Oneness: Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Step.

Posted on June 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-9Since the world began its history has become memorized, recorded and passed down to future generations through the human voice, the printed word, radio and television, and in 2014 the internet. As the days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries have passed, mankind has developed ways to communicate which have surpassed the earlier, last-best forms. Thinking about what could surpass the internet leads one to a type of dead-end, because it’s hard to imagine a better tool for communicating around the world to people everywhere. It seems the only way to communicate which exceeds the power of the world-wide web is telepathic, the communication described by those who’ve had a near death experience.

And who’s to say that telepathic communication won’t become as commonplace as talking through computers? During that time in history when everybody believed the Earth was flat, the first persons to point out that it was round were the subjects of ridicule and public humiliation, until little by little the truth about the planet’s circular, ball-like  structure became the new norm. Later on photos and videos from space astonished the world’s people and gave a whole new perspective of Earth’s place; suspended in the universe.

Since the world was born, life has developed gradually in the process of evolution, and it’s interesting to consider the parallels between a person’s own development and evolution to the big evolution of everything . Is there a real connection between a single man or woman’s evolutionary process spanning the time between birth and death and the world’s? Scientists have arrived at the consensus opinion that, although humans may destroy themselves through nuclear war or environmental catastrophe, the Earth should remain, with or without humans, for a very, very long time.

What in the individual’s life experience equates with wars that may end up as nuclear holocaust, environmentally suicidal actions, and other planetary, negative consequences of collective human actions? War becomes carried out by those who believe in the “law of the jungle”, where it’s “kill or be killed”, many times conducted before the most genuine and honorable efforts for creating good understanding are undertaken. On the personal level, war’s equivalent is apparent in situations where “talking it out”, or sitting down to discuss options, get ignored and not chosen; instead the situation moves directly to shouting, bitter and hateful language blocking any real chance to create good understanding, and then resorts/devolves to fist-fighting or worse.

There is no difference between men and women who are average, just as most people on Earth, and those who are in positions of leadership and power which becomes used to start wars – in relation to the options for peaceful resolution of differences. The most important common denominator about peaceful settling of problems, differences, and misunderstanding of individuals and large groups like nations, corporations, and races is the presence or absence of an ability/wish to consider the well-being and happiness of the other person or group.

During so-called “bumps in the road” situations, individuals have the best chance for mutually satisfactory outcomes when both people have the good intent of creating as much happiness for their counterpart as they strive to resolve any differences of view or awareness. The philosophical concepts which are woven in the seemingly simple “Do unto others what you would have done to you” – the Golden Rule – have always been, and will remain forever, the highest wisdom on Earth. On this there is no argument, for it is spiritual truth.

To bring about a world of true peace, brotherhood/sisterhood, and loving kindness requires only observance, practice, and total acceptance of the Golden Rule, from the individual level to the level of governments. Now people will say that it’s not that easy – not by a long stretch. There are complex issues which have been seriously studied and discussed for centuries by the most well-read and educated men and women who’ve ever lived, and they weren’t able to successfully create a plan that humanity could follow to bring about world peace.

Essentially, the Golden Rule is all about using the spiritual power of love as the basis for all actions, on personal and collective dimensions. The spiritual power of love is very real, as any person who loves their family members can attest. Looking at those photos and videos from space – the ones which reveal no national boundaries to war over, or hundreds-of-miles-wide signs to name the nations of the Earth like “United States”, “Russia”, “China”, “Brazil”, “India”, “Australia” etc. – the observer sees clearly that the photos show the Earth as one.

The Earth is one, and the Earth’s people are one family. Why is it that the entire human family hasn’t come to the point where they love one another just as men, women, and children love their family members all? Because believing in separation, division, boundaries – and that any man or woman who possesses and expresses a genuine desire for the happiness of all is “utopian and naïve” – equals believing that the Earth is flat.

Just as those who lived when the entire human race believed the Earth was flat –  those who first faced ridicule and public humiliation for even suggesting the truth of Earth’s roundness – men and women living now who suggest that the human race is a real family without any separation face similar treatment for speaking the truth. The Earth is round.

For those with spiritual eyes to see, it is clear that oneness is the next step in human evolution.

Now is the time for worldwide acceptance of taking the next step on the universal evolutionary journey, acknowledgement of the highest wisdom available, and a thorough understanding, knowing, and public revelation of ultimate reality.

Humanity is one.


(Thank you to Mempfis333 @ YouTube)


Ukraine: The Fierce Urgency Of Now.

Posted April 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I believe unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality.”

– Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

peace pipe 222The phrase “The fierce urgency of now” was a result of original thought by Martin Luther King (MLK), right before he was assassinated on the 2nd floor of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968. Reverend King had the idea while trying to decide on his next actions during the Civil Rights struggle at that time. From afar, one could imagine the situation he was in, most assuredly he had received death threats warning him to step down and out of the picture or risk great personal harm.

