Private Central Banks: New Documentary “Princes Of The Yen” Tells All.

Posted on January 1, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

Book4“This is a film about the power of central banks. Central banks have the power to create economic, political and social change. This is how they do it…”

Alphabet So begins the new and fascinating documentary film “Princes of the Yen” based on a book by Professor Richard Werner, a visiting researcher at the Bank of Japan during the 90’s crash, during which the stock market dropped by 80% and house prices by up to 84%. The film uncovers the real cause of the extraordinary period in recent Japanese history.

“Princes of the Yen” is an unprecedented challenge to today’s dominant ideological belief system, and the control levers that underpin it. Piece by piece, reality is deconstructed to reveal the world as it is, not as those in power would like us to believe that it is.

Some comments on the documentary:

“Master of filmmaking. An engaging and dynamic narrative supported by visual aesthetics”.

“Essential viewing if you’ve any interest at all in economics or politics”.

“Blows open the widely held consensus that ‘independent’ central banks are a force for independent good”.

“A fascinating look at the need for better public understanding of just how much money can affect the world we live in”.

“Princes of the Yen” reveals how Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda and desire of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this. The Japanese scenario is one which has become implemented time and time again through history in nations around the world, only recently becoming a subject of greater and greater interest – and serious concern – of humanity.

The film is a fascinating study of the power of independent, unaccountable, “quiet”, privately owned central banks. For those with an interest in alternative economics, monetary reform, and what (money) makes the world go around, the makers of “Princes of the Yen” have added to the cumulative knowledge base of an often-misunderstood, yet vital subject for study on this Earth in 2015.

Bottom line is that a handful of people at the top of the international financial pyramid have “quietly” manipulated the global banking system to their benefit for a very long time, in a way which has been essentially unchallenged because of intentional obfuscation. Thankfully, the number of men and women around the Earth who have engaged and acted to reveal the agenda of this small group whose basic life philosophy is “service to self” at the great expense and suffering of all others is rapidly growing in numbers.

Exactly when the average man or woman living in all nations and regions around the world become fully aware of international private central bankers’ negative impact on the health and well-being of many millions, even billions, of human beings’ lives is hard to predict.

The people who helped make “Princes of the Yen”, no matter when that global awareness arrives, have certainly made the length of time between now and that historic, world-changing point a lot shorter. The creators of this insightful, timely, powerful, and absolutely relevant documentary deserve all the accolades and gratitude they most certainly will receive in the near future.


(Thank you to QueuePolitely at YouTube)


From A Death Economy To A Life Economy.

Posted November 7, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Many of you reading these words are familiar with John Perkins through listening to one or more of his many interviews, or through reading his ground-breaking book “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman“. For those who are not aware of Mr. Perkins, he is a self-confessed “economic hitman” and worked years ago with presidents and high-ranking government officials in nations around the world. His job was to convince government leaders to accept multi-billion dollar loans from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund – to accept loans which put their nations into debt which inevitably the nation(s) cannot repay.

The nations Mr. Perkins would “work” with all had something in common – the land and mountains of the country contained coveted-by-multinational corporations, valuable natural resources. His typical offer when speaking to presidents of these nations would follow a pattern. He would tell the president that “if you went along with the loans we could make you very wealthy”. Then, when the loans’ debt became too much for the nation to pay back, he would “advise” the president that “well, perhaps you could sell your oil to us (or natural gas, minerals, etc.) at a reduced rate, and cut back on social spending (austerity)”.

If the leader arranged the multi-billion dollar loans, he and his family would become wealthy, infrastructure projects utilizing companies outside the country for the construction would go ahead, then the natural resources would begin being extracted, profits going to the small percentage of the nation’s citizens who represented the “élite”. Most of the people in the countries where Mr. Perkins operated did not receive any benefits from the loans or projects that became financed with loan proceeds.

If the president initially decided to decline on an economic hitman’s offers, because the resources were very coveted, the ‘jackals”, as Perkins describes them, would take destabilization measures to promote popular uprisings against the government. These actions typically were organized and implemented by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and were responsible for government coups of democratically elected leaders in Iran (1952), Ecuador (1954), and Chile (1971), as well as others.

If a coup were unsuccessful at times assassination of leaders was the route taken. John Perkins personally knew presidents who died in plane crashes, those of Panama and Ecuador.

If the “jackals” of the intelligence agencies were unsuccessful in overthrowing the leader(s) who “will not play the game”, then war(s) would ensue to complete the job of regime change. Perkins ‘ book tells the whole story and I recommend it to those who are interested in “cutting to the chase” and learning true geopolitical/economics history.

