WeThePeople.gov: Coming Soon To A Nation Near You.

by Jerry Alatalo

“If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind… But the particular evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more from those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of exchanging error for truth; if wrong, they lose what is always as great a benefit –  the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.”

JOHN STUART MILL (1806-1873)


Alphabet Call the new government sponsored website, operated at minimal cost in any nation on Earth, an additional branch of government directly representing the people. Here in the United States, especially after the recent events of Israeli Prime Minister breaking professional political, diplomatic protocol by speaking to the Congress and 47 Republican senators similarly breaking long-honored protocol with their letter to Iranian leaders, public opinion of politicians in Washington, D.C. has sunk even lower than thought possible.

So, with establishment of a public website dedicated to “We the People”, the descent into deeper unhappiness and dissatisfaction felt by citizens over their elected representatives could become reversed. Citizens of the United States, or citizens of any nation on Earth who starts such a website, would be given an opportunity to speak their minds on ideas for solving the nation’s problems, and literally start the engines/movement toward “a more perfect union”.

There are many possible configurations for such a website. With 24 hours in each day, if citizens produced 30-minute videos for the website, that would result in 48 new-idea voices becoming available for internet visitors to experience daily. That’s 336 voices per week, 1,440 per month, and 17,520 voices available in archives on the website every year. After ten years, the website will contain 175,200 posts from men and women interested in contributing good ideas and proposals for making America (or, insert your country here _ _ _ _) a better nation.

There are a number of positive benefits one can expect for such an internet initiative, and zero negatives when one imagines the potentials and possibilities. Just a few of the positives include allowing voters/citizens to become both watchdog and whistleblower, articulation of ideas which, if good enough, elected representatives will find impossible to ignore, and fundamentally keeping political leaders honest.

Other positives include diminishing over time of mis/disinformation on the entire wide range of important issues affecting people’s lives, greater participation of citizens in the democratic process, a higher level of direct influence by the people on decisions affecting them, and a more well-informed populace. Young people, especially, would receive tremendous lessons in civics and leadership, and an extremely positive education as over time they soak in the rapidly increasing number of varied proposals presented on the website.

Because the 30-minute video contributions will become identified/searchable in the simplest video #1, video #2, video #476, etc manner, one can see a certain point after the website is up and running where people will become heard around their company water coolers saying such things as: “Man, you’ve got to see #820, she nailed the healthcare issue!”, “What did you think of #4,229? He was weak on a few points…”, “Professor Jones was brilliant on #138; it should become law soon”, or “She’s been all over the place giving interviews after her presentation on #441”.

So, thus far one gets a fundamental sense and vision of a government-run, minimal-cost, solutions-focused website which has the potential to become a genuine, positive-consequence “fourth branch of government”. Implausible, weak contributions would become deemed ineffective and disregarded after the bad ideas in them get analyzed, critiqued and defeated in nationwide articles, reports, blog posts, etc with headlines such as: “Taxes: Smith Falls Flat in #552” or “Education: No Go For Thomas at #14,791”, and so on.

Good, reasoned, and clearly improvement-producing proposals will rise like cream to the top, and receive similar media attention: “Economics: Ms. Lee Hits ‘Grand Slam’ – #7,085”, “Trade: #19,440 – Mr. Johnson Nailed It!”, and so on. Defective, impractical ideas will end up in the “circular file”, potentially outstanding, weak-in-certain-aspects ideas will generate debate and fixes, and the most outstanding ideas will become acted upon.

The proposed public-run, solutions-focused website could be very simple and require only a few easily understood rules for those men and women who wish to contribute. To deter pranksters and those who aren’t serious about meeting the vision of the website, a law would need to become passed with sufficient punishment for preventing abuse of the site. Serious contributors would have their presentations posted on a first-come, first-served basis, and, as mentioned, each post would have a searchable number – #12, #744, #38,395 and so on.

To avoid favoritism, censorship, and/or bias – to guarantee contributor requests for participation become honored – potential contributors’ email requests are time/date recorded on their personal computers, and a master list of requests – including times and dates, the requesters’ names, etc. – should become published and updated on the website. When a man or woman who has sent their request via email finds that their request hasn’t become added to the master list, he or she should have recourse to a reasonable appeal process.

Content/posts at the site should be designed as minimal to the extreme: numbered videos/citizen proposals only – no comments, no thumbs up/down, no surveys – only ideas which will increasingly become debated, then rejected, considered with some adjustments, or embraced in the “court of public opinion”.

A requirement that all men and women contributors must have earned a Ph.D./doctorate would further make sure the highest quality content gets published on the website. If a bright young man or woman who hasn’t yet earned a Ph.D. has an outstanding idea, he or she will have no choice but to find and convince a Ph.D. to deliver their proposal in their place. With the doctorate rule, website content of highest quality is reasonably guaranteed, viewers will experience and receive the highest quality civic education, and, once again, especially young people will become aware of the wisdom in working hard in school and the rewards of getting a good education.

If manifested into reality, a WeThePeople.gov website offers the potential for truly positive transformation of societies at local, state, national and international levels. Whether in America, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, France, Greece, South Africa, Malaysia, China or Russia, we the people can build a more perfect union. A better world for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

The world’s best ideas will become available around the Earth for all to share, on the world-wide-web, right out there in the open for all to see…

In the light of day.


