New McCarthy Hearings To Weed Out Neocons?

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-40Alphabet Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen thinks the U.S. Congress should hold Joseph McCarthy-style hearings to find all neoconservatives in government positions, then remove them all along with banning of holding any position of responsibility – ever again. Mr. Madsen, could you just say what’s on your mind!? But, when one gives his original idea some consideration, looking at neocon-initiated wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and “their phony war on terror” he might just be on to something. Clearly Wayne Madsen was being ironic and his other suggestion of attaching electronic ankle bracelets on neoconservatives to trip alarms each time they attempt entering a government building was surely meant as sarcasm.

One could forgive him for becoming sarcastic after decades of investigating and researching world events. Wayne Madsen probably shares with Americans a growing sense of frustration related to neoconservative politicians and appointees’ actions through the years – costing the nation dearly in many ways – so they can understand that humor sometimes comes in handy for blowing off steam.  In response to the host of “Top 5” on Press TV’s question on American/western pettiness in not attending Victory Day celebrations in Moscow recently, Mr. Madsen pointed out that the Obama administration is packed with neoconservatives carried over from the George W. Bush years.

He named Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland as one of the former Bush officials remaining in the Obama administration, and another State Department appointee Amos Hochstein. Mr. Hochstein is State Department Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, and according to Wayne Madsen recently traveled to Athens, Greece to warn the new Syriza government of Alexis Tsipras against  signing a deal with Russia’s Gazprom for a pipeline transporting energy to the European market. It’s interesting to note that while the interview talks about “petty” actions of western leaders not attending Victory Day events in Moscow, Greece’s Alexis Tsipras was there, and now apparently Greece has received an invitation to join the new BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) development bank – the first global investment institution to compete against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Related to the 2016 race for president in America, Wayne Madsen shared his view that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “is surrounded by neocons”, but the short segment didn’t allow any discussion on her competitor for the nomination Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The world’s people might want to keep in mind that presidential elections (such as the one in Greece a few months ago), actions of large segments of societies, and relations between countries move and develop in sometimes surprising, unexpected ways.

Some analysts speculate a “Grexit” or Greece leaving the European Union, the euro, and returning to their sovereign currency the drachma would rock the international financial world. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met recently with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Sochi, Russia for multi-hour talks. It is uncertain whether new, “clean-house-of-neocons”, McCarthy-like hearings in the United States was one of the topics discussed.


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For those interested in an hour-long interview by Sean Stone of Wayne Madsen: 


Wayne Madsen Interview Challenges Government, Corporate Media Narratives.

by Jerry Alatalo

oil wellAlphabet Investigative journalist/author Wayne Madsen talked to Sean Stone (son of director Oliver Stone) recently on current events. Mr. Madsen was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, worked for the National Security Agency (NSA), the State Department, RCA Corporation among other organizations before becoming a journalist. This interview ranks as one of Sean Stone’s most compelling and revealing to date.

Wayne Madsen, along with Kevin Barrett, Michel Chossudovsky and Webster Tarpley, were recently named the top four North American conspiracy theorists by the government of France. After listening to Sean Stone’s interview of Madsen, one is left leaning in an opposite direction with regard to the French “conspiracy” determination, based on Madsen’s apparent years-of-research, command-of-facts vocal style, delivery and inflection.

Viewers most likely will become concerned after hearing Wayne Madsen’s description of historic and ongoing events in the Middle East and other regions of the world, and, especially for those whose perceptions are mostly shaped from taking in created-to-confuse/obfuscate mainstream media narratives on those very important situations/events, increases awareness to the point of fueling the need for taking direct action to bring the American people the truth.

Some of the topics covered in Madsen and Stone’s discussion include:

Working for the NSA in the early days of spying and foreign intelligence–Directive 18

Outsourcing surveillance to outside contractors.

From Iran Contra to 9/11: Black Ops being outsourced.

The Saudi-Israeli connection.

ISIS-the new Jonestown CIA experiment.

The conflict in Yemen, and real cause of upheaval.

Iran nuclear negotiations and the invasion of Yemen.

The puppet government of Saudi Arabia, vs. the Arabian democratic opposition.

Middle East arms sales and military deals with America, and lame duck politics.

Nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia, and moderate Iranian government.

The reality of relations between the US, Israel and Iran.

Arch neo-cons and conflicts of interest with international diplomacy.

The men behind the curtain pulling the strings on international politics.

British influence of destabilization around the world and rightful domain of the Royal family.

The culpable figures for 9/11: Rumsfeld, Cheney, the FBI and more.

Those men and women interested in learning the true version of events behind corporate, mainstream media propaganda will find the interview important, fascinating, revealing, and certainly to some extent disturbing – leaving them with feelings of justified righteous indignation.


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