John Perkins, in my opinion, is the most important, consequential whistleblower in history.

Just a short story on my experience with the book “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman”. I had bought the book twenty years or so ago, after seeing an interview of Perkins on TV. Let me say that until roughly two years ago, when I got my first computer, I never owned one and never surfed the internet. So, I read the jaw-dropping book, and, because we as humans can’t stop ourselves from recommending books that are so profound, I was recommending it often.

Without getting into all the details, somehow a person in law enforcement who I knew through business dealings, he being a customer of the company I worked for, said to me, “you’ve got a bulls-eye on your back”. I knew the man well as he was a regular customer, I didn’t respond because I had no idea what he was referring to. Only later did I realize that what occurred could be explained by John Perkins’ book being on a government book “watch list” of some sort. A list of books which law enforcement agencies possessed with which to identify people who could be “problematic”, if you will.

This was after September 11, 2001, nothing ever came of it, and it became an experience to remember for its small or large significance, where I innocently read a ground-breaking expose book and got a little caught up without any consequences. Not a big deal, but interesting.


Video source: Breaking The Set – YouTube / John Perkins interviewed by Abby Martin

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Worldwide Debt, Audit Committees, Choppers.

English: The poster of the Greek documentary &...
English: The poster of the Greek documentary “Debtocracy”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Debtocracy is a powerful documentary from 2011 which contains a number of very important messages. Those who made the effort to produce the film met the goals they set out to accomplish. Documentary is defined as a film or TV program based on factual subjects. Debtocracy’s creators set out to portray events experienced by nations across the world who have come to possess a collective debt.  This would include a majority of the world’s countries.

Let me first say that I discovered the film at a fellow blogger’s site, and expressions of gratitude are in order. Thank you to the producers of this vitally important, profound documentary, those men and women who have posted the film on YouTube with a number of language subtitles, and bloggers like Skywanderer and others who have put the film out there for even more people around the world.

One can get carried away at times when recommending books, films, television or radio programs. How often do we hear about this film that you “must see” and “everybody has to read this book”? We are all aware of Hollywood movie advertisements with the quotes of famous and not-so-famous critics, exclaiming that the film is “the greatest”, “powerful”, and “intense”.

Does Debtocracy rise to reach the definition of “must see”? There are many and varied interpretations from men and women of the term “must see”. For this writer Debtocracy easily reaches the definition and should be required viewing and seen by as many people on this Earth as possible. In the world of documentary films there are many that deserve praise and share realities which increase the awareness of viewers. Doc films have been created which focus on a variety of issues that are of  importance for humanity.

For example one can find docs on the world of dog shows, pro football, presidential elections, food production, musical performances, oceans and environmental change, and on and on. The subjects and issues dealt with by filmmakers run the gamut of human experience. Must see films are those which deal with subjects and issues which are important for pretty much the entire human race.

Debtocracy has message(s) important for the entire human race.

The film begins by describing the “MDs of the International Monetary Fund“. These “MDs” arrive at the capitols of in-debt nations when there is a problem with repayment of those debts. These financial doctors advise the “patient” that in order to cure the “disease” the nation’s leaders must postpone tax cuts, “tidy up your house”, enact cuts to health, education, infrastructure improvements, consider selling natural resources at a low-cost to earn export revenue to pay debt, and privatize your state-owned industries.

Most people have become aware of “austerity” programs devised by international financial institutions’ representatives and conveyed to each nation to pay off their debts owed to the IMF, World Bank and other nations. It has come to the point where finance industry actions are available which gamble that certain nation-states will go bankrupt. Finance industry employees can make bets, and make large amounts of money in the process, that a nation will go under. Finance corporations can take actions which assures a nation’s failure and at the same time place bets that the failure will happen.

The film then describes the history of events which led nations to become indebted, assure immense corporate profits, but destroy the financial condition of the state/government. Those events are classified as policies of a neoliberal, or upper-class, variety. Those policies have led to a situation where the owners of capital benefit mightily at the expense of most average citizens in many countries and regions.

One of the commentators describes the International Monetary Fund as a “zombie” institution, which nobody can kill, applying vicious and terrifying austerity after it comes to a nation’s “rescue”. The imposing of neoliberal/upper-class policies in the European Union and elsewhere have a tragic impact on people’s lives, while benefitting banks and large corporations.

