9/11 Criminal Wars Of Aggression Ending.

By Jerry Alatalo

n the 16th anniversary of 9/11 people sensed a number of good developments pointing towards re-investigation(s) into the truth of that day, prosecution of those responsible for 9/11, and, most importantly – finally ending the completely manufactured, 9/11 false-flag enabled, horrific “war on terrorism”.

When former United States military officer Scott Bennett suggests that American politicians and generals will face Nuremberg-style prosecutions for their illegal actions in planning, conducting, and covering up 9/11 – followed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. … looking at the immeasurable heart-wrenching results offers certainty “Nuremberg” is the correct descriptive.

Like George Bush and Barack Obama before him President Donald Trump continues repeating the lie(s) of 9/11, only different from them in the higher level acting skills used to manipulate people into believing in fantasy. Mr. Bennett rightly and accurately describes anyone in America intentionally deceiving others through public statements as traitorous, in particular while simultaneously knowing the government’s 9/11 narrative is a lie.

Despite passing the 16-year point (longest war – U.S. history) of war in Afghanistan, Donald Trump has changed his mind from:  (a) advocating pulling out during the presidential campaign, to: (b) now, sending thousands of additional soldiers, claiming it is “…too soon…” for U.S. troops to leave.

Yet, there are reasons for optimism… The number of men and women speaking total truth as illustrated here by Scott Bennett is growing around the Earth – and growing fast. The makeup of public perceptions of war as something fought with bombs, bullets, killing, destruction, violence, etc. has transformed worldwide with the public’s adding to their perspective(s) the important, necessary element or concept of war as “truth versus lies”.

War criminal deceivers’ greatest fears have since time began originated from exposure to and revelation of total truth, in recent years made possible through the internet and near-instant transmission of information.

Therefore, their (war criminals) imminent downfall and the ending of their wars of aggression is becoming a larger part of global reality in 2017. With such a truly historic, ascendant evolutionary turn people can feel both relieved and thankful.

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Donald Trump, State Sponsored Terrorists, And “Shell Game.”

By Jerry Alatalo

“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words; a lie may be told in silence, by the accent on a syllable, by a glance of the eye attaching a peculiar significance to a sentence; but all of these kinds of lies are worse and baser by many degrees than a lie plainly worded.”

– JOHN RUSKIN (1819-1900) British writer

olitical analyst and former U.S. Army psychological warfare officer Scott Bennett has since 2012-2013 been relentlessly trying to bring appropriate action in the U.S. government on explosive information about terrorist financing presented in his book “Shell Game”. Mr. Bennett wrote the book after meeting Swiss bank whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld in prison where both men served sentences for crimes neither committed, and where Brad Birkenfeld shared a massive amount of information directly related to Saudi bank accounts used for financing ISIS, Al Qaeda and similar terrorist groups, obtained while Birkenfeld was an executive at UBS Bank in Switzerland.

After leaving prison, Bennett wrote “Shell Game” detailing the scandalous facts Birkenfeld shared with him, then sent reports to virtually every member (Republican and Democrat) of the U.S. Congress, top military officials and numerous major media outlets in America. That was in the 2012-2013 time period during the presidency of Barack Obama, and his efforts came to naught – not one elected U.S. official, military commander or media outlet took action to investigate, speak out, or report on the enormous scandal.

Press TV of Iran and RT (Russia) have had Scott Bennett on their political talk programs many times in recent years, yet he has never been seen and heard describing the profound scandal he discovered then wrote about on any Western corporate media outlet. In contrast, Mr. Bennett’s massive story has become known by millions of men and women who have decided to leave mainstream media, choosing instead to get their news from alternative or independent sources, namely the internet.

During an appearance on PressTV’s talk program “The Debate” with fellow guest, columnist, political scientist and radio host Wilmer Leon recently, Bennett noted that he has shared his book and story with the Donald Trump administration, and that he has high expectations the scandal will finally become revealed after years of effective and total coverup. Those years up until today have shown unanimous American high-level leaders’ disregard and ignoring of the stupendous world-consequence facts involved.

Scott Bennett has in the past described the information contained in his book “Shell Game” as of greater consequence than the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals combined.

We wrote the following comments after watching the remarkable discussion:

“It would be a very good idea to invite these two gentlemen back for another conversation, focused on the much deeper and more important topic of “state-sponsored terrorism” – because in this discussion Mr. Leon was focused on wiretapping of Trump and Mr. Bennett was focused on terrorist financing using major international banks like UBS in Switzerland”.

“If Mr. Bennett and Mr. Leon were to sit down for an hours-long conversation it is highly likely they would come to a profound agreement and understanding of what is reported in the book “Shell Game”, which, it is essential to note, was sent in 2012-2013 to virtually every member of the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States – and where NOT ONE elected official responded by initiating appropriate investigations”.

“In defense of Mr. Leon, he is unaware of the truly explosive information Mr. Bennett put in his book and has for years been trying to bring to the attention of government officials, American citizens, and/or anyone who could help bring the absolutely disturbing truth out in the open. Mr. Leon asked the correct and reasonable question when he suggested Republicans took no action on the terrorist financing scandal against the Obama administration between 2008 and 2016, and the answer is that BOTH Republican and Democrat elected officials ignored Mr. Bennett’s efforts to reveal the evidence of major terrorist financing crimes”.

