Be Ready To Act: WikiLeaks Source Says They’re Coming For Assange — Caitlin Johnstone

The WikiLeaks Twitter account has announced that it has high level information that the organization’s founder Julian Assange could have his political asylum the Ecuadorian embassy revoked for him to be arrested by the British government within hours. We need to be ready to shake the earth should this happen. We need all hands on…

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John Stockwell: Lessons From 1987.

by Jerry Alatalo

“… for historians ought to be precise, faithful, and unprejudiced, and neither interest nor fear, hatred nor affection, should make them swerve away from the truth, whose mother is history, the rival of time, the depository of great actions, the witness of the past, example of the present, and monitor of the future.” Don Quixote Pt. 1, ch. 9

– MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (1547-1616) Spanish novelist, playwright, poet

aaa-44There was some hesitation about sharing the following talk from 1987 delivered by John Stockwell. That is because this writer sat in the front row during a talk by Mr. Stockwell at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan in that same time period. At the time, John Stockwell was the highest ranking CIA officer in history to “blow the whistle” on his former employers, had been the CIA’s station chief in Angola, and wrote the international nonfiction bestseller “In Search of Enemies” – of which the profits from sales were withheld from Mr. Stockwell.

It’s remarkable/worth noting that successful efforts to stop the Reagan administration from starting a major war in Central America with Nicaragua – what people at the time perceived as potentially  “another Vietnam” – became carried out before the rise of the global internet.

One of the foremost mysteries for those aware of John Stockwell was his decision to leave the public arena completely in the early 1990’s, and not re-emerging up to this day. He was born in 1937, as far as known is still alive,  and so is 78 years old. Leaving speculation about Mr. Stockwell’s personal choices aside, one must admit being fascinated with the possibility – if his mental/intellectual capacity has held – of John Stockwell’s agreeing to interviews and sharing his experiences over the past 20 or more years.

Alphabet The reason for hesitating to post his talk…  In the mid-1980’s this writer had only begun gaining an awareness of what was occurring around the world; geopolitics naivete accurately described the personal situation.  To more effectively spread his message, John Stockwell (he had no website) had compiled a list of dozens of books he believed important and brought copies to the many universities and other venues where he talked, and offered the book lists in handout form for free to men and women attending.

So, the reason for hesitation in sharing his 1987 talk is that I took his bibliography of books/authors and read a good number of those he suggested, and since reading them have at times wished attending Mr. Stockwell’s talk hadn’t occurred. In other words, the information presented in those books was very difficult to deal with, and – for those who aren’t familiar with the message Stockwell delivered across America in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s – his talk will be equally difficult to deal with.

Sharing this information from 1987 was done in the hopes of reaching men and women who come this way unaware of the historical facts Stockwell presented. Ideally, the recipients will include university students majoring or minoring in – and college graduates/persons interested in – fields including political science, international relations, economics, history, philosophy and many others – or, in the broadest sense, people who wish to gain more of the total truth, past and related to the present, of what has occurred on Earth.

Some will have the thought that a talk given in 1987, 28 years ago, has no relevance to events occurring now in 2015. This is understandable, yet gaining a fuller understanding of past historical events helps the person trying to come up with explanations for current events. What was conveyed in the famous saying  by philosopher George Santayana –  “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” –  applies to the highly condensed, astonishing  measure of historical facts presented by John Stockwell in 1987 during this nearly 2-hour talk that includes a 35-minute question and answer period.

The writer wishes to express the sincerest apology for any emotional, psychological, spiritual or other distress produced in persons who listen to John Stockwell’s 1987 talk in Boulder, Colorado at what was called the “World Affairs Conference”.  Again, the information he presented across America during the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s was/is not for the faint of heart.

It is impossible to predict whether some young men or women attending university who listen to this powerful and disturbing 1987 talk will become effective leaders for world peace and nuclear abolition as a result.  The same goes for older men and women aware of John Stockwell because they heard him in person decades ago or in other ways.

While all too aware of the possible psychic harm and sadness which will occur for persons who pass this way and experience this post in its entirety, the overarching vision involves encouragement of utilizing increased knowledge of recent, not-so-recent, and important historical events in efforts to prevent war in 2015. That humble vision or dream can come true in various ways, the common, essential aspect being greater understanding of the realities that have comprised war and violence on Earth.

The greatest manifestation of that vision would be a man or woman who passes this way one day delivering their acceptance speech after becoming awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Obviously, the odds of that are near non-existent, and only mentioned for encouragement and inspiration.

The odds that person(s) passing this way may become effective voices for peace are much higher, and for that reason hesitation is not an option.


