John Pilger On Global Events.

Posted on December 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

blogger7-1Alphabet Veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger wants people to know that state-sponsored torture is nothing new – and that anyone who thinks it is, is absurd. Could one of the reasons U.S. President John F. Kennedy became assassinated some 50 years ago have been his plan to “break the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into a million pieces…”? John Pilger remembers interviewing an American nun who recalled her American torturer in Central America during the 1980’s.

Speaking of the British press, Pilger leaned on his decades of living in the United Kingdom as a journalist, and points out that the British government is responsible for much of the “mayhem” in the Middle East yet the facts have become “airbrushed” by the media there. He feels that “the media has become almost raw propaganda”. Describing the situation where known-by-everyone in the media and governments of war criminals and their virtual impunity, Pilger, incredibly, says that since the Vietnam War up until today there is a consensus to cover up the crimes.

Pointing to the example of the Iran-Contra scandal during the Ronald Reagan presidency (1980-1988), Pilger says the number of those who committed serious crimes yet went unpunished was in the dozens, “so everybody knew”. It becomes more and more clear that there are separate forms of justice in the world for those who are powerful and those who are not. The crimes committed in wars such as torture – or lying to the world before the 2003 Iraq War, and white-collar fraud varieties most people saw in epidemic proportions during the financial crisis of 2008, very rarely result in perpetrators doing time. Yet, those without financial or political power who commit crimes which do much, much less damage to societies find themselves quickly behind bars.

This is certainly not meant to say that poor and voiceless people who commit crimes should have immunity from prosecution, but that all criminals need to become held accountable – especially the ones whose actions result in massive harm. With regard to unequal justice, criminals with power and influence simply must become deterred through the same harsh punishment, proportional to the harms done, as those without the “right connections”. When massive harm does not result in massive punishment, potential “massive harmers” will not think before acting in the future.

When asked about resumption of violence in Iraq, John Pilger says he’s “not surprised… Unaccountable power will continue to go into other countries”. That is, Pilger added, “unless the public strongly reacts”. He seems to express some disappointment in saying that it has become very dangerous for people to take part in demonstrations like the ones around the world in opposition to a possible war in Iraq in 2003, and that journalists face the same increased risks.

Asked about Russia, Mr. Pilger says he’s “never known the truth (to become) so inverted (as) on Ukraine, which is a more dangerous form of Cold War than the first one”. He compares the Iraq War of 2003 and Ukraine, because there is “much fiction in both”. He believes that the recent plunge in global oil prices are part of an effort by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to hurt the Russian economy, a perspective increasingly shared by analysts and journalists, born out by the drop in value of the Russian ruble.

John Pilger talked about developments in Ukraine as they relate to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since the February 2014 violent coup d’état which ousted democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Pilger thinks Putin has been consistent in advocating for a solution based on intensive dialogue. What worries Mr. Pilger is that recently Vladimir Putin has stopped talking diplomatically, and includes the term “red lines” in public addresses.

That describes, according to John Pilger, a situation which has become very dangerous, fuelled in large measure by the “demonization” of Russia. “It’s such a danger”.


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U.N. Truth Commission / MH17 Coverup / UNSC Calls For Ceasefire.

Posted on August 29, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

blogger7-1The United Nations must form a permanent Truth Commission. The purpose of such a group would be just as its name implies: truth. In the year 2014, when one UN ambassador representing a permanent member state on the Security Council accuses another UN Security Council permanent member state of lying, the wisdom of establishing a Truth Commission becomes absolutely clear.

This refers to the United States and the Russian Federation. US Ambassador Samantha Power two days ago accused Russia of perpetually lying on Ukraine, and as a result the world’s people have disappointingly and unwillingly been placed in a state of confusion and lack of certainty about what has actually occurred in Ukraine. At the same emergency meeting of the Security Council, Russia’s ambassador Vitaly Churkin asked the Ukraine Ambassador why his government had not released the information contained on “black boxes” from downed Malaysian airliner MH17.

It seems strange that in the year 2014 meetings of the UN Security Council could display near name-calling. A permanent UN Truth Commission would be switched on when any member state requests an investigation into what that member state believes was a falsehood publicly made during UN meetings. Member states would make the same request if they believed falsehood was publicly disseminated outside the UN to the international media. In 2014 a civilized world can no longer tolerate any instance of false information being presented to citizens in any nation – for the simple reason it is dangerous, extremely risky, and in essence morally wrong.

