“Frankenskies”: New Film Raises Big Questions On Climate Engineering.

By Jerry Alatalo

n 1962 United States President Lyndon Johnson in a commencement address at Southwest Texas State University talked to graduates about “..controlling the weather”, and “..controlling the world”. Just to what extent the U.S. military has advanced since 1962 in the area of weather warfare is unknown except by those in the military working directly in the alleged programs.

Learning the truth will require men and women willing to take the same severe personal risks as Daniel Ellsberg (Vietnam War), Julian Assange (government/corporate crimes), Edward Snowden (government surveillance), Chelsea Manning (Iraq War crimes), John Kiriakou (illegal torture), Scott Bennett (terrorist financing), Brad Birkenfeld (banking corruption), and others determined to speak the truth.

Mr. Matt Landman directed the film “Frankenskies” about the history, development, and facts concerning the phenomenon termed climate engineering, geoengineering, and other various scientific designations. His choice to balance the amount of time in the film to information from both “sides” of the debate over weather control was a good one, adding seriousness and weight to the effort. The final effort, 120-minute film production’s quality is excellent, and a superb example for others to follow in comparison to other small-budget, independently made documentaries.

The topic of weather control technologies, for researchers, is one which can lead one down some very deep, multi-directional, even sometimes strange rabbit holes. Thankfully – and wisely, in light of its very controversial subject – Mr. Landman keeps the film’s focus inside the boundaries of logical, academic and/or scientific reasoning. The result is a very strong film message viewers will find close to impossible to ignore or forget.

Many people will immediately react to mention of weather control with labels of “conspiracy theory”, but they might experience an extreme change of perspective and attitude after watching “Frankenskies”.  They surely will come away with facts and details they’ve never seen mentioned or reported by the corporate media, but for “conditioning”, surprising reports – such as the 12 new cloud formations (or species of clouds) added institutionally recently. The film’s information has neither been transparently shared by government and/or military officials but for recent revelations – again, described in the film as a form of societal “conditioning” for what’s ahead.

What inclines one to lean toward the explanation that weather modification is essentially a tool for war? …The unanimous unwillingness by elected representatives in the U.S. Congress in responding to concerns expressed by large numbers of their constituents on the matter. Add to that government avoidance of historical facts presented in Mr. Landman’s film, and the logical conclusion to arrive at is that nations and high-level military/intelligence officials have been using weather control technology since the 1950’s as a weapon of war.

“Frankenskies” has already, just hours after posting, begun going viral on the internet. The question now becomes one of gathering sufficient momentum, creating a state of affairs making impossible continued government dismissal of legitimate concerns, and leading to where honorable action brings about open public meetings exposing the truth of the matter.


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She’s Got Bread Bags On The Soles Of Her Shoes.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-21Alphabet The first action taken up by the Republican controlled House of Representatives and Senate was the Keystone XL pipeline. Billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch stand to make billions of dollars in profits if the pipeline from Canada across the center of the United States to Texas refineries becomes built. That’s because, if reports are correct, the Koch brothers own gazillions of acres of land in Canada where large amounts of tar sands oil exist.

Charles and David Koch provided strong financial backing to 44 year-old Iowan Joni Ernst in her successful campaign for the U.S. Senate in America’s 2014 mid-term elections. Freshman Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa became the choice of Republican leadership to give their party’s response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. The one – and only – specific domestic or foreign policy issue Senator Ernst addressed in her response was the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oops. Correction. Attentive observers of Senator Ernst’s Republican response couldn’t help but catch her bold, newly insightful and absolutely innovative remarks about “climate change”. However, Senator Ernst’s perception of climate change is slightly different from most Americans’, and perhaps not quite as consequential and worrisome as the scientists assert.

Ms. Ernst doesn’t see Koch Industries’ ravaging of their gazillions of Canadian acres for the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels as any concerning issue for Americans or humanity. She sees climate change as something very simple, without the need for complex explanations from scientists but easily understood by everyone:

One school day it’s sunny, the next school day it’s rainy. See, the climate changed.

She went into great detail for the American people about her own personal experience with “climate change”. When she was a youngster, she had only one “good pair of shoes”, so on school days when it was raining her mother would give her plastic bread bags to protect those shoe from water damage.

So, there’s no need to listen to any geeky, pocket-protector wearing scientists for ways to effectively deal with climate change. It’s soooo much simpler than that.

Just save those bread bags.


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Climate Change Deniers Support Geoengineering To Stop Climate Change.