“The essential question now becomes: Will President Donald Trump act on Mr. Bennett’s years-long efforts to bring the horrendous truth, or will President Donald Trump maintain the enormous and continuing BIPARTISAN coverup of the 21st century?”

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Historic Moment Of Truth At United Nations.

By Jerry Alatalo

393Alphabet Peacemakers around the Earth can feel some increased level of hope an end to the nearly five years of devastatingly destructive war in Syria is finally within reach. The recent military intervention of Russia at the request of Syria’s government has, although unfortunately necessary for ending terrorist mercenary violence, greatly accelerated the peace process – in particular with regard to revelations of the truth surrounding financial facilitation of ISIS’ continued war operations and existence.

Former U.S. Army terrorism financing expert Scott Bennett believes failure of the United States, Turkey and other nations’ highest diplomatic, government and military officials to comply with United Nations resolutions mandating the sharing of information/intelligence between member states about terrorist group financing could represent one of the most significant transforming developments in the 70-year history of the international organization.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has recently stated that U.N. Security Council Resolution 2199, which bans financing of terrorist organizations, has become violated by Turkey, the U.S. and other nations through their silence on/omission of, what has become described as, “industrial-scale” oil-smuggling operations by ISIS of stolen Iraq/Syria energy resources. In addition to Resolution 2199, Mr. Bennett believes violations of 1267, 1373 and 1526 have occurred, and suggests those need similar serious attention from the Security Council.

Furthermore, Mr. Bennett believes the U.S. Congress has a constitutional duty to investigate into whether terrorism-related Presidential Executive Orders 13224 and 13382 were similarly violated. While in his position as a terrorist financing expert, Scott Bennett discovered Swiss bank accounts which have been used by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states to funnel money to ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist groups, and as early as October 2012 sent reports on those disclosures to hundreds of U.S. lawmakers, high military officials and the Obama administration’s Departments of Justice, State and Defense.

According to Bennett, his attempts to disclose the information resulted in stonewalling by those hundreds of recipients ever since he first transferred the findings in late 2012. In other words, besides the historic moment of truth about to occur in the United Nations on the international level, a simultaneous and transformation-generative truth event in the United States Congress may be predicted to come about in the very near future.

That the world’s most important matters of war and peace will now possibly become resolved through discussion, reason and ideas conveyed across the table instead of on battlefields will come as no small civilization-wide evolutionary step for those men and women around the Earth who work and wish for peaceful settlement of international disputes.

For the millions of harmfully affected, internally displaced and refugee Syrian men, women and children whose only wish since war began in their homeland in March 2011 has been a return to “how it was”, perhaps they’ll find some much-needed comfort in knowing rapidly unfolding positive events bring closer that day when their wish comes true.

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Love Of Money Root Of Middle East Evil.

By Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet From Russian allegations of ISIS-Turkey/Erdogan family “industrial-scale” collaboration in smuggling stolen oil out of Iraq and Syria, to an almost immediate world media diversion away from those bombshell allegations by a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, to strange happenings after the shooting – like a “media tour” of the home of the perpetrators (a crime scene, no “Police Line-Do Not Cross” tape, no officers guarding the “evidence”) of the “worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11”, one could say it’s been an event-filled week.

Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed the family of a woman alleged to have been slain in San Bernardino. The first question which came to mind was why any survivors (the father took the decision) whose loved one had been brutally murdered the day before would agree to go on international media. What type of father would put his grieving children through the added emotional torture of a media appearance and questioning, within hours of suffering the most devastating family and personal loss possible?

If someone can provide a reasonable explanation for the casual demeanor of the slain woman’s daughter in the CNN interview, the video will disappear from this blog. Perhaps the children were placed on heavy sedative medications, and this explains the daughter’s unusual behavior – especially at 2:38 in the video after CNN’s Mr. Cooper asks her, “How are you holding up?”. One notices the daughter’s reaction as similar to the know-it-all student who raises his/her hand every time the teacher asks a question, while exclaiming “I know!.. I know!” That reaction was the most disturbing and inexplicable – again, within 24-hours of the mother’s brutal murder.

Many others will look at the San Bernardino shooting from every conceivable angle; it shouldn’t take too long to learn whether it was a false flag. I share this CNN clip only because it seemed highly unusual for the reasons mentioned. Another observation leads to questions about the timing of the California event so soon after the Russian military’s world-shaking allegations of ISIS-Turkey cooperation in smuggling oil stolen from Iraq and Syria, focused on Turkish President Erdogan and his family’s criminal involvement. The California shooting took center stage on the world’s media (particularly in the United States), effectively putting the ISIS oil smuggling story on the “back-burner”.

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Scott Bennett is still waiting to testify before Congress about terrorist financing facilitated by banks in Switzerland after contacting, and being ignored by, 100’s of U.S. Senators, members of the House of Representatives, and high-ranking military officials in 2012 with what he learned of secret Saudi terrorist-enabling Swiss accounts from whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld. Find previous posts about Scott Bennett’s shocking and important story here:


Mr. Bennett asserts the United States/Obama Administration’s war against ISIS is a sham, that the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other nations have since 2011 until today financed, trained and armed ISIS to take down the Assad government in Syria – and that not only Turkey’s Erdogan should be removed from power but Barack Obama as well. The year 2015 certainly seems like it’s winding down in an unbelievably astonishing way. The time of revelations, indeed.

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