Because this site is “The Oneness of Humanity” and does not agree with the philosophical concepts behind “sides”, some examples from both the United States and Russian Federation perspective are instructive as they relate to a UN Truth Commission. Before examples, as one who has in humility read a number of articles on Ukraine and listened to talk shows on internet sites, radio and television, it is obvious the benefit of a UN Truth Commission would be tremendously increased public understanding of facts on issues of great importance typical of UN undertakings and goals.

For those who share the practice of reading comments sections following articles and the range of news productions, it is not difficult to imagine the “before and after” status of quality in those comments when a UN Truth Commission becomes established and operational. If such a commission had become established decades ago, the UN’s website section “Truth Commission: Current Actions and Archives” would now be the most reliable, go-to place for truth-seeking men and women around the Earth.

Directly to the point, a UN Truth Commission would quickly become recognized the world over as perhaps the institution’s greatest achievement and most beneficial asset. No longer would falsehood and deception emanating from UN members negatively affect the thinking of people living around the world. Eliminated would be actions taken by people who have been given false information, made plans based on false information, then carried out those plans – harming small to large numbers of innocent men, women, and children in the process.

Many are familiar with certain radio talk-show hosts who attract listeners capable of becoming motivated to act from information presented to them during controversial broadcasts. The same scenario pertains at the UN when disputed statements remain unresolved, and lingering active in the public’s awareness. The great potential of the UN remains out of reach while the problem of unresolved disputes of truth and falsehood – among other reforms – is not wisely addressed. A Truth Commission would go a long way in solving this major institutional, erroneous public awareness problem.

For example, on Ms. Power’s assertion of Russian lying about events in Ukraine: the United States could have sought the UN Truth Commission’s help in determining the facts upon the first instance of Ukraine debate where the US thought Russia publicly stated a falsehood. For example, on Mr. Churkin’s assertion of US’ lying after MH17 crashed – that pro-federalists in Eastern Ukraine or Russia was responsible – Russia could have sought the UN Truth Commission’s help in determining the facts upon the first UN or media instance where Russia felt the US stated such a falsehood.

Public demands for the truth about MH17 have been stonewalled, suggesting a profound criminal coverup

Suggesting a “profound criminal coverup” on MH17 is certainly a bold action, yet those who are conducting the investigation can straighten out any disputes concerning a possible coverup by speaking to the international media. A very large number of men and women around the world are demanding answers, and authorities in charge of the investigation – by speaking to the press even before concluding their work – have a moral responsibility to discuss the concerns of those who feel there is something not right in the search for who did it.

Samantha Power mentioned MH17 during her address to the UN Security Council two days ago, implying Russia’s guilt in shooting down the airliner. When Mr. Churkin asked Ukraine’s ambassador to explain the delay in public announcement of Ukraine’s findings during its investigation of MH17, Ukraine’s ambassador replied by saying a report is under preparation and will become public in the near future. Those who’ve been following developments in the investigation of MH17 have become aware that western media outlets and political leaders for weeks now have been suspiciously silent, and of many explosive reports pointing to the Ukrainian government in Kiev as the guilty party in the shoot down where 298 passengers perished.

Samantha Power was implying Russia’s guilt in shooting down the airliner, and Vitaly Churkin implied stalling or coverup in the investigation of MH17 by Ukrainian officials – at the same Security Council meeting.

In the months of war in Eastern Ukraine, where Kiev’s army has used a bombing campaign almost identical to Israel’s “collective punishment” of Gazans, the UN reports some 2,600 Ukrainians have perished. The “Maidan Massacre” of February 2014 – where over 100 police and civilians became shot dead by sniper fire – remains an unsolved mass murder with no guilty persons behind bars. MH17 remains an unsolved mass murder with no guilty persons behind bars.

The combined death toll in Ukraine since November 2013, when protests began in Kiev, is more than 3,000.  Some estimate a higher number, perhaps 10,000 to 15,000. Estimates of 100,000 to 1 million in Eastern Ukraine have become refugees after leaving their homes due to bombing, violent battles, cutoffs of water and electricity from infrastructure destruction, and food shortages.

In the following interview on Democracy Now, Jonathan Steele suggests a simple step Barack Obama can take to de-escalate the violence in Ukraine: guarantee the Russians that Ukraine will not join NATO for ten to twenty years. He reminds viewers – in response to a question about satellite images claimed as evidence of a Russian invasion – of Colin Powell’s presenting false satellite images of Iraq WMD operations, so Mr. Steele can’t say whether images of Russian military movements inside Ukraine are fake or not. He leaves that to the experts.

