Striving For Spiritual Perception.

Posted on July 2, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search for truth or perfection is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life.”

– Lewis Mumford

aaa-13And what is the real significance of the 4th of July holiday? One remembers the opening scene to “Born On the Fourth of July”, the Oliver Stone movie which takes a good hard look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of Ron Kovic – a Vietnam War veteran. The opening scene captures Ron when he was a small boy at the July 4 parade, where all the town’s veterans of war dress in their uniforms and march – because that’s always “the way it’s been” on Fourth of July.

This is the time when a lot of people travel to their hometowns and cities, taking some time off to visit with family and friends they haven’t seen since last summer, on an annual trip similar to the migratory birds that go from north to south and back north. Conversations frequently include somewhat obligatory coverage of where each is living and what they are doing for a living, what’s new, and other typical points of light discussion.

Perhaps one day, after the human race has made the decision to “study war no more”, all those veterans will have passed away, then it will be impossible for veterans to be found for the July 4 parade. There’ll probably always be some diehards when it comes to militarism, and even when war is no longer existent on Earth they’ll march with large photographs of veterans long passed away.

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future the parades will include those who’ve participated not in warfare but, walking side-by-side with the remaining veterans, in the reduction and elimination of war on Earth. At a certain point in the future, perhaps July 4 parades in America will find only living peace workers joining with the ones holding photos of extinct warriors – as humanity no longer has any veterans. Then the new and upcoming filmmakers like Oliver Stone will make movies about the turn away from war.

Is that a realistic image of the future? There are many ways to view an answer to that question. Some would say that there is no way that war will ever be eliminated and that the image of a world without mass murder is utopian thinking. Others will, just as the philosopher’s words Robert Kennedy quoted, “see the world as it is, and ask why” then “see the world as it could be, and ask why not.” Surely bringing about/creating a world without war can’t be as easy as changing the form of one’s question. There has to be a lot more to it than that.

What was the philosopher who Robert Kennedy quoted driving at, and what led him to begin his journey of potential and possibility? That thing called consciousness, or spirit, which is receiving some attention in the scientific community with regard to a previously held view consciousness is impossible to measure. But is consciousness or spirit really immeasurable? All one has to do to measure spirit and consciousness is going to any library and counting the billions of words written through history and they’ll find sure measure.

Every major religious/spiritual tradition in the world has its sacred texts. At risk of coming across as simplistic, those sacred texts – as well as the millions of writings on philosophy, spirituality, religion, love, near death experiences, etc – are scientific proof. Out of all the world’s compiled writings through history on consciousness-related topics, the ones which resonate most deeply with scholars and readers rise to the status of sacred.

Those are the writings which, when deeply studied, gives the reader a sense that there is something woven into these words that is real and moving on a high and profound level. That “something” is spirit or consciousness, and that something is what offers humanity the best chance of eliminating war forever. Mohandes “Mahatma” Gandhi was queried often where and how he found the wisdom to accomplish what he did when leading India to independence. His reply was that the wisdom the questioner is referring to is “as old as the hills.”

For Gandhi the Bhagavad Gita was his bible, and he always had a copy with him. Martin Luther King shared with Gandhi the study of sacred texts, so between those two men people can find evidence of spiritual substance and power. Both were advocates of non-violence and the real power of another aspect – perhaps the most powerful – of consciousness and/or spirituality: love. Each man studied deeply in the fields of philosophy and spirituality, then spoke to others literally in person and through their writings about the ideas and potentials they observed on their intellectual/spiritual explorations.

These men are known throughout the world for their actions while living, and they are admired by millions of men and women who acted in the same directions throughout history. In 2014, although many have been more hesitant to share ideas over the internet because of government spying exposed by whistleblowers, the internet is gaining power as a communication tool and source, and millions of men and women the world over are bypassing traditional news media for alternatives on the net.

If one can imagine the process that Gandhi, King and the millions of others went through on their consciousness/spirit journeys – or review one’s own –  then compare that to the worldwide “awakening” enabled by the internet, one finds that humanity’s collective consciousness is rising to higher levels every day.  This explains why there has been such a “pushback” against proposals by governments to reduce internet access or freedom.  All over the Earth men and women are communicating in good ways and sharing ideas for improving living conditions.

For those reasons – better communication between people and combined efforts to solve problems like war, greed, hunger, pollution, etc. – more work should become devoted to providing internet access to as many of those who don’t have it as possible. In essence, the internet is the greatest problem-solving tool in world history. And, although consciousness and spirit are as yet “immeasurable” in the traditional science sense, the internet is leading humanity to collective higher consciousness and what many sages and spiritual masters called enlightenment.