Next the film describes the events which occurred in Argentina that led to the leader of that country entering a chopper and flying away from an enraged citizenry. Throughout the film  a number of insightful comments are given about harsh austerity measures, the numbers of hungry and homeless, elders having to decide between food or medicine, and lowered life expectancy statistics from every IMF “supported” nation.

The viewer learns that capitalism resorts to violence and harsh action(s) to deal with crises, popular dissent and dissatisfaction. And that the neoliberal/upper-class have no desire or intent to pay for crises they have created. The example which comes to mind is the total lack of prosecutions of those who engaged in massive frauds and corruption causing the worldwide economic crisis begun in 2008, lasting to this day.

Debtocracy then explains what is termed “odious debt”. For debt to become considered odious, and therefore illegitimate, it must:

be the result of governments loan(s) entered into without the knowledge of the people

involve loans where the borrower and lender were fully aware that the loans did not benefit the people

involve borrowers and lenders’ awareness that the loan(s) benefit(ted) special interests

God only knows the total amount of corrupt activity through history between government officials, representatives of banks, and representatives of multinational corporations. Until there is a worldwide creation of national audit committees to determine/identify odious debt attributable to bribery, special favors, cronyism, under-the-table deals and other likewise corrupt activities, only God will know.

The film describes the US government’s successful attempt to eliminate the country of Iraq’s odious debt after the war in that country, removing responsibility from the Iraqi people to repay debts incurred by Saddam Hussein. The film goes on to describe the “sweeping under the rug” news of the odious debt write-off which tried to keep the “can of worms”, opened through the action, out of the view of other nations who would try to replicate and remove their own responsibility for odious/illegitimate debt repayment.

The film then describes the election of Ecuador’s President Correa, who studied economics and removed IMF  and World Bank representatives from any dealings/transactions in his country’s central bank. Mr. Correa fully understands the concept of odious debt and acted in the best interests of the people of Equador, joining Iceland as strong examples for nations around the world.

An important part of the effort in Equador to show and remove the responsibility for that country’s odious/illegitimate debt was the formation of an independent “audit committee” that spent fourteen months going through every one of Equador’s  debt contracts with the IMF, World Bank, and other nations. What that committee discovered, and was then conveyed to the people, was that a large percentage of Equador’s debt was indeed odious and illegitimate.

Debtocracy conveys a very important message to humanity.

Every nation and its people on Earth must establish an “account committee” to identify and prove that part of their debt which is odious and therefore illegitimate. As mentioned, at this point only God knows. Men and women around this world can guess at the total amount of their countries’ odious debt. That debt which was incurred through government loans without the knowledge of the citizens, where government borrowers as well as lenders knew the loans were not in the best interest of the people, and the borrowers and lenders knew the loan proceeds were used to benefit special interests.

One can guess that a very large portion of debt which all nations, large and small, around the world are facing is indeed odious and illegitimate-no longer the responsibility of the people to repay. Until every debt contract is thoroughly examined, the true extent of odious debt will remain unknown by all.

Until then, only God will know.



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Money. Conclusion.

picturedJune 14, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

Love, compassion and understanding reveals that suffering can end with very little resources. A sharing world has come.

Consider the economic examples given by Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. These people have high taxes but prevent politicians from lowering them as they experience solidarity, high academic achievement, low poverty, national healthcare and satisfactory living. The people in these countries have the highest standards of living on Earth and would not choose any other system.

The tide has turned as the secrets can no longer be kept away from the people. The economies of each country and the world have suffered manipulating by robber barons. Bankers have taken advantage of their customers with nothing short of thievery. Corporations gain more power with men and women going into the government sector, back into the corporate sector, etc., etc. A few wealthy families benefit while the rest of the population suffers.

One half of the world’s population lives below the poverty level. Many in America hold the belief that America with foreign aid has always been an altruistic nation. It is not total altruism. The money and aid go for the most part to American corporations and a few wealthy families in the recipient country. The supposed original intent of the aid to help the people of the recipient country is a fraud. You will not find any real investigative reporters on any of the major media to report these frauds. Laws have been influenced and sometimes written by the 35,000 corporate lobbyists.

There are a small number of people on the planet who have one goal, maximizing profits, without regard to consequences for the world’s people and environment. There are thankfully business leaders becoming concerned for the health and well-being of people and the environment. We shall see this trend continue. Over a trillion dollars gets spent every year for militaries and preparation for war and killing. There are solutions available to create a better world. Thankfully these solutions are shared by the people of the world through the worldwide web.

