Empire, Spiritual Evolution, World Peace.

by Jerry Alatalo

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.”

– CHARLES PEGUY (1873-1914) French writer

aaa-44Alphabet Very soon, killing and violent destruction will become unacceptable by humanity as means for increasing power, wealth, profits and market share.  That time is approaching rapidly, marks what will become recorded in history books as the greatest positive change ever, and humanity will have every reason for taking part in celebrations around the Earth – because “War is over!”

From a spiritual or metaphysical perspective, the end result of a global trend which began with the appearance and increasing use of the internet could accurately be seen as a literal and positive, “game changing”, historic and powerful spiritual evolution of all mankind. What makes the imminent and awe-inspiring transformation that’s occurring and growing worldwide possible is a profound realization by more and more people of what’s been taking place through history and now, the summarizing of that awareness, moving beyond political ideology, and leading to cooperative efforts solely focused on doing what’s best for the health and well-being of the family of man.

The single greatest aspect of this new, emergent and amazing international development is the acknowledgment that war fails in every respect to improve the health and well-being of, especially, those in the physical vicinity directly experiencing war’s horrific consequences – or anyone.  Just as a human being first experiences some physical discomfort in their stomach, the discomfort slowly increases in intensity and occurrence over time, and eventually the person sees a doctor to learn he or she has cancer – so humanity has come to learn through history that war is the universal cancer which must become fought, treated and eliminated to restore health.

Extending the metaphor comparing an individual’s battle with cancer to humanity’s cancerous condition called war is instructive when perceived with an intention to focus on cause(s). Wars are not natural occurrences like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or floods, but, like the majority of cancer cases, wars are humanity’s self-inflicted cancerous results of willful, planned actions – actions which certainly entail the roots of the disease: war itself.

Going all the way with the useful metaphor, after the individual, if fortunate, goes through successful treatment and elimination of the disease, it becomes necessary for the person to make changes to their lifestyle, eating, and consumption habits to escape from any recurrence of the cancer, and this directly applies to humanity when it comes to ending war. To minimize or eliminate the chances for future outbreaks of the cancer called war, the world and humanity must change.

Persons who’ve contracted cancer and survived have the choice of making the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent the cancer from coming back, or returning to self-destructive habits, experiencing the return of disease, and possible death. In the same manner, the billions of human beings of this generation we call humanity must wisely change ways of living on Earth, otherwise face more war, more killing, more horrific destruction, placing unimaginable stress upon the lives of more sacred and innocent  fellow members of the human family.

Some who pass this way intuitively understand to some various extent or depth just how important is the task for humanity to end war. This means ending war as soon as humanly possible, in this generation, not leaving the effort to accomplish world peace to the future, and people living in the year 2030 or 2050.  Such an understanding comes easily to nearly every man, woman or child in the world when answering the both simple and profound question: “when is the best time for peace on Earth?” The answer is obvious – and the answer is now.

In past posts, this writer has strongly suggested organizing a week-long “World Peace Conference”, possibly the first of its kind, to bring about the sharing of good ideas between respected men and women leaders from around the world in the fields of government, academia, religion, business, labor, the arts, mainstream and alternative media, along with others whose list of goals and intentions has peace on top at #1.

It seems beyond belief and explanation that among the many questions directed at candidates thus far in both the Republican or Democratic debates none of them asked “is world peace possible, and if so, what is your plan to bring such a world about?” Isn’t it logical to think that world peace would be one of the major topics for debates between men and women seeking enough votes to become the President of the United States? Perhaps suggesting world peace should become a major area of focus – and more (any) time should become devoted to the subject – during presidential debates comes across to some as unusual or odd, but one has to wonder when discussion of what in most people’s minds would be humanity’s greatest achievement remains absent.

From this writer’s perspective, not discussing ways to bring about peace on Earth during presidential debates is odd and unusual on a scale multiple times larger than merely suggesting the subject become included and debated. The positive consequences that come with peace on Earth are so overwhelmingly clear and massive that coming to the point of having to suggest it become part of presidential debates can only be viewed as truly beyond ridiculous.  Unfortunately, the most serious issue on planet Earth – war and peace – receives only a small fraction of the attention and effort needed for dealing with it using maximum human skill, wisdom, imagination and potential.