Dr. King had suffered backlash from the American public for his outspoken condemnation of the Vietnam War, fuelled in no small measure by seeing photographs of death in Vietnam brought back a young reporter, who would later become an attorney representing the King family after MLK’s death – William Pepper. William Pepper recounts decades later that, after he handed the photos to Dr. King, MLK was moved to painful tears and great, great sorrow. Those photos were probably the factor most responsible for MLK’s decision to speak out strongly against the war, and militarism with its’ enormous expenditure.

William Pepper was asked by the King family many years after MLK’s death to talk to the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, he did so because of his close relationship with Dr. King in the months before his murder, talked to Ray for four hours and walked out of the prison knowing Ray was not the assassin. In a 1999 civil, real trial, Mr. Pepper convinced a jury that Ray was innocent, the man who owned a grill across from the Lorraine Motel was 30% responsible, and the U.S. government along with Memphis Police Department were 70% responsible for Dr. King’s murder.

No United States media group of any significant size had any reporters in the courtroom or reported on the historic verdict of the jury. No history books read by America’s schoolchildren have made the corrections necessary to teach the truth. So, the murder of MLK by his own government, the murder of a man who may have taken the most powerful spiritual action in American history, is portrayed to the next generation in a false manner, leaving out the essential aspect of his 39 years walking this Earth.

That essential aspect was MLK’s decision to take actions which he knew were life-threatening but would result in more lives becoming threatened absent his decision to try and end the war in Vietnam, lead a march of an estimated 500,000 poor people to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon, and call for a significant decrease in government spending on war. Powerful people saw the threat to a status-quo as reason enough to silence “a dream” articulated by a man who studied religion and philosophy and believed spiritual concepts could be actualized on this planet.

How does the life of Martin Luther King relate to events occurring now in April 2014? Perhaps most in Ukraine, where men and women are fearful of escalating violence leading to a civil war, or worse. One has to wonder what Martin Luther King would be saying if he had lived until today – at the age of 85. One wonders if he would have retained his original thought about “the fierce urgency of now”, and spoken out –  in contrast to Vietnam – before any major violence broke out. One could imagine him appearing with Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter calling for another look at who was responsible for the over 100 sniper murders of police and civilians on and around the 20th of February, 2014.

He and Mr. Carter and Mr. Tutu would tell the entire world that something is terribly wrong with the allegation coming from the new regime in Ukraine that Yanukovych is responsible, and that a coverup is occurring in Kiev regarding the real murderers. They would mention facts that have surfaced since February 20 such as the intercepted phone conversation between the European Union’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, where Mr. Paet told Ms. Ashton that it is becoming clearer and clearer that the new regime was behind snipers shooting police and protesters – snipers aiming for the head, neck, and heart – snipers shooting to kill.

They would call for a multi-national team of law enforcement experts to travel to Kiev in order to assure that there was no possibility of a coverup by the new regime.

They would tell the world about the investigative journalism report from Germany’s equal to America’s “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – which concluded that the new regime, not ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, was behind the massacre. They would call for American media companies to cover these newly emerged facts, because their existence if proven credible changes the entire equation in Ukraine, namely a major constraint on escalation of violence based on false pretenses. This they would call for because it is increasingly obvious that it is the right thing to do.

People around the world have to consider the almost total absence of attention being given to that massacre in Kiev two months ago. People have to wonder how it is that in those two months no American news organization has mentioned the call between Ms. Ashton and Mr. Paet, or squeezed in any investigative reports on the “Maidan Massacre” among the hundreds of hours religiously devoted to on-air broadcasts related to Flight 370 and Oscar Pistorius.

People around the world have to consider why no “news” media in America has called out Secretary of State John Kerry’s erroneous display of outrage over a supposed anti-Semitic leaflet going around Eastern Ukraine – a leaflet that has since been discredited as faked.

This writing has nothing whatsoever to do with taking “sides”, because there is only one side in ultimate reality for people to accept or deny, and that side is the human race – the one family of man. Arriving at the truth about the February 20, 2014 tragic events in Kiev will most assuredly expose for the whole world which people have come to deny that ultimate reality of one side on Earth, while identifying those who have come to accept it and love all people in the human family.

To arrive at that truth of Kiev requires enough men and women in this world to understand fully the spirit woven into Martin Luther King’s words: “The fierce urgency of now.”

“The holy ones whom God has given each of you to save are everyone you meet or look upon, not knowing who they are; and all those you saw an instant and forgot, and those you knew a long while since, and those you will yet meet, the unremembered and the unborn.”


(Thank you to Henning Witte at YouTube)

United Citizens Of Earth: And The World Will Live As One.

Posted March 8, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Until you have become really, in actual fact, as brother to everyone, brotherhood will not come to pass.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevski (1821-1881)

superior2222While living in New York City and working at the United Nations (UN) in 1999, India-born Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi joined with some of his friends and pursued an idea for the UN. He and a handful of friends he met at the UN approached Secretary General Kofi Annan with the proposal for a religious and spiritual leaders conference/summit to take place in New York and the UN. The idea was to help reduce or eliminate differences between the world’s religions that at times led to unfortunate violence.