World consciousness and awareness are rising. Every person on Earth is facing the same economic crises, environmental degradation and climate chaos. It is a revolutionary time which is resulting in real human transformation. Leaders involved with greed, manipulation and brutality have handed the reins of power to leaders whose tools are love, compassion and peace. We are realizing that current leaders, especially those of the old way of thinking, cannot be trusted to bring about the real changes needed to create the world people want.

It is time to concentrate on positive and possible solutions to these obviously solvable human problems. Disinformation weapons fail with the new technologies of social media, the internet and smart-phones. Five corporations control the major media but these new technologies have overcome that control. Humanity will solve the poor’s problems  through coöperation and help with farming, fishing and water issues – basic survival methods.

There has been enough spending on bombs, missiles, tanks and fighter jets. Time to end the desperate living conditions of our world’s starving and poor. Let us begin by paying corporations to help the poor of the planet to grow their own food. Reject powerlessness and fear and the positive, possible changes we seek for humanity will become inevitable. There are so many solutions.

It is time to take away the power from private central banks in the form of the Federal Reserve of the United States,  the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. There will be no more taking advantage of our fellow members of the human family for personal gain and self-aggrandizement. That historical model is over. Humanity has seen enough. The historical rule of ego thankfully is disappearing. The new model of the rule of spirit is now thankfully being created.

Very few people control the money and wealth of the world. The suffering and misery experienced by our human family for hundreds of years has resulted in wealth going into the hands of these few. Now is the time for the reversal of this insidious human system. What we are talking about is basic fairness, justice and concern for our fellow-man. What we are talking about is Jesus’ commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

All of the suffering that humanity has experienced throughout history is finally going to end. War, hunger, poverty, disease, hate, greed, envy and misery are going to be things of the past. Humanity is finally going to break the chains of ego slavery and experience true spiritual freedom. The human race is coming to the realization that we all are one. Imagine and believe in the glorious future that awaits us.

Get active with your actions being in harmony for humanity to win. When the people rise and make the changes necessary humanity will win. Believe a better world is possible and take the actions to make it happen. The human race created the money problems with their unfortunate consequences. The human race can fix these problems. Never doubt your ability to improve the situation in your country as well as your world. Never get discouraged.  As the human race unites as one a better world comes into view.

Future generations of humanity will point back to this time and know that this generation was the one. This generation was the one which took the actions necessary for creating an everlasting heaven on Earth. This generation was the one which understood the spiritual philosophy of seven generations. We are the generation which took the present and future into our own hands and created  paradise on Earth. This generation will forever be known as the one where the awe-inspiring magnificent events took place; the events which changed everything for  humanity forever.

This generation will create the systems which distribute Mother Earth’s abundance to all for the welfare of all. Not one single human being will be left out. There will be no more turning away from those who are struggling for survival. We have created the systems of inequality. Now the systems of equality appear which will forever be understood as the best we could create. Infinite love will be the source of energy used in the Creation of these systems. Humanity will be happy to have created with infinite love and reaching for our highest potential on Earth.

Utopia is an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political and moral aspects. A world created with love as its basis could not be described as anything but heaven. Creating heaven on Earth is the reason we as souls came to the physical realm. Our evolution as immortal souls includes understanding the truth of unconditional love and that awareness being communicated to all. When the awareness is felt by all then creating a love based physical reality begins.

We will know that we decided in favor of love because it was the only choice we could sanely make. All of our actions from that point will start with love. We will have reached the point in physical reality where beyond which it is impossible to go. Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.

Many have come before this writer and many will come after who have spoken on these things in a more articulate manner. Many of you have come across writings, music, film, speeches, art and other forms of communications that have profoundly moved you. We all are eternally grateful for the men and women who created these works. We simply pray that this effort results in positive consequences for all. Some will find the ideas shared as utopian, pie-in-the-sky or impossible. Perhaps the dream seems difficult but what is difficult about choosing love? Humanity will rise as high as possible. Perhaps this begs the question. What is humanly possible?

This generation will answer the question. Is your life all about you, or is it all about your fellow-man? This generation will answer emphatically and collectively it is all about our fellow-man. All will know that love is the only truth and that everything else is an illusion. We will understand that we are all forever beings and that nothing ever ends. With this level of spiritual understanding all human activity will change. Reality will be lifted to the higher planes of love.

Is this the truth of reality? We shall see. Humanity will find the way. Humanity will create a new world and it will be good.