Although such pessimism-inducing facts persist in parts of the world in late 2015, at the same time revelations about the root causes of humanity’s historic problems including war have emerged in an increasingly powerful manner. That fact should induce feelings of optimism. While labeling political ideologies such as capitalism, socialism etc. has some value in that using labels during discussions makes things clearer, perhaps in late 2015 people are moving beyond “labels” which cause needless division to simply comparing “ideas” to identify those which, when implemented, offer the best chance to constructively address problems – and therefore improve the human condition.

The world’s historic problems are comparable to diseases, and many in the healing professions hold to the philosophy of “whatever works”. Humanity’s problems remain today – some becoming worse when measured, so it’s becoming obvious to more and more people around the world that new ideas for living on Earth are urgently needed. It’s hard to predict developments, what solutions or combination of solutions will become offered, or precisely what the future will look like for humanity. What is predictable is that awareness of the root causes of human problems will continue to grow. Like the person who’s contracted cancer and gained the awareness of what it takes to heal, mankind is more than capable of diagnosing, finding the source of, treating and healing its diseases – then adopting a permanent, no-turning-back, healthy lifestyle.

Beyond unnecessary and divisive ideology, adaptation of a new philosophy consisting of “simple ideas examined, and whatever works” offers a solid basis for optimism about the future of humanity.


Journalists Abby Martin, host of “Empire Files”, and Director of MintPress News Mnar Muhawesh are two of millions of men and women around the Earth attempting to discover and reveal the root causes of humanity’s persisting major problems. Along with those millions of others, they believe a new world is possible. Thank you to the world’s healers. Thank you to all peacemakers.

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Project Censored: 40 Years of Reporting the Truth.

by Jerry Alatalo

“Instead of monopolizing the seat of judgment, journalism should be apologizing in the dock.”

– OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) Irish writer

superior555-1The California-based media watchdog organization Project Censored is close to celebrating 40 years of reporting the truth since its founding by Dr. Carl Jensen in 1976. Their annual book identifying the year’s most censored news stories just came out, and its title is “Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line”. On the cover of the book author Naomi Wolf says “Project Censored is a lifeline to the world’s most urgent and significant stories”, and she is 100% correct.

While it’s certainly important to disseminate the censored stories reported in “Censored 2016” and promote the book, an equal intent of this posting is to honor the efforts of men and women who’ve been associated with Project Censored since its beginnings in 1976 until today. One can only imagine the cumulative and immense digging and investigating carried out by university students, professors and average citizens during the organization’s 40-year existence, especially in the early years where, unlike in 2015 and instant global information discovery on computers, research could only be carried out through time-consuming arranging of inter-library loans of important books.

One hopes that plans are underway for a well-deserved Project Censored 40-year reunion and celebration in the months ahead. If such a celebration plan is in the works one can imagine an event schedule which includes remembrance of early years’ men and women contributors who’ve passed away, talks from those involved during the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000-2010, and 2010-2015, plus a film highlighting the special moments during Project Censored’s honorable 40-year existence.

Who can know when the day will come where Project Censored and all the other fine independent media groups on Earth keeping check on powerful people who abuse their power will become unnecessary because truth prevailed and lies became universally unacceptable? One can only pray and hope that glorious day arrives very soon, but in the meantime Project Censored and other serious media organizations dedicated to truth continue their highly admirable and respected efforts – the “good fight”.

At this time, the World Championship of baseball playoffs are in high gear, and one becomes reminded of the old sports saying “may the best team win”. If there were such a thing as “World Championship of Truth Media”, it is entirely possible that Project Censored is “the best team” and surely deserves to win the champion’s trophy. Through the organization’s 40-year existence there have no doubt been many men and women “clutch hitters”, “star players” and “MVP” teammates.

One could compare today’s Project Censored Director Mickey Huff to sports legend, +100mph fastball-blazing pitcher and strikeout king Nolan Ryan, leading the “team” of men and women researchers and writers who contribute to Project Censored during the “World Championship” media playoffs, and, with truth as their greatest competitive weapon, winning it all.

