Genetically Modified Organisms Must No Longer Exist.

Posted on May 24, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve more of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.”

– JONATHAN SWIFT (1667-1745) Irish writer

oneness3-1After hearing a person who had called in to a radio talk show mention the documentary “Seeds of Death” about genetically modified organisms (GMO), the 2012 film was easily found on YouTube so, as millions of men and women around the world participate in “March Against Monsanto” protests against GMOs today, it has been reposted here. The film was created by Gary Null Productions and comes here from his YouTube channel.

Gary Null has written a number of books on naturopathic medicine, those that were bought by me some years ago are no longer in my possession, and I can’t remember who they were given or loaned to without return. So, because of an appreciation for Gary Null and naturopathic healing methods, it was a pleasant  surprise to find him behind “Seeds of Death.” Since the film was originally posted on YouTube on May 24, 2013, it has received more than 970,000 views.

Perhaps some readers share the habit of reading comments after reading articles or viewing video, so let me describe what was observed in the comments after viewing “Seeds of Death”. In the year since the film was first posted, there have been 7,186 comments. Because the film has a very powerful – and very disturbing – message about the dangers and health risks associated with GMOs, there was a good chance that so-called “shills” would be showing up in the comments.

I originally viewed a reposted video of the documentary at another YouTube channel that wasn’t Gary Null’s. Because this channel’s post had 5,000 or so views, there weren’t a lot of comments to read. Upon further searching I found the Gary Null version with its 970,000 views, decided there would be a lot more comments there, and went to that comments section. There were some heavy duty battles going on in those comments between pro-GMO and anti-GMO men and women, and then the thought came to mind to zero in on one of the pro-GMO commenters.

There was one commenter that, after finding “No recent activity”/nothing at his (or her) YouTube homepage, seemed to stand out as a good choice for a “shill” experiment. This person went by the name of “dsndicsma”, he or she (male from some of the language used by this person) was pro-GMO, so I went through all 7,186 comments to record how many this person made. What seemed odd is that this anti-GMO commenter on Gary Null’s documentary (highly critical of GMOs) has made around 640-650 comments – intermittently and consistently over a time frame beginning 8 months ago and ending yesterday.

The logical response one would expect from a person who, after viewing a documentary on any subject and strongly disagreeing with the film’s assertions, would be perhaps one or two or three critical comments depending on whether or not their original comment was replied to. This male commenter would logically, because he believes the film’s message is bullcrap or such, state his case/negative review clearly, then leave what he perceived as a type of  lying, unscientific, manipulative, etc. film – never to return.

But “dsndicsma” did return – again and again and again – close to 650 times over an eight month time period.

As it turns out, this man’s extent of commentary on what could be considered a “viral” anti-GMO documentary with over 970,000 views – “Seeds of Death” – represents 9.1% of all the comments. Although I didn’t read every last word of every last comment made by what seems to be a person who meets the description of “shill”, his input was mostly argumentative, intentionally offensive, and never offering any allowance that the other commenters may have made one or more valid points or expressed legitimate concerns about GMOs. He never conveyed any philosophical or spiritual concepts or reasoning with regard to GMO benefits for the starving and food-deprived men, women, and children of the Earth. He never discussed any of the moral and ethical dimensions of the pro-GMO/anti-GMO debate, even after hundreds of comments and months of involvement underneath the film “Seeds of Death” – this man’s  debating style never deviated or elevated., and remained at a low philosophical level.

Now, let yourself imagine that you just viewed a documentary that you strongly disagreed with. Let us say the film was about a new scientific discovery in the arena of renewable energy, you had researched the people in the film before, and you knew for a fact that what the film was saying lacked any credibility. Now, ask yourself this question: Would you devote a significant amount of time over a period of 8 months – including 650 suggestions/comments – to debating what you already knew was an incredulous/not-believable proposal?

Why would this man waste his time and energy on debate of an idea/message he “knows” will become debunked?

Before conducting this “shill” experiment I was 95% certain that “Seeds of Death” would be the subject of a post here on “March Against Monsanto” day. After seeing how this shill operated, that percentage went from 95 to 100% certainty. Besides being familiar with Gary Null through his books on naturopathics, others in the film who I’m to various extents familiar with and respect are Shiv Chopra, Jeffrey Smith (instrumental in a later equally powerful GMO film “Genetic Roulette” – which was broadcast on Free Speech TV), Vandana Shiva, Percy Schmeiser, Bruce Lipton, and Ralph Nader. In all honesty, I admit no knowledge of the remaining men and women who appear, but sense their genuineness for the most part.

Former Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is seen addressing the United States Congress on GMO labeling during the documentary.

Quite simply, “Seeds of Death” is a documentary that comes out of the gates swinging like boxer Mike Tyson in his prime. After the first direct connections with GMO-fact punches, the viewer becomes like Tyson’s unfortunate opponent but, compared to the actual first-round Tyson knockout victims who mercifully are spared from receiving further pummeling, must remain conscious for the remainder of the film – the distance – while being on the receiving end of ever-more-powerful hammering of their psyche-worldview regarding food production on Earth.

