Yanukovych’s Stolen Billions / Online Tax Haven Database Tutorial.

Posted March 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

cumberland 3-1A few days ago this we shared information regarding the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ / icij.org) establishment of the world’s first internet, searchable tax haven database. The web address where journalists, government tax authorities, anti-tax haven accountants and lawyers, or any men and women around the world interested in exposing their particular nation’s tax cheats can go to search is icij.org.

ICIJ has created a video tutorial for visitors/users of their website/database.

In a closer-to-ideal world the work of organizations whose efforts are exposing and eliminating the decades long secretive industry that is tax evasion would have long since become unnecessary. However, despite the growing awareness and outrage produced by exposure/awareness of the massive tax haven industry – aided and abetted by the world’s largest accounting, legal, and banking companies – the industry continues to facilitate nothing less than raw tax evasion that allows transnational corporations, the world’s wealthiest “blueblood/old money” families, drug cartel operators, arms merchants, and others with varying levels of criminality to avoid paying taxes to their nations.

French President Hollande has called for the “eradication of tax havens”, but his strong suggestion has yet to develop into a worldwide chorus that includes the voices of all who have benefitted from tax evasion schemes and have positions of power, whether that power is attained from great personal wealth, occupying the highest positions of government(s), sitting on boards of directors of the world’s largest corporations, or controlling the accessory-to-the-crimes world’s largest accounting, legal, and banking companies.

Despite France’s Hollande’s exhortations, tax havens have yet to experience “eradication”

Although it is glaringly obvious that tax havens are simply wrong, no nation on Earth has initiated sanctions against governments of the many locations that have tax haven companies on their soil. No concerted, strong-enough efforts have been undertaken to eliminate what can safely be described as the largest, longest-running scandal in the world. No laws have been passed that result in the transparency needed to make tax havens a historically interesting, but now non-existent relic of humanity’s greed infested, winner-takes-all, non-concern for one’s fellow-man past.

Sufficient political will around the Earth has yet to become mobilized to banish an industry that has contributed mightily to the greatest wealth inequality this world has ever experienced. The levels of poverty, starvation, economic hardship, healthcare, education debt, national-state-local debt, austerity measures, public demonstration against injustice, violence and war, etc. are all directly connected to the stealing of tax revenues through the tax haven industry.

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is accused of stealing anywhere from 12 billion to 70 billion dollars from the people of Ukraine. Estimates run as high as 35 billion dollars needed by the Ukraine government to overcome that nation’s financial difficulties. The United States, the largest economy in the world, has offered Ukraine one billion dollars in loan guarantees. Why has the recovery of 12 to 70 billion dollars allegedly stolen by Viktor Yanukovych not become a very high priority from the perspective of making efforts for recovery widely known and publicly announced?

If and when the depository of Yanukovych’s stolen billions becomes public knowledge, because that location is most surely one or more tax havens, the tax haven industry will be the subject of reports by every news organization on Earth. The work of ICIJ and other groups have fought the monster of tax havens in what may be viewed as a “David and Goliath” manner until now in 2014. News organizations are not reporting on Yanukovych and tax havens because the survival of this massively corrupt industry is at stake.

Once the men and women of the world hear about Viktor Yanukovych’s actions to hide Ukraine’s stolen billions – and then learn the true extent of the gigantic, planet-wide tax evasion hoodwink that has been ongoing for decades – their reactions will make Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, and similar recent years’ people’s uprisings look like monthly meetings of your local ham radio operator clubs.


(Thank you to TheICIJ at YouTube)


World’s First Internet Tax Haven Database Now Open For Business.

Posted March 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

– James Otis (1725-1783) 

Earth 444Looking to find out if a particular world politician or transnational corporation, a particular business tycoon or Hollywood icon, or your local drug smuggler is using a tax haven? Perhaps you just have a hunch about a person, or persons, or company – that they are probably using a secretive tax scheme to hide money from their government to avoid paying their share of taxes.

Now you have an internet website with a tax haven database to search/check for yourself.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (icij.org) has established a place for any man or woman in the world to go for information on tax havens, where users are able to search by nation, corporation, or individual. This is an historic accomplishment that holds out great promise for the people of the world. Why? Because, as ICIJ’s Gerald Rye points out in the following film by his ICIJ organization, 1/3 of the wealth in the entire world is parked in tax havens. Because, as Mr. Rye also points out, 1/2 of the entire world’s trade flows through tax havens.

The ICIJ tax haven database website (offshoreleaks.icij.org) gives men and woman from every nation on Earth the ability to report what they know about people, corporations, and other tax haven users to ICIJ, in effect the ability to report tips on illegal tax avoidance activities. If people are concerned about the hundreds of billions, trillions, of dollars of uncollected tax revenues because of the existence of tax havens – and have the desire to expose tax cheats – there is now a place to get involved and make a real difference.

Not only is it important that this database website is available for computer owners around the Earth because it offers real potential to end tax evasion, it also allows people around the Earth to investigate a massive, secretive industry that has been operating for decades, known only to those who have reached a certain level of wealth accumulation. Frankly, the scene in the film with Britain’s David Cameron and America’s Barack Obama – because both Cameron and Obama are well aware that tax havens are a huge, multi-decade industry enabled by the largest accounting, banking, and legal firms in the world – where Mr. Cameron speaks about his “great concern” regarding tax havens, is almost laughable.

The rich and powerful on Earth have been using tax evasion schemes for decades, and this includes terrorist organizations, drug cartel operators, arms smugglers, sanctions breakers, and the whole vast array of criminal actors with wealth. ICIJ’s exposure of this, what may be the greatest scandal in the history of this world, will blow the lid off decades-old secretive actions that have been immense in their consequences for humanity.

For those men and women who have asked themselves how 85 people could have accumulated personal wealth that is equal to the combined wealth of 3.5 billions human beings, ICIJ’s database points them to the most logical source for the real answers.

After reconsideration of the absolutely immense implications surrounding this multi-trillion dollar, decades-long, immeasurably large hoodwink, perhaps one has the responsibility to reconsider the extent and all-encompassing scandalous nature of this historic activity that has directly affected the lives of every man, woman, and child on this Earth. With an amount of focus, thought, and reflection, it is safe to say with all certainty:

Tax havens are the greatest scandal in the history of this world.


In the year 2014, it is essential that every man and woman becomes aware of the greatest scandal in the history of this world. Please pass this most important information on to your family, friends, news organizations, political representatives, and religious organizations. The sooner everyone knows what has been occurring, the sooner steps will be taken to correct a monumental series of historic and criminal human events.

Please visit: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, icij.org 


(Thank you to TheICIJ @ YouTube)