For those who are unaware of the tremendous amount of work done by Project Censored over 40 years, it is strongly suggested to spend significant time on their website: http://www.projectcensored.org/ . It is truly a “goldmine” for those who have a strong loyalty to truthful reporting of the most important world events, conditions and news stories. After investing some time at their website, it might become impossible not to mention Project Censored and/or it’s web address to friends, relatives or others during discussions on world events – that is how distinctively excellent the organization’s research and reporting are.

To those already having an awareness of Project Censored, remember to keep their website a staple of your internet routine and stop there regularly. Do not hesitate for an instant to support, recommend to others, or otherwise credit the outstanding and serious journalism work done by the organization’s men and women over its 40 years of existence from 1976 and continuing until today in late 2015.

There are a number of excellent websites around the Earth devoted to the truth worthy of high praise and well-deserved gratitude for their efforts, but Project Censored belongs to a select handful of media organizations which are leading the way in the important and necessary work of delivering accurate information to the people.


Among the top censored stories of 2015 in the just-published book “Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line” discussed by PC Director Mickey Huff and MintPress News’ Mnar Muhawesh in their recent interview,  they explore the continuing global trend toward greater wealth inequality, growing concern around the world over privatization of water, the harmful and deadly effects of pesticides, the United States’ military encirclement of Russia and China, record numbers of people on Earth – more than 50 million – who’ve become displaced and/or refugees as corporate media fails to “connect the dots”,  and the ongoing crisis of radioactive contamination coming from Fukushima, Japan.

Thank you to all the honorable men and women, past and present – 1976-2015,  associated with the distinctively outstanding organization Project Censored. These people and the millions around the Earth doing similar important, solutions-focused work deserve all the respect, gratitude, support and love they might receive.

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Barrett And Fetzer Weekly News.

Posted on December 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Kevin Barrett and James Fetzer team up for a news program they call “False Flag Weekly News”. The issues they touch upon are wide-ranging, certainly heavy-duty, and oftentimes controversial. This week’s edition is no exception and surely produces questions and debate among viewers about current affairs stories that become analyzed far differently than in the mainstream corporate media.

The reason for sharing their programs is precisely to spark debate/discussion of the stories they cover – for the most part stories which are important for citizens’ awareness. Some will agree with Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer, some will oppose their views, while others will end up non-committal and decide to conduct their own further research.

Men and women readers are welcome to add any facts or information which they believe has been omitted, correction(s) of any perceived incorrect statements, or simply sentiments of agreement or approval. These fellows have spent much time and effort on topics that most people would rather not research or talk about with friends and family for fear of negative reactions. Because most of the study and writing Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer become involved in results in speaking truth to power, the risk of negative reactions includes those coming from people in much higher, more powerful positions than faced by most people who read their articles or listen to their analyses.

As speaking truth to power is an activity which in many instances places one in some personal risk and requires a certain amount of courage, anyone who does so earns respect for not remaining silent in the face of possible retribution, misplaced criticism, character misrepresentation, and unwarranted damage of one’s reputation. Thank you to Kevin Barrett, James Fetzer, and all men and women around the Earth who speak truth to power despite the possible negative personal consequences.

Some of the current events/articles Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer speak to in this week’s discussion:

a piece by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen on the Sydney, Australia incident

the Pakistan Taliban school shootings

hackers of Sony Pictures over the comedy movie about North Korea – “The Interview”

the U.S. Senate CIA torture report

ISIS and Turkey’s involvement, a comment about ISIS by a pro-Israel conservative

Sandy Hook school massacre debate

the collapse of the Russian ruble

Dennis Kucinich’s Truthdig article about a Russian sanctions bill passed “unanimously” after everyone left the House of Representatives

another article by Wayne Madsen, this one on a secret plan for Israeli Jews migrating “back” to Ukraine

European Parliament recognition of Palestinian statehood

European Union court orders Hamas removed from terrorist blacklist

U.S.-Cuba establishing diplomatic relations after 50 years

questions about whether Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker really won the last election

unreported, continuing, extensive radiation damage from Fukushima

and more…


Any extra analytical comments are encouraged and appreciated.