(Thank you to Americans For Change at YouTube)

Scott Bennett: A Profoundly Troubling Interview.

by Jerry Alatalo

EaglesAlphabet In what can only be described as an explosive interview of former Army psychological operations officer Scott Bennett by James Fetzer, one learns that years ago (2013) Mr. Bennett contacted between 150-200 U.S. Congressmen and Senators as a whistleblower on secret Swiss bank accounts funneling money to al Qaeda and ISIS. According to Scott Bennett, Senator Rand Paul was the only elected representative to respond, and that all the others should rightly be removed from office and charged with treason.

As any man or woman who has listened to an extensive number of interviews on the internet/alternative and mainstream media understands, at a certain point one acquires an intuitive sense for discerning whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Given what Scott Bennett and James Fetzer cover in the following 1-hour, 45-minute discussion one comes to hope – because the message is so disturbing – that what they’ve conveyed isn’t the truth; what the men were saying doesn’t align with reality. Unfortunately, intuition says the two men are speaking the most alarming, unsettling, inconvenient kind of truth possible.

“We (America) are Frankenstein with leprosy, freshly lobotomized, in the eyes of the world” says Mr. Bennett, referring to US foreign policy of endless wars and violence around the planet exhausting the nation’s resources and reputation in an unwise, deceptive effort at hegemonic control. As a terrorism financing specialist Mr. Bennett contacted members of Congress with information of extreme importance regarding Gulf monarchies’ financing of ISIS through banks in Switzerland, the need for a thorough investigation, his desire to become debriefed on what he’d discovered – and became essentially ignored.

He calls it the biggest act of treason since the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, then strongly suggests to Americans that if they want peace an “audacious” public relations campaign based on righteousness and protection of the constitution is urgent and necessary. He provides an example of the type of audacity he’s talking about: include statements in communications to media, fellow citizens, and local, state, national government officials along the lines of “politicians responsible for false flags and inaction over extreme corruption should suffer death, be executed, by firing squad”.  He wants men and women who are passionate about and love America to “put their money where their mouth is” – engage – or else “you don’t deserve the freedom and liberty your ancestors died for”.

Scott Bennett went to work for Dov Zakheim, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Comptroller of the Pentagon, on the order of Colonel Jeff Jones – a man highly offended by lies and manipulation on 9/11, and who knew the character of Mr. Bennett would not allow him to ignore illegal activity or deception of the public. Jones’ instincts were correct, and Bennett “blew up the system” to the point where he was criminally charged for filling out a housing document improperly, fired by Zakheim, and sent to prison. Ironically, Bennett’s imprisonment resulted in his meeting another inmate – Swiss bank UBS whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld – who shared his knowledge of accounts directly connected to funding terrorism. Meeting Birkenfeld in prison “completed my mission”, says Scott Bennett.

The discussion also touches on, if proven true, extremely damaging facts on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s record while Secretary of State, including millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation pointing to deep political corruption.

Scott Bennett is most saddened and disappointed with military officers who’ve betrayed the low-level soldiers who look for protection and wise leadership from those in command. He says he “could feel the blood on my hands if I failed in my mission”. Scott Bennett might well be remembered by future generations as the most important whistleblower in United States history up until the year 2015, surpassing Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and all the rest. Now, the question becomes: Will courageous American men and women leaders in the military, government, and intelligence community – and average citizens – come forward professionally, legally and constitutionally to resolve extremely worrisome problems generating illegal wars, profound damage to the nation’s reputation internationally, massive misuse of resources, and great harm to fundamental democratic principles?

Scott Bennett, for one, is ready to fight the good fight: “I will go toe-to-toe, head-to-head against anybody on planet Earth and present this argument – and win”. The summer of 2015 will be one for the ages.


(Thank you to Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel at YouTube)

Why Aren’t Congressmen And Senators OUTRAGED?

Posted by Jerry Alatalo August 9, 2013

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are known worldwide because their actions have been reported on the front pages of every newspaper, on every television news broadcast, on millions of blogs and websites, and the subject of endless hours of conversation between average citizens.

Politicians, talk show hosts and commentators have expressed outrage, calling for hearings, urgent action, and investigations at the highest levels of government. Newscast after newscast after newscast, report after report after report, on and on and on about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

The following video from The Young Turks is very disturbing. It makes the point that those who leaked what we could safely say is the most sensitive information on Earth, will be forgotten. They will not be the target of an international manhunt, they will not be the subject of endless hours of newscasts from all regions of the world, as happened with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

If there is not any expression of outrage about those who “leaked” this highest, most sensitive of classified information, from the exact same politicians who expressed outrage regarding Manning and Snowden then, Houston, we have a problem.  If what is suggested in this report is true, that this information was intentionally leaked, we are witnessing the manipulation of Americans’ perceptions. If what is suggested in this report is true, then not only the people of Houston, but all Americans, should have a problem with that.

C’mon, Washington politicians.

C’mon, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN.

Where is the …OUTRAGE?