Had a dream last night, the angels had come riding
In the light of day, there was no more hiding
All so fine, I still see them shine
I saw angels play right in the light of day

As I watched them fly across a fiery sky
And I heard their cry as they passed me by
I could feel the light inside me, I could feel it everywhere
Life was clear and fair

Woke up in the dark and tried to keep believing
In the light I saw, in time of constant grieving
Vision fair, please don’t disappear
And please hear my prayer there in my light of day

When I look within, I see them shine again
As the darkness ends and the light begins
I can feel the light inside me, I can feel it everywhere
They are all still there

On the street tonight the innocent are dying
And the worlds not right, so many millions crying
Evil lives and hate never gives, Hell is never far
And is this all we are?

Oh, Lord, hear us cry, up in my fiery sky
That our souls may fly to you when we die
Help us feel the light inside us, help us feel it everywhere
Oh, Lord, be there

Be there, be there
Lord, be there, be there
Be there, oh, be there
Be there
Oh, Lord, be there

(Thank you to landshark2903 at YouTube)

MintPress Destroys Corporate ISIL/Middle East News Narrative.

Posted on June 30, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-44What is truly astounding about the discussion between friends from MintPress News Mnar Muhawesh and Mahdi Nazemroaya is how in such a profoundly simple manner they decimate extremely powerful international media corporations’ – let’s call it what it is – lies about ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

The so-called mainstream/corporate media have unanimously portrayed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as being a consequence of ancient sectarian rivalry between Middle East Sunni and Shia populations, as if that were the sole factor for their (ISIL) actions, all in an intentional effort to keep millions of viewers ignorant of the reality in the Middle East.

ISIL is a mercenary army paid, trained, supplied, and directed by Gulf monarchies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others, along with government entities in Turkey, Israel, the United States, Britain and others, to destabilize nations and peoples who choose not to go along with imperialist agendas. There is nothing new about ISIL except that it represents a new strategy for powerful people having the desire to control the Middle East region’s vast oil/natural gas/energy resource wealth.

Ms. Muhawesh and Mr. Nazemroaya precisely identify what is occurring in Iraq and the region: a “divide and conquer” strategy perhaps as old as the hills. It is a historically deadly and vicious strategy that has destroyed and/or ended the lives of millions of innocent human beings in the Middle East. Those responsible for military intervention in the Middle East for manipulation and control have no concern for the men, women and children who live there, have to be described accurately based on their actions, and must be stopped through worldwide popular resistance.

The video discussion between Ms. Muhawesh and Mr. Nazemroaya could very well be misperceived and underestimated because of its lack of “slick” production and simplicity of communication. Apparently they spoke through a Skype connection that millions use every day when speaking to distant relatives and friends. What is highly beneficial to acknowledge and remember – especially for men and women who have become frustrated or disappointed in the slow pace of truth’s emergence on Earth –  is that the simple but profound message Ms. Muhavesh and Mr. Nazemroaya deliver here is easily replicated by any persons with minimal technology.

They have shown that it’s possible for average men and women to “speak truth to power”, that the truth is held up more highly by humanity than at any time in history,  and when truth gets spoken – just like the movie “Field of Dreams” –  they will come. Will this simple discussion exposing the truth about ISIL and the Middle East, correcting the false narrative of corporate media go viral? There is no doubt that it will.

After it goes viral will there, because of the truth exposed, be a positive change on the ground in Iraq and the Middle East? No doubt.

Is it possible for ordinary men and women to create a better world? Yes.

In 2014 humanity rejects any further killing for profit

To those who find war and killing an acceptable power/business tactic:  Admit the inhumanity, absence of compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters, and moral bankruptcy of what you are advocating. Think again on how your thoughts, words, and actions affect others in devastating and harmful ways and what the consequences of your actions will be for future generations on this Earth.

See the death, destruction, sadness, and pain your actions have caused, then ask yourself if you have “done unto others” as “you would have done to you.”  If after consideration of that question you find yourself still advocating war and killing, please offer the people in the Middle East along with other war-torn regions a rational and reasonable explanation of your philosophical and spiritual thoughts which lead you to such conclusions.

Explain to all people how more war – mankind’s greatest failure – can possibly be seen as a source of some type of success, exactly the opposite of its reality. This is Orwellian logic summed up in the writer’s famous line from “1984” – War is Peace – or the idea that by “killing you, you will become saved” or from the Vietnam War, where soldiers came to “destroy the village to save it.” Connect the dots that run from your reasoning to the assessment that “war is good.”

To those who agree with war and killing: 99.9% of humanity disagrees with war and killing, and are becoming aware of the warmonger’s completely indefensible logic. What is occurring in the Middle East and other regions on Earth is the direct result of your application of that indefensible logic. You are directly accountable for the criminal harm done to men, women, and children in these lands. Perhaps now would be a good time to come clean, speak the truth, and start being a peacemaker instead of a purveyor of death.

To the masters of war: Ask yourself the question, “What did you do for your fellow-man?” Some believe this question is one of the first, if not the first, ones asked of those who leave the physical body in what people call death. Masters of war, does this question seem like perhaps the ultimate one? And should you or I, or any man, woman or child, wait until that inevitable transition to the world of spirit to think deeply about what it asks of us?

Masters of war, wouldn’t it be a good thing if you can answer that question as follows?:

“I did everything possible to prevent the harming and suffering of human beings. I did everything possible to help people live their lives in peace, brotherhood, and joy. I did everything possible to increase love’s manifestation and presence on this Earth. And to accomplish these I always spoke from my heart and spirit…  total truth.”


(Thank you to MintPressNews at YouTube)

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