Geoengineering: how to solve climate change?
Geoengineering: how to solve climate change? (Photo credit: explainthatstuff)

Posted December 4, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Here’s an interesting question. “Why are U.S. Congressmen and Senators silent on geoengineering?” There are a large number of men and women in the United States House of Representatives and Senate who claim that climate change or global warming is a hoax. In other words, these men and women elected politicians believe there is no such thing as climate change. So, let’s see if we can make some sense of this owned belief and the practice of geoengineering, which is being carried out to stop or reduce global temperatures’ rising.

Well, there is no way to make any sense of the lack of outrage about unnecessary expenditures on geoengineering coming from those climate change-denying men and women politicians.

Through the years we hear about awards going to particularly outrageous spending by the United States government. Like spending $250,000 on studying the mating habits of some odd type of insect, or $400,000,000 on a highway that goes miles into an uninhabited forest only to end in a cul-de-sac, or $1.77 million on a statue of Santa Claus in Florida, etc.

You get my drift.

For some odd reason, there have been no media plastered Washington, D.C. political speeches of outrage on the “wasteful spending on geoengineering, which is stopping a climate change problem that does not even exist!” You would think that the climate change deniers in Congress would be all over the issue of taxpayer money being wasted on spraying metals from planes going on all across America. I have yet to become aware of the amount of taxpayer money that is being spent on geoengineering, but the outrage coming from the climate change deniers is easily tabulated on the accountant’s calculator – zero.

Why is there total silence coming from the climate change deniers?  Because the geoengineering option maintains their status-quo.

Geoengineering (weather modification to combat climate change) has been allowed to continue without a peep of protest from the climate change deniers because nothing then has to change. Big gas, oil, coal, and nuclear corporations and their owners can conduct business as usual. The enormous political, financial, and market power remains where it has always been – no need to fuss with carbon taxes and fees, lifestyle changes, increased production of renewable energies supplied free from the sun and wind, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and best of all, the American taxpayers foot the geoengineering bill.

The silence becomes simple to understand now.

So, we find massive amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium, silver oxides, fluoride and God only knows what else being dropped from planes, into the atmosphere to stop the sun’s rays from reaching the Earth. In effect the decision was made, without the knowledge and consent of American citizens, to massively pollute the Earth’s environment, including all humans, animals, and plants. Drive those SUV’s to the gas station, fill them up, and ride. Nothing to worry about. This technology is taking care of it.

With regard to geoengineering, humanity needs a major-league timeout.

Firstly, geoengineering is a giant experiment, with both known and unknown consequences. How many of you are aware that 193 nations signed on to a United Nations Biological Diversity agreement banning geoengineering? And that the United States was one of three nations which declined to sign the agreement? The situation is one where nations which want to conduct huge geoengineering experiments do not need any consent from the United Nations.

It is time for scientists to come forward and tell the truth about the science behind weather modification experiments. At this point there are scientists suffering from arrogance and hubris in geoengineering marriage with equally arrogant and hubristic billionaire owners of fossil fuels corporations. For a small handful of people to play god, while risking the health and well-being of all living things on Earth in the process, is not right. Humanity simply must collectively demand an end to geoengineering.

So, the situation now is one where the choice has been made to use technology, from the same people who caused the climate crisis in the first place, instead of making the hard choice to change the amounts of fossil fuels that become consumed on Earth. Just allow a few people to adjust the planetary thermostat, while keeping things like they were, without regard for the tremendous damage being done to all life forms.

If the experiments don’t work simply enlarge them. Instead of 50,000 square kilometers/miles, run the “experiment” over 500,000 square kilometer/miles. Pound the surface of the oceans with iron nanoparticles so algae can consume the Earth’s carbon dioxide and sink to the oceans’ floors. This is ocean fertilization, one the proposed options for fighting greenhouse gases. Another proposal calls for “artificial volcanoes”, where sulfurs are distributed up giant pipes into the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays from the Earth.

All these options, actually being considered by national governments around the world, would not require any changes for fossil fuels industries, are the cheapest options (paid by taxpayers), proposed by the same people who caused the crisis in the first place, who ask humanity to “trust us to fix this now”. Go back to watching the ball games and reality shows, we’ve got this all taken care of.

The United Nations General Assembly has to be given the power to vote on the continuance or curtailment of geoengineering actions. There needs to be a debate at the UN on this issue as soon as possible, with the representative of each member nation given a say on the matter. Geoengineering technologies are dangerous because no scientist or politician can predict the outcome(s) from their use. How does the human race know, once this technology has become accepted, when national leaders will use it for military or selfish political reasons?