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Breaking Truth: Journalists Are The New Artists.


Posted on August 28, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-27This short post is more about providing encouragement and inspiration than anything else. Not too many years ago journalists who spoke the truth were few and difficult to find. Most men and women used to receive virtually all their news from the corporate, mainstream media; however, since the rise of the internet, a dramatic – historic, actually – change in media has occurred.

The internet has become the most powerful tool in history for people the world over to express their true thoughts, views, and opinions, and that tool grows stronger every day. It wasn’t that long ago when university students interested in broadening their horizons and learning about what was happening around the world would have to resort to special ordering books at the university library. In a brief amount of time, that has become an action which has gone extinct; now, not only university students but every living human being on Earth with access to a computer has a “universal library” at their fingertips.

Those reading this who’ve had access to the internet for many years understand just how enormous the shift has been. For those who’ve only discovered the internet in the last couple of years, the sense of enormity is just the same although perhaps not as intense as those who’ve seen the entire growth process. Whether an internet veteran starting from the beginning or one who’s come along midstream, the internet’s effects and phenomena have been nothing short of breath-taking.

Whereas before journalists who spoke, wrote, and reported the truth about world events and circumstances were very rare and corporate shills dominated the media landscape, now those who speak truth have come very near to the point of completely reversing that reality. The corporate, mainstream news shills are now watched by fewer and fewer of the world’s people, and they are the rare ones. Abby Martin points out the example of corporate news organizations’ maddeningly endless reports on the lost airliner MH370 as proof of that media’s desperation to restore viewership.

In the following video interview with Mint Press News founder Ms. Mnar Muhawesh, Abby Martin of RT’s “Breaking the Set” talks about her type of journalism and how “if you want transparency, you have to be transparent”. Although not a religious viewer of “Breaking the Set”, her style fully encompasses the significant changes in media of presentation of facts without “spin”. Many reading this have probably felt for many years that reporting the news should ideally mean reporting the complete truth, but that stockholders’ profits, interlocking corporate boards of directors, advertising revenue, and owners’ dictates always trump when making editorial decisions – what gets, and what doesn’t get, reported.

So, men and women around the Earth can take great encouragement and inspiration from knowing truth is on the march. Thanks to Abby Martin, Mnar Muhawesh, and millions of men and women who’ve started small as “citizen journalists” and grown to become strong voices of truth, humanity has greatly increased its sense of unity, coöperation, justice, peace, and real democracy. Ms. Martin makes a great point when referring to journalists’ decision to work either from a “non-biased” or advocacy style. She says to those who argue for the non-advocacy option that “we don’t have time”.

One could credibly assert that journalists who speak and convey the truth on events of importance are essentially more artists now than reporters. Because artists can change the world.

“The great artist is the simplifier”.

– Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-1881) Swiss philosopher

Nobel Prize Speech (1957)

“In all circumstances of his life, the writer can recapture the feelings of a living community that will justify him. But only if he accepts as completely as possible the two trusts that constitute the nobility of his calling: the service of truth and the service of freedom”.

“True artists scorn nothing”.

– Albert Camus (1913-1960) French novelist

“The artist appeals to the part of our being which is not dependent on wisdom; to that in us which is a gift and not an acquisition – and therefore, more permanently enduring. He/she speaks to our capacity for delight and wonder, to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives; to our sense of pity, and beauty and pain…

… art itself may be defined as a single-minded attempt to render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe, by bringing to light the truth, manifold and one, underlying its every aspect”.

– Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) Polish born British writer

“It is impossible for a creative artist to be either a Puritan or a Fascist, because both are a negation of the creative urge. The only things the creative artist can be opposed to are ugliness and injustice”.

– Liam O’Flaherty (1897-  ) Irish novelist

“The fundamental purpose of the artist is the same as that of the scientist: to state a fact”.

– Sir Herbert Read (1893-1968) British writer

“For a country to have a great writer is like having a second government. That is why no regime has ever loved great writers, only minor ones”.

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) Russian writer, Nobel Prize 1970


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