Why Hasn’t Obama Pardoned Don Siegelman?

by Jerry Alatalo

Electronic Voting Machine (photo: cpwv.org)
Electronic Voting Machine
(photo: cpwv.org)

The story surrounding the bribery trial, conviction, sentencing and imprisonment of former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama is one which hasn’t received much attention from this writer, but after only minimal research the question “why hasn’t Obama pardoned him?” quickly came to mind. It’s a question right up there with why hasn’t Obama released the “28 Pages”?

This post has a 3-minute segment of a “60 Minutes” episode aired in early 2008 of Republican Attorney General Grant Woods of Arizona, a 10-minute video trailer of a documentary about Don Siegelman’s case “Killing Atticus Finch”, and a link for more information to the website free-don.org.

After television media had all called the governor’s race of 2007-8 for Siegelman on election night, it was past midnight when the numbers in one Alabama county mysteriously transformed from 6,000 Siegelman votes to votes for his GOP opponent, and Siegelman went from governor-elect and a second term to runner-up. It was after Siegelman’s call for a recount, and the GOP Attorney General of Alabama’s threat to prosecute anyone attempting to carry out a recount, that it became learned in the county where the 6,000 votes jumped to the GOP candidate no other votes for contested down-ticket offices jumped – only votes for governor.

Over 100 former Republican and Democrat attorneys general have called for Don Siegelman’s pardon and release from federal prison. Why Obama has yet to issue a pardon after Mr. Siegelman has spent so many years in prison is a mystery, especially with all the obvious “red flag” circumstances which placed him there.

In a recent interview with Thom Hartmann, Don Siegelman mentioned Obama’s Solicitor General told the U.S. Supreme Court that Americans “…don’t have the constitutional right to not become framed for crimes”.  Many believe head legal counsel for George W. Bush – Karl Rove – was the person behind the successful effort to convict Siegelman for what one former federal judge perceived as a campaign contribution which didn’t benefit or enrich Siegelman by one dime.

Without digging into or researching any further into Don Siegelman’s story, at the very least Mr. Hartmann has accurately described it as “amazing”. The story also provides reinforcement of the idea that “truth is stranger than fiction”.

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Voting For Stolen Democracy.

by Jerry Alatalo

Electronic Voting Machine (photo: cpwv.org)
Electronic Voting Machine
(photo: cpwv.org)

Alphabet Years ago in Wheaton, Illinois there was a sandwich shop called “John’s Corner Deli” where I’d go for lunch every so often. One day there was an older fellow, John and myself in the place, and the older customer mentioned Diebold to John as a stock for purchase, kind of like an insider-trading tip to John for making money from a growing company. The older fellow must have been somehow involved in government in DuPage County, Illinois and knew about a large purchase of Diebold voting machines through his public job, plus probably an awareness that voting districts across the country would soon be purchasing them in large quantities.

Electronic voting machines have caused a lot of controversy since coming on the scene in America because the machines have been proven easily hacked or manipulated, oftentimes do not provide a paper trail, and audits/recounting by hand to confirm the machines’ tabulation totals are very rarely conducted. In the following fascinating 2-hour discussion on voting fraud in the United States, panelists describe a severe problem with the way elections become carried out around the 50 states, and strongly suggest the need for Americans who care about democracy to become informed on what has happened for generations.

One of the woman panelists is the daughter of one of the brothers/authors James M. and Kenneth F. Collier who wrote “Votescam: The Stealing of America” in 1992 about their experience in Florida politics. Not having purchased/read the book, from reading the reviews it looks like information in the book could become relevant for Jeb Bush’s presidential ambitions. One of the reviewers writes about George H.W. Bush granting a pardon to a convicted-by-his-peers cocaine dealer who apparently gave Jeb Bush $700,000 in campaign contributions. The book is available on Amazon at the following link:


Also on the panel is the author of “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century” (July 2014) Jonathan D. Simon. His anger and passion come through during the discussion, and, along with the other panelists and members of the audience, the message becomes loud and clear that election reform will come about or democracy is in continuing danger of being lost. Apologies for the over 2-hour length of the video as most readers have other blogs to read and keep up on, but, even though there are no American elections coming up soon, the important point is that democracy is impossible if votes are not counted correctly.

Jonathan Simon’s book at Amazon:


Paper and pencil ballots, counted by hand with easily constructed accounting based procedures guaranteeing accurate totals offers the best system of all for conducting free, clean and fair elections. This discussion focuses on fraudulent vote rigging and how urgent is making Americans aware of it. In addition, election reforms such as holding elections on the weekend or making federal elections a national holiday, and overturning Citizens United would strengthen democracy in America. The discussion raises genuine concerns that need serious address if democracy is to rise from the ashes, survive and return to its fullest potential. Because voting in America is in deep trouble.


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