New Polls: Sanders Up In Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina And Ohio.

By Jerry Alatalo

RockwellAlphabet In Michigan’s primary the Bernie Sanders campaign, in the largest transition from pre-voting polls to final results in presidential election history, a 22% turnaround seen as a giant upset – defied all the odds and won. The newest polls coming out only hours before Tuesday’s 5-state Titanic-sized political exercise, where voters in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio will decide the future of humanity, have left Clinton campaign staffers near frenzied, and overcome, with concern.

Those astonishing new polls come from the minds and hearts of voters in the crucial states mentioned, and could be perceived and described as millions of people acting in accord with their own, personal and unique internal poll – which shows Bernie Sanders is the best choice for 45th President of the United States. Those millions of personal, interior and intuitive “polls” have swung strongly toward Sanders because of one essential, overarching factor: Bernie Sanders has consistently spoken truth; Hillary Clinton has not.

Americans – despite all the political machinations, manipulations, propaganda tactics, advertising slickery, and $billions in campaign bribes throughout the history of presidential campaigns – still appreciate and place, unanimously, in the #1 position, at the very top of the list of qualifications: the personal honesty of their president.

By now, most serious observers of the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are aware of the “evolution” and shifts in Ms. Clinton’s explanations of her views closer to those of Sanders. The popular long-running comedy program “Saturday Night Live” produced a now-viral satirical “Clinton ad” showing her morphing into Bernie Sanders – repeating or plagiarizing Sanders’ most powerful political ideas and statements – in an effective creative work proving that art does imitate life.

The Clinton campaign’s immoral, unfair and misinforming offensives began simultaneously, and with more recklessness and desperation, with Sanders’ rising in the polls, most glaringly a few weeks ago on the issue of national health care when Hillary, Chelsea and others virtually implied Sanders was going to turn America into some form of giant gulag prison where no American could ever, for all time, see a doctor when sick. The tactic was, for any serious observer, preposterous.

Then during the Michigan debate Hillary chose the calculated and intentional option of completely misrepresenting Sanders’ record with regard to the auto bailout, coming from so far out in left field, so far removed from reality, that no human being (perhaps only a saint) could have avoided being caught off guard. Sanders most likely lost voters in Michigan due to Clinton’s intentional slander; if she hadn’t taken that politically criminal action Sanders would have manifested far greater momentum, a lot more support from voters in Michigan and greater margin of victory, after winning the state by 50% to 48%.

Clinton, apparently because her advisers include some shrewd and seasoned political “experts”, then consciously chose to attempt convincing Florida voters in the Miami debate that Sanders was “buddy-buddy” with the Koch brothers, an intentional act of political criminality and attack which – after the Michigan “hit job” – Sanders had prepared for.

The dirty tricks of Clinton during the Miami debate went so far as to paint Sanders in the minds of Florida voters as standing with “border vigilantes”, right-wing extremists bent on taking the law into their own hands through violent actions at the border between Mexico and America. Sanders more or less, in the manner of an elder to a child, responded to Clinton’s absolutely absurd political attack as ridiculous.

Millions of Americans have become aware of these political crimes, the slanderous and repulsive – intentional and scheming – tactics employed by Hillary Clinton, and find them unacceptable for someone seeking the office of President of the United States.

Voters will enter the voting booth thinking about what Hillary Clinton really said to Goldman Sachs’ owners, why she accepted $225,000 each for the speeches, and why she doesn’t show “We, the people” what she said or trust voters enough to see transcripts of those talks. It is important that Americans know.

Millions of voters find Clinton’s designation of her very highly paid Wall Street speeches as “above top-secret” – withholding from voters, tightly locking the doors to rooms requiring total transparency – unacceptable for someone seeking the nation’s highest office.

When the people of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio vote tomorrow March 15, they’ll have just one image in their minds – the statistic showing each candidate’s total number of lies told about their political opponent. This is that all-important statistic:

Sanders speaks the truth.


Sanders Speech You’ll Never Hear Clinton Deliver.

By Jerry Alatalo

ocean11Alphabet Let us first say that Sunday’s Democratic Town Hall with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at Ohio State University was a pathetic excuse for an event supposedly designed for helping voters decide who they’ll trust to become the 45th President of the United States. The format was wrong in so many ways, and the bizarre template was especially frustrating seeing so much is at stake on Tuesday, March 15 in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina.

Each candidate fielded different questions during half hour segments where they were each alone, instead of the most voter-focused option with both candidates on stage answering the same questions one by one – thus giving voters a far more accurate perception of their contrasts. Excellent debates include segments where the opposing participants are given the opportunity to ask their own questions to their opponent, but – because this monstrosity called a “Town Hall” somehow became the chosen platform – voters were short-changed, big time.

End of rant on the Ohio event… almost. While true that both the Sanders camp and Clinton’s agreed to the format, the image came to mind of the National Football League deciding to change the “format” of the Superbowl from normal rules to the rules of flag football – with no physical contact, with no tackling – “tackling” the ball carrier happens upon ripping an attached cloth flag off the runner’s waist.

Just as the Superbowl is where the world championship of professional football becomes decided, where hard-hitting competition with “real” tackling is inherent to the sport, similarly presidential elections are, when carried out properly, hard-hitting competitions where ideas clash and collide, opponents are vigorously challenged and take intellectual blows – all normal inherent aspects of “real” debates.

Again, Sunday’s “Town Hall”, while minimally revealing and some small aid for voters, fell woefully short in achieving the necessary and fullest extent of providing the true contrasts of views between Sanders and Clinton. End of rant.


For the benefit of still undecided voters in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina – and admittedly being a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, may residents of those states consider what he conveys during an address at Liberty University a few months ago. It is fair to say that Sanders’ address is of a nature which voters on March 15 in those crucial states will never hear delivered by his opponent.

(Thank you to Bud Meyers at YouTube)