In the following video, a man well-known by all who have done any research on geoengineering, Dane Wigington, talks with Russ Tanner, in a film made by John Massaria. Thanks to Lewey7777 @ YouTube. Mr. Wigington makes the point that geoengineering is destroying the Earth’s ozone layer, resulting in a powerful system of feed-back loops where continued spraying destroys more of the ozone layer, leading to more Arctic ice melts, leading to less of the sun’s heat being reflected away from the planet, increasing the sun’s heating of the Earth’s oceans, and occurring again and again. This process, according to Dane Wigington, will continue with horrific consequences, the worst being the release of tremendous levels of methane now frozen on polar ocean floors.

He is giving humanity the direst warning possible. Whether the human race will understand soon enough and end all forms of geoengineering, allowing the Earth to heal in ways that are of nature – we shall see.

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Climate Change Rebel With The Worldwide Cause.

English: Typhoon Megi over the Philippines on ...
English: Typhoon Megi over the Philippines on October 18, 2010, about one hour before making landfall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 13, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

After the typhoon in the Philippines there has been a palpable, intensification of feelings worldwide about climate change. A man from the Philippines spoke in Warsaw, Poland at the latest meeting on climate change in the aftermath of the devastating typhoon in his country, declaring that he will go on a fast until some concrete measures are absolutely agreed upon to reverse climate change. Perhaps many of you reading these words have viewed his very emotional address to the delegation, and felt just how enormous the moment humanity is now in with regard to the Earth’s environment.

It does seem that humanity has come out of its drunken fossil fuels perceptions and sobered to the real facts of there being a very great problem with the weather. The attempts by those who profit from a continuation of the fossil fuels status-quo have come to be seen as off-base and out of touch with reality. In effect, the record destruction of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is the straw that broke the back of any existing climate change debate. The debate is over, finished, and ended.

What humanity is witnessing is the beginning of a new energy paradigm on this Earth. This energy shift will occur because reality is punching the human race in the face, there is no longer any reason to avoid the obvious situation on the planet. Circumstances simply can no longer be avoided. It is impossible to continue with the fossil fuels status-quo in the world. Major, major change is coming and there is nothing any oil or gas CEO billionaire, or any large shareholder in fossil fuels corporations, can do to stop it.

One could even surmise that the billionaire CEOs and shareholders are having second and third thoughts about holding on to their desires to support the profit-making status-quo, themselves coming to sobriety as the rest of the world’s people are. Destructive weather-related events have reached a level which has led to the necessity for humanity’s intervention – getting as serious as humanly possible – with an urgency never seen. The human race has received a collective, historic wake-up call of unprecedented proportion.

The worldwide war against climate change has begun.

The grip of corporations in the fossil fuels, carbon gas, climate change enabling industries over governments’ decision-making processes will need to become loosened to a great extent. The debates can no longer be short, shallow, and ineffective. The debates will need to become long, deep, and bring about real results which deal with climate change in a big, big way. Any discussion, debate, or effort having to do with extreme weather, climate change-related issues can focus only on creation of conditions which take into account the people of this and future generations.

The Philippines’ typhoon Haiyan has forced mankind to get ultimately serious about the climate of the Earth. Long, deep, sincere, and integrity-filled discussions and debates about major energy issues need to begin – and begin yesterday. The XL Keystone Pipeline, renewable energy, carbon fees, and other topics have need to be placed on the table for examination to determine the best possible options. An effort equivalent to a Manhattan Project or the moon landing has to occur to make the best, implementable decisions quickly and responsibly.

In addition to the importance of working in a worldwide, cooperative manner to protect the many millions of people living in cities on the coastlines of the Earth’s oceans, as well as oceanic island nations – those who have the most risk now – it is important to deal head-on with the harmful health effects of continuing the fossil fuels status-quo.

Ever-improving renewable energy options will need to be pushed in a very vigorous manner to reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels. Some scientific reports have pointed to grave consequences related to massive methane releases at the poles from rapid and accelerating ice melting. Sea-level rises of several meters threaten human beings on ocean islands and hundreds of millions living in coastline cities.

The people of the world will now demand that democracy be restored and that governments listen and act upon their will through attention and focus on reasonable, rational scientific information – unbiased and factual.


An agreement between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, as proposed by Dr. James Hansen in the following video, on a gradually rising carbon cost/fee, distributed equally to the citizenry (not the government) – in effect making every person an environmentalist and start reduction of carbon emissions to the largest extent possible – must be pursued as quickly as humanly possible. 


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