The summit then was arranged, and 400 religious and spiritual leaders, as well as over 2,000 spectators, attended the 4-day event – resulting at the end of four days with the leaders resolving to make concerted efforts to reduce any differences with negative consequences, as well as giving respect to all religions for their efforts done with sincere intentions.

Dr. Modi admits in the following short talk that the summit idea somehow lost steam and was not held after the one in the year 2000. Since 2000 Dr. Modi has gone on to found and chair the “Global Citizen Forum” (GCF), and this talk is from a GCF conference in London last year. The concepts behind GCF have to do with experiences men and women and young people around the world have had after the rise of social media and the internet.

Dr. Modi gives the example of young people who have made friends in countries around the world over social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the internet, who have come to place more trust in their friends than their parents, political leaders, or religious leaders. This describes a phenomenon where people are no longer concerned about where their new friends are from or what country – in effect, people are becoming “global citizens”.

John Lennon’s immortal ballad “Imagine” contains a line that reads, “Imagine there’s no countries”. On the road between a world with historic national borders and one that mirrors John Lennon’s “no countries”, one can only guess where humanity is in 2014. Given the outpouring of prayers, good wishes, and words of peace surrounding the Ukraine situation, it seems likely that humanity is closer to a world without borders than is perceived – a borderless consciousness.

Talking specifically about Ukraine, it has become obvious to the world’s people outside of Ukraine that whether people speak Ukrainian or Russian, everybody simply wants to live in peace. An aspect of Dr. Modi’s GCF applies to language as well. No matter what language people in nations around the world speak, there is not a single soul who does not understand the meaning of the word peace.

Global Citizens Forum represents an already existent, certainly growing rise in collective human consciousness which bodes well for this generation and future generations. This is a new way of thinking on Earth – a real philosophical change that is strongly trending, with no evidence of anything but a perpetual increase in intensity going forward. The inevitable destination for humanity is one where all people are aware that there is one Creator/God and this world is one.

The definition of intuition is “instinctive perception”. On the question, “when will humanity arrive at its inevitable destination of oneness?” please take a moment to allow your intuition to give you the answer.

Does your intuition tell you that humanity is very close to realizing oneness?

Humanity is now completely prepared to become a truly global citizenry – without nations, boundaries, or separations of any type. The last line in John Lennon’s peace anthem “Imagine” reads: “And the world will live as one”.


(Thank you GlobalCitizen Forum @ YouTube)

Perceptions Of A New Way.

Posted November 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain22“What Would It Look Like?”, a spirituality-based short documentary, came out in 2009 and focuses on a philosophy of life on Earth that is becoming more and more appreciated by men and women around the world. The short documentary film’s producers combined commentary, visual images from around the Earth, and a soundtrack which puts the dramatic touch on the film’s message.

The message is never articulated directly, as the film has a kind of pacing which is subtle, leaning on spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical feelings and ideas, never issuing any type of demand but making mild-mannered suggestions. The men and women in the film are never seen in any state of anger and speak as ones who have no desire for confrontation or separation, but unity.

The filmmakers have created a twenty-minute chance for viewers to simply become silent observers of the world humanity has created. One could call it a kind of not totally silent meditation – a relaxed conversation about the largest issues facing the human race. My view of the film is that it’s most important accomplishment is creating a feeling in the viewer, a feeling which, if absent, makes it impossible to even begin to consider what it will take to bring about good changes on Earth.

My guess is that the men and women who appeared in the film, as well as those who took the actions off camera for completing the project, looked at the final version and shared the same view that what became actualized was a feeling. The film’s title is “What Would It Look Like?”, and it is most definitely a spiritual/philosophical statement that the film makes. Perhaps we can look at it this way – the film opens the door of possibility for humanity.

The work doesn’t offer specific, academic, highly complex solutions. It doesn’t point the finger at the responsible person(s) who have taken the actions leading to the world’s present conditions. In essence, the film does a very good job of starting a global conversation which leads to no-one knows exactly where. The documentary opens up a worldwide discussion in the correct way by setting the mood needed for a good discussion going forward.

The door is now open and since 2009 many millions of men and women around the world have dared to walk through in the search for a better way of living on Earth. Somewhere along the road these millions of people have experienced the feeling produced by “What Would It Look Like?” It is not an entirely original feeling, but one that has been around since the beginning of the world. It is a feeling which will be around from here to eternity.

As the brother from South America pointed out in the documentary: “many things that were once considered utopian are now – every day – considered normal parts/routines of human beings’ reality”.

So, the title of this short film asks “What Would It Look Like?” “It” is the world – life on Earth. The question is a simple-sounding one, yet holds the entire creation, and the future generations of the entire human race, in its vision. And what is that feeling which has been present since the beginning of the world and will be around for eternity?



(Video source: Globaloneness channel – YouTube)