Peace Message From Damascus.

By Jerry Alatalo

P1000889-1Alphabet United States representative to Congress Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii traveled to Syria recently along with former member of Congress (and candidate for President) Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The current and former U.S. politicians went on a fact-finding four-day mission, visiting and discussing the tragic situation there with Syrians from all walks of life – including a personal meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The four young Syrian women Ms. Gabbard met in Damascus recorded in the video below were in the 12-14 year age range when the tragic violence, killing and destruction of their home nation began nearly (6) six years ago. Given the seemingly inestimable, endless levels of reconstruction which is going to become necessary once peace finally returns to the country, it is somewhat remarkable – a supreme irony, certainly – that two of the young women are studying architecture while another studies civil engineering.

One becomes hesitant to comment further for fear of detracting to any extent from the powerful message delivered by four kind and pleasant young Syrian women to the American people. Their heart-felt unanimous message clearly comes through loud and clear, leaving nothing else necessary to say…


(Thank you to Vanessa Beeley at YouTube)


Bashar al-Assad Interviewed By Dennis Kucinich.

President Hafez al-Asad with his family in the...
President Hafez al-Asad with his family in the early 1970s. From left to right: Bashar, Maher, Mrs Anisa Makhlouf (the then new First Lady of Syria), Majd, Bushra, and Basil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The year 2013 has seen events on Earth of historic dimensions. May we all, every person in every country and region, do whatever we can to end the war and killing in Syria, and allow the innocent Syrian people to return to a peaceful, normal way of living now. Please consider including prayers to whatever your concept is of the Supreme Being, Creator, Allah, Great Spirit, Source, Krishna, Higher Self, or God.

The continued suffering of men, women and children in Syria and the countries on its borders simply has to stop. One can safely say that what is occurring in that region of the Earth is insanity. In the year 2013 civilization is given another horrific example of failure to communicate in ways which produce brotherhood, peace and understanding between people of the various regions of the world.

As someone who has come to accept the concept of oneness among all people, all life and all things, I have no wish to take “sides” in the current war going on in Syria. In ultimate reality there are no sides on this planet-we are all one. Oneness is a somewhat new development in discussions about war and peace, money, natural resources, economics etc., but the spiritual concept has been present throughout human history. It is the case that oneness is the inevitable destination for humanity-it is not a question of if the human race will arrive at a condition of oneness, but when.

To be honest it would have been great if Dennis Kucinich or Greg Palkot had asked Bashar al-Assad what his spiritual views were with regard to the crisis his country and people are unfortunately experiencing. The closest Mr. Assad came to sharing any type of spiritual thought was when he mentioned the young people of Syria, how their psyches had been severely wounded with scenes of human barbarism, which need not be repeated here.

Given the overwhelming, obvious negative consequences of war: death, destruction, refugees who have to leave their homes and possessions, the severe psychological damage to combatants on each “side”, to the innocents caught-trapped in the line of fire, to the lasting images seared into the minds of those in war zones, how has humanity not yet walked past war as a method of settling differences?

The people who start wars, killing and violence are motivated by what? We would look at the horrific consequences of the actions of the initiators, consider how those known results weigh into the decisions of the initiators, and come to see that concern for the health and well-being of one’s fellow human beings does not factor into their war equations.

Every last shred of evidence concerning the August 21 chemical attacks, from whatever country or source or personal testimony, needs to be placed on the table, investigated, and examined by the finest men and women law enforcement officials, experts and attorneys in the world. The International Criminal Court should begin the investigation without delay.

Those responsible for these barbaric acts need to be identified and face punishment.

At the same time everything possible has to be done to stop the war, destruction and killing, and help those who are in need.


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Matt Taibbi Meets Bill Still.

English: Lower Manhattan
English: Lower Manhattan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 21, 2013 

by Jerry Alatalo

This writer was pleasantly surprised to come across the following discussion between Matt Taibbi and Bill Still. The reason this meeting between two men, who are in my opinion honest and concerned about money issues that affect average citizens, is reason for optimism is that any collaboration between them will be positive.

Matt Taibbi is the more well-known of these two men for being a Rolling Stone investigative journalist.  He has written many articles on the workings of Wall Street which have increased awareness of unreported activities that people need to know. He has appeared on mainstream media programs and is somewhat of a cult hero to many men and women around the world. I don’t know if cult hero is the right description for Matt Taibbi. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that he receives admiration for being willing to write about issues which make the “Big Boys” on Wall Street nervous. For me, I just like the guy.

Bill Still is lesser known but no less aware of issues monetary. Many of you have seen his documentary “The Money Masters” and / or  his next doc “The Secret Of Oz.” I have yet to view The Money Masters but did watch The Secret Of Oz. Perhaps there are documentaries which are more powerful-which do a better job at explaining the history of monetary systems-please share the titles of them here. For this writer The Secret Of Oz is the most brilliant film he has come across about world monetary history. Bill Still ran for President in 2012 on the Libertarian Party ticket. As a politician I compare him to Dennis Kucinich, where both men have excellent ideas but physical appearance, the lack of Robert Redford good looks, unfortunately was a factor in voters’ decisions. I don’t know why, but I just like the guy.

The discussion between Matt Taibbi and Bill Still in early June 2013 at a Public Banking Institute event, I believe the same event where 13-year old Veronica Grant gave her speech, was a bit surprising to me. What was surprising was that Matt Taibbi admitted his work and focus was more on the scams and crimes of Wall Street players, and not on the issue of monetary reform. This is well and good, Matt Taibbi does excellent work to uncover corruption at the highest levels of the finance industry.

Bill Still’s work and focus is on monetary reform and less on the legalistic investigative journalism work which Matt Taibbi concentrates on. This meeting provides us with reason for hope and optimism as I see Matt Taibbi, Bill Still, and others whose work and focus mirrors theirs, collaborating in ways which will truly change the public debate about money.

Matt Taibbi and other investigative journalists, like the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who gave the world the massive tax haven story, have exposed the corruption and criminality in the Gordon Gecko world of  high stakes, economy shattering transactions.

Bill Still and others who have knowledge of monetary reform issues, have come up with solutions for the damages done through history from fractional-reserve lending and privately owned central banking systems.

Here’s hoping that Matt Taibbi and Bill Still, as well as those whose work and focus is in the same respective areas of endeavor, join mind and body to multiply their joint knowledge and awareness.

It is a perfect match.

A match made in heaven.