There are a number of theories about what has really occurred in Ukraine, with geopolitical analysts and journalists around the world offering well-researched investigative reports. Ukraine is a large country with vast agricultural, energy, and mineral wealth. Given legal movements which have opened up Ukraine for extractive operations in the country to powerful multinational corporations – exemplified in US Vice-President Joseph Biden’s son Hunter being named legal head and member of the Board of Directors at Ukraine’s largest private energy company Burisma Holdings – people are certain money from natural resources is the basis of the Ukraine crisis.

Some analysts see Ukraine simply being looted. Is it possible billionaire oligarchs who want to both profit from Eastern Ukraine’s natural resource wealth – mainly large natural gas fields – and carry out other geopolitical aims are desperately creating pretexts for accelerated, escalated bombing and killing to gain total control – before the world learns the truth about Malaysian airliner MH17?

Until the United Nations establishes such an invaluable arm, that and other paramount questions are  left to humanity’s truth commission.


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Ukraine Political Leader: “Poroshenko Is Covered In Blood.”

Posted on August 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“War is the naked, criminal, business of murder.”


superior222.jpg(UKRAINE) – Victoria Shilova is an elected political office holder of Ukraine representing the District of Dnepropetrovsk. She delivers a powerful message to her fellow Ukrainians around the Earth – calling for an end to the bloody civil war in that country.

There have been a number of articles recently where writers have asked readers why Malaysian Flight MH17 – crashed in Eastern Ukraine killing 298 passengers – has been virtually forgotten for weeks by the western mainstream/corporate media. Western nations and media were quick to blame pro-federalist Eastern Ukraine dissidents and/or Russia for shooting down MH17, but since then investigative journalists and analysts have published a great number of articles which point to Ukraine’s government in Kiev as the most likely guilty party.

The black boxes from MH17 were apparently handed over to British, then NATO authorities some weeks ago, however neither the British or NATO has informed the world public about any findings, which has some observers wondering why. Various articles are appearing on websites claiming a cover up over the MH17 shoot down is occurring, so the drama builds over this very consequential, criminal, and unfortunate event. At this point, worldwide public opinion has resulted in increased calls for a more rapid resolution of the MH17 tragedy, especially with regard to discovery of the responsible criminal parties.

If it becomes determined, as the many recent articles are suggesting, that persons in the Kiev government were guilty of shooting down Flight MH17, such a revelation would cause shock waves in the halls of every government on Earth. The downing of MH17 remains an extremely important world event and one which millions of men and women are watching and anticipating further developments.

While western mainstream media have left MH17 developments in the recent weeks unreported, the civil war in Eastern Ukraine has also been unreported in the western press. If what Ukraine political leader Victoria Shilova says in the following video becomes disseminated widely to her fellow Ukrainians and the people in all nations on Earth, just as MH17 becomes unavoidable by the media, so too will what is occurring in Eastern Ukraine.

Ms. Shilova speaks forcefully and with strong emotion while delivering her message, and holds no punches in her very powerful criticism of Ukraine’s President Poroshenko. She directly contradicts Poroshenko on his use of the term “anti-terror operation” in describing military actions carried out against the people of Eastern Ukraine; instead she calls it a civil war. She openly describes the Poroshenko administration “murderers in our government”, and straightforwardly tells Ukraine’s president that “the Hague Tribunal is waiting for you”.

Ms. Shilova points out that 75% of Ukrainians are against the ongoing war in Ukraine, but that people are afraid to express their true feelings in public for fear of being “detained, interrogated, kidnapped, or even killed”. She notes that “anything can happen in Ukraine today, because we have thieves replaced by killers”. She is particularly fearless in her criticism of Ukraine oligarchs, speaking about their being “like vampires, they suck our blood, the blood of our mothers and sisters, our son, husbands and wives”.

According to Victoria Shilova, 170-200 Ukrainians are dying every day in the civil war, the total now some 6,000 civilians and 11,000 soldiers. She points out that the numbers do not include those wounded and left behind on the battlefield or those who’ve told the truth and been sent to mental hospitals. She believes when the real numbers of dead, wounded, and censored become known, what has occurred over the last four months will be no longer possible to hide or deny – the truth is coming out.

She, along with others in Ukraine trying to stop the civil war, have taken actions including preparation of documents by the best independent attorneys in Ukraine to stop Poroshenko’s “unconstitutional anti-terrorist operation in Donbass”. She notes that the documents will become delivered to the highest courts in Ukraine, because according to Ukraine’s constitution an army cannot violate its own citizens on its soil. She speaks directly to those who fight on the side of Poroshenko and asks them, “why are you fighting with Poroshenko against the children of the Donbass?”

Finally, she reaches out to the people of Ukraine: “Please let us unite. Let us protest against this war. Let us be heard, just like during the Vietnam War. We have been bombarded for months. Please stop this. I cannot believe that they have no goodness in themselves. Are they not human beings?”

