Triple Divide: Powerful Fracking Documentary.

Triple Divide Santino Poster
Triple Divide Santino Poster (Photo credit: Public Herald)

Posted September 26, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“Triple Divide” is a powerful documentary on the issue of hydraulic fracturing, which has become a worldwide phenomenon and source of contention. The negative consequences of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it is commonly called, have become more well-known recently. The most negative aspect of fracking is the contamination of groundwater aquifers and the environment with chemicals and poisons which cause people, animals and plants to become sick.

There are other negative consequences as well, including the reduction in value of homes surrounding hydraulic fracturing well sites and families losing their ability to sustain a living, or remain where they live because of health concerns caused by fracking in their areas.

There are those who hold the view that fracking operations are a good thing because they increase economic activity and jobs in regions where times are tough. Others hold that the price that is paid for allowing fracking is too high with destruction of the environment-mainly drinking water upon which all life depends.

Documentary film critics have called Triple Divide the most powerful film to date on the hydraulic fracturing phenomenon. As the fracking debate has grown into a worldwide debate, the film has become more widely known by the people of the Earth. The producers and directors of Triple Debate edited the film in a way which simply conveys the facts, without pushing the viewer in any pre-conceived direction, or leading him or her to the filmmakers’ views on fracking.

Go to for more information on this important, timely documentary.


Pittsburgh was the first city to ban fracking as a result of the city council taking democracy into their own hands. Because of the legal environment surrounding fracking, where local communities have found themselves somewhat helpless to stop drilling in their areas, a powerful democracy movement, where the people realize that their state and federal governments will not address their concerns, has grown. Small, medium and large cities, as well as counties, have come to draft a “Community Bill of Rights” to practice true and real democracy.

On the issue of fracking people around the world are now taking matters into their own hands, to protect their own and their neighbors’ health and welfare from corporate harm. This resort to true democracy was inevitable because people have come to the point where they must save their own lives. Their elected leaders and corporations involved with fracking will not come to the aid of people who have legitimate concerns and proven health problems.

An organization that leads the way on this true democracy movement is the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). If you or anyone you know faces the prospect of hydraulic fracturing with its negative health and welfare consequences, go to for information on how communities around the world are stopping the drilling.

Hydraulic Fracturing. A Very Important Issue For Humanity.

English: Renewable Energies: Biogas (fermenter...
English: Renewable Energies: Biogas (fermenter), wind power and photovoltaics on a farm in Horstedt (Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany) Deutsch: Erneuerbare Energie: Biogas (Fermenter), Windkraftanlage und Photovoltaik-Paneele (Solarzellen) auf einem landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb in Horstedt (Schleswig-Holstein/Deutschland) Français : Energies renouvelables: Biogaz (fermentation), éolienne, et panneaux photo-voltaïques dans une ferme à Horstedt (Schleswig-Holstein, Allemagne) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 20, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“We know that the white man does not understand our ways. One portion of the land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The Earth is not his brother, but his enemy-and when he has conquered it, he moves on.”

Chief Seattle

This quote by Chief Seattle is relevant to the issue of hydraulic fracturing, because he accurately describes what occurred in his time and continues to this day. That men will harm the land without regard to the health and well-being of people, animals and plant life is a fact which history shows without a doubt.

With a small amount of time looking into fracking we have learned a few things, most notably from the interview of former Mobil executive Louis W. Allstadt. His mention of the removal of EPA findings from New York State Guidelines, which showed possible negative consequences from fracking was a revelation. This moved him to become involved in the state of New York.

Mr. Allstadt’s speaking of the waste of years where renewable energies was not brought online in the United States shows a lack of focus from the United States government and business community. While European countries, notably Germany, have been bringing renewable energies to their citizens, the United States has stuck with things as they are, falling behind in the manufacturing of energy technologies of the future.

China has become a world leader in solar technology manufacturing. Louis Allstadt pointed out that oil and gas executives call natural gas from fracking a bridge to the renewable future, but that nobody is building the bridge-the solar, wind, biofuel etc, facilities to manufacture the equipment people can install on their homes and commercial buildings.

It is time to get to the truth on the issue of hydraulic fracturing. Bring in the top academicians, scientists and experts in the world on this technology and get the thing resolved. You can do it over Skype, for God’s sake. Governments around the world can arrange such a high-level discussion on this issue, in every country where citizens have expressed genuine concerns.

Given the potential consequences for this generation and future generations, especially when all living things need water to survive, it is irresponsible for world leaders to not tackle this issue in a spiritually mature way which looks out for the welfare of all people on this Earth.

Or does Laura Cunningham in the following video, who decided to write a play about fracking titled “Frack Off” to quell the out-of-kilter emotions displayed in the discussions about this important issue, represent the highest level of discussion we will see?

God bless Ms. Cunningham for trying to help bring about rational discussions. 

It is time for world leaders, for humanity, to step up its game on hydraulic fracturing.