – but ever-growing numbers of people are not buying it. They are not. And this is extremely promising, and a necessary step to create a better world”.

“…The policy is being carried out exactly as it was written, and the scenes of sectarian hatred and divide, which are necessary to fracture the people of the region so that you’ll be in a weakened state and therefore be subject to the real intention and the goal, which is to expand the Israeli empire. Ultimately, this is going to fall flat on its face, but right now the chaos that is being sown is extremely advantageous for the powers that be”.


(Thank you to Ken O’Keefe at YouTube)


ISIS Questions? Follow The Money.

Posted on August 25, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Evidently, ISIS paid cash for their fleet of brand new, white full-size Toyota pickups. Or maybe they stole the trucks, because they hadn’t yet looted the bank in Mosul of $500 million or $10 billion or whatever enormous amount. Certainly intelligence agencies have been all over the “new Toyota trucks” aspect of the ISIS issue, and certainly they’ve learned through investigation how ISIS purchased the trucks (cash, check, credit card, barter…), which dealership, the bank account, and how the money got into the account. Certainly.  They’ve been all over it, the mystery has been solved, nothing to see here people – move along.

And all the hi-tech military weaponry and equipment were scarfed up by ISIS at the Middle East’s very popular, annual “Hi-Tech Military Hardware and Weaponry Swap Meet”, where radical terrorist extremists from miles around gather and tell tall tales about whose group of terrorists took the largest “swathes” of land with oil underneath.

ISIS got its military training watching tutorials on YouTube. That story about receiving training in Jordan is some kind of propaganda.

An apology is in order for making light of such a serious situation, but the amount of speculation, misinformation, and false narratives gets to the point where one must vent frustration in some way. Sorry.

If this world were ideal, all the questions about ISIS would have already become answered, because in an ideal world leaders would be unanimous in their views that truth is all-important. Wars and killing in an ideal world would have ceased in the Middle East long ago because leaders, at the first signs of violence, understood clearly the need to resolve the conflict right away before it got out of control. Apparently the conditions required for an ideal world have yet to come into existence.

The same sentiment holds for Ukraine, Gaza, and other war-torn regions on Earth. Millions of articles, reports, videos, talk shows, interviews, and other forms of communication were produced about ISIS, Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and the military violence. The independent media’s reporting is almost diametrically opposite of mainstream corporate news’ reporting. One must ask how views of the two largest groups of journalists on Earth are so far apart on the world’s most important, consequential issues.

One group is reporting accurately and the other is not, for there is no other explanation to the wide divergence of narratives. There is only one true set of facts in reality so journalists, once again in an ideal world, would essentially be reporting the truth with perhaps some rare varying analysis. The simplest form of analysis on the war-torn situations mentioned would consider which “sides” are killing the most people, who has initiated military aggression, and which groups are presenting the most accurate description of reality in their public communications.

Which “sides” in the current Middle East conflagration have acknowledged publicly their awareness of what former Lebanon President Emile Lahoud told about his experience of being offered Saudi Arabian bribe money at a clip of $500,000 per month:

(Thank you to GlobalResearchTV at YouTube)

Former Lebanon President Emile Lahoud declined being bribed by Saudi Arabia, but how many politicians in the Middle East took the money? Emile Lahoud mentioned the attempt by Saudi Arabia to bribe him some three months ago on Press TV, an explosive revelation certainly worthy of reporting by western news corporations, yet although it was conveyed by a former president of Lebanon it was never covered – remaining still unknown to most Americans.

ISIS has received $billions in support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Arab Gulf monarchies, yet people in America still believe somehow the group just materialized out of thin air. Americans are mostly in the dark when it comes to natural gas pipeline competition involving routes across Syria. Both Iran and Qatar have access to the same massive natural gas field and plans to run pipelines across Syria for eventual sale to Europe. Americans are unaware that Iran, Iraq, and Syria agreed to build a $multi-billion natural gas pipeline to move Iran’s gas to Europe, the Syrian war started shortly afterward, and that Qatar – who also proposed a pipeline across Syria to Europe, but the proposal was turned down – supplied $billions to so-called rebels fighting to take down the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria.

These Syrian “rebels” have been somewhat deceptively divided into “moderate”, extreme, and then ISIS – worse than extreme. Besides the pipeline aspect of the Syria war, other factors include Russian influence in Syria and the Middle East (naval port on the coast of Syria), growing Iranian influence in the region, and US/Israel “Machiavellian” plans to “divide and rule” through creating sectarian violence thereby weakening all nations in the region. The US/Israel goal, through war and violence, is consolidation of power in the energy-rich Middle East.

In an ideal world, and here talking about the history of violence and war in the Middle East, there wouldn’t be one drop of oil or natural gas in the region. If that was the case not one man, woman, or child would have suffered harm there through the decades. It is fortunate for the people in the region that their lands are energy-resource rich as it’s good for the economy and higher living standards. It is very unfortunate that until now agreements haven’t been made which give the best chance of peace through equitable sharing of those resources.

People remember the phrase which became famous during the U.S. campaign for president between Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush: “It’s the economy, stupid.” In the Middle East, when attempting to make sense of all the wars through history and now ISIS, the phrase is: “It’s the oil and natural gas, stupid.” George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, current NATO Commander Fogh Rasmussen, and other war criminals wouldn’t have lied to the world about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” if the major resource/export of Iraq was tulips.

As Nafeez Ahmed points out in the following Real News Network interview, the will to stop the financing sources for ISIS hasn’t materialized. Without those funds and that support ISIS would find their capacity to harm rapidly deteriorate, and Mr. Ahmed asks why steps aren’t being taken to block the sources. That is a question which Americans need to ask of their Congressmen and Senators, along with conveyance of strong demands for truthful explanations of ISIS’ creation and who is accountable.

The second Iraq War resulted in over one million lives lost – based on lies – and now the same kind of corporate, economic interests and people are in the equation. The world’s people are no longer willing to tolerate lies when war and peace hangs in the balance; when the lives of innocent men, women, and children who happen to have been born in a resource-rich region are at risk. During times such as these, the only leaders worthy of making decisions are those with enough personal integrity to speak the absolute truth to humanity.

Only leaders with that high level of honorable, moral intentions and personal integrity are capable of working together to bring about results in the best interests – physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being – of the people living in the region.

Because for generations innocent people in the Middle East have suffered from war and violence, the time has come for the harm to finally stop. Enough is finally enough. Humanity deserves the truth.


(Thank you to RealNewsNetwork at YouTube)