Some may hold a different perception after hearing Victoria Shilova’s moving video address, but her words may well become recorded forever in Ukraine’s history books. Because one woman member of Ukraine’s political leadership came to the point where she felt it urgent to take action to save the lives of her fellow citizens, the land of Ukraine – and the world – is on the verge of profound historic change.  


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Ukraine Truth: Biden, Archer, Heinz.

Posted May 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The whole of government consists in the art of being honest.”

– THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) 3rd President of the United States

blogger7-1C’mon, man!” is a popular, humorous weekly segment on one of the sports networks, broadcast before National Football League (NFL) games. During the approximately 10-minute weekly segment, each of the five or six commentators, composed of retired NFL players and coaches, presents situations which occurred around the NFL world in the previous week that are controversial, hard-to-believe, funny, or ridiculous. Each describes their pick for a “C’mon, man!” story, pointing out the ridiculous or controversial aspects of the event, then ends his description with an exclamatory, over-emphasized, loud, and original “C’mon, man!” It’s a light-hearted, fun segment that has NFL fans laughing it up before the game starts.

The news about Hunter Biden, youngest son of United States Vice President Joe Biden, earns a “C’mon, man!”, but unfortunately this version is neither humorous or clever – but very serious.

Joe Biden’s son has recently become the head of the legal department, and board of directors member, of Ukraine’s largest independent gas producer: Burisma Holdings Limited.

If asked, history’s greatest writers of novels would not believe such a report.

This development in Ukraine’s business sector has become a viral news story, and brings up a number of questions pertaining to the United States’ Obama-Biden administration’s either non-concern or full awareness that the world would immediately focus on the conflict-of-interest dimension. Victoria Nuland and Jeffrey Pyatt at least thought their phone call, where Ms. Nuland infamously said “F*@k the EU (European Union)”, was private instead of its becoming intercepted and heard around the world.

EU high official Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet at least thought their intercepted phone call  was private instead of becoming heard by men, women, and children around the world. This was the call where Mr. Paet suggested snipers in Kiev were murdering both police officers and civilian protesters, and that the group sponsoring the killings was not Viktor Yanukovych, but the new coalition that took power after he was ousted.

American mainstream media has thus far been able to censor any reporting about either of these massively controversial phone conversations, along with a report by Germany’s version of “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – which furthers the assertions made by Estonia’s Urmas Paet during his chat with Catherine Ashton. American mainstream media has never interviewed Dr. Olga Bogomolets, the physician mentioned in Ashton and Paet’s call as a source of the sniper accountability and investigative/prosecutorial inaction by the new coaltion’s newly appointed law enforcement heads. Media in America have never interviewed Dr. Bogomolets – presently running for president of Ukraine – even though she was treating victims of sniper bullets in Kiev, and speaks perfect English after studying medicine in America.

Did either Barack Obama or Joe Biden consider the consequences that would come with Hunter Biden’s joining the board of directors and becoming head of the legal department at the largest Ukrainian private gas producer Burisma Holdings? Did Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry consider the consequences in that Hunter Biden would join Devon Archer – best friend of John Kerry’s son-in-law Christopher Heinz (heir-H.J. Heinz Co. fortune) – on Burisma Holdings’ board of directors?

In recent days, John Kerry has slammed Russia Today (RT) as nothing short of propaganda. RT has reported on Hunter Biden’s new position as head legal official at Burisma Holdings, and would certainly welcome John Kerry on-air to explain how his stepson’s best friend happened to find himself on the board of directors as well at Burisma Holdings – the largest private gas production company in Ukraine. Or to explain that there is no “conflict-of-interest” in the fact that his stepson’s best friend Devon Archer and Hunter Biden have worked for Rosemont Seneca Partners – which is 50% owned by the founders of Rosemont Capital: John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz and Heinz’ best friend Devon Archer.

Did Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John Kerry consider that information goes around the world in a matter of minutes on the internet, that there are millions of men and women (many, serious investigative journalists) who are concerned about/interested in what is occurring in Ukraine, and will spend much more time than the 90 minutes required for this writing? And that among those millions of men and women are people who live in east and south Ukraine, who have a different opinion on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), genetically-modified organisms (GMO crops), and legal, proper means of impeaching/replacing a democratically-elected president of their nation when high-crimes have been committed?

What is the significance of former Viktor Yanukovych administration official Nikolai Zlochevsky’s control of Burisma Holdings Ltd., as it relates to events in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, before one more innocent human being is harmed, it is critical and urgent to arrive at the truth , the whole truth, and nothing but the God’s truth.


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