During the film one feels the most extreme and intense variety of emotions such as rage, concern, sadness, frustration and – as difficult as can be for one who claims to advocate for forgiveness – vengeance. For reasons which have yet to become fully understood and specified, of all the major issues humanity has to deal with – war, greed, poverty, starvation, environmental pollution, etc. – genetically modified organisms, namely GMO food-crops is the issue that pushes me to want to lash out and physically hurt those who are responsible for loosing this hideous technology and world disaster. There is a difference between the useless emotion anger and righteous indignation. With GMOs, righteous indignation becomes experienced in an intensity like no other issue.

War, monetary reform, and GMOs are the three most urgent issues in need of attention on Earth. Many nations have banned GMO cultivation, some have criminalized GMOs, while people in America – notably Vermont, Oregon and Hawaii – have begun to push back against this, what can be described as, technology from hell. American farmers have suffered deepening financial losses from the world’s growing rejection of US-grown GMO crops. Reports have been published that the Chinese people no longer accept shipments of wheat, corn, soy etc. with any trace of GMO in them.

GMO labeling now is not enough. A worldwide ban must become the only objective.

It is understandable and appreciated that men and women are working to pass labeling of GMO laws. However, consider an analogy. Imagine a violent criminal who, instead of being locked up behind bars, is given a sentence that requires him to wear clothing that identifies him as a violent offender. That violent criminal is GMOs, and simply labeling them does not prevent further violence to humans, animals, and all life forms. To ban GMOs is to lock up the violent offender, leaving that offender no possibility of harming one more innocent human being or living thing.

A label allows the violent offender to remain in the community, commit more violent crimes, and the community is the Earth.

My sincerest apology for bringing this devastatingly disturbing film to your attention. A gauntlet is a double row of men beating a person passing between them, and this documentary literally beats the viewer to a pulp. For those who are aware of the dangers of GMOs, this film will be nothing but a repeat of an experience that results in the most extreme feelings of anger or righteous indignation. For those new to the genetically modified organism issue, as well as those familiar with this most urgent issue, I pray you can find the highest wisdom and reason when considering potential actions.

Forsaking the option of sharing any message or points touched on during “Seeds of Death” – the film speaks loudly and powerfully by itself – there is only one thing to be said with regard to this technology as it relates to the health and well-being of this and future generations. For what it’s worth, without any scientific training in genetic engineering or related fields, but with a moderate amount of research and awareness on this issue, the following statement is made with the greatest concern and compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters, all life forms, and all things in the creation.

Genetically modified organisms are an immense, untenable, life-threatening error which can only become corrected when no longer existing on this Earth.


(Thank you to Gary Null at YouTube)


World’s First Longterm Test Of GMO: Troubling.

English: Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on f...
English: Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops. Français : Remplissage d’un épandeur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

After posting William Engdahl’s interview about the history, development, and health risks of GMOs, he mentioned a French study, the world’s first long-term GMO study, conducted under PHD molecular biologist Gilles-Eric Seralini. What is most significant is that the study lasted much longer than Monsanto’s 90-day study which went on to be used as reliable evidence for the safety of GM products.

The Seralini study was carried out in complete privacy to avoid any undue influence from any party who may have had an interest in its results, eventually passing a peer-review from fellow scientists, and published in one of the world’s most prestigious journals. According to Mr. Engdahl’s article on the Seralini study, the peer-reviewed report was taken down from the journal, even though those who published the original found the research and writings all meeting the criteria for publication – and the criteria for taking the study’s findings down did not meet the criteria for removal of the published piece.

The piece was removed after a person closely linked to Monsanto came to hold a position at the journal where he was authorized to influence the study’s findings’ removal. So I went to find any interviews of Gilles-Eric Seralini and found the following video produced by the research/testing organization he worked with to conduct the study. Once again, the most significant negative health effects from GMO corn and Roundup were beginning to become discovered after the fourth month of the study, while Monsanto studies lasted a duration of 90 days.

GMO foods were first approved during the George H.W. Bush administration in the early 90’s, when then President Bush arranged for no longterm studies by either the Food and Drug Administration or the United States Department of Agriculture. GMOs were approved based on Monsanto’s own tests showing that GMOs were “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO foods, and that they were “no significant cause of tumors”.

Since 1992 the American people have purchased and eaten GMOs when no longterm testing had ever been conducted. Dr. Seralini’s study became published in 2011 and then the Congress passed the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act”, essentially blocking any possibility of lawsuits against Monsanto for health damages from eating GMO foods.

There has been a profound lack of transparency with regard to proper testing of products that end up being eaten by millions of men, women, children, and farm animals. In the United States, after more than twenty years, no labeling of GM foods is required. Recently genetically modified salmon has been given to go-ahead. Some have theorized that geoengineering, where large amounts of aluminum has been dropped from planes around the world, is conditioning the soil for Monsanto’s aluminum resistant crops.

My view is that Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues have done the world a great service by conducting this study. He has said that longterm studies, transparently carried out, and labeling has to be required before any new GMO products can be approved. If there is a need to recall any products, labels will make the recall(s) more feasible. After more than 20 years the ways in which this technology has been approved, including inadequate studies and no longterm thorough testing, has been disastrous.

Perhaps some of you reading this have viewed the short film, “GMOs: The Moment of Truth”. For those who haven’t, I apologize for the bringing the bad news.

GMOs are harmful to all life.


(Thanks to Holistic Theory @ YouTube)

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