Perhaps soon men and women will no longer feel the “weight of the world” on their shoulders as they’ve taken actions to solve problems and share the idea that all people are related and family. Perhaps soon the world’s people will experience that spiritual breakthrough on the largest scale, and it will become obvious that errors in spiritual perception have been the source of problems all along.

Then travelers on the road during the 4th of July holiday won’t feel any need of driving hundreds of miles to arrive at their true destinations.

All will know they are fellow members of the human family and the circle of friendship – on this Earth.

Already Home.


(Thanks to an amazing artist Beth Hart @ YouTube)

They Know The American People Are Waking Up.

Posted May 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Now and then men and women experience certain moments in life that stand out as “peak” in a variety of ways. That experience might include hearing a perfect piece of music during which the performing artists for one time reach an other-worldly place, a book where the writer takes readers to worlds previously unknown – broadening readers’ horizons in exciting ways that offer renewal of hope, a dramatic film where everything comes together – the author who wrote the book the film became based on, or the original screenwriter’s intended artistic effect, plus perfect performances from all the actors and the insightful director.

A large percentage of people who get into blogging have as one of their – or perhaps only – reasons for communicating with the world a wish to help in some way toward the building of a better world, which in many cases has a direct connection with sharing little-known facts – truth – on historical and current events. This large percentage of the world’s blogging community come to regularly read articles and listen to interviews, all the while in search of “peak” experiences in the form of truthful information that offers humanity either means to create better conditions, or new – and until now – suppressed facts.

While on a casual journey to check out former “Coast-To-Coast” radio host John B. Wells’ new program “Caravan To Midnight” on YouTube, it seemed like something new to hear what Wells and his guest James Fetzer had to say. Without any real amount of digging into Mr. Fetzer’s work, the only things I was aware about him were his involvement in work about September 11, 2001 and some about his work and book about the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, who died in a plane crash. Having never read Mr. Fetzer’s book about the circumstances surrounding Paul Wellstone’s death, it became apparent that Mr. Fetzer believes Paul Wellstone was the victim of assassination – an intentional sabotage of his plane resulting in death.

So, there was only a scant knowledge about James Fetzer before listening to this interview. For people who have interest in investigative reporting the interview is one which perhaps only comes along very rarely, similar to the “peak” music, books, and films mentioned earlier. In fact the interview, with its 2 hour 49 minutes in length, is easily compared to a book because the number of issues covered – from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to September 11 to Ukraine and what seems like every issue of importance for investigative journalism fans – and may well become one which lands firmly in the category of “classic.”

James Fetzer received a degree in philosophy from Princeton, served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, left the Marines after attaining the rank of captain, earned a doctoral degree, and then lectured at, I believe, the University of Minnesota-Duluth for over 30 years before retiring. His students sat in classes on logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning. Since then he has written a number of books about the most consequential events in American history, including the previously mentioned JFK assassination, September 11, and death of Paul Wellstone, while also collaborating with fellow academicians/researchers in further and ongoing investigation into important, consequential world events as time moves on.

At one point in their interview John B. Wells says, “they know the American people are waking up”, hence the title of this post. During the course of their discussion it occurred to me that James Fetzer was reading his talk. He was either reading or he has an encyclopedic memory, given the profound amount of detailed and astonishing information he brings to this interview. Probably the main reason for endorsing this interview is that when listening and considering the information Mr. Fetzer seemingly machine-gunned for close to three hours straight, one’s only reaction is a dropping of the jaw and thoughts in the vein of “blow-your-freaking-mind interview”, then “is it safe to post/share this explosive program?”

Toward the end of the interview John B. Wells told James Fetzer that both of them were “on the list.” His meaning, certainly understood by both men, is one who speaks truth to power in the most intense and – on matters of assassinations,  coup d’états, the highest crimes and misdemeanors, and unimaginable corruption – expository, and threatening to really bad people manner. Those who end up on “the list” are those who understand that dissemination of certain information – information which threatens the freedom of the world’s most heinous criminals – risks retribution delivered in, and of, the severest, most extreme variety.


We’re talking about mafia-like people who will silence permanently any person who threatens them with incarceration or exposure of their crimes to the public. After listening to John B. Wells’ interview of James Fetzer, you will understand that this not a dramatic over-estimation, nor anything less than what I feel is a proper, concerned preparation for what you are about to hear and experience.

Please share your perceptions and comments after listening.

Listen to James Fetzer – John B. Wells April 2014 interview here.