Free Zakzaky: 2015’s Top Censored News Story.

By Jerry Alatalo

blogger7-1Alphabet The massacre of hundreds – perhaps over one thousand – of unarmed men, women and children Nigerians by the Nigerian military on December 12, and the unjust detention of, silencing of, and total denial of fundamental human rights for Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky since, might well be 2015’s most under-reported international story.

Sheikh Zakzaky is the leader of the growing Islamic Movement in Nigeria, and has not been granted any contact with family, close associates, legal counsel nor outside-the-government medical attention since being taken into custody over two weeks ago. This truly astonishing and disturbing state of affairs persists, despite near-daily mass protests in cities around Nigeria by his followers demanding just treatment and the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Nigeria massacre world’s top censored story of 2015

Men and women around the Earth who have followed events in Nigeria surrounding the horrific events of December 12, Sheikh Zakzaky’s detention and silencing, along with the Nigerian government’s complete stonewalling in response to hundreds of thousands of its citizens demands for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky have come to the point of utter frustration, bewilderment and righteous indignation with the clearly unjust manner in which the situation has developed.

Mr. Zakzaky has been detained without charges, has not yet been granted visitation by family or legal counsel, and has not received the right to defend himself through public interviews or issuance of statements. Quite clearly a horrific crime has occurred and continues to unfold in Nigeria which has massive implications for the African continent – all this while world leaders, both political and religious, and the international media have chosen to turn away in silence.

The most urgent concern of Sheikh Zakzaky’s family, friends and many followers is his health and well-being, and their worst fear is that the Nigerian government will take intentional covert measures leading to his death.  No matter if one is Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist, it is unquestionably true Nigerians have experienced a profoundly consequential, major act of crime and injustice – and continue to experience their government’s unacceptable actions defying all universally accepted fundamental legal and human rights pillars.

All people aware of events in Nigeria working for increased peace, human rights and justice around the Earth cannot help but understand the enormous significance of what has taken place – a truly historic injustice – in the most highly populated, energy-rich nation on the African continent.

The one and only morally just action for President Buhari and the Nigerian government to take at this point is immediately release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Free Zakzaky.

(Thank you to Khalid Idris Doya at YouTube)

Nigerian Lives Matter.

By Jerry Alatalo

mountain3Alphabet Why are the world’s leaders and corporate media remaining silent about the brutal massacre of 1,000 unarmed Nigerians by the Nigerian Army on December 12? One must put some effort into answering the question because that question is perhaps much more important than people might initially assess. Global terrorism in this horrific instance shows a very disturbing evolutionary step from covertly sponsored Daesh/ISIS to blatant state-sponsored terror in the form of the Nigerian military and/or government.

Serious men and women – including highly respected academics/Ph.D.s the world over – have invested large amounts of time on researching into terror events such as 9/11, ISIS’ rise, the 7/7 bombing, Charlie Hebdo, Paris, the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, etc. and raised hard-to-ignore questions which point to the possibility that one or more of them are so-called “false flags”, or staged politically motivated events.

In the case of the December 12 event in Zaria, Nigeria, where nobody doubts 1,000 or more men, women and children perished from gunfire wounds inflicted by the Nigerian forces, everyone agrees the massacre was all-too-real. While the false flag events received the serious, impassioned attention of world leaders, and citizens everywhere through high levels of reporting by corporate media, the all-too-real state-sponsored massacre in Nigeria has become completely ignored by those same world leaders and media outlets.

Could this ignorance have for explanation that Nigerian people haven’t reached the needed level up on the hierarchy of victims of terror attained by people in France, New York, London, etc. have, therefore Nigerians are somehow invisible and outside the vision of political leaders and media? Upon consideration, this could be one factor which helps explain the deafening silence.

Yet, when one considers the extreme magnitude, loss of life and rarity of the Nigerian atrocity, as well as recognizing the nation’s great oil, natural gas and mineral wealth, there seems much more than a hierarchical victims of terror explanation for the silence. Equally disturbing are the circumstances surrounding the aftermath of the massacre. Here in the United States a person who becomes arrested like Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has been has, at the very least, the right to make one phone call to family or legal counsel.

Nobody concerned about the health and well-being of Sheikh Zakzaky has been able to see or talk to him since December 12. The same applies to those concerned about others taken into custody at the same time, and this after hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have daily walked the streets of Nigeria’s cities demanding he be freed. Similar protests demanding Sheikh Zakzaky’s freedom have occurred around the Earth.

What produces the greatest level of sadness, frustration and righteous indignation over this truly horrific atrocity in Nigeria is the state of affairs existent in today’s civilization, where so few seem to perceive the profound moral deficits revealed in the international non-response. By remaining silent about the Nigeria massacre, in a sense world leaders and media add to the already inflicted, immense harm which occurred during the atrocity itself.

They fail morally by refusing to loudly and absolutely condemn such obvious, unjust and historic state-sponsored terror, actions certainly meeting the criteria of the crime of mass-murder; they fail as well by intentionally refusing the opportunity to explain to their respective constituents, audiences and humanity the real causes of the atrocity, and in the process diminish the chances for such a horror to recur in that region of Africa, or elsewhere on Earth.

Such failure – such refusal to take right action – by world leaders and the media to respond in a moral/spiritual manner commensurate with what could be described as a massively important event and series of ongoing, disturbing circumstance is near criminal itself. It seems clear the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has committed no crime, and become respected because all along it has renounced violence and advocated peace, unity of religions and justice for all. So, for 1,000 or more of the organization’s followers to unjustly perish represents one of 2015’s most brutal war crimes.

World leaders, the media (both corporate and independent) and all peace-and-justice focused concerned people around the Earth cannot allow the perpetrators of the Nigerian massacre impunity for their criminal actions. All human beings are sacred.

Free Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